Guadalupe Practice in Her Image

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Guadalupe Practice in Her Image

#1 Postby Anna » Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:04 am

Blessings of the Divine Mother and Child!

In the Guadalupe Forum there is mention of a practice related to the position in which the Celestial Maiden stands in the image on the sacred ayatl, an image that is still preserved today though the material should long ago have dissolved and disappeared by now.

As she holds her hands in this position, her torso is turned slightly to the right, and her head is turned slightly to the right, and her gaze is directed downward – this is a position of one of the energetic meditation practices taught in the Mystical Path of Guadalupe, and at the same time it represents the Holy Mother-Bride watching over all her children and listening to their prayers.

In gazing at this image and in taking up this pose in meditation, it seems a very active position. When viewing the robe it appears that her left knee is forward and her left foot is not visible. Along with the Mother’s gaze downward to the right there is also a great white serpent flowing down the right side of her robe to strike the docile serpent head at her feet. The Mother seems very much to be in motion, even dancing, as her title “Sky Dancing Maiden” certainly implies—the dance of life itself! At the same time the Mother abides in serene repose. Her gaze is one of great compassion for all of her children.

In a manner of speaking, just as she is the object of our meditation, we are the objects of her meditation – when the silence in us touches the Great Silence that she is, she speaks in us and blesses us, and we know her most intimately, experiencing Union with the Holy Mother-Bride.

That the image is still with us speaks of the many lessons that the Mother intends to teach us through the image itself. One of these essential lessons seems to be compassionate and very active prayer for the people and the land.

Perhaps this time when we have celebrated the Feast of Mother and Child might be an auspicious opportunity to share something of this practice that you mention, dear Tau. I pray that She will share many more insights and teachings of the Way of the Sky Dancing Maiden, out of deep compassion for her little children.


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Re: Guadalupe Practice in Her Image

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Sun Dec 25, 2016 10:10 am

Blessings to you in Imma Elohim, Mother God!

First, concerning the stillness, or repose, of the Holy Mother-Bride, and the merging of the silence in us with the Great Silence she is, we may recall a profound and lovely verse in Psalm 46: “Be still, and know that I am God [Elohim].” As we know, Elohim is a Holy Name corresponding with the Mother and is the Name of God used throughout the story of creation, the utterances through which the matrix of creation comes into being, the ‘body of the Mother’ and ‘robes of the Mother,’ as it were, the Mother, the Great Spirit, within the matrix of creation, yet ever beyond the great matrix. In relationship to Our Lady we may read this verse, “Be still, and know that I am Mother [Imma].” If we wish to ponder this, it is very simple. It’s primordial meditation in the Mother, with kavvanot of the Mother, abiding in her robes, her presence, her being, at-one with her, Imma Elohim.

If we wish to consider Our Lady as the Sky-Dancing Maiden, this is Mother as the Daughter and Holy Bride, and if we wish to acquire some insight into this aspects of Our Lady we are wise to consider the teachings on the practice of union with the Red Maiden, and various aspects of the Maiden associated with the five yesodot, the five elements of consciousness. The image envisioned in such meditations is in motion, literally dancing in the sky before us in the most wild and beautiful ways, and as we are blessed by her and merge with her, so there is a corresponding movement of force and inner heat within us, as though she is dancing in outer and inner space, before us and in our subtle body at one and the same time. In this union, outwardly perhaps we may remain still, seated in meditation, or perhaps we may be set into motion, and arise, and a sacred ritual and invocations may flow from this energetic union, all as the Holy Spirit inspires.

Naturally, in devotion to the Sky-Dancing Maiden, there may also be gifted worship, charismatic worship, in the Holy Mother-Bride through music, song and dance, rejoicing in the Holy Shekinah of the Infinite and Eternal One, dancing with her and as her, at-one with the Sky-Dancing Maiden, or Kallah Messiah.

Ultimately, the deeper devotions and worship in the Holy Mother-Bride, and ways of mystical prayers and meditations, are not taught to us an given in writing, and do not come from the without, but from within, from an ongoing communion with her, ongoing cleaving and unification through which she is revealed to us and her ways are made known to us. There are ways of devotion and worship, prayer and meditation, corresponding with every aspects of Our Lady; beyond the introduction to her Mystical Path as given, most of these are “secret,” they are disclosed by her, and her alone, to those who love her, draw near to her and commune in her - the knowledge of them comes through direct spiritual and mystical experience, and inspirations of the Mother Spirit.

This is what it is given for me to share today.

Shabbat Shalom!
Tau Malachi
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