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Our Lady in this time and place

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 6:24 am
by staroath
This morning I feel profoundly the presence of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a living Presence full of Light, Comfort and True and Holy Wisdom.

As has been written Our Lady first appeared during a time of unimaginable suffering and tribulation:

"Her first appearance comes following a time of holocaust or genocide of the indigenous peoples of Mexico, and in the midst of an active ongoing slaughter of Native Americans elsewhere – in what we may call a time of the manifestation of the “Apocalypse” among a people. In her we behold an emanation of the Woman of Light, the Heavenly Mother, come upon the earth, the touching down, as it were, of “Mother Israel,” understanding the “children of Israel” not simply as Jewish, but as a true humanity, a new humanity, divine and supernal, emerging from the old humanity among all peoples and in all lands.
That the Woman of Light in the form of Our Lady of Guadalupe should come joining the Aztec and Toltec Mother God and the Virgin Mary speaks to the greater truth of the Woman of Light as the Great Mother, cosmic and primordial – universal, who seeks to embrace, uplift and fulfill all her children.
Most profoundly, to the Aztec, Toltec and Spanish people, and indeed all people, she is a message of peace and love, and she is a vision of hope for the future in which we might celebrate diversity and differences, rather than find in them a cause for conflict and hatred, and a time in which we might understand the primordial wisdom within and behind all wisdom traditions of the world – the primordial wisdom which is the Holy Mother of all illumination, all enlightenment." -Tau Malachi

Our Lady Guadalupe appeared during a time of profound judgement in the world, and she appears again during our times as if to say, "Come to me, I understand the pain and fear you are experiecing, come to me and I will show you the True nature of Peace which lies in your Mother, for you are my child, rest fully in me and I will grant you peace no matter the travails and pains in the outer world. Perhaps I will whisper to you  the secret meaning of all that is happening- no matter what happens you are safe here in the folds of my garments."

Perhaps more can be shared about the comfort and secrets that are NOW being revealed to those "who have ears to hear" by Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Prayer Bundles

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:43 pm
by Elder Gideon
Shalom Star!

I've very much enjoyed what you've shared and asked in this post.

Having celebrated as a community this winter solstice the mystery of Guadalupe's appearance to Juan Diego and the sign of her flowers is always a remembrance of her presence and hope in incredibly severe times. It is not my experience at all to have witnessed and survived the trauma of genocide, yet against this very darkness Guadalupe dawns.

I'm appreciating more deeply how Juan Diego is not surprised by her appearance, for the story implies that he is a man of deep knowledge and continual prayer. If he had ever encountered such a direct revelation of the Divine before, I cannot say. What can be said, however, is that the vigil he held in faith through such a horrendous time is connected to his meriting an immediate encounter with his beloved Tonantzin, the Honorable Mother God.

Consider how often people turn in prayer only in times of emergency or desperation. This kind, if such can be named a prayer life, is not so different from being called by someone only when they want something. Another kind of prayer life is present all week, all year, in all times of ease and distress. This is a relationship that gives and receives and generates much merit, particularly when circumstances make it harder and harder to pray.

One particular Tzaddik and Saint, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, knew a great deal about vigilant prayer in all circumstances. He suffered the grief of losing his wife and children to tuberculosis, while serving as a revered lamp in his generation. Not once did he ever let his heartache eclipse his cleaving to the Eternal. So when he speaks constantly of cultivating joy, he is not as so many in our time, who are teaching health and wealth from privilege and comfort. He is clearly one of the greatest prayer warriors who ever lived.

Consider from his Likutey Moharan his most beautiful image of a prayer life in light of the material hope transmitted to Juan Diego by the Precious Noblewoman, Guadalupe.
"For when a person stands up to pray and they recite the words of the prayer, they gather lovely blossoms and flowers and roses, just like a person who walks through a field collecting lovely roses and flowers, one by one, until they make up a bunch. Subsequently, they gather more flowers, one by one, and make another bunch, whereupon they bind these two bunches together. So they continue gathering and collecting many, many beautiful and lovely bunches of flowers. In just this way, a person moves through their prayers letter by letter, until a number of letters join together to form a complete a blessing" (Lesson 65).

I was astonished to read Rabbi Nachman's words of prayers likened to gathering flowers into bundles. It's an immense image with much to contemplate. Among many mysteries, Nachman's teaching on prayer suggests to us the Mother's prophecy of the prayers of her children present and to come, manifest for Juan Diego as impossible roses in the dead darkness of winter.

May we recognize our privilege and opportunity to pray in these times.

Elder Gideon