Contemplations on the Bahir, Part One

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Contemplations on the Bahir, Part One

#1 Postby Marion » Tue Sep 18, 2007 11:14 pm


I have been reading and contemplating The Bahir, and a couple of questions arose while I was reading the first few pages.
On page 4 The Bahir says: "…The numerical value of Abraham is 248 which is the number pf parts in a person's body." In answer to the question: why is a Heh added to Abraham's name?

This seems to imply some sort of a completion. Because including all of the parts of the body implies the body working together as a whole unit, like the Nefesh and Neshamah of one who is awakened? I was also wondering about the difference in numbers between Abram and Abraham, which is 243 vs. 248, the difference of the Heh. Could one contemplate this as the difference between Gimel and Heh, even though Abram doesn't have a Gimel in it? I was thinking about this and it is very interesting, because Gimel is the High Priestess, which is associated with water, and Heh which is the Emperor, I seem to remember has something to do with fire is mars associated with it? (Unfortunately I left a lot of my study book at home ☹ so I'm trying to remember…) Would this then be the difference between the descending and ascending force? Which is very interesting because then would we have a dialogue about Ma'aseh Bereshit and Ma'aseh Merkavah with the Change of Abram's name? Also in this I am hearing a contemplation of the flood and how fire made the water boil from below and cold water rained from above. (?)

Also it says: "But this comes to teach us that God must also be included. The word YiRaShaH thus contains the letters RaSh YH meaning, "inherit God"

This sounds like the messiah who is called the Son of God? Also, could one say that to inherit something is to become it? So that by inheriting God, one embodies God, like Yeshua Messiah? Or that be inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven, one embodies the Kingdom of Heaven?

It goes on to say on pg. 4 : "What does this resemble? A King had two treasuries, and he hid one away. After many days he said to his son; take what is in these two treasuries. The son replies "Perhaps you are not giving me all that you have hidden away." The king said "take everything."

This is interesting regarding the previous dialogue, on inheriting. I was wondering if this parable was speaking in part about God and Godhead? Because as I have heard, God is the somewhat knowable aspect and Godhead is the completely unknowable aspect? Therefore, is the king saying to his son, you may take what you can find? Kind of like when a realized being embodies the presence of the Holy One, it is the aspect of the Holy One that may be known, but some part remains unknown, hence the mystery?

On pg 5 it says, "Do not read Ha Olam (the world) but He Elam (concealment)"

I am reminded of the teaching that the world of supernal light is within and all around. Because the Rabbi's say instead of world read concealment. Alluding that the Holy One is concealed within the world and that is why it is secret?

It goes on... "It is thus written in Genisis 1.1 'and God created the Heaven and the Earth…" Could one say "God created the revealed and the concealed???

Blessings and Shalom!


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The Perfect One

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:38 pm

Greetings Sister Marion –

Blessings in the Light of the Messiah!

The Sefirot of the Tree of Life form the image of the Human One – Keter is the skull or head, Hokmah and Binah are the right and life side of the brain, Da’at is the face or countenance, Tiferet is the torso, Hesed and Gevurah, the right and lift arms, Netzach and Hod, the right and life legs, Yesod, the genitals, and Malkut is the divine consort; the reception of He in the name Abraham indicates Malkut, the union of Abraham with his divine consort, the Holy Shekinah.

The same, of course, is true for a woman or a man, for the Yod in Sarah’s name also becomes a He, so that she, too, is joined with her divine consort.

As the Bahir and Zohar both teach – the image and likeness of the Human Being, which is the image and likeness of Yahweh Elohim, comes into being when the male and female are joined in union; hence, the actualization of the image and likeness of Adam Ha-Rishon, the Supernal Human Being, or First Human Being, who is male and female in one Body of Light.

Thus, with the addition of He (5), the name of Abraham indicates the complete image and likeness of a human being – an *authentic or spiritual human being*.

