Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : Hokmah

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Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : Hokmah

#1 Postby IAOHANNES » Sun Jun 14, 2009 1:19 pm

Greetings in the Light of the Messiah !
I'll start with a quotation from St Paul
[1] And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God.
[2] For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.
[3] And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling.
[4] And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:
[5] That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.
[6] Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nought:
[7] But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory:
[8] Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.
[9] But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.
[10] But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.
[11] For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God.
[12] Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.
[13] Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.
[14] But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
[15] But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.
[16] For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.
[18] Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise.
[19] For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.
[20] And again, The Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain.
[21] Therefore let no man glory in men. For all things are yours;( King James Version )

These passages on the Gospel are among my favorites ! no one could have said it better .
St.Paul was truly great here .The Holy Spirit spoke through him clearly .
And that brings us to the discussion of "foolishness in Christ " and "Crazy Wisdom" .
For what St Paul says , "crazy wisdom" would be a pleonasm , "for the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God " .And vice-versa .
In Christianism , specially in the Eastern Orthodox Church , there used to be a revered tradition of "fools in Christ " .
Also in Islam there were certain Sufis who presented themselves as fools , including the medieval figure of the "court fool " was Sufi in origin .
And the tradition of "crazy wisdom" is also existent in Hinduism , Buddhism , Taosim and the Shaman tricksters .
And thats where the "redemption through sin " doctrine enters in our discussion as i see it , Tau Malachi . .
As i said , some Jewish kabbalists like miss Leonora Leet are reconsidering this doctrine in amore balanced way , i think .( I must say here that although i refered to miss Leet books that doesn't mean that i agree with all her ideas .I find her thesis thought-provoking , inspiring and innovative .Messianic jews are very close to Christianism ...).
As above , so below .As below , so above .
In Transpersonal Psychology there is a term i appreciate . It is the concept of " regression in the service of transcendence " .As Binah is related to the future , Hokmah is related to the past ...
Its it based on the psychological fact that to heal our minds and souls we have to sometimes access very primitive psychological contents , bring them to light , in order to integrate them in a balanced way in our souls .
And , of course , during this process the person may seem to be regressing .Even saints , or very advanced soujourners , may seem to have lost their sanity sometimes .
But , as with everything , there are those who use this view to justify and rationalize their indulgence and lack of self-restraint and self-discipline .
To justify their lustful and neurotic behaviours .
We know some notorious cases from the occult "scene" ...
By other hand , a true "fool in Christ" may very well behave in ways considered offensive or even outrageous for the common people and the orthodox religious .
That generally has to do with an "acting out" of socially repressed sexual and agressive impulses .
But not always ,for the "crazy wisdom" , in our violent world , can very well manifest in a very gentle and sweet way .Or in an apparently "masochist" way .But only for those who have eyes to see ...
And thats what the doctrine of the "redemption through sin" means to me .
Yet , this should be done only by those grown up in Christ .
Again , as St Paul said :

[1] And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ.
[2] I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able.
[3] For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men?"
Crazy Wisdom or redemption through sin should only be performed by those who are already grounded in the Holy Shekinah .
Not by "sourcerer's apprentices" ...
In the Rosecrucian grade system this would correspond with the grade of Magus, 9=2 .
As you said in our discussion about Binah , Tau Malachi "Thus, Yeshua Messiah proclaims that he is Adonai Ha-Shabbat, the Lord of the Shabbat, and he teaches us, saying, “The human one was not created for the Shabbat, but the Shabbat was created for the human one” – it is not a day of bondage to the law, but is a day of Supernal Grace, the World-To-Come! "
That may have sounded very "crazy" and "foolish" for the orthodox jews of his time !
Our Lord Yeshua was the "craziest wiseman" of all !
Thats why he was crucified by the herd's mentality and its shepards ...
May we be fools in Christ and , in so doing , become wise and heal ourselves and the world ! Amen .

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Crazy Wisdom & Divine Folly

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:10 pm

Greetings and blessings in the Light of the Messiah!

The play of crazy wisdom or wild gnosis is, indeed, most intriguing, and in my own case, the noble ideal of the trickster-prankster-fool has always been integral to my spiritual journey and way, as any of my close friends can bear witness – more than the image of the priest-king in the Order of Melchizedek, it is the image of the fool in the court of the priest-king that captures my attention.

In terms of folly or foolishness, first and foremost the question is, what’s the motivation and intention?

It is just the same as the question of the keeper or guardian of the Holy Grail to the Grail Knight seeking it. Whom does the Grail serve? So the question is, whom does the trickster-prankster-fool serve? If such a character is motivated by love and compassion, and the intention is the actual enlightenment and liberation of souls, and if they are, indeed, a fool of God, then their folly is in the Holy Spirit, but if they are serving their ego, and their own selfish ambitions and self-interests, then their folly is not of the Holy Spirit in the least, but rather, in a manner of speaking, they have fallen to the “Dark Side,” and they serve the demiurge, or the shadow of the demiurge, Satan.

The word fool comes from the Latin word, follis, which literally means “bag of air” or “wing bag.” The fool of God, then, is empty of her or himself and filled with the Spirit, but the fool of the world is filled with her or himself, not the Spirit of God – here we find the distinction between the divine fool and an ordinary fool.

The Fool in the Tarot represents the Self of every self, Soul of every soul, and is the Spirit of every other character that appears in the Tarot – as such, the Fool is quite the shape-shifter, and represents the Transcendental Self, the transcendent essence and nature of our being.

In wisdom, the fool indicates a transcendence and self-abandon in the Divine Presence and Power, and so indicates hishtavut, a state of non-attachment and non-aversion, liberated from self-grasping, self-cherishing; as St. Paul speaks of it he is indicating a holy person who does not care what others think of them, but whose only concern is enacting the will and desire of God, and whose only desire is for knowledge of God and unification with God.

Essentially, the Divine Fool lives in a state of freedom – free from worldly concerns and desires, their only concern being the kingdom of heaven and harvest of souls, and the glorification of Ha-Shem; they are passionate lovers, and passionate players in the matrix of spiritual forces. Indeed, if a true Fool of God, they are empty, and they are in repose, and they are no longer the doer, but it is Christ and the Holy Spirit that moves them, and that acts with, in and through them to accomplish everything – they are transparent to the Light of God, and so they are free to the Divine Play, Divine Folly, and they are free from karma or sin in their play.

God help a person, however, who takes up the dance of the Divine Fool, but who is not free in this way, for to engage in the play of the Divine Fool apart from the Divine is the invocation of a terrible karmic backlash and consequence, and could become the swift path straight into a hungry ghost or hell realm experience!

The play of the Fool is a dangerous thing!

There is really no middle ground in it – it cuts one way or the other, either it is the play of a true tzaddik or apostle of the light, or it is the play of a sorcerer, one of the two; and even in the case of the holy tzaddik, always self-purification and consecration becomes key, and acting only as guided by the Sacred Heart and by the Light-presence and Light-power. As we have said elsewhere, however lofty the realization, still there must be passionate devotion and vigilance throughout life – it is always possible to fall to temptation and to the “Dark Side,” the Other Side.

So it has been said that a holy tzaddik must first deliver musar, rebuke or correction, to him or herself, and only then deliver it to their companions.

Here we may say, though, assuming we encounter a true tzaddik, they are a dangerous friend, for they will stop at nothing to facilitate the Light Transmission, or our enlightenment and liberation, and they are likely to be the one person we encounter that we cannot control or manipulate – they do not care what we think about them and they want nothing from us but the fulfillment of our own heart’s desires and dreams. That’s very different from virtually anyone else we will ever encounter in our lives – very different, indeed! How can we manipulate that?

In the play of Light Transmission the tzaddikim will do anything it takes for the salvation of souls, and so as well as peaceful and blissful forms, they may take up wrathful forms, all in skillful means; hence, the play of crazy wisdom or wild gnosis – and a play of shape-shifting.

In a manner of speaking, as a divine “therapist,” working with karmic vision and conditioning – our various neurosis and psychosis, they shift their methods or approach to match our illness, seeking to unweave the knots that bind us and to heal us, and most often this will require very creative and unorthodox approaches, reflecting our own energy and matching it, but in a “therapeutic” way.

Naturally, as illness are different, so must be the medicines and therapies – and in the play of the Holy Spirit these are fashioned uniquely to each individual that draws near to a tzaddik.

We see this in sacred circle – the relationship and interactions of a tzaddik are different with each person, no two sacred friendships are the same, save that they are all founded upon love and compassion, and all in the Light of the Holy One.

But from one to another spiritual companion a tzaddik can respond very differently, even when on the surface they may seem to be responding to the exact same issue of tikkune – it is truly amazing to watch!

This hints at the way of crazy wisdom or wild gnosis in Light Transmission – it is all about the dance of the Shekinah of Messiah, the Holy Bride, and the tikkune-healing of souls.

It is very interesting, because in this play a tzaddik may very well become our scapegoat, for as they take up this dance with us one of the first things they will begin to do is reflect our own energy to us – if we do not like what we see in the mirror we may very well project our judgments upon them, never recognizing the emptiness in their play, never understanding what they are doing and why they are doing it, unaware that they are reflecting our own energy for the sake of tikkune-healing and our empowerment.

Of course, what they reflect are not just the shades and shadows in us, but also the good and the light in us – the image seen in a mirror depends upon who is gazing!

So it is said in Gnostic gospels that Adonai Yeshua always appeared in forms corresponding with those to whom he was appearing – each being seeing something of itself, while encountering the deeper truth of Christ, the Human One of Light.

The Messiah was Fool of God, indeed! A Shape-Shifter of God!

This play corresponds with Hokmah, the empty nature of all.

Now we may also speak of another principle that I call “divine folly,” and the play of redemption through sin. Very frequently in my life I have found that I set out to do something with one intention – an intention in misconception and error, only to find that the Holy Mother had another intention entirely, so that out of my error Mother’s wisdom prevailed, and good was served in spite of my folly.

I’m sure that we have all seen events like these in our lives – it happens with all of us.

Likewise, we may say that in the experience of “coming to the Lord,” and in the experience of self-realization in Christ, our past is completely transformed – all of our sin or karma, all of our follies, become the lessons through trial and error that bring about our salvation, our illumination and liberation.

It’s the analogy of the archer who at first misses the mark, but in so doing masters the bow; and yes, the Hebrew word for sin literally means, “missing the mark.”

The reality is, you have to miss the mark in order to master hitting the mark – and in mastery it does not matter how often we missed the mark, only that we are able to hit it, having acquired the skill or marksmanship (or should I say “markspersonship”).

When we are “saved,” our entire past becomes a testimony for the Lord, Adonai, and the witness of the Divine Grace, Imma Ruach, through which we are delivered from bondage.

O Holy One, in Your Grace, and for Your Glorification, may we all be fools! Amen.

Shabbat Shalom!
Tau Malachi
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A Bit More On Crazy Wisdom

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Jun 15, 2009 1:05 pm

Greetings and blessings in the Light of the Messiah!

There is something more to be said of crazy wisdom or wild gnosis, and of the play of the divine fool – as we have already said, it is all founded upon the wisdom of emptiness, the awareness of the Ain Nature of all.

All is Belimah, “without what,” without any independent and substantial self-existence apart from all and the source of all, and this knowledge is the foundation of the Way of Transformation – in this awareness, in the way of transformation, anything and everything can be transformed into a vehicle of self-realization and Light Transmission, potentially even things apparently mundane and negative, or apparently klippotic, might be transformed.

In this regard we may consider the ego and self-cherishing, the greatest klippah of the ignorance, the greatest poison of our good, the fundamental cause of all negativity or evil that we generate. In the way of transformation instead of attempting to cut off the ego we take the poison as the antidote, transforming self-grasping by way of enlightened selfishness and spiritual self-worth. In that we are selfish beings, we look into how to be truly selfish, or more effective in our selfishness – and when we look into our selfish desires for our own prosperity, success, health and happiness we discover that the prosperity, success, health and happiness of others leads to our own greater prosperity, success, heath and happiness. In other words, we realize that tending to the well-being and welfare of others benefits us as well as them, and embracing our selfishness with intelligence in this way, through enlightened selfishness we transcend selfishness, entering into experiences of selflessness.

This is coupled with spiritual self-worth or divine pride. Instead of continuing to grasp at the limited egoistic self, finite reason, name and form, and personal history, we let go of that old self-identity, and in place of it we generate a new self-identity with fully evolved and enlightened being, Divine and Supernal Being, the Risen Messiah – if we must engage in self-grasp, why not grasp at the Christ Self?

In both of these practices, as discussed in Living Gnosis, the great obstruction to our realization becomes the great vehicle of our realization, the poison being taken to produce the antidote – this is skillful means and it is wisdom.

The same is true of any obstruction we might name, or any form of negativity – there are sparks of truth and light in it, and it contains its opposite, and therefore it may be transformed with awareness and skill, with true wisdom that leads to knowledge and understanding.

This play of transformation can be taken up in very radical ways by great adepts and masters – conceivably, they can transform any action into a vehicle of Light Transmission, even actions that might normally appear very dark and negative.

