House Customs of the Bride and Bridegroom

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House Customs of the Bride and Bridegroom

#1 Postby Elder Gideon » Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:01 am

Shabbat Shalom, Tau Malachi:

As we swiftly approach the Feast of Lady Magdalene, I'm thoroughly enjoying a teaching from Moshe Cordovero regarding the arrangement of the sefirot and the circumstances of when they can and can't be altered. He personifies the Six (Beauty) as the Bridegroom and Malkut as the Bride:

David says, Let your priests be clothed with righteousness; and let your pious one shout for joy (Psalm 132:9). Should he rather say, Let your Levites shout for joy? The Holy One answers: "It is improper to change my attributes, but if you invite Me, I'll have to do your will." From here we learn that even when a house owner invites the king, he has to do his will. It is for this reason that it has been taught, "Do whatever the house owner tell you to do" (Pesa'him 86a) [...] It is the bride and her friends who go up to the house of the bridegroom, and it is improper for her to change the bridegroom's custom in his own house. [...] This way the bridegroom resides with his friends in the bride's house with her friends. Once he is in the bride's house, it is proper for him to do her will, and she can alter the custom as she pleases. [...] So it is with Beauty, which comes to the house of Kingdom, as it is said, I come into my garden, my sister, my bride (Song of Songs 5:1). If so, it is proper to behave according to her will, even to alter the attributes in order to channel more Mercy. [...] But if the bride goes up to the house of the bridegroom, it is not proper to change anything for this is against custom. (Pardes Rimonim, Ch. 3)

It is a lovely teaching of what does and does not change of the emanations, which raises many questions for me, given our gospel of Lord Yeshua and Lady Mirya. I wish to inquire further about how our lineage might detail these principles of how he must follow her custom in her house and she his custom in his house.


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Re: House customs of the Bride and Bridegroom

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Grace and peace to you in Messiah Yeshua!

This metaphorical teaching presented by Rabbi Moses Cordovero comes from earlier rabbis and mekubalim, and therefore is a common way to explain something of the mysteries of divine actions that manifest through the unification (yichudim) of the Names and Sefirot. Thus, the groom entering into the “house of the bride” corresponds with the spiritual power of an upper, interior Sefirah moving through a lower, exterior Sefirah, and the bride entering into the “house of the groom” corresponds with a lower, exterior Sefirah being uplifted and merged with an upper, interior Sefirah. In this regard an upper, interior Sefirah is “male,” the “groom,” and a lower, exterior Sefirah is “female,” the “bride,” the upper being the giver and the lower being the receiver, generally speaking.

This begins with Keter-Crown and Hokmah-Wisdom, Keter being male and as a “groom” to Hokmah, which in relationship to Keter is female and as a “bride”; this is a mystery expressed in the Holy Scriptures, which most often refer to Hokmah-Wisdom as feminine, while in the Kabbalah Hokmah is called Abba-Father, indicating its relationship to all of the other Sefirot and the matrix of creation.

“Groom” and “Bride,” though, are cognomens of Tiferet-Beauty and Malkut-Kingdom, or sometimes Yesod-Foundation and Malkut understanding Tiferet as the Six and Yesod as their culmination and unification with Malkut, the Shekinah.

Now, as is taught, when the Groom enters into the house of the Bride she and her maidens dress him, and direct all affairs, food and drink, and all that transpires; but when the Bride enters the house of the Groom it is the reverse, and the Bride conforms to the will and desire of the Groom and his attendants. Aside from what may be said concerning the unification of Names of God and Sefirot, considering this in regards to the revelation of the Messiah and Holy Bride, the Shekinah of Messiah, we may recall a teaching concerning the appearance of the Lord, the Messiah. According to esoteric gospels the Messiah - the Human One of Light, appeared in forms resembling those to whom he appeared, assuming a human appearance to human beings, an angelic appearance to angels, and so on, and in so doing he restricted, measured his presence, glory and power to a level that those to whom he appeared would be able to receive it. This is the Groom entering into the house of the Bride, and the Bride dressing him, and determining the food and drink, and orchestrating what transpires. In this regard, perhaps you may recall the story of the revelation of the Risen Messiah in threefold light body - in full glory and power, as told in the esoteric gospel, Pistis Sophia. According to that holy gospel the heavens and earth were agitated and shook because of the presence of the Risen and Ascended Messiah in full glory and power, and his disciples were overwhelmed with agitation and fear and pleaded with the Messiah to “put Yeshua back on”; hence, to assume the form resembling them and familiar to them, one through which they would be able to receive the greater revelation and Light Transmission of the Risen Messiah. In compassion, the Messiah did, indeed, appear once again as Adonai Yeshua, their beloved teacher. This is the Bride and her maidens dressing the Groom; certainly so!

It is said that of the disciples of Yeshua Messiah that Magdalene alone was able to ascend and behold the Messiah in threefold light body within the Supernal Abode, and merge with him in the revelation of his full glory and power; when she ascended with him and was joined with him in the Supernal Abode she resembled him, appearing as the image and likeness of Yahweh Elohim, Shaddai - Bride of the Almighty. This corresponds with the Bride entering into the house of the Groom and the Groom and his attendants dressing her and orchestrating what transpires.

As we know, something similar happens with Anointed Tzaddikim as they take up the play of Light Transmission with their disciples, and with various living spirits and souls, imparting blessings, teachings and initiation, and spiritual empowerments. They descend from their own proper grade to the grade of those they seek to uplift, restricting, measuring, their presence and power, and they assume something of the appearance, or mentality, of those they are seeking to redeem and uplift; hence, they engage in this very same divine action of the Messiah in love and compassion, and the wisdom of skillful means. You see, at the outset, we cannot ascend to the true grade of a Holy Tzaddik, and we cannot receive the fullness of their ruach and da’at, nor the fullness of the Shekinah of the Messiah that is with them - the fullness of the Holy Light and Spirit that is in them; thus, they must descend to our grade and with skillful means labor to uplift us from grade to grade until, per chance, through Divine Grace, we may rise to their grade and receive the full transmission of their ruach and da’at, and the Holy Shekinah of the Messiah that is with them. When we are able and willing to ascend into the grade of a Holy Tzaddik and receive the revelation of their Emanation Body, Glory Body and Truth Body and merge with them in the Holy Shekinah, we will be “dressed by them,” resembling them, and so we will come into being as Tzaddik - an Apostle of the Messiah, the True Light.

All of this is possible and happens because of the interactions and interrelationships of the Holy Sefirot - Divine Attributes, which are inseparable from the various aspects of the soul. In this play of diverse appearances of the Messiah, and descending and ascending of Tzaddikim through various grades, there are corresponding movements, actions, of the Names of God and Sefirot, and angelic forces, for the Messiah and Tzaddikim merge with them in their spiritual works, and this forms that array of the Holy Shekinah with them as they impart blessings, revelations and initiation, and spiritual empowerments - various manifestations of Light Transmission.

This is what the Spirit would have me share this morning; may we wait upon the Holy Spirit to see where she leads our revelation of teachings. Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
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