This, of course, is the true mystery of hieros gamos – the union of the masculine and feminine within the individual, the full actualization and realization of the soul, nefesh-ruach-neshamah, the holy neshamah being the “bridal chamber” in which ruach and nefesh are joined as one, and when joined as one, the holy neshamah shines through them, becoming embodied; this is as an inheritance destine to us all.

In terms of an inheritance, this specifically is a legacy given by a parent to their child – the daughter or son receiving the estate of their father-mother; and more than the estate, it implies the power and authority, or dominion – receiving the estate, a child who is the heir receives the power and authority to rule over it, and to do with it whatever they like, for it becomes their own.

Abraham and Sarah represent the first generation of the holy tzaddikim – the righteous ones, the holy ones, and they are as a son or daughter of God, receiving the inheritance of a son or daughter, the Divine Kingdom, the Divine Sovereignty, the full presence and power of Yahweh, the Holy Shekinah. So it is with all of the holy tzaddikim, they are sons and daughters of God, children of the True Light, and they inherit the Light Realm, embodying something of the Light-presence and Light-power; and it is rightly called an “inheritance,” for it is destine to them from birth, ordained by El Elyon, the Supreme, and communicated by the Holy Shekinah of the Supreme. Receiving this sacred trust, a holy tzaddik not only has the divine presence and power, but they have the divine authority to use it.

This authority comes from devekut – cleaving to God and the Holy Shekinah, so that one’s mind, heart and body expression the will of God, one’s own will becoming God’s will, and so God’s will becomes one’s own, and God’s will is done. This complete submission (Hod) leads to complete dominion (Netzach), in the midst of which is the Holy Tzaddik (Yesod) – the reciprocity of a conscious agent of the Divine Will and Divine Kingdom.

In truth, this is not something separate and apart from us, but rather it is the true inmost heart’s desire, the true desire of our holy soul as it is in God and Godhead, what has been called our “true will” – it is innate to our being when we are most truly ourselves; and so we may say the Abraham and Sarah became most truly themselves. In the system of Rosicrucian grades of illumination, this exactly is the title of the inmost or highest grade, Ipsissimus, “he or she who is most truly him or herself.”

Now, the patriarchal-matriarchal succession and the prophetic succession are two different grades of the Light Transmission, the true apostolic succession being an even higher grade of Light Transmission – throughout the Holy Torah there is a labor towards the Holy Gospel, so that from the Old Testament to the New Testament there is a development and evolution through various gradations of realization or Light Transmission. As in any form of evolution, the best and brightest at any point of the past is not necessarily the best and brightest of a later period, for evolution proceeds in ascent, from one development to another, ever moving to greater refinement of life and intelligence, and a refinement of the forms the intelligence of life assumes; thus, the perfect and righteous human being in the time of Abraham and Sarah, or in the time of the prophets, is not that of the time of Yeshua and Mirya – in contrast, the image of the perfect and righteous human being, the Second Adam, did not appear in the world until Yeshua Messiah and Kallah Messiah, the true image and likeness of the Great Seth, the Human One of Light. Nevertheless, the Human One of Light was foreshadowed in Abraham and Sarah, as the author of the Book of Hebrews makes clear, and was foreshadowed in the prophets – all holy men and women before the time of the Messiah of God.

As we see with Yeshua Messiah, he has the full inheritance – and the full power and authority of the Divine Sovereignty, the Divine Kingdom (Malkut); others before him had the power and authority of their corresponding realization, all under the sphere of cosmic consciousness, but with Yeshua Messiah the Supernal Realization was embodied and made manifest, the advent of Supernal or Messianic Consciousness, transcending the realization of cosmic consciousness – he received the Supernal Shekinah in full, and it is the Supernal Shekinah that is transmitted in the true apostolic succession, the *gnostic apostolic succession*.