As an example, if a companion were to be led astray by klippotic influences and depart from the assembly or circle of a tzaddik, and if in so doing they behaved very badly, provoking the tzaddik to anger – there are wrathful spiritual practices of the Holy Bride in the form of the Red or Black Maiden that they might take up to liberate their spiritual friend from klippotic influences and perhaps bring them back into the fold, all as a good shepherd is called to do. In these practices, transforming anger into wrathful compassion, or “tough love,” they would emanate a body of glory in the form of a fierce Shekinah Consort Emanation and project their center of consciousness into it, and then they would go in pursuit of the person who was lead astray, assaulting the klippotic forces, seeking to subjugate or destroy them, and sending energy cords into the subtle body of their companion, either to draw their spiritual friend back to them in this life, or to create the cause of their meeting again in the afterlife or another lifetime to fulfill their destiny together.

Now, if such a thing was done in egoistic anger, it would be a dark and evil action of a sorcerer taking up a work of vengeance or destruction, pain and hatred – a truly terrible thing; but if not enacted in egoistic anger, but enacted in wrathful compassion – the desire for the tikkune-healing and liberation of their friend, it is luminous and good, completely righteous, and is great skillful means.

An extremely severe form of something like this transpires in the Book of Acts – truly a very curious tale of power. In chapter five we are told in the original Christian communities everyone lived together in a communal environment, so that entering into the community everyone sold their properties and put the proceeds into the community treasury for use by all its members, the needs of the community. A husband and wife, however, withhold some of the sales of the proceeds of their property and lie about it, basically cheating the community by deception. Telepathically, or by way of prophecy, St. Peter became aware of what they did, and confronting each of them alone, in turn, they fall dead before him, struck down by the Holy Spirit.

Considering that they did not commit murder, or some other grievous offense, and considering that the community was founded upon forgiveness and love, truly this tale of power seems extremely severe – far too severe, really. Naturally, it beckons a question about the love of Christ and the mercy of God, if over such an apparently little matter the power of the Holy Spirit would move in this way; and naturally, it is a story that has attracted the attention of masters among Christian Mekubalim, for on the surface it seems to contrary to Christ, who forgives those who kill him!

Where is the love of Christ and mercy of God in this severe action?

Remember, St. Peter is the disciple who struggled so much with the Master himself!

According to the masters of the tradition, however, the holy apostle saw through the spirit of prophecy that a great darkness had entered into these two and that it would lead them to commit far greater evil, generating extremely negative karma that would lead to a hell realm incarnation – terrible suffering. Thus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, assuming a wrathful countenance, he caused their karma to ripen and be exhausted immediately, liberating them from the consequences of greater darkness or negativity and facilitating a better cycle of future incarnations. In so doing, he formed powerful connections with their souls so that he would meet them again in a future life, and he performed transference of consciousness for them, uplifting their souls in the Risen Messiah. Although apparently severe outwardly, inwardly it was an act of great mercy – wrathful compassion delivering souls from great darkness.

This is an example of a very radical action of crazy wisdom or wild gnosis, one that, of course, would require a great adept or master, an individual of significant self-realization in Christ.

If on an inner soul level this was not an action of mercy and compassion, then the god of St. Peter was, in truth, the demiurge, and it was not the Holy Spirit of God, the True Light, that moved with, in and through him!

Understanding the unorthodox methods in the way of transformation and the play of the transmigration of souls, we have every reason to believe that this was an action of mercy, one that also affected and blessed others in the assembly, dispelling other klippotic influences that were seeking to enter and corrupt.

There are also other unorthodox methods that might be taken up, and all are not wrathful, they can be blissful too, transforming sexual energy and desire-energy in various manifestations, or in various ways using apparent “sin” as a redemptive agent – though such radical skillful means require a strong ground realization, and apart from a significant self-realization they would be very unwise, truly a terrible folly that could cause great harm and suffering.

An initiate cannot be the doer in any movement of crazy wisdom, lest they would be bound by the law and not in the Sanctuary of Grace, and what they do would not be helpful or beneficial at all, but quite the opposite.

In this regard, we may understand why the more radical ways of crazy wisdom and transformation are not subjects for the novice or newcomer, but rather are inner and secret teachings reserved for very close spiritual friends – very experienced and skilled initiate who abide in the wisdom of emptiness and who embody the Sacred Heart of Christ.

Indeed! All we have to do is look at the history of the outer church and all of the hatred and evil perpetuated in the name of the “love of Christ” to understand how dangerous some teachings can be in the hands of the immature – so in this regard we have every good reason to be conscious in the sharing of inner and secret teachings of the Three Paths in the Way.

In closing we can say, however, that most of the unorthodox methods in the way of crazy wisdom and transformation are not so radical, it is just that they transform the mundane into the sacred and do not rely so much on outward appearance, and we can say that it relies upon a natural, spontaneous and uncontrived play in the Holy Spirit within the power of the moment. In the way of crazy wisdom the Light Transmission is shared in all manner of ways, and it can occur in almost any place, in almost any apparent outward circumstances, at any time.

That’s why it is called “crazy,” because on an apparent level, from the perspective of the ego and world, it makes no sense and seems completely silly, foolish, and yet great wonders and energetic transmissions happen, and souls are enlightened and liberated.

I recall one time when my tzaddik, Tau Elijah, received the visit of a fellow who studied with a longtime companion of his named Jeremiah – an initiate many considered a master of the tradition in his own right. When the man came, Elijah would only talk with him about mundane things, and he took him out drinking in a casino bar and then chummed him into gambling. It was quite funny, because when they got back to the cabin late in the evening the fellow was very angry, believing Elijah was putting him off, judging him – and out came his anger at Elijah. Elijah walked right up to the fellow, put his finger on his brow, traced the sign of the cross and said, “Put all your anger, all this fiery power of concentration, here!” In that instant, the fellow experienced the opening of sight into the World of the Holy Spirit and an inner gradation of Light Transmission unfolded for him. In fact, the Holy Spirit took all of us up who were in the room so that a charismatic and prophetic worship broke out that lasted for many hours, though seeming to pass very swiftly, and many wonders transpired among us that night.

Essentially, Elijah was stalking a klippah of anger that was obstructing the experience of inner gradations of Light Transmission in this fellow, when it arose, he shattered it and showed the fellow how to transform it, and he facilitated the awakening and uplifting of the serpent power in him, and in all of us in the room. It was very unorthodox and very skillful – and it work amazingly well!

That’s a good kind of folly, a good kind of crazy – and Elijah was very skilled at it.

May we abide in the Crazy Wisdom of the Risen Christ – true Faith-Wisdom joined to Christ in Union. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Way of Blame

#4 Postby IAOHANNES » Tue Jun 16, 2009 5:23 am

Greetings in the Light of the Messiah !
What you wrote about crazy wisdom or wild gnosis being founded upon the wisdom of emptiness is just perfect , Tau Malachi !
Summarizes it all .
Once i've read a very funny definition of crazy wisdom by a Lama : He said that if you want to know if the crazy wisdom teacher or teaching you're following is really working you just have to see if you are getting wiser or crazier ! hahaha :lol:
Thats a great advice in these times of so many false prophets and gurus and "crazy wisdom" teachers .
What you wrote about St Peter is very intersting too ...
St Peter was wellknown for his bad temper and his harshness , including towards our Lady Myria as is written in the "Gospel of Mary Magdalene " .
The comments by Jean-Yves Leloup show it very clear .
The seed for what happened in the next 2000 years was already there ...
St Peter was certainly an Apostle , chosen by our Lord , like St Judas .
Leloup also wrote a book about it called "Jesus and Judas " .There he says that Judas was as much betrayed by the Lord as he betrayed Him .
He expected something ,had certain ideas about what the Messiah should do , and Yeshua destroyed all of them .
And gave him his mission ...
Interestingly , Gurdjieff spoke very much in the same terms about St Judas much before the "Gospel of Judas " was found .He certainly must have had access to a living tradition in the Middle East .
He used to say , to shock the newcomers , that when he was drunk he prayed to St Judas since he didn't want to bother God, but that since he was most always drunk he often prayed to St Judas ! hahaha
The Masters never act the way we expect them to do ...
And thats most intriguing , considering how and who our Lord has chosen as Apostles .
I think that this also aplies to King Solomon as well .Traditionally , by the orthodox view , he is said to have fallen to the "Dark Side" .But is it so ?
At his time Judaism became , since the time of Esdras , a very patriarchal religion , strictily monotheistic .
But that was not the case in the beginning , as shown by Raphael Patai in his book about the "Hebrew Goddess " , Ashera .
So i think that King Solomon may have acted in a Crazy Wise way trying to bring back to the main stream Judaism the Feminine face of God .
And that had to do with the "sexual" wild gnosis , i think .
In Sufism there is the " Way of Blame" , those who take upon themselves the guilty and the opprobrium of the society , like the "scape goats" , human scape goats, for the redemption of the society's sins .
Of course , for the masses and the herd those who do this are very reproachable .
But , granted they really do this by God's command , i don't think they really care .And this is part of their egolessness .
Our society and culture is ruled by the Demiurge .
There are also social sins .Collective "thought -forms" that are the root and feed the individual sins .
This world of greed , competition , vanity ,materialism and institucionalized violence must have an end .
Our Mother Earth can't take this poisoning much longer .
People must convert their minds and repent from their sins now !
And act accordingly .We can't wait twenty more years to change the industrial politics regarding pollution and biofuels .
I don't think it is very wise or sane to guide ourselves by the standards of a very unwise and sick society .
To be overadapted to this sick society is not a sign of health, in any level .
As the Sufis say ,the Truth is upside down in this world .
So , the real wise ones will always look and act a little odd and "crazy" .
Fools in Christ ...
May we become wiser and never fool ourselves on the contrary ! Amen .

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More On Crazy Wisdom

#5 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:57 am

Greetings in the Light of the Messiah!

Yes, Judas has also been an intriguing character in our tradition – the traditional view of Judas betraying Yeshua is used to convey some teachings on discipleship, while another story is told of him as an inmost disciple who Yeshua asked to do what he did. Interestingly enough, like Lady Mirya and her role as inmost disciple and consort, our tales were woven long before the find and translation of the Gospel of Judas.

The stories of St. Judas are, indeed, teachings on wild gnosis or crazy wisdom – first and foremost speaking to the way of crazy wisdom with the Master in the gospel. In fact, we would propose that the common pictures and interpretations of who Yeshua was and what Yeshua did do not relate the truth of the Master. Again and again the Master breaks from conventional wisdom, social norms and religious dogmas – he hangs around untouchables and outcasts, and you don’t do that without also making yourself an outsider to the ways of unenlightened society. At times he is accused of being a drunkard and going to too many parties – such accusations would have no weight if there were not some grain of truth in them.

If we look to the teachings of Adonai Yeshua, clearly he teaches a pure spirituality of direct experience, calling people out of bondage to religion into a spirituality of mystical experience, one that is Spirit-filled and Spirit led. This, in fact, is what the way of wild gnosis or crazy wisdom really is.

I believe you bring up an important point, the way of unenlightened society and culture, the way of the world and demiurge, does not lead to enlightenment and does not accord with the Pleroma of Light or God, the True Light – and generally speaking neither does religion, which is spirituality taken over by the demiurge and archons, and made worldly.

Indeed, the unenlightened society goes one way, the holy and enlightened ones go another – and as my tzaddik, Tau Elijah, was fond of saying, one of them is crazy and the other wise, each of us must discern which is which and follow in the way of the wise.

Very often crazy wisdom masters do seek to break from conventional wisdom to help free the minds and hearts of their friends from bondage – and they may do so in radical ways. Also, at times, some of them can outwardly appear very ordinary, blending in perfectly with their environment, and yet inwardly enact a way of crazy wisdom – dispelling our concepts about “crazy wisdom.” It is all about dispelling concepts, and dispelling the things that prop up the ego, or that ornament the court of the false king or queen – it is jolting us back to reality as it is and to our true being as we are in the Light, as we are in God.

In a manner of speaking, it is tricking us into our enlightenment and our real being.

These adepts and masters are tricksters!

Judas also represents teachings of a certain way in crazy wisdom that you mention – tzaddikim who act as scapegoats, taking on the sin or karma of others, feeling the pain and grief of the world in their heart most deeply and intimately, willing to play the fool, the scoundrel and rouge, thief and liar, all in the wisdom of emptiness for the sake of liberating others from their burden. If we consider the crucifixion, on a certain level this is exactly what Adonai Yeshua did, and if Judas was invoked by Yeshua to do this, it is exactly what Judas did.

If we want another image of crazy wisdom, all we need to do is contemplate Yohanan the Baptist, the holy tzaddik of the Messiah, teacher of the Perfect Tzaddik, Yeshua Messiah – they do not come any crazier or wilder than this reincarnation of the soul of Elijah. According to masters of the tradition, his food, wild honey and locusts, means that he eats the shefa flowing from the Sefirot and angels, and that he eats demons for breakfast! Pretty wild, indeed!

Before eating or absorbing a demon, however, it is very wise to recognize and realize the wisdom of emptiness, the Ain Nature, for otherwise it won’t be the demon that eaten!

