The Tenth Path

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The Tenth Path

#1 Postby Phillip » Fri Apr 27, 2007 7:43 am

“The Tenth Path is the Resplendent Intelligence, because it is exalted above every head, and sits on the throne of Binah (the Intelligence spoken of in the Third Path). It illuminates the splendour of all the lights, and causes an influence to emanate from the Prince of countenances. (5)”

-Sefer Yetzirah

This line from the “Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom” in the Sefer Yetzirah, is specifically about Malkut. So perhaps Magdalene will reveal something of this mystery in the Gospels and in the Pistis Sophia, unveiling this very esoteric idea presented in the Sefer Yetzirah.

When we hear from the Sephir Yetzirah that the Tenth Path is “exalted above every head,” I cannot help but remember Magdalene who facilitates the transmission in the upper room after Yeshua’s ascension. Through her power of receptivity, Yeshua is able to transmit his essential transmission to the Apostles, where he breathes upon them and a flame descends upon all the Apostles heads. She, as the Apostle of the Apostles, as the prism through which the light of Yeshua rays out “illuminates the splendour of all the lights.” Here “lights” might be the Apostles, she being the prism that rays out all of the diverse levels of light transmission in each of the apostles, and the one who is capable of transmitting at any level of light transmission.

Furthermore, when we examine the Pistis Sophia, we might see how she, “causes an influence to emanate from the Prince of countenances,” for it is primarily her that facilitates the flow of teaching an initiation present in the lofty grade of transmission enacted in the Pistis Sophia, in which the fullness of Yeshua’s revelation is revealed to the Apostles.

So it appears to me that Magdalene enacts Malkut in a very refined way, perhaps for the sake of the revelation of the nature of this Sefirah.

May the Light of Christ be revealed in the Word and Wisdom of El Elyon!

Leslie Kaneel


#2 Postby Leslie Kaneel » Sun May 06, 2007 5:34 pm


A very thought-provoking post Bro. Phillip!

One question, or wonderment, is how Mary Magdalene acquired such "power of receptivity" so as "Yeshua is able to transmit his essential transmission to the apostles in the Upper Room?"
After checking out some different qualities of Malkut, the one that stands out as being most influential to Light Transmission receptivity seems to be Ani/Ain (Pg. 39 Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ). Spacious emptiness, no-thingness, provides for Fullness to blossom in the soul in the form of, as the Sefer Yetzirah describes repetitively, the Ten Sefirot of Nothingness. And Malkut "illuminates the splendour of all the lights." Perhaps also meaning an "empty vessel" illuminated by the Light coming down from all the other sefirot; most beautifully as the Supernal Light flowing into creation from the supernal sefirot - the Pleroma of Light.
To see how all this could apply to Lady Mary's very effective receptivity of Light Transmission, there is a good link between Ani/Ain and this capability (From Pg. 41 of G.C.C.):

"At the very heart of the path of self-realization is the ability to dissolve one manifestation of Ani into Ain and thus to remanifest Ani at a higher level. Rather than a fixed or static state, the enlightenment of Christ Consciousness is dynamic and active - a quickening of the pace of the evolution of the soul-being - so, that rather than arriving at some fixed point, one is actually in more rapid motion. One might say that a person enlightened by Messianic Consciousness is evolving at the speed of light instead of the typical snail's pace of the ordinary earthbound soul."

With the ability to wield Ani/Ain in this Way, a person, as like Mary Magdalene, can become an ultimate receiver/transmitter of Divine Light. In great Love and Compassion, which also simultaneously arises out of Emptiness/Fullness, this person can pass many levels of the Light Transmission on to other souls and spirits in the Entirety.

May we become completely transparent & open to the influx of Divine Light so as to share it with those who care to Receive! Amen.

Praise be to the Holy Mother Spirit!

Shabbat Shalom!

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