What is ironic is that what has come to be called the “apostolic succession” is, in fact, a klippah – a husk of darkness, an impure emanation, of the true apostolic succession, for the real power of the Holy Spirit is not in it, and it functions at a lower grade than either the patriarchal-matriarchal succession or the prophetic succession of ancient times, for it is not Spirit filled and Spirit lead, but rather it gropes in darkness advocating “blind faith,” which also implies deaf and dumb faith, a faith in ignorance devoid of gnosis, illumination. It seems in many lines of apostolic succession the inheritance has been poorly administered and squandered away so that the keys to the kingdom of God and its true treasures have been all but lost among them.

This passage from the Bahir tells us that there is something more to any spiritual succession or living spiritual lineage than mere religious creed and dogmatic doctrine, or blind, deaf and dumb faith – we are meant to be seeing, hearing and speaking in the Spirit, alive in the Holy Spirit as daughters and sons of the Living God (Hayyah Elohim); our inheritance is *life in the Spirit*, and it is a living presence and power, and divine authority. If Abraham and Sarah, and the prophets, spoke with angels and Ha-Shem, then we should expect that so also shall holy apostles, and all who cleave to the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah – if the letter He was added unto Abram and Sarai, then we should expect that He (Malkut, Shekinah) should be added unto us, all by way of the grace of the Risen Messiah.

When Abraham and Sarah receive the He – Shekinah, then they are able to conceive Isaac, their heir and successor as a lineage-holder, and so the Light Transmission passes from them to Isaac; there is the power to teach and initiate, to convey something of the spiritual energy of their realization – the power of true initiates, the power of true tzaddikim of any living lineage or wisdom tradition.

In terms of a spiritual transmission – this, exclusively, is a human power upon the earth, for of all creatures, only human beings can seek knowledge of God and conscious union with God, and thus bring heaven and earth into conscious union; indeed, until we do this, we are not yet fully human, or an authentic human being, but as we learn from Adonai Yeshua, when we are fully human we become more than human, we become divine, anointed with Supernal Light, the Supernal Being-Consciousness-Force.

Now, this discussion of He and the generation of a new name, a new state of being – this is rebirth in the Holy Spirit, the Mother Spirit, and this rebirth is a transformation of our consciousness, our person, so that being reborn from above we are no longer the same person; the child of earth becomes the child of heaven, the child of the stars, the Pleroma of Light. This is not a mere conception in the mind, or a vital sentiment, as in blind faith, but is experiential, a true spiritual conversion of consciousness (metanoia).

With the experience of actual Light Transmission, and actual reception of the Holy Spirit – the true chrism, there is faith and there is gnosis, and from that conception in the Holy Spirit, that initiation, faith and gnosis grow and increase from grade to grade until their fruition in full Divine Gnosis – full knowledge of God and union with God, as embodied in Yeshua Messiah. This is the salvation of the soul, the enlightenment and liberation of the soul – this salvation is our inheritance.

From the very outset the Holy Spirit labored in humankind to bring forth a full and true human being – a Divine and Supernal Humanity, and she continues to labor towards this end, this fruition that we behold in Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah; the patriarchs and matriarchs, and the prophets, were prototypes at various gradations, the Risen Messiah being the prototype in fruition, the Divine Perfection. He is the image of our spiritual inheritance – our divine destiny.

Now, although, indeed, much of what is called “apostolic succession” is dead in the Spirit – a thing completely conceptual and unreal, with all manner of apology and excuses for the absence of the active power of the Holy Spirit, nevertheless, all is not lost, for living lineages remain, and even if they did not, by way of pure emanation and the incarnation of souls of a higher grade, the souls of tzaddikim and maggidim, living lineage may be restored. The Risen Messiah can appear as to St. Paul, establishing a new line of succession, and the Holy Spirit can communicate herself wherever the necessary conditions are created. The kingdom of heaven or light realm, as Yeshua taught us, truly is like a mustard seed, like a weed that it is impossible to get rid of entirely so long as earth remains; so the Seeds of Light are implanted again and again, and the Continuum of Light Transmission emanates into the world again and again, and so it shall until all is accomplished.

May living lineages of Light Transmission thrive and succeed in the world, and may the Continuum of the Light Transmission remain upon earth until all is accomplished; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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