This relates to another action of crazy wisdom – instead of drawing a magic circle and banishing a dark and hostile entity, in effect sending it over to your neighbors house, understanding that a void cannot harm a void in the wisdom of emptiness, one devours the dark spirit, reintegrating the sparks bound up in it with the Light Continuum. There is a hint of this in a practice commonly taught to novice initiates in the tradition, the practice of Giving and Receiving – with an adept in the lineage it can be applied to archonic and demonic beings, embracing and digesting them in the Light of the Spiritual Sun within and behind the heart.

It is the awareness of emptiness that empowers us to take on the negativity and transform it – after all, it is just energy, and in essence all energy is the same and can assume any form.

This is the wisdom of Hokmah as the generative force, the sphere of pure energy that assumes all manner of forms through the agency of Binah, the Holy Mother.

This speaks directly to the nature of hayyah, the aspect of the soul associated with Hokmah – our life-force or light-power, which through countless incarnations assumes all manner of forms emanating from neshamah and the karmic continuum. Realization at the level of neshamah, of course, implies a most radical transformation in consciousness and naturally leads to some of the most radical wonderworking or magical powers, such as raising the dead to life, spontaneous appearance and disappearance in Emanation Body, and so forth.

At the level of ruach and nefesh in illumination, largely we remain much the same, and even at the level of ruach and nefesh of neshamah we remain the person we have been, it is at the level of neshamah of neshamah that the first radical change occurs in consciousness, and with it a radical shift in our person and abilities – then from that development each gradation of the soul realized brings a greater transformation and greater leaps in the soul’s evolution.

Basically, in the experience of enlightenment the acceleration and evolution of consciousness increases – we “speed up” beyond our wildest dreams!

The opening of sight into the World of the Holy Spirit – awareness of the play of spiritual forces within and behind what transpires in waking consciousness, lucidity in sleep and dream, awareness of the afterlife, and past and future incarnations, and such, necessarily these change how we relate with this body and world. Indeed, we may merely consider how the actual capacity for the transference of consciousness into a body of light would radically change our experience of this life, and how we relate with this body and world – with the development of consciousness beyond the body, truly, in a manner of speaking, life in this body and world is no more or less real that a dream!

This necessarily leads to a play of wild gnosis or crazy wisdom – wisdom transcendent of any worldly convention, and such a person would truly be a Divine Fool – wise in God’s eyes and foolish in the eyes of the world.

Who in this world is likely to believe what such characters might have to say about their experience, or what they might be able to do in the play of the Spirit? It’s not surprising that many these days believe tales of power told of great adepts and masters are nothing more than “myths,” or that such persons were never historical but are completely “mythical.” Asleep and dreaming, believing the dream ultimately real as something separate and apart from oneself, it is very hard to believe what a lucid dreamer can do, or to believe their testimony of the world beyond the dream world, the world of those who do not sleep and dream!

Now there is something to be said of the play of Light Transmission and Hokmah, for Hokmah represents the inmost gradation of Light Transmission – as the Zohar teaches us, Hokmah is Reshit, the beginning, the point beyond which there is nothing knowable, and so in truth, Da’at appears, but Keter is always hidden, concealed. Hokmah is the Light-power, Binah is the Light-images it assumes, and Da’at our experience in the moment of Light Transmission – as we go deeper into the experience of Light Transmission we come to its essence, the brilliance of the Clear Light, represented my Hokmah-Wisdom.

How may we give some insight into this? We may contemplate the ascension of the Master and others through our experience of the generation of the Body of Light and Transference of consciousness – the play of Union with Partzuf.

At first, in the practice of Union with Partzuf we envision the image of the partzuf dissolving into fluid flowing light and merging with us, blessings us in the most profound way – our mind becoming the Divine Mind of the Holy One, our heart the Sacred Heart of the Holy One, and our body becoming the Emanation Body of the Holy One, so they walk in the world as us and we walk in them.

When we can actually accomplish something of this Holy Union, then we can proceed to the next stage of development in Union with Partzuf – Transference of Consciousness. In the fruition of Union, instead of the partzuf dissolving we envision ourselves dissolve and merge with the Holy One in Body of Light, projecting our center of consciousness into the image of the partzuf.

When we can actually transfer our consciousness into the light-body in this way, there is one further step of perfect devekut, the Perfection of Union – as the Holy Partzuf, like a rainbow in the sky, we dissolve and disappear into the sky-like nature of mind, Clear Light Union. This is the realization of the Body of Truth from which the Body of Glory and Body of Emanation arises, the realization of the secret dimension of the Threefold Sanctuary of Grace.

This corresponds with the inmost gradation of Light Transmission associated with Hokmah – in the play of Light Transmission, in the inmost gradation, the holy tzaddik and disciple vanish, and there is only the one Light-presence and Light-power in a state of Pure Radiant Awareness, Non-dual Gnostic Awareness, Clear Light Union.

The true and full play of crazy wisdom proceeds from this Primordial Foundation, and we may say that this Clear Light Union is parallel to the deepest state a hitbodedut-meditation, wakefulness in dreamless sleep and wakefulness in the fruition of the black path we call “death.”

This is the realization of which Hayyah Yeshua speaks in the first saying of the Gospel of St. Thomas when he promises those who understand the interpretation of his “secret sayings” that they will not experience death – they will not fall unconscious and pass into forgetfulness when they enter into union with the Clear Light Essence.

Here we may remember what the Gospel of St. Philip says regarding those who put on the “perfect light,” that they will not be bound by the archons or demons, for they will not be seen by them – they will be clear, transparent, invisible spirit, and so cannot be bound.

Of course, all of this must be more than an intellectual concept or vital belief – we must experience this directly, recognize and realize it, and embody it; intellectual concepts and vital sentiments or beliefs do not save or redeem us, only direct spiritual experience of the truth and light leads to salvation, enlightenment and liberation – hence, Divine Gnosis, the gnosis of the Risen Christ.

In various moments, long before the full experience of the inmost gradation of Light Transmission we have hints and glimpses of this non-dual realization; signs of it occur in our experience with certain tzaddikim in the Continuum, and in moments of Light Transmission we ourselves experience dissolution, though at the outset we fear and tend to resist it, and are often overwhelmed by it.

In truth, it takes significant skillful means of various “tricks” in the way of wild gnosis or crazy wisdom to help us relax into this deep mystical experience to recognize and realize our inmost essence and nature – it takes something of a circular and spiraling play in the dance of the Shekinah of Messiah to guide us into this experience, and often it takes jolts, moments we are taken by surprise, never seeing the moment of Light Transmission coming so as to avoid it or avert our gaze.

It is this element of surprise that is indicated by the word “wild” or “crazy.”

Here we may also say that the play of crazy wisdom with some adepts and masters isn’t for everyone – it requires a certain development and evolution of the soul, a certain maturation, and before a full play of crazy wisdom is engaged, most often there is a need for a work of preparation and self-purification.

Adonai Yeshua speaks to this in the third chapter of the Gospel of St. John when he addresses the judgment, saying that the light has come into the world and that the judgment is this: there are those who love the light and seek to enter into the light unafraid, unashamed, but there are those who love the darkness and who do not want to enter into the light, they fear the light and run from it, ashamed. Both those who love the light and seek it, and those who fear the light and shun it, are in each and every one of us – we have aspects desiring the light and truth, and aspects resisting the light and truth, and in our early experiences of Light Transmission this becomes perfectly clear, for while the experience we have yearned so deeply for begins to arise, at the outset we tend to fear, avert our gaze, and become overwhelmed, often even falling unconscious.

Something of this is related in the story of the transfiguration in the gospels – that story relates a very common experience in initial phases of Light Transmission in the play of crazy wisdom, one that many initiates in the lineage can bear witness of from their own experience.

It is really a curious thing, that what we desire so deeply we also fear so strongly – talk about an inner conflict!

In this we may know the fundamental cause of the dark nights of the soul and the ordeals of true initiation.

Here we may say that the first dark night is invoked by something of initial phases of the Light Transmission, and that in the second darkness we encounter cessation – the third deals with resistance to the Supernal Influx, for as it turns out our cessation was incomplete in the second dark night.

It has been written, “Many are called, but few are chosen,” and this is perfectly true – many approach true tzaddikim and streams of Light Transmission and are swiftly turned away or repelled, especially when the stream transmits supernal gradations of the Holy Light. It is relatively few who become joined by a full heart connection with the tzaddik and who enter the stream in full receiving a true baptism in the Holy Spirit, Holy Light – without such a connection, without being given to a tzaddik by the Holy Spirit, the play of crazy wisdom will not be helpful to us, but in fact it could become the judgment to us, becoming very harsh or severe in our experience.

We must remember the classical tale regarding for rabbis who ride the merkavah and enter into the Orchard or Pomegranates, understanding that they all underwent a significant spiritual education and labor of preparation. According to the story, one dies, departing the body never to return, another goes insane, and another cuts his plantings, loosing his faith and becoming a heretic, and only one becomes illuminated, enlightened, and returns as a true master among the Mekubalim, “those who are received.”

The mystical journey itself has its dangers – but then that’s true of all of life; it is a dance of great beauty and great danger!

Thus, becoming wiser or crazier is not just a question of the skill and realization of the tzaddik, but of the preparedness and qualification of the disciple or companion – if unprepared for the play of crazy wisdom and Light Transmission, who knows what might transpire?

Of course, this also alludes to the common guardianship of sacred circle and Light Transmission enacted by tzaddikim – playing something of the scapegoat, they often chase off many who approach, serving as a guardian of those souls who do not have a strong heart connection or who, as yet, might not be prepared or mature for the harvest of souls.

Fruits must be ripe to be rightly picked from the vine, and unripe fruit is better left to ripen under the sun – or, when fishing, gathering in big fish and letting little fish go until another time is wise. In Light Transmission lineages, this exactly is the play of the holy tzaddikim, all in crazy wisdom, and all as ordained by El Elyon, the Supreme.

Recently, I watched a newcomer to circle become very frustrated and judgmental of a lineage-holder who did not impart something of the Light Transmission swiftly in initial encounters, and then grow angry with the lineage-holder because of teachings given in assembly on sacred friendship and co-responsibility in the play of Light Transmission, assuming that the lineage-holder was judging him by giving these teaching in open assembly, unaware that the teachings given were very common in that part of the cycle on the Tree of Life, and had little, if anything, to do with him. Inadvertently, shades and shadows were exposed in the play of crazy wisdom – whether a liberating movement or not remains to be seen.

Here we may say that the love of the tzaddikim for those who come to them is always the same, but the capacity to receive that spiritual love and to be loving in return is different with each person who comes – desiring to be accepted and loved, desiring the Light of the Messiah, very often we fear light and love, and reject it.

Of course, this is all part and parcel of how we learn to enter into the Light of the Messiah, and how to receive and give love, and how learn to receive and give everything else that we seek – it is part of how we mature in the spiritual life and work out our salvation.

Perhaps this might serve to extend our contemplation of crazy wisdom or wild gnosis a little further…

Cleaving to the Light of the Messiah may we be taken up in Divine Rapture! Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Two Faces of One Revelation

#6 Postby IAOHANNES » Wed Jun 17, 2009 10:30 am

Greetings in the Light of the Messiah !
First i'd like to make a correction : The name of Leloup's book is " Judas and Jesus Two Faces of One Revelation " .
Its a very interesting book indeed . And , basically , what Leloup says is that we can see all characters in the Bible as archetypes present in all of us . Judas would be the "Typos" of evil , that aspect in ourselves that resists the Truth and encloses oneself in depression , guilty and ressentment .
At one level another level its like you and Gurdjieff say : Judas was chosen and choose , as a scapegoat , to play this role in the cosmic drama enacted by Jesus and his twelve disciples .
As Leloup implicitly says , one of them had to play the devil ...consciously !
Actually the two that were "agraciated" by Yeshua with the calling of Satan were St Peter and Judas ...
Only that St Peter repented ...
Gurdjieff used to say that the real "God's lamb who was sacrificed for us all " was Judas ...the scapegoat .
Leloup says that indeed without the "treason" of Judas , Yeshua could have been another Buddha or even a major Prophet , but not the Messiah, for the Messiah had to pass through the passion and crucifixion , and that is what differentiates Yeshua from other great enlightened teachers .
And Judas had a major role in helping to materialize that ...
Of course , this brings us to the role of evil and the dark forces , the demons as you said , in creation .
Some books about Kabbalah say that Hokmah has no "vices" or "sins" , but some say that the "vice" that corresponds to Hokamah is exactly "Evil" .
As Binah is the potential to the "fall" i guess that Hokmah is the potential to do " evil" , that are both actualized in Da'at .
In Kabbalah , as you and other Mekubalim have said many times Tau Malachi , there are the two inclinations of humankind , Ietser ha Tov and Ietser Ha Ra , the inclination to good and the inclination to evil , the inclination to receive in order to give and share and the inclination to receive only for oneself .
But what you have written brilliantly about these two movents in our Souls , the one that desires to be lifted and risen in the Light Transmission and the one that fears it and resists are , in my opinion , the actual roots of the two inclinations , Ietser ha Tov and Ietser ha Ra .
The two inclinations are already a consequence of these two basic movements in our Souls that come with the experience of Hokmah and Hayya .
So it seems to me .
Yet we have to acknowledge and be aware of the two movements in us along our paths , from the outset awakening to the last barrier in the third dark night .
Judas and Yeshua , two faces of the One Revelation ....
May we be prepared and worthy to fulfill our heart's inmost desire and abide in the Crazy Wisdom of the Risen Christ ! Amen .

