The Holy Bride in the Second Coming

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The Holy Bride in the Second Coming

#1 Postby Marion » Tue Mar 22, 2016 5:58 am

Shalom All!

Since the ceremony of the resurrection, there has been a contemplation of the Holy Bride. For some reason, I realized that I kept conceiving of the crucifixion and resurrection as primarily about Yeshua. Now I'm understanding the Holy Bride is as much a part of this mystery as the Lord.

Could the crucifixion and resurrection have ever happened if it weren't for the Bride? When Yeshua is in the Garden of Gethsemane he says: “Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done.” I can't help but wonder if this cup is the Bride, if she is the cup into which he pours out his Spirit.

Can we understand this cup as manifestation? Because, Yeshua pours his teaching into the Holy Bride. If she hadn't been there to draw the teachings and initiations out, they would not be made manifest. Yeshua would have been like Enoch with no disciple to receive what he had to give. It's curious that the ability to receive is the ability to impart. Because we know that the only reason Mary Magdalene was able to receive Yeshua's teaching in full was because she entered into the same experience.

The other day, Phillip and I were discussing the similarities between the Bride and John the Baptist. John says "He must increase and I must decrease." We paralleled this saying to the Bride who we know embodies the same realization as Yeshua, this being how she is able to receive the fullness of his presence. We were contemplating this in terms of the sefirot. Where: Yeshua—Tiferet, John: Yesod, and Bride—Malkut. With the relationship of Yeshua and John, Tiferet reaches into Yesod, not directly into Malkut. Then with the coming of the Bride, Tiferet is able to reach directly into Malkut and Malkut receives the fullness of the sefirot, not indirectly as before.

Also, John is the door through which the Messiah enters into the world. We were wondering if we could say the same thing about the Bride, is she the door through which the Messiah enters and is manifest in the world?

Praise God for your Holy Bride, may she be received in full! Amen.

Blessings and Shalom,

Tau Malachi
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Re: The Holy Bride in the Second Coming

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:52 am

Blessings to you in the Holy Name of Messiah Yeshua and the Magdalene!

First it needs to be said that the cup of which Adonai Yeshua spoke in the garden of Gethsemane was not the Holy Grail, or the holy cup in the sacred trust of the Magdalene, but rather it was the “cup of bitterness” he was about to drink, the incredible agony of a torturous death he was about to undergo; hence, the cup of martyrdom. He prayed that there might be another way to complete the Work of Salvation, but also pledged his submission to whatever was necessary to complete this Great Work, and as we know he kept his word, enacting a complete self-offering and commending his spirit to the Living Father.

If we wish to consider the Holy Bride and her involvement in the mystery of the crucifixion and the resurrection, she underwent something of the crucifixion during her exile in Babylon, taking upon herself the sin, the darkness of the world, experiencing the fullness of the sorrow and suffering that pervades life in the world. Perhaps you may recall in the gospels the story of her anointing Adonai Yeshua with costly perfumed oil. In the oral tradition it is taught that when she did this it was the action of a sacred priest and prophet anointing him as a king for sacrifice, and it is said that she passed to him the sin, the darkness of the world, she had absorbed so that it might be brought into cessation on the Cross; hence, the anointing of the sacrificial Lamb of God whose blood would bring the forgiveness of sin. Along with this, perhaps you might recall that in our oral tradition we are taught that she underwent the suffering of the Lord on the Cross on a deep psychic and spiritual level, and that her empathy and cleaving we so complete that she experiences the stigmata in full - all of the wounds of the Lord, suffering with him for the deliverance of living spirits and souls from their long and bitter bondage. In the midst of this, as we know, she held in sacred trust the holy cup from the Last Supper, and we know that at the Cross she collected something of the water and blood flowing from the Lord’s side, creating the Holy Grail, the cup of healing and enlightenment - eternal life. This was her involvement with the movement of the crucifixion in the Work of Salvation.

Now, in her labor as co-redeemer we also know that she was completely aware of the mystery of the resurrection and ascension that was about to happen, and that she kept vigil, waiting upon the Holy Spirit and the appearance of the Risen Messiah, and she was the first to receive the Risen Messiah and the full communication of the Holy Light and Spirit from the Risen Messiah, becoming the Apostle of Apostles. Likewise, we know that she was uplifted in ascent with the Lord and in the palace of the Messiah - the Supernal Abode, she made a vow, speaking her sacred intention to return to incarnation in a woman’s form again and again until all is accomplished; hence, until the fruition of the Second Coming, and so she is with us in the world this very day, and there are a number of women in the world who carry sparks of her soul, sparks of her nefesh, ruach and neshamah.

Concerning the Bride and the Second Coming, the First Coming was the revelation of God the Father and the Son, and the Second Coming is the revelation of God the Mother and the Holy Bride, and it corresponds with the full reception of the Holy Bride - the Supernal Shekinah of the Messiah; with the dawn of Supernal Consciousness among us we are living in the early stages of the Second Coming, the reception of the Magdalene, the Holy Bride - fullness of the Shekinah of the Messiah. The holy vessel of reception is Anointed Community, with women and men co-equal in the Holy Spirit; the image of the Human One of Light, male and female in one Body of Light - Community of Israel. In effect, continuing to incarnate until the fruition of the Second Coming in the End-Of-Days and World-That-Is-Coming she is the anchor and foundation of the transmission of Supernal Light, Supernal Shekinah in the world, holding that space for all peoples, all creatures.

It is true, the mystery of the full influx of Beauty (Tiferet) through Foundation (Yesod) into Kingdom (Malkut) is in Yeshua, Yohanan and Mirya. First, understand, what Yeshua was to Yohanan is what Mirya was to Yeshua. Yohanan was the Holy Tzaddik of the Messiah, and Yeshua was the inmost disciple of Yohanan, completing and perfecting the work of his Tzaddik, and carrying that spiritual movement further; and in a similar fashion, so it is with Mirya, she completes and perfects the work of her Tzaddik - the Messiah, and carries the spiritual movement further, into the future, serving as the vehicle of the Second Coming of the Messiah.

Listen and hear, and understand! At the Sacred Jordan Yohanan invoked the full influx of Tiferet into Malkut, opening the way for the Messiah, corresponding with Tiferet; and so the Spirit of the Messiah spread into Yeshua and filled him, and radiated, spread, into the world through him. When there was one disciple who was able to receive the full outpouring of the Perfect Light and Holy Spirit that was in him, so the earth, or Malkut, was uplifted and merged with Tiferet - this transpired with the Magdalene’s reception of the Risen Yeshua and her embrace of him in the Spirit. It was then that she embodied the Holy Light and Spirit in full, and experienced the fullness of Christ or God Consciousness - complete enlightenment.

These were a few teachings I was inclined to share this morning; and now I’m inclined to pause to wait upon the Spirit of the Lord.

May the fruition of the Second Coming transpire swiftly, and may we know the Holy Bride in full this very day! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi
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