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#1 Postby Marion » Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:58 am

Shabbat Shalom All!

Recently, there has been a contemplation of the word Et—את. Et shows up in the Torah frequently, and is the subject of many discussions in the Zohar. Et is a curious word, as it is so common in Hebrew but has no English equivalent. In the Zohar, Et is frequently referred to as a word that strengthens other words; a modifier imparting added significance to the word(s) after it. Though this seems to be a good explanation; I've always wondered, yes, and what does that mean? Why Et?

First, It is amazing and wonderful that here is a Hebrew word comprised entirely of the first and the last letters of the alpha bet—Aleph א, and Tau ת. Which implies all of the letters are contained within this one word. This reminds of the Risen Savior saying: "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Revelations 22:13.

Aleph equals one, and has a correspondence with breath. Therefore, could Aleph be translated: "Breath of the One"? Now, this breath of the Holy One, needs a vessel to breath this breath; is this the Tau? Tau has the significance of a realized individual, that is, one who embodies The One. Another way I was considering this is Aleph is the beginning, and Tau is the end. The first sefirah is Keter, and the last is Malkut. Therefore, is Et the process in which Malkut is uplifted, complete, fulfilled, giving more of herself than she has received? In this, I'm also remembering how we say: Keter is in Malkut, Malkut is in Keter. Elsewhere in this forum there have been discussions of the Tzaddik as the fifth element: viewtopic.php?t=365. Aleph=1, and Tau=400, 1+400=401, which reduces to 5! Is this mysterious word Et indicating Tzaddik—righteous one?

In the most ancient Hebrew writings, Tau was written as an equal armed cross. Aleph was actually drawn as an Ox, which is it's meaning, and evolved to an X mark. It is striking that the Alpeh, is really just an equal armed cross turned on it's side! This twirling Aleph reminds of the twirling four-pronged Shin of the Second Coming. Looking at the modern evolution of these letters, Aleph is twirling, and Tau is upright—like the "upright and elect", and stands on a foot. This foot is what distinguishes it from ח—Het, who is connected at the top, but does not have a foot. Therefore, I was wondering if Et has anything to do with embodiment? If Aleph is the energy of the One-Life-Force, and Tau is the embodiment of that Force? Also, if one were to relate the Aleph to the four-pronged Shin, would Et have a correspondence to Seth—שֵׁת, Shin Tau, who is a true Human One?

Blessings and Shalom,

Tau Malachi
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Re: Et

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:12 pm

Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

You have shared some lovely insights sister, they stir the heart and hint at the attainment of the Great Ascension. God willing, perhaps I may share some teachings, expanding the contemplation.

As is known, the Messiah is the light of all prophets and apostles of God, and all of the perfect human beings - tzaddikim, and as such the Messiah, the Sun of God, is their life, animating them with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Shekinah; mystically this is the reality of the amplifying power of ‘ET,’ Alef-Tau, and we may say that Alef-Tau indicates the power of actualization and realization of the divine potential in humanity, and so in creation, in heaven and earth. Thus, indeed, the Messiah is Alef-Tau.

The perfect human, the radiant one, is the perfect, complete, image and likeness of Yahweh Elohim, the Eternal God, and contains in themselves all things, the entirety. They reunite in themselves the form of God and form of the universe. They alone reveal the divine essence and nature with all of its names and attributes, and are the conscious vehicles of all its divine actions. He or she is the clear mirror in which God is reflected to Godself, and in this he or she becomes the final cause of creation, the perfection and completion of creation, the ‘Omega Point,’ or Sacred Tau.

As is known there are five main manifestations of knowledge and power with the perfect human: there is the lover of the Eternal One; the knower of divine secrets; the clear mirror of divinity; the priest-sovereign and messenger of God and heaven; and there is the mediator and intercessor between heaven and earth, God and creation, the human soul and the ego. These are the five principle spiritual powers of the perfect human, the Holy Tzaddik, and as you might intuit they these spiritual powers have a correspondence with the yesodot, pure manifestations of the primordial elements of consciousness.

Understand, in the Messiah there is a new humanity - perfect humanity, supernal and divine, and the realization of a perfect human being is the aim of the Gnostic Path, or the Straight Path; hence, our aim is to be and become a perfect human being, the ‘Holy Tzaddik.’

In this you may recall the teaching of Yeshua, “Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

Concerning the Holy Tzaddik and ‘Et,’ or Alef-Tau, the embodiment of the Shekinah, the Divine Presence, in a Holy Tzaddik is the embodiment of light and fire, and with Tzaddikim there is a play of light transmission, the radiance of Divine Light, Divine Love blazing forth from within them, and so the spiritual powers of all the Divine Attributes and Actions; as Alef-Tau amplifies and strengthens words, so the Holy Tzaddik may serve to bless and empower us, reflecting to us the perfection of our Divine Self and empowering us to realize our Divine Self. This ‘amplification,’ though, is of our entire being, our entire consciousness, so that shades and shadows, klippot, are amplified too, empowering us to recognize and overcome barriers, accelerating the burn off of our negative karma, and so accelerating the evolution and realization of our soul, the tikkune of our soul. In a multiplicity of ways the Divine Presence embodied in the Holy Tzaddik is an ‘amplification’ of souls and an acceleration of their awakening and realization.

Tau, 400, corresponds with the embodiment and revelation of all the Names of God and Attributes (Sefirot), and Alef, 1, corresponds with conscious union with the Eternal One (Yahweh); that 401 by way of reduction in gematria equals 5, remember that the pentagram is the essential symbol of the perfect human being, and yes indicates the arising of the five primordial elements in their innate purity - the soul manifest as a pure emanation of the Eternal One, or bornless being, primordial and supernal.

May we be blessed to recognize the Great Natural Perfection in us, and so embody the fullness of the Sun of God, the Pleroma of Light! Amen.

Yeshua Shalom!
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