Tau Malachi
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Innate Goodness of the Clear Light

#7 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Jun 17, 2009 1:21 pm

Greetings in the Light of the Messiah!

Indeed, what Leloup shares regarding the significant distinction between Christ and Buddha seems very insightful to me, for the self-offering of the Messiah and the Sanctuary of Grace formed by it is unique to Yeshua Messiah, distinguishing him from any other prophet or great master, including the Buddha.

In truth, the death and resurrection of Adonai Yeshua, and the formation of his body into a talisman for the remission of the sin or negative karma of the world is perhaps the greatest feat of wonderworking or magical action ever performed in this world, and certainly in this magical act he took his mission for the deliverance and healing of the people to its fullest possible extension, encompassing all (Kol).

Talk about a most radical play of crazy wisdom!

Here we can say, every great hero needs an equally great villain – apart from this there would not be much of a story, and the greater potential of the hero would not be actualized and realized. If we look into any of great heroes of our times, such as Dr. Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi for example, save for the great social oppression, injustice and evil they confronted, they would not be heroes at all. Apart from the great darkness in their times, who would they have been, who would know their names today? Indeed, they would have been nothing more than very ordinary men, relatively unremarkable, living in anonymity like the vast majority of us do, accomplishing little, if anything, in the way of progress for humanity.

Interestingly enough, as it turns out, both were inspired by Yeshua Messiah and the Gospel, for if we read the gospels, the foundation for non-violent protest or resistance, even in the face of death, is in them – it was the way of life among original Christians, many of whom suffered all manner of violent persecutions and gave their lives to proclaim the Gospel of Truth and live according to the Way.

We can go on and on about the darkness and evil in the world, and all of the unimaginable sorrow and suffering, but the reality is that it is an activating agent of God, serving to facilitate the actualization and realization of the Truth and Light – it has a necessary role to play in the fulfillment of the Divine Intention, the Divine Plan.

That’s not to say that any of us should be so ignorant as to run out and take up the role of incarnate evil – hopefully we have been there and done that, and we have learned our lesson and grown beyond such folly, so that the greater inclination to evil is a thing of the past. It is merely to say that there is nothing that exists apart from the Holy One, and it is to say that, ultimately, everything serves the Divine Will, even if unaware of it – evil is a secret operation of the Spirit of God, so secret, in fact, that evil does not know it serves the Divine, but truly believes it opposes and obstructs the Divine Will and Divine Kingdom.

Is there evil in Hokmah, or any shade or shadow at all? Is there evil in the Clear Light, or any shade or shadow at all? No, indeed, there is not and cannot be – but, Hokmah, the Clear Light, is the underlying nature and essence of all, the Primordial Foundation of Kol (all), and as such all that arises is an expression of Hokmah, the Clear Light, whether good, evil or admixed. We must remember, however, that Hokmah, the Clear Light Essence, is that essence and nature that is the “Virgin Mother,” “Primordial Wisdom,” never changing, never tainted or stained in any way, but always remaining in pristine purity, “virginity.”

It is like a mirror – you can put a human being in front of a mirror, or an angel or a demon, and all the while the mirror, in fact, will remain the same in its nature, never changing, and likewise, when you remove the image, regardless of whatever image it might be, there will be no trace, mark, taint or stain left behind, the mirror will be the same in essence and nature, completely unchanged.

The same is true of the Clear Light Nature, represented by Hokmah.

Here we may say, in the analogy of the mirror, the nature and power of the mirror itself corresponds with Hokmah, the play of images appearing in it correspond with Binah, and the manifestation of the mirror and all that transpires in it corresponds with Da’at.

If the potential for the fall has its root in Binah, then so also does the potential of evil – this is the play of Binah as the generation of images and the play of dualism, light and shadow, arises, which becomes actualized by Da’at, and is manifest by the seven Sefirot of Construction that flow out of Da’at.

Basically speaking, Hokmah, Abba, represents complete transcendence.

Of course, in discussing the Supernals we must bear in mind that they are intimately interconnected and are inseparable from one another – they are aspects of one Divine Presence and Power, the Holy One, but then, so also are all of the Divine Attributes or Holy Sefirot.

It is only through their relationships with one another that we can speak of them – hence via the “partzufim” or “relatedness.”

In terms of the role of darkness and evil – confronting darkness and evil we have a need to overcome it, and therefore, having the need to overcome it, struggling with evil and failing, we eventually learn how to succeed and be victorious. The ultimate success or victory, of course, is in the realization of the Clear Light Nature – the wisdom of emptiness, which Adonai Yeshua hints at when he says to us: “Resist not evil.”

On the surface, apart from the recognition and realization of the Clear Light Essence or the wisdom of emptiness this is a most curious saying, for as we all know to just let evil have its own way in the world would lead to swift and utter destruction, and is completely unacceptable. In the wisdom of emptiness, the realization of Ani-Ain, however, we understand something very profound – of the Holy Scriptures of the world wisdom traditions, it is likely best spoken in the Gita. Essentially, speaking to Arjuna, Krishna, or the Christ Self, says that as long as there is a doer there is bondage to karma, the law of cause and effect, but if there is no doer, there is freedom from karma, freedom from sin – so the Christ Self says to us, “Enact a dynamic surrender to me and let me be the doer, and you will have no more karma, no more sin!”

We find something akin to this is said by Master Yeshua in the Gospel of St. Matthew: “Come to me all you who are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble of heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (11:28-30).

Here, then, it may be said, “Not I, but Christ in me, resists evil and is victorious.”

This wisdom, though, goes even deeper, for in Clear Light Union all self-liberates in the very instant of arising, or if not self-liberating, all is transformed spontaneously without effort by silent volition – there is nothing to resist and no one to resist, just the radiant display of the wisdom nature in self-generation.

I mention the Gita and the teachings of Krishna to Arjuna, of course, because these take place on a field of battle at the outset of an engagement, and speak to the transformation of outward actions by way of an inward repose – Krishna insists that Arjuna must engage in the battle, but from an inward repose in Krishna (or Christ).

It is in this way that we rightly confront darkness or evil in this world, and through our confrontations with darkness and evil, the ignorance, we have the opportunity and conditions necessary for the realization of our true being, the Clear Light Essence or Bornless Spirit.

In this we may remind of what is taught in the Gospel of St. Thomas, that the “sign of the Living Father in us is movement and repose”; hence living within, in repose, while in action outwardly in the world.

In the Holy Scriptures we are taught to abide with Christ in union with the Father –in our Christian Kabbalah we understand this as the experience of Clear Light Union.

Another way that we speak of this self-realization in our Christian Kabbalah is as the Union of the Mother and the Daughter – the union of the Clear Light Nature in us with the Clear Light Nature in all, the Daughter and Mother, respectively. The role of the Bridegroom in this is as the activating power or generation of the presence of awareness through which we are able to recognize the Clear Light Nature and realize this innate Union of the Mother and Daughter.

As for what may be said of the transcendent essence of the Clear Light, or the experience of its realization, there is nothing that can be said really – we can only hint at it, we cannot speak it. It is primordial and supernal, and is supramental – no thought can comprehend it, no words can convey it.

So we call this transcendental essence, Ain, “No-Thingness.” Ironically, though, it is “Every-Thingness,” the very essence of Kol (All).

In closing we can remind that Kol is a cognomen of Da’at-Yesod, which can spark some very deep contemplations in relationship to the teachings of the Holy Tzaddik as the “Fifth Element,” Space.

Abiding in the Wisdom of Ain may we know the Great Vision of Melchizedek, the arising of the pure primordial elements as the Pleroma of Light. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Peace and Love

#8 Postby IAOHANNES » Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:02 am

Greetings in the Light of the Messiah !
I would like to come back to what you have said , Tau Malachi , about Tzaddiks being tricksters .
I guess that this is so because the ego is a trickster by definition !
Therefore the Tzaddiks must be more tricksters than the trickster !
They have to be more astutes than the devil himself !
Oscar Ichazo , the father of the modern "Enneagram of Personality " , used to say that "the devil doesn't know for whom he works " .
I guess that this summarizes very well this discussion about the role of evil in creation ...
I'd like to comeback also to the discussion of the social and cultural roots of sin .
Today people tend to look at the "sixties" with a certain embarassment , with scorn and a ironic grin in their mouths , as if saying " oh , yes .All those crazy hippies " .
Well , but i think that the sixities represented a major impulse in our collective evolution , a "kairos" , a time of collective opening to the "gods" , or to God .And it had one of its major epicenters , maybe the stronger one, in your beautiful California !
It was a kind of collective springtime ( "California Dreaming" ) , followed by a now long dark night .
You mentioned dr.Martin Luther King , who was one of the symbols of those times , along with Gandhi, Che Guevara, the Beatles , the Hippies and their psychodelic culture .
With time they seem to have been absorbed by the "matrix" and became just one more "trade mark" or chic "griff" , one more gadget in merchandizings , T-Shirts and all that capitalist consumerist crap .
But the fact is that most of today's "cultural creative" people were born at those times or were hippies themselves , even some very respectable spiritual teachers in action today .
It is a fact also that some of the hippies really "lost their minds" and got "crazy" , psychotics , and some even turned to the "Dark Side" and embarked on a guru ego trip .
But as you said , who says that the spiritual awakening is not without its dangers ?
But looking at the big picture i think that those "crazy" hippies have been and planted the seed for a better world yet to come .
I feel that this comming world would look much more like a hippie global community than with this globalized-capitalist- consumerist- suicidal culture we are living in .
I have to admit that for us who live outside USA the election of your new president was a sign of Hope .I sign that you still kept Hope for yourselves .
"Barak" in Arab is "Baraka" , spiritual blessing .
I Hope and wish that he lives up to his dream ...and that you help transforming the collective nightmare in a better dream , a lucid dream , maybe even a total awakening !
We here in Brazil have a good president too and God knows how he is being attacked by the dark forces who don't want changes in their power structures .
In the past , as is clear in the Old Testment like in the Book of Esther , the prophets would give advices to the kings and rulers , even at the risk of their own lives .
Spirituality was not separated from the world and political concerns .
This was part of the battle ....
To conclaim the rulers to be good rulers , to be just and righteous kings , like in the Arthurian myth as well .
The Book of Esther itself is a Book of Hope .The whole Jewish people being saved by the intervention of a woman, following her intuitions and God's signs .
May we have Hope in Christ , being certain that the Clear Light will triumph at the end of days ! Amen .
Peace and Love !!!

Tau Malachi
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Evolution of Light Transmission

#9 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:32 am

Greetings and blessings in the Light of the Messiah!

It is important that we understand that evolution proceeds in a wave-like motion of progress and regress – every progress moves further forward and each regress moves less backward, and so, always there is a forward progressive movement in spite of apparent regressions. Essentially, regressions are the working out of obstacles to the next progression, laying the foundation for the next cycle of development and progress.

In this process there are also forces of resistance, tension, stress and pressure, which are integral to the truth and strength of progress and evolution, and which tries and tests all new developments to ensure their strength – and so always, progress meets with resistance or challenge. This is reflected in the Beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount by Adonai Yeshua speaking a blessing on the persecuted twice, indicating the natural resistance to progress or any radical leap in evolution in the world.

It is also true that the Holy Spirit manifest as Nature slowly savors her developments and evolution – true progress does not come swiftly in this world, but happens over prolonged periods of time. This is true on all levels, material, physic and spiritual, and when there is an outward appearance of a radical and swift leap forward, on an inner level it has been labored for and transpiring for a long time in secret before its actual appearance or bursting forth.

In this regard we might consider the cycles of Light Transmission of Divine Revelation that occur in the Torah and Gospel, from the patriarchs and Matriarchs to the time of Moses and the prophets is a long period, and there is a significant regression in between, and then again the period between the prophets and the advent of the Messiah is an even greater duration of time, with even greater regressions. Now, some two thousand years after the advent of the Messiah we await the Second Coming, and looking into history of Christianity even greater regressions have occurred from the original Gospel so that the deeper message and wisdom of the Holy Gospel has been virtually lost altogether among most of the faithful and their religious leaders.

Nevertheless, however, in the middle to late nineteenth century a new advent of Messianic Consciousness dawned, seeded by developments in the eighteenth and seventeenth centuries – the Supernal Influx, and to many this gave new insights and perspectives on the Christian stream, as well as other wisdom traditions, and many new messengers appeared with many new interpretations of teachings, and of the spiritual life and practice, the foundation for a “New Age” spirituality was laid, along with an impulse for the eventual shattering of the klippot of old age religion. In this movement we see great and luminous individuals arise, and we see equally great shades and shadows and folly – quite a mixed bag of influences, some true, some false, and many sorely admixed.

The 1960’s were a product of this earlier influx coming to the surface, and no doubt we may say that during that time there were many individuals laboring to bring in a greater influx, and something of a series of influxes of spiritual power occurred, of light and darkness. Thus, the 60’s were the result of spiritual work behind the scenes in previous decades by various individuals and groups, but the surfacing of these influences and influxes required the matrix of a sufficient number of people in the larger human collective to help bring in and ground it – and more or less this was done, all according to the capacity of people to integrate and embody the influxes.

In these times, today, there is another labor in Spirit within and behind the scenes, a labor for fruits the greater effect and harvest of which may not happen in our life time, but rather sometime in the future, with a far greater forward push in the development and evolution of humankind than in the 1960’s, one that makes the 60’s look like sparks of a campfire compared to a blazing wind driven wild fire!

The open sharing of Sophian Gnostic teachings and the generation of the modern Sophian movement is a good example – the larger affect of our present work will be in the future, and along with other influences it will generate a very different face of Christianity in the future.

The outward forms or vehicles are not the real labor, however, but rather the real labor is on an energetic level, the continued embodiment and manifestation of Supernal Realization and Supernal Light Transmission, and the drawing in, holding and anchoring of Supernal Influxes until there is a matrix of reception prepared in the larger human collective. In other words, right now, various individuals and groups are laboring for another great influx, another great advent of the Supernal or Messianic Consciousness, this new gradation in the development and evolution of humanity towards the Highest of Life.

As we witness in the many abreactions and shadows of the 60’s, it must be said that as yet, most of humankind is very resistant to the Supernal Light or Force – it is akin to a spiritual nuclear fire, and to most in their present development, in effect, it is “radioactive” to them, or “too hot to handle.” There is much spiritual work to be done to prepare a larger segment of the human collective for the greater influx of the Supernal Consciousness and Force, and this labor requires various individuals and groups specifically focusing upon Supernal Realization.

This, in fact, is something more than previous non-dual realizations such as what we find in some of the more ancient enlightenment traditions – it encompasses them and has its root in them, but with the Supernal Realization there is a very distinct Light or Force that bears a very distinct Transforming Power; it has the power to transform every level of consciousness-force into itself, potentially even the power to transform the substance of matter itself – it is a Divine and Supernal Power that touched down for the first time some two thousand years ago that continues to labor for the Great Transformation, influxes of which are growing more and more frequent and intense, along with the influxes of shades and shadows that would appear to oppose it.

One of the great obstacles of the 60’s, and still to this day, is the focus upon cosmic consciousness as the peak realization, and today more and more, it is the growing confusion of experiences of cosmic consciousness for “Supernal Consciousness,” and the tendency of many to adopt the term “supernal” for their experience prematurely, confusing the meaning of terms in the teachings of schools that labor for the Supernal Realization.

Here we may give an example of this confusion. As I’ve shared, the Supernal Force is a Transforming Power, and with the Supernal Influx we experience some radical transformation in our consciousness, our person and life, and in our abilities – we are not the same person exactly, but rather our person and life is taken up by this Light-presence and Light-power, and is transformed into a vehicle of this Light Continuum, and all of a sudden there are new capacities we did not have before. In the experience of cosmic consciousness, however, though illumined, though acquiring significant knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and even many magic and psychic powers, we remain basically the same and do not experience the same radical transformation in consciousness, and in our person and life.

In other words, there are aspects of Supernal Realization that are very unique, very distinct, in relationship with other gradations of self-realization we may experience.

These unique and distinct aspects have much to do with the unique and distinct revelation and movement that transpires through the advent of the Messiah, different than that of other great prophets, or even the Buddha, as we discussed previously.

What is very interesting, though, is that although there is a powerful and profound resistance to the Supernal Force, and although very often a confusion of various gradations of higher consciousness with the Supernal, the Supernal Consciousness-Force is by no means far removed from us, or only accessible by a select few, nor is it so long a journey until something of the Supernal Influx happens in our experience. It is a process of self-realization through Divine Grace, the Holy Spirit that pours forth from the Risen Messiah, and the development of consciousness towards Supernal Being is not linear at all – it proceeds by leaps and bounds, all through Divine Grace. All we need do is become open and sensitive to it, and engage an active and dynamic surrender – when we surrender in full, the Mother’s Force, the Light from above, takes up this labor with, in and through us, giving birth to the Light-presence (Christ) and Light-power (Holy Spirit) in us.

The Transforming Power of the Supernal Force is so potent that as soon as we open to it, it begins is work in us, and its work is very swift, Thunderbolt Illumination.

When this Holy Light of the Messiah flashes forth our co-labor becomes integrating every aspect of ourselves and every activity of our lives with this Divine Presence and Power – a labor of reintegration, “repentance.”

Here we may say that the Holy Light that is above is everywhere here below in this realization – that Holy Light is the secret center of every particle of matter, every apparent substance containing it and being contained by it.

If we experience a strong affinity and attraction to a lineage that labors for Supernal Realization, and it turns out that we have a strong spiritual connection with a lineage that imparts the Supernal Light Transmission, typically speaking, already, at the very outset, something of the Supernal Force is working in us secretly – it is that Holy Light in us that forms our bond in the Mystical Body of Christ.

Founded upon a Union of Grace, ours is a path of integral self-realization in Christ – while we do cultivate and use formal sessions of spiritual practice each day, more than anything ours is a spiritual practice in all of the various activities we engage in throughout the day, living in Christ as is said in Christian tradition. The most mundane and ordinary activities become vehicles of practice and realization, and yet more, they become channels through which this Holy Light is brought in, held and grounded in the world, the Pleroma of Light being made manifest in our daily living.

Truly, this is a way of the most radical crazy wisdom in a play of spiritual humility in submission to Christ and a play of spiritual self-worth in self-identification and union with Christ – living according to the inmost truth of our soul or being in the Messiah and El Elyon, Supernal Being.

As for the quality of the trickster and the prankster in Light Transmission, those terms relate to skillful means bypassing egoistic resistances, defenses and obstructions – it is rather like the insertion of a special forces operative or intelligence officer in the enemy camp to accomplish a top secret mission undermining the enemy while appearing as the enemy. Basically, tzaddikim trick us into experiences of illumination, experiences of being touched by the Holy Spirit and Light, knowing that once touch we will never be the same – and they may do so in any number of ways.

As an example, consider Yeshua feeding thousands of people by way of a wonder, tricking them into being drawn to him and listening to him – even those that did not stick could not so easily dismiss him or forget him for the rest of their lives, and no doubt some among them later came into the fold, if not in that life, then in a future life.

Tzaddikim are constantly acting to form spiritual and karmic connections with souls, not only for this life, but future lives, and they might even utilize a negative energy exchange if necessary to sink the hook as they fish for souls – the fact is that they will use any method necessary for the harvest of souls.

Also we may say that when we first come around a tzaddik, a spiritual adept or master, we are usually not exactly open and honest, and we are filled with all kinds of ulterior motives, shades and shadows, and such – how shall they dance with this, but as the trickster and shape-shifter, reflecting our energy and tricking us into opening to the Holy Light and recognizing, acknowledging, the Spirit of Truth?

It is also true that a tzaddik is typically not as they outwardly seem to us at the outset – we see this over time as we experience them in various moments of power in the play of the Continuum of Light Transmission; they look to us like they are of this world, then some day we find out that they are not of this world, but of course, hopefully we discover we are not of this world either – how tricky is that?

I recall something my tzaddik said early on in my getting acquainted with him as he invited me into the sacred circle and lineage. He said to me, “If you enter into the stream and draw near, little one, your world will be turned upside down, and before the peace and joy of the Messiah dawns there will be great consternation. Knowing this, are you willing to enter and draw near?” Naturally, I had no clue what the Old Man was talking about, and it was something of a trick chumming me in, for there was something of a radiant display around him as he said this and his countenance was transformed – it was kind of one of those offers “you cannot refuse,” especially in the arrogance and folly of youth! As he was saying this he zapped me! Talk about tricky! Elijah was always that way, very sneaky and tricky, but delightfully so.

Without some really good tricks, how do we chum the ego along the path into its cessation?

In this regard I’m left contemplating the dialogue of Sophia-Wisdom in the “Perfect Thunder Mind.”

Blessed and empowered by the Thunderbolt Illumination, jolted into awakening, through the good grace of Hayyah Yeshua may we bring our realization in Christ to fruition and may we serve as true laborers in the fields for the harvest of souls. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Wisdom & Compassion

#10 Postby IAOHANNES » Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:29 am

Greetings in the Light of the Messiah !
Well , Tau Malachi , sorry for desappearing for a while .But before resuming our conversations i had to honor my old vows to Cherenzig and Guru Rinpoche ...
May the infinite compassion of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas bless and guide us all in our paths ! Amen , Soha .
So , coming back to our discussions , i'd like to say that i liked very much you mention to the Bagavad Gita and Arjuna and to the "special forces" metaphor that you used to refer to the Tzaddiks .
These images touch me very deep .
The Way of the Warrior and the Hero's Journey resonate deep in my heart .
Somewhere else in the forum you wrote about "active surrender" to the Supernal Light-Influx as being more akin to the attitude of a warrior in a battlefield than to a kind of "meditative" passiveness .
I guess that this is exactly what is symbolized in the relationship between Krishna and Arjuna .
Maybe you could write something more about it , Tau Malachi .It would be great .
In regard to the social changes in progress i'd like to think that it won't take that long , in terms of centuries !
Sometimes , when i see works like the one you are doing and other people are doing , not only in the "spiritual" field but also in ecology , alternative technologies and therapies, the "new" sciences , and even in politics , it brings me hope that this process won't take so long .
But when i look around , watch the news and read the newspapers it really looks like it will take a long time to transform all that ....
We already talked about the "apocaliptic" prophecies and even your dreams about the future of mankind .
Writing about this now what comes to my mind is the legend of how Cherenzig ( Avalokiteshvara ) got his many heads and arms .
He promised to the Buddha Amitabha that he would not rest until all the hell was empty .
So he promised that if he didn't save all those in hell that Amitabha could hit his skull with a rod . So when he thought he had saved everybody and came back to Amitabha's Pure Land to tell the "good news" he had a big surprise and the Buddha told him that the hell was already full again , crowded with many humans who had recently died .Only humans can crowd hell in only one day ...
So , BANG ! His head , like in those Zen stories , was hit by Amitabha .But out of his head came another head , and BANG !, and another, and BANG ! and so on until Amitabha got tired of hitting him and asked why that .
And he affirmed his vows and committment to remain in samsara until all beings were saved and in order to achieve that he developed all those heads , and arms and eyes , in order to reach all those who pray to him with faith .
Any similitude with Lord Yeshua , i believe , is no coincidence ...
He still shows up specially as teachers like you and other great teachers who compassionately try to help all those who suffer from the the root poison of ignorance of their True Nature .
Therefore , i'm starting to accept that it may take a little longer than i thought to transform the planet Eath into a Pure Land ...
But i'm optimistic about the the new Supernal Influx !
We have some ecological limitations now that didn't exist some 2000 or 1000 years ago .
So , maybe ,there is not much time left for a big change to happen ...

But that has nothing to do with moralism .Virtue is not moralism or puritanism .Moralism and puritanism are part of samsara .
As we've been discussing about Crazy Wisdom and Wild Gnosis to guide oneself by the morality of the "herd" is , at least , stupid .What doesn't mean of course , that one can do anything , "anything goes " .Just the opposite .
The root of Crazy Wisdom , or Wisdom simply , is Compassion .
Wisdom can not manifest without Compassion and Compassion can not be effective without Wisdom .
But that can be acted out in some "crazy" or "wrathful" ways , according to our common views ...
As long as we do our "part' and have faith in our Teachers ( Tzaddiks , Lamas , Gurus and so on ) and in the Masters of the Tradition there is no problem .Everything happens for the best ,since we transform ourselves ."For the pures ( not puritans ...) , everything is pure " .
And , last but not least , i felt i should mention the Hayyot Ha Kodesh at this point of our discussions , Tau Malachi .
Although they are asocciated with Keter properly , as you say in the book , the Hayyot and the Ofanim have a very close relationship , always coming together .
My question is how do you relate the Hayya with humans aspects ?
For me , Taurus , the bull , is obviously associated with the physical body and the instinctive nature , Nephesh .
The Lion with the emotional nature or Ruach .
The Eagle with the intelectual nature or Neshamah .
And the Human face , or the Angel according to some , with the Hayya properly , or the "fourth " that integrates and transcends the other three aspects .
I know that you associate the Eagle with Scorpio , therefore with the emotional-Ruach-Yetzirah , isn't it ?
I have seen this attribution elsewhere too , with the Human face assocated to the Neshamah and the Lion to Azilut and Hayya .
Is this the one you use , Tau Malachi ? and , if this is the case , why ?
Thank you once more . It's being an honor and a great blessing to have these conversations with you , Tau Malachi .I don't know what good actions i may have done in my past lives to deserve that but i want to say that it brings me great happiness and contentment and i hope and pray that our conversations are being as enlightening and helpful to others as they are being to me .
May the Wisdom and Compassion of all Tzaddiks , Maggidim , Buddhas and Bodhisattvas bestow their rains of blessings upon us all bringing our practices to full fruition through the wishfulfilling jewel of Compassion ! Amen .Svaha .

Tau Malachi
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Hayyot, Ofanim & Stuff

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Greetings and blessings in the Light of the Messiah!

Angels with four faces occur in three different orders, the Kerubim, Serafim and Hayyot – these are orders of angels that worship in the outer presence, inner presence and inmost presence of the Holy One according to the seers (navim) of the tradition.

In the Zohar there is also a very intriguing attribute of these orders of angels, along with the Ofanim, to the Olamot. Serafim correspond with Atzilut, Kerubim with Beriyah, Hayyot with Yetzirah and Ofanim with Asiyah. This gives an elemental attribute of fire, water, air and earth, respectively, or south, west, east and north on the sacred circle (as it occurs in the Northern Hemisphere).

In terms of the four faces, these are the elemental forces, the elements of consciousness, the human face is the air, east and the mind, the intellect, the lion is the fire, south, and the will, the driving power, the eagle is the water, the west and the emotions, the ox, the earth, the north and the body.

The various aspects of the soul may be given an elemental attribute by way of their correspondence with the Olamot, although I would not be inclined to a rigid attribution of the elements to the aspects of the soul. Yechidah corresponds with Adam Kadmon and the element of space, hayyah with Atzilut and the element of fire, neshamah with Beriyah and the element of water, and nefesh with Asiyah and the element of earth – with nefesh, of course, we are not speaking of the body, the flesh, but rather the vital soul or energy within and behind the body.

In manifestation, in function and in nature, these aspects of the soul have some correspondence with the elements as given, and yet it may also be said that all five of the element play out on all five levels of the soul, understanding them as elements of consciousness and the aspects of the soul as different dimensions of the manifestation of consciousness.

Now ruach is not the emotions, but is the intellect and mental being, and nefesh is not the body, but is the vital and emotional being within and behind it, and neshamah is our divine and supernal nature, hayyah being the force of that nature and yechidah its unique essence or spark – if we apply the elemental correspondences too rigidly we may lose the greater subtlety of the aspects of the soul.

If we look at the elemental attributes of the Olamot, the pattern that is given is based upon the image of the Shekinah of Yahweh as a great thunderstorm in the desert – Atzilut the fire, the lightening and thunder above, which strikes out below, Beriyah the clouds and their waters above, which pour down, Yetzirah the air and winds beneath, and Asiyah, the earth, the land and bodies affected, and the accumulation of waters below. Adam Kadmon is the image and likeness of the glory of Yahweh Elohim who rides upon the storm, and upon the “wings of the winds,” and we may understand four winds from the four corners of the earth within the storm itself corresponding with the directions and elements, as given in Isaiah chapter eleven during a prophecy of the advent of the Messiah.

If the human one is the image and likeness of Yahweh Elohim, and the Shekinah of Yahweh Elohim is depicted as the image of a thunderstorm, then the soul can be contemplated by way of the same image.

Yechidah is that hidden presence and power within and behind the great storm, riding on the storm, as it were, and hayyah is that fiery power and intelligence flashing forth, and the force of the sound-vibration, the thunder generated, and neshamah is the clouds and their waters, ruach the air and winds moving beneath, and nefesh is the land and accumulation of waters. In this we have an image of the presence and power of the soul incarnate, the end of the incarnation being the passing away of the storm.

Set into a great desert this image is very interesting, for in the desert waters magically evaporate and run off very swiftly as soon as the storm passes or dissipates – and so it is with the light and life in the body when the soul passes out of it.

This is the image for the contemplation of the correspondence of elements to the aspects of the soul as given in the Kabbalah by way of the Olamot.

If we were to contemplate them by way of the Sefirot, however, it would correspond to the attribute of the Directions to the Holy Sefirot as given in the Sefer Yetzirah, the Book of Formation.

As for the interaction and interrelationship of hayyot and ofanim, this can be spoken of and contemplated in a numbers of ways, all depending upon the gradation of the angels and their manifestation we are speaking about – for we must remember, these orders are vast, with many and diverse classes, kinds and manifestations, so it is no simple thing to speak of them. Likewise, we are talking about spiritual beings-forces, which are non-human and non-linear entities, some of extremely long durations of existence, some not so long, and others very fleeting in their existence, some very vast in presence and power, while others having gradations of less presence and power.

In general, however, hayyot move the ofanim, moving with, in and through them, and the ofanim manifest the presence and power of the hayyot. In this regard we must remember that the various orders of angles are all interconnected and interdependent, they interrelate and interact in their operations, acting together to accomplish the will and desire of El Elyon – they are manifestation of the Shekinah and Spirit of Yahweh.

If we are speaking about the hayyot who hold the potential of all life and all forms of life, then we are speaking about the ofanim that are the spiritual forces within and behind the realms and worlds that arise in creation, in the fields of sentient existence – the potential for life, and its actualization, and the generation of realms and worlds of sentient existence, are completely inseparable from one another, completely interconnected and interdependent.

Aside from the attribute of the four holy orders of angels mentioned above from the Zohar, based upon the image of the thunderstorm, in the Christian Kabbalah there is another correspondence given: Hayyot, Atzilut; Serafim, Beriyah; Kerubim, Yetzirah; and Ofanim, Asiyah – this places the serafim, kerubim and ofanim as vehicles or channels of the spiritual force represented by the hayyot, and it alludes to the role of the serafim and kerubim in the interaction of the hayyot and ofanim.

In this interaction between these four orders, hayyot hold all potential life or power, serafim actualize that power, kerubim are the power in a constant continuum of transition, flux or change, and the ofanim are the realization or manifestation of the power – the hayyot, serafim and kerubim having four faces indicates the play of elemental forces in these different dimensions of the action or emanation of power, and the ofanim are the actual manifestation or experience flowing forth into existence; hence the connection of the ofanim with worlds or celestial spheres.

Of course, ofanim as celestial spheres and their orbits is only one aspect of the ofanim, corresponding with certain kinds of ofanim, there are many others – for example, the order of aeons is within the order of the ofanim, so that the ofanim are also durations of time and existence. Aeons, of course, relate with much more than just time, however, for example, they also are ideas or thoughts, the energy-intelligences of ideologies and philosophies that come into dominion during certain periods of time in various world-systems, and they are also entities of the space that is occupied by the world-systems and that is measured by time. Thus, the interplay of hayyot, serafim, kerubim and ofanim, as well as the many other orders of angels, could be spoken about and contemplated in these various modes and operations, these various contexts of the manifestation of the Divine Presence and Power in the Matrix of Creation.

As we unfold more and more what the hayyot and ofanim are, we see that more than the serafim and kerubim are involved in the manifestations of the ofanim, for there are also thrones and dominions, principalities, elim (or elohim), beni elohim, malakim and ashim, involved, as well as the watchers and so many others, each attending to their aspect of the manifestation of the Divine Presence and Power in the Great Matrix.

Naturally, what we are talking about in terms of the orders of angels is the presence and power of the Holy Sefirot or Divine Attributes at the level of Yetzirah within and behind the level of Asiyah, and as we know, in any manifestation of the Divine Presence and Power of which we might speak, the shefa and ruhaniyot of all of the Holy Sefirot is involved, though in various combinations or configurations.

Statements about the interrelationships and interactions of hayyot and ofanim reflect the mystery of how potential and actual are, in truth, interdependent and inseparable from one another, especially as viewed from various perspectives within the dimensions of time-eternity and the eternal realm of timeless-eternity.

The Holy Sefirot, of course, exist in timeless-eternity, the greater archangels stand on the threshold of timeless-eternity and time-eternity, and the lesser archangels and orders of angels span through various dimensions of time-eternity all the way to space-time as we ordinarily experience it.

Here we may remind that our soul – its various aspects, spans from timeless-eternity through all of the dimensions of time-eternity as well, and we may say that in our soul we are intimately connected to the archangels and angels, just as we are intimately connected with El Elyon.

Now in terms of the ofanim and hayyah, our life-force or light-power, this relates to the circumstances and the durations of our incarnations, which worlds and times we incarnate in, the energy-intelligences we carry, and the length of life and such; hence the play of fates and destinies, and actualization and realization.

In this regard, for insight, we may contemplate the stars of our birth, for mazlot, the zodiac, corresponds with Hokmah at the level of Asiyah, flowing out of the ofanim, Hokmah at the level of Yetzirah – the “stars of our birth” being talismanic of the karmic continuum of our soul.

Of course, hayyah transcends the karmic continuum of our soul, as does the holy neshamah, but it is the power of hayyah within neshamah that generates the ruachot of our incarnations, just as yechidah generates our nefeshim according to the Zohar.

Here we may say, the root of our spirit or intelligence, ruach, is in hayyah, and the root of our vital energy is in yechidah – in speaking of eternal life, the salvation of the soul, we are speaking of direct access and realization of hayyah and yechidah in the holy neshamah; the direct access and expression of hayyah and yechidah as ruach and nefesh we witness in the Perfect Tzaddik or Perfect Master, Yeshua Messiah, and the full power and glory of that self-realization we witness in Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah, the ruach and nefesh no longer subject to sin and death but made to exists forever and ever, without end.

When our earthly zelem-image is the expression of our heavenly or supernal zelem, we are taken up in divine rapture as the Holy Child of the Woman of Light, having repose in Hayyah Abba, the Living Father.

All of the holy angels of God, the True Light, labor with us to this end, though it must be said that we ought not confuse the angels of the demiurge and archons, nor the angels of their great shadows, with the holy maggidim of the Pleroma of Light – we must remember that the orders of angels reach into the archonic and demonic realms, so there must be discerning wisdom to discriminate between spiritual beings-forces or angelic powers, for not all angels come from God, the True Light.

Indeed, there is a perfect example of this is we withdraw from political correctness, for we have to wonder at an archangel that teaches a complete regression of bondage to the law and to ways that correspond to the old covenant, and that proclaim a prophet has come greater than the Messiah. Perhaps we are speaking of an archangel that has come from God, the True Light, in the compassion and mercy of God reaching out to souls at a gradation that they might receive something of the Light Transmission, but ironically, the revelation is not a progression upon the Holy Gospel and covenant of grace, but is a digression or regression, and the influence of the demiurge and archons seems very strong within it.

Of course, in the generation of much of the dogmatic doctrines of orthodoxy in the Christian stream one must also wonder about the angelic messengers inspiring it, for it, too, is a return to bondage under the yoke of the law, a regression of the new covenant and Sanctuary of Grace – clearly, the influence of the demiurge and archons dominates this world, even among faithful and spiritual peoples.

Now, having said something about ofanim, we might say something about Ratziel – Ratziel is noted as have great knowledge of magic’s of space-time, and the interplay of the eternal realm and space-time, and likewise Ratziel is know to hold the understanding and wisdom of the transcendence of the law or karma, and is said to be the archangel of the wisdom of emptiness.

As such, if we wish to gain insight into how we might await the Second Coming, Great Aeon of Light or Sun of Flowering, and labor for it, and yet, at the same time, live in that Golden Age of Promise, contact and communion with Archangel Ratziel can prove very helpful – Ratziel knows this mystery.

Here we may also cite another namesake for the Order of St. Lazarus and the labor for the Blessed Dead – the Order of St. Ratziel.

As might be imagined, our teachings on archangels and angels given to the novice are very basic and simple, just a hint of the greater knowledge and understanding of the maggidim in the tradition – before we go in depth into the subject of the holy maggidim we await the unfolding of deeper spiritual and mystical experiences in the Continuum of Light Transmission, for as it is said, “The rider of the holy merkavah speaks to those who know already, and that only in private,” as in the bridal chamber.

Indeed, it is very important that an initiate has direct experience of the spiritual beings-forces we would speak about before we share too much, for apart from that what we might share would more likely lead to misconceptions that to true knowledge, understanding and wisdom, or illumination.

In closing we might also speak another mystery of ofanim and hayyot – one manifestation of the ofanim and hayyot, and one worthy of contemplation through experience, is that of the generation of a sacred circle in the great outdoors as a living ofan, and the four winds as the power of the four faces of the hayyot, serafim and kerubim. This is a powerful way to gain insight.

Those four faces, basically speaking, are the “totem powers” of the Judeo-Christian sacred circle – above and below, and in the midst.

O Living Father, having joined to us the Perfect Light and Holy Spirit, join to us the images of Your holy maggidim too, that we might stand in the full beauty and holiness of the Mystical Body of Hayyah Yeshua, bearing Your Holy Light and Truth into all realms, worlds and universes of the Entirety. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Shalom +Malachi!

Zer Anpin, Little Face, has much to do with the World Of Angels, Yetzirah. There is a feeling that this partzuf is a tie that binds the World of the Holy Sefirot to the physical world of Asiyah. Zer Anpin as the Son, Spiritual Sun, of the Living Father, where Father and Son are completely interrelated.

Then, it could be Zer Anpin as a main key to the metadimensionality of the Holy in Ezekiel's Vision, the Hayyot Ha-Kodesh (Holy Living Creatures) activate the Ofanim (wheels) at the apparent level of Yetzirah. Although, the Revelation of the Holy Merkavah is not only bound to the World of Angels, hence, perhaps, the emphasis on this in a discussion of Hokmah, Father/Wisdom!?

"The Bornless Spirit, when abiding with Christ in union with the Father.....the experience of Clear Light Union."

"The descending force of Pentecost changing the disciples into apostles."

"Movement in Repose."

The Holy Tzaddik is known to be of Yesod but it has also been said that the fruition or fullness of the Holy Tzaddik is in Tiferet, the Spiritual Sun, the very Heart of Zer Anpin! Also, a reminder above of the Holy Tzaddik as the Fifth Element, Spirit-Space! The power of Yahweh(Light Continuum) in the Silence, Emptiness, Stillness, Clarity,....! Ah Ha! Maybe this is something of the joining maggidim to tzaddikim in conjunction with the upcoming Feast celebration? Yahweh Delivers!...........As like the Glory Body of the Holy Tzaddik being Maggid. Zer Anpin as the Holy Child of the Virgin Mother moving us into repose in the Living Father! Hallelu Yah!

May the Living Father/Son have us in moving repose on the Face of this Good Earth! amen.

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Angelic Mysteries

#13 Postby IAOHANNES » Wed Jun 24, 2009 5:15 am

Greetings in the Light of the Messiah !
Very interesting all this , Tau Malachi .Only a hint into what the work with the Angelic Orders truly is but, yet, awe inspiring !
When i wrote about those associations of the Intelect with Neshamah-Beriyah ; Emotion with Ruach-Yetzirah ; and Nephesh with Instinct-Assiyah i was thinking , basically , in the way a Rabbi called Chaim David Zukerwar , who comes from the lineage of the Ari Isaac Luria through the Rabbi Mordechai Schainberger , writes in a book he wrote in Portuguese " The 3 Dimensions of the Kabbalah Essence , Infinite and Soul " .
He makes exactly these associations , that are the ones miss Leonora Leet uses too .
Coming from the Fourth Way tradition this makes sense to me .
But i have also seem these attributions you do in other authors and lineages , including some "occult" lineages like the one of the Order Aurum Solis .The correspondences i wrote about the Hayyot and the three centres ( Eagle-Intelect ; Lion-Emotion;Bull-Instinct ; Human-Hayya) i actually saw in some French and Russian Rosecrucians/Martinists and also some Fourth Way teachers .
Ruach associated with the Intelect and mental being .... Very interesting and intriguing these differences ...we have already discussed this , how there are different approaches to the Tree of Life and the Kabbalah , all equally valid in their own perspectives .
These reminds me the use of the "5 Dhyani Buddha's Families" system used in Vajrayana .As you certainly know there are also some variations , specially regarding the central Deity of the Mandala , sometimes being Vairochana , sometimes Akshobya , and some differences in the correlations of the Families with the Six Realms of Samsara .
These differences , i guess , exist to remind us that the Reality is much more dynamic than our poor egoic minds can imagine !
I have a good friend ( we have ...) that always say to me that "Being able to hold opposing truths simultaneously is said to be one of the hallmarks of the adept " and also " A thousand monks, a thousand ways to God."
I believe she is right .
That is connected to another doubt i always had about the Orders of Angels .
As you know , there is that classic correspondence of the Divine Hierarchy with 9 Orders :Serafim , Kerubim , Thrones , Dominions , Potestates ( i'm not sure if that is how its written in English ) , Virtues , Principalities , Archangels and Angels .
I find this most intriguing since Archangels are generally associated with Beriyah , as you wrote , and Angels with Yetzirah .
What is the origin of this 9 Orders 'hierarchy ? I know that traditionally it is attributed to the "Pseudo-Dionisos" but i guess it probably has an older origin , maybe in Egypt , i don't know .
As you wrote about , there are these differences of attributions of Hayyot to Azilut or Yetzirah , Serafim with Azilut or Beriyah and so on .Why is it so ? If i understood well , thats also Sister Leslie's question .
If Angels are related to Yetzirah why they can be associated with Azilut and Beriyah , for example , or even the Supernals and the Primordial as we already have discussed in regard to the Irinim ?
Is it like what you say about some gods and goddesses ( Elohim ...?) who can be Enlightened and keep evolving too , like Isis or Tara ?
So some "Angels" ( meaning all those Orders and classes of beings ) can be evolving too and therefore in different grades of realization and closeness to El Elyon ?
And , also , sometimes some incarnated beings , like some great Tzaddikim , are also called Maggidim as you wrote somewhere else here in the Forum !
Great Mysteries indeed !!!
Please , help us understand better in order to gain some insight and discernment about this most relevant issue , Tau Malachi .
As you wrote about in another section regarding the Feast of the Apostolic Succession , this subject seems to be on the air ...
May we adore and chant thy Glory and Power with all the Holy Maggidim our Lord , El Elyon ! Amen .

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Light Continuum

#14 Postby IAOHANNES » Fri Jun 26, 2009 4:45 am

Greetings in the Light of the Messiah !
Well, Tau Malachi , i felt that there were two more things i'd like to add at Hokmah .
The first one is related to a message that miss Victoria LePage received from her inner planes contacts last year , very much by the time we first "met" here in the forum , when i asked you about the "Western Kalachakra" , remember ?
It was about that "888" , 8/08/08 , "energy" .
Thats what she sent to the forum( Insight forum) " Thanks for the message from Archangel Michael via ****.
I would have to agree with Regardie - it's not the sort of thing I have much use for - but strangely enough, and I mean strangely, on the date in question I did have a receiving that corresponds to the text below. I have no idea whether this idea of dates corresponding to spiritual events has any validity. But I did indeed receive the following on the 8th August:
A new divine energy is entering the earth field now, one that has not been present until now. This is the Inner Glory, the Rainbow Energy that is the root of all the different spiritual energy rays we have known up to date.
The Inner Glory unites all the different spiritual schools and in a certain sense makes all of them obsolete. "
It obviously has everything with what we disucsed recently about the new comming Supernal influx and with the Light Body that you write so much about .
And , also , it touches that subject about the Order of Melchizedek teachings and how they relate to the specific traditions , as i see it .
Recently i read a thread here in the forum where you discussed the appropriatenes of being called a "Gnostic" in our days and you spoke very much in the same terms , that to be a real Gnostic doesn't mean even to be called a "Mystical Christian" , that it is something that transcends all labels and specific traditions .
Yet , being humans and beings incarnated here , we do have our "preferences" , so to speak .At least some karmic connections that are stronger and that , by definition , narrow our options .
But i truly believe we're living in times of synthesis and sincretism and that new "traditions" , or new developments of old traditions , like in the Sophian Gnosticism as you teach , are being weaved right now .
It is beautiful and living indeed !
How Life , Love and Light always find new ways , more suited to the current level of evolution and to cultural and personal particularities .
Thats really beautiful and great !
The second thing i want to say is that , about the linear sefirot and the circular sefirot , i had these ideas that the linear are more masculine, transcendent and correspond to the "particle" aspect of the quantum reality while the circular sefirot are more feminine, immanent and correspond to the "wave" aspect of the quantum reality .
And that is related somehow to the glyphs of the Tree of Life and the Enneagram ...
All perfect and complete in themselves , yet complementary .
Both have the transcendent and the immanent apsects of Truth , although with different enphasis and depicted in different ways .
I guess thats good "food for thought" to all my friends here in the Forum !
May we all ascend in the Light of Yahweh and embody the Light -Presence and the Light Power of the Messiah ! Amen .

Tau Malachi
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Times & Seasons

#15 Postby Tau Malachi » Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:54 am

Greetings and blessings in the Light of the Messiah!

No, indeed, I do not believe times matter, at least not in regard to influxes of the Supernal; yet, there are windows of power and cycles of power, auspicious flows of energy-intelligence through movements and configurations of celestial spheres in the karmic matrix. I don’t know that I’d be inclined to calculate such things by way of applying numerology to arbitrary dates of a manmade calendar, but if considered based upon the movement of celestial spheres and the influence of their energy-intelligences, indeed, there is a play of auspicious and inauspicious times, at least under the dominion of the sphere of fate and the law.

It must be said, however, that in Christ and in Supernal Consciousness, the law may be suspended, and the play of auspicious and inauspicious times transcended – in the sanctuary of grace we are not bound by the law, or by times and seasons as before, save to the extent that we remain the doer and our surrender to the Shekinah of the Supreme remains incomplete.

Just a thought I wished to share…

May we abide in the Sanctuary of Grace. Amen.

Shabbat Shalom!
Tau Malachi

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#16 Postby IAOHANNES » Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:04 am

Greetings in the Light of the Messiah !
Yes, thats exactly what i wanted to discuss ...
I 've seen many mentions you do , Tau Malachi , to "Timeless-Eternity" and "Time-Eternity" , if i'm not wrong .
What is this , exactly ?
In my opinion and in my own life experience i can see that there are "times" when the spiritual influxes are stronger and that these "times"really coincide with significant dates and periods of my life .
If we see time only as the dominion of the demiurge wouldn't we be creating a very subtle duality between time and eternity , between samsara and nirvana ?
You see ?
In Iranian Sufism , as so beautifuly and deeply described by Henri Corbin and others , there is a whole discussion about this intersection of time and eternity , about the moments when history and "meta-history" meet .
Also this is the base of Jewish calendar feasts and of Christianism , for history itself was divided between "BC" and "AC" , or in today's more plitically correct terms "BCA" , "ACA" .And thats also true in Tibetan Buddhism , specially in the Kalachakra ( "Wheel of Time" ) system .
This is a discussion about the "sacralization" of time , of making time become something meaningfull and not only the time of the clock , that as George Woodcock has shown so brilliantly was born , ironically , in the medieval monasteries that developed the first clocks as we know .
It is a mechanical time , devoid of life and meaning .
Today there are those who propose a change in the "Gregorian calendar" , even based on the now "panacea" , the Mayan calendar that is said to be more in tune with cosmic and natural rythms and vibrations ( it is a calendar with 13 months , based on the moon .)
Gurdjieff used to say that time is the only real "subjective phenomenon" in the cosmos .
Thats something interesting to ponder ...
I do believe that there are times when the cosmic influences and influxes are more propicious to the influx of higher spiritual energies and blessings .
Is just see the history of religions and how this happened .
You , yourself, Tau Malachi said that a new influx of Supernal realization started in the 19th century .
I also believe that this is particularly true in the "wonderworking" arts and practices , as in the Order of St Uriel teachings and in most shamanic practices .
Thats what i call a real good food for thought !
May we find meaning in our lifetimes and beyond ! Amen .

Tau Malachi
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Time & No Time

#17 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:50 am

Greetings and blessings in the Light of the Messiah!

It is interesting, for if we look into the play of the Supernal Influx, influxes of that Holy Light begins to occur before the nineteenth century, although the actual Supernal Realization does not appear to be embodied until that time, at least not at the gradation indicative of the new advent. As an example, if we look into the mystical dimensions of the revelation of Guadalupe and the prophecies of the Sun of Flowering, and we consider her very deep connection to the Woman of Light, her appearance seems to herald what is to come, and it is around the time of her appearance that certain foundations are being laid for the advent of the greater Supernal Influx.

Now, in terms of timeless-eternity and time-eternity, the key is the word “eternity,” indicating that timelessness and time flows out of the Infinite and Eternal, and that in the experience of Supernal Consciousness there is both the experience of the timeless and time – as with any other apparent opposites, in the non-dual realization these occur simultaneously without any contradiction.

Time-eternity rays out from Atzilut, and spans Beriyah, Yetzirah and Asiyah, and in the various dimensions of the Great Matrix space-time is experienced in different ways, our shall I say that durations of time are experienced differently in the various dimension of consciousness. There is a saying in the Holy Scriptures, one thousand years is as a day to Ha-Shem, and the suggestion is that space is more expansive and vast, and that time has a greater duration when a soul draws nearer to Atzilut and the Holy One. In other words, our experience of space-time or the reality of our experience is entirely dependent upon our state of consciousness – the dimension of our conscious experience.

Just as physicists have determined that space and time are inseparable from one another, so many mystics know and understand that consciousness is inseparable from space-time; there is, in fact, space-time-consciousness, and ultimately they are inseparable from one another, completely interdependent and interconnected.

Some day, perhaps, science will catch up with these mystics and their metaphysical knowledge!

Our being-consciousness or our soul is meta-dimensional, whether or not we are aware of it – as we awaken, more and more we become aware of the meta-dimensional nature of our being, and begin to glimpse the reality of our existence on various levels simultaneously. This is part and parcel of the development of consciousness beyond the body and the influx of consciousness into the body, and it is an integral part of our experience of the Supernal Breakthrough – we become aware of our existence in the eternal realm, the Supernal Abode, and we become aware of our existence in various dimensions of space-time, spiritual, causal, higher vital, mental, astral and physical. In fact, in the experience of the Supernal Breakthrough and the full Supernal Influx, there is an experience of the Holy Light above everywhere below, on every level of consciousness, throughout all dimensions of space-time-consciousness. As you might imagine, this leads to a very amazing perception of our being or soul, and the interplay of timeless-eternity and time-eternity, or no time and time. Indeed, for there is this Eternal Being-Consciousness-Force within and behind the play of apparent space-time-consciousness, assuming all of the different forms and modes of operation that compose the Great Matrix, and in this we recognize the innate unity of the Pleroma and Entirety.

In this experience, on one hand, we can speak of point in space-time, dates and places, of Supernal influxes – hence the play of time; on the other hand, we can also speak of a complete suspension or transcendence of space-time – hence the play of timelessness, eternal life.

In Gnostic Christian Scriptures this is what it means to stand among the “living ones,” the “immortals” of the Pleroma of Light, the true kingdom of heaven designated by the “Eighth Heaven.”

Until this awakening of the soul, and the full recognition and realization of the Clear Light Nature, the play of space-time-consciousness remains under the dominion of the demiurge, and the sphere of fate and law (karma), more or less; even with this self-realization in the Messiah, emanating into space-time, the Entirety, generally speaking, there is a taking on of karma in order for the holy ones to appear in the realms, worlds and universes of sentient existence or the Entirety.

There is a hint of this in the advent of the Messiah and the sanctuary of grace formed in him, for entering into the world, passing from the Eighth Heaven, the Supernal Abode, through the seven heavens and various domains of the archons, he takes upon himself the karma of the world and Entirety.

Perhaps, however, there is an even more stunning example in the person of Yohanan the Baptist, the reincarnation of the prophet Elijah. As we know, Elijah is taken up in the Great Ascension, divine rapture, without experiencing death, just as Enoch is taken up. Then, when the soul of Elijah incarnates again to serve as the holy tzaddik and navi of the Messiah, he takes up the play of the karmic matrix or continuum in so doing. Having beheaded some four hundred fifty priests of Baal after a contest of wonderworking power with them, entering the world once again he takes up the play of this karma, he ending his incarnation as Yohanan by being beheaded.

Now here we must say that there is a vast difference between entering into a dream asleep and unaware that we are dreaming, and entering into a dream completely awake and lucid – so this taking up the play of karma, the sphere of fate and the law, is very different in the case of the holy ones, the enlightened ones, versus unenlightened sentient beings.

It is very different, indeed! Yet, the holy ones are entering into a karmic matrix of collective generation, and in certain respects it is different than the dreamtime – they are engaging in a play of consciousness-force in a collective matrix of karma and spiritual forces, and as such they take up something of the play of the demiurge and archons, all for the salvation of souls, all for the enlightenment and liberation of beings.

Thus, save for the rare cases of an “apparitional” or spontaneous appearance in a Body of Pure Emanation, appearing and disappearing without birth, when a holy or enlightened one enters into incarnation to live and move among us, they must labor to unfold their self-realization all over again, just as for the first time, every time; hence the delusion of those who think that they are such lofty souls that they do not need the help of a teacher and guide, or initiation.

In the realms, world and universes of the Entirety, no matter how lofty a soul, the play of coming into being is just the same for one and all alike, and to some degree, more or less, all will rely upon a teacher and guide, and the play of initiation.

In this, perhaps, you may know and understand what I’ve been talking about in terms of a radical transformation in consciousness and the person of the incarnation in actual Supernal Realization – to access the timeless or eternal dimensions of our soul, neshamah, hayyah and yechidah, those aspects that are in the Holy One of Being, is to access the knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and the power, of the soul as it occurs throughout the three times and in the eternal realm.

When I speak of a full and complete surrender, I’m speaking of the realization of no one to surrender and no-thing to surrender to; hence, the realization of the Clear Light Nature of our being and of all – perhaps a better term for this is full and complete reintegration or remembrance.

Of course, once taking up the play of the karmic matrix and incarnation, that full reintegration occurs only at the moment of death, the fruition of life, assuming the capacity of the transference of consciousness and Clear Light Union is actualized in this lifetime.

In the experience of the Supernal Influx, as we have said, the Supernal Light is everywhere above and below, and in the midst, and in the material dimension it pervades all and is the secret center of every particle of matter. In this Holy Light, as it is in itself, there is no time, and pervading the whole of space-time, all space-time is “here and now” in this Holy Light-presence and Light-power; and yet, the various dimensions of space-time flow out from it, or shall I say it flows out as all of this, all being created, formed and made of this Holy and Supernal Light, the very essence and nature of which is the Clear Light.

As you might imagine, in the experience of the Supernal Influx itself the experience of time and the play of karma – cause and effect, can be suspended; but so also the Supernal Force can take up the play of time and the karmic matrix. It is all a matter of what is to be done in skillful means for the enlightenment and liberation of souls.

Of course, when the Supernal Light-presence and Light-power enters and takes up this play, this play is transformed – consciousness on all levels is transformed, potentially even the substance of matter composing our bodies, as we see with the Risen Messiah, and as we see with Great Masters in Rainbow Body Attainment.

In this you may understand why when there is a mention of an experience of “Supernal Consciousness” very often I wonder if another state of higher mental consciousness is being taken for the Supernal, and wonder if the vocabulary used in our lineage is being inadvertently confounded and confused, for with an actual experience and recognition of the Supernal, and in the experience of the full influx of the Supernal Consciousness-Force, the gnosis of such mysteries naturally and spontaneously dawns, a true “inner knowing” – very intimate knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the metaphysics of the Pleroma and Entirety, or timeless-eternity and time-eternity.

We gain some hint of this “inner knowing” or play of Gnostic Being in Supernal or Messianic Consciousness by something that is said of Master Yeshua – frequently it is said that he speaks as “one having authority, not like the Pharisees.” In other words, instead of quoting the written and oral law, and the various rabbis or teachers of the law, he speaks from an intimate knowledge, understanding and wisdom, as though what he speaks is known within himself, inseparable from himself – as though the Divine, and therefore all creation, is inwardly known and embodied in him.

Here we may say that if the reality of our experience on all levels is a radiant display of mind, consciousness or soul, then it is all a “real subjective experience,” though a relative reality – since space and time are inseparable, and all phenomena occurring in space-time is inseparable from it, then time alone cannot be the only “real subjective phenomenon.” It is all or nothing!

As we consider the Supernal Force, the Supernal Consciousness, within and behind all levels or dimensions of consciousness, perhaps we may gain insight into how through Supernal Realization it is possible to shift in between various levels of consciousness and yet not depart from the Supernal Consciousness – it truly is a non-dual realization.

On an experiential level there is a very curious phenomenon in the Supernal Influx – when it transpires, it is as though it reaches into the past and into the future, transforming what has transpired and what will transpire, as though influxes are invoked throughout the three times when this Holy Light is brought in, held and grounded, and drawn forth from “below” as from “above.” Likewise, there is an experience of “holy remembrance,” a knowledge and understanding that this Holy Light, all the while, has labored for its realization, that it has been within and behind every movement of Light Transmission of every gradation, with within and behind every development in evolution on all levels, and that its realization is the purpose and fruition of this world, and all worlds of sentient existence. It is as though the entire Great Matrix is the womb of the Holy Mother giving birth to this Divine I Am, this Divine I Shall Be, this Supernal Being-Consciousness-Force awakening, actualized and realized.

This holy remembrance, of course, is the dawn of the awareness of the One-Who-Never-Sleeps, and yet who delights in the divine and creative play of sleep and dream and awakening, all for the sheer joy of the play and creativity, the bliss of reunion.

As it turns out, the Ancient of Days is also the Eternal Youth!

When we are talking about the interplay of timeless-eternity and time-eternity, we are talking about Keter-Da’at, by the way.

In terms of the Supernal Consciousness, there is a very different knowledge and understanding of the first advent of Christ – naturally so, for in the Second Coming the Light Seed implanted matures to bear its Holy Fruit.

We might inquire about the apparently vast duration of time in between the First Coming and Second Coming – this is all about the process of souls becoming ripe and mature for the harvest, all for the sake of the fulfillment of the law and the prophets; yet, in the instant of the experience of the full Supernal Influx (Shefa), which is the “Second Coming of Christ,” there is no time between the resurrection and the Day of Be-With-Us, and we see that all souls that will ever enter into Supernal or Messianic Consciousness, or truly “come to Christ,” where present in the very moment when the Risen Messiah appeared to the Magdalene, just as all souls in whom the law will be fulfilled stood upon the Holy Mountain when the prophet received the law for the people.

So, now we stand in New Jerusalem is we have eyes to see it…

As for the play of times and seasons in the wonderworking art – in the mastery of that sacred art there is no need to reckon auspicious times and seasons, though, perhaps a great adept of that art might take up something of that play in skillful means on account of the karmic vision and karmic conditioning of their spiritual friends; but in Supernal Consciousness, and the Continuum of Light Transmission, there is no need in the master of the art for an honoring of times and seasons in their spiritual works or their worship – none whatsoever.

Apart from Supernal Realization and the mastery of the prophetic and wonderworking art there is, indeed, good reason to look for auspicious times – for it reflects and honors our present capacity and is skillful, necessary.

In Supernal Realization, though, the celestial spheres may be made to “turn to the right” or “the left,” and all energy-intelligences may be transformed or self-liberated, the play of the sphere of fate and the law transcended. This, for example is clearly stated in the Gnostic gospel Pistis Sophia. In the running and returning of the ascension of the Risen Christ, according to the gospel he makes the celestial spheres turn to the right and to the left, towards mercy or severity, according to his intention and word, confounding the wisdom of astrologers, and disrupting the knowledge and power and dominion of sorcerers!

The Pistis Sophia is a grand Gnostic gospel to study and contemplate, and to meditate upon – cleaving to the Risen Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah, the Holy Spirit will illuminate that holy gospel of the Risen Christ for us.

Remember, there are three principle gradations in the development of the wonderworking art – the first grade is that of what might be called “ceremonial magic,” relying upon an actual physical environment, movements, gestures and such, and upon auspicious times and seasons. The second gradation comes into play through the actual development of the capacity to shift our center of consciousness into the Body of Light – then we may enact the play of wonderworking in the inner dimensions without recourse to anything external. This stage in the development of the wonderworking art may take into account times and seasons, but it may also transcend times and seasons when the Body of Light is generated in full, the Serpent Power being fully awakened, sublimated and uplifted. Then, when we can entertain Clear Light Union, and experience the full influx of the Supernal Consciousness-Force, generating the Glory Body and Emanation Body from this Truth Body, everything can be accomplished by silent volition or a mere wish – the reckoning of times and seasons being transcended.

Now, a tzaddik or apostle who experiences Supernal Realization may take up the play of reckoning times and seasons with their companions, all as a matter of skillful means or good medicine, but in the play of wild gnosis or crazy wisdom founded upon Supernal Realization they are no longer bound to this reckoning, but in Supernal or Messianic Consciousness they are free from bondage to the law abiding in the perfection of the sanctuary of grace, in union with the holy sanctuary, having become the holy sanctuary, they are Holy Tzaddik of whom it is said they are the “Foundation of the World.”

This is the full knowledge and power to bind or release sin – karma, the spiritual power of Supernal Habad.

Of course, the extent to which the Holy Tzaddik will take up this greater play of the Divine Fool and the Continuum of Light Transmission depends upon their retinue or sacred circle, for the entire purpose of their dance with the Shekinah of Messiah is the enlightenment and liberation of their spiritual friends or companions, and in this sacred dance they will use whatever skillful means is necessary, and do whatever it takes.

More than auspicious times and seasons it is about an auspicious retinue in the prophetic and wonderworking dance of this Supernal Light-presence and Light-power – the more auspicious the retinue, the more the sacred circle abides fully in the sanctuary of grace through passionate faith and the illumination of gnosis, the greater the range of the divine play of the Holy Tzaddik or Apostle of Light.

If we look to Master Yeshua we see that he taught and initiated a relatively small circle of disciples or companions, but given the prophetic and wonderworking play he took up, and the play of Light Transmission with his spiritual friends, obviously that little circle was a very auspicious retinue, very auspicious indeed!

May we form an auspicious retinue with our Holy Tzaddik, outer, inner and secret – generating a full emanation of the Mystical Body of Christ, drawing in, holding and anchoring the full glory and power of the Supernal Light-presence for the people and the land in our times, may we serve the kingdom of heaven and bring glory to Ha-Shem before the people. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Levels of Time-Being

#18 Postby IAOHANNES » Tue Jun 30, 2009 5:13 am

Greetings in the Light of the Messiah !
Now i understood , at least intelectually, what you mean by timeless-eternity and time-eternity , Tau Malachi .
Thank you .
Its very deep and interesting indeed .
What you say about the levels of perception of the space-time is certainly real and makes a lot of sense .
I think that obviously , as we develop our higher bodies , from the physical , passing through the astral , the mental to the higher vital , the causal and the spiritual , our sense of space and time must change .
Our experience in Assiyah is one , in Yetzirah and Beriyah with the Body of Light another and certainly the Supernal must be quite another !
This reminds me of that passage in the Gospel when it is said that two men were in the field .One was taken up and the other left behind .
They were at different "worlds", although for the casual obeserver at Assiyah they were at the same level .But they weren't .I guess that this is what Gurdjieff meant by time being the only "real subjective phenomenon" .
Depending on the level of consciousness the person is , he or she will experience time and life in a different way .At least thats what i understood by this phrase .
Another thing that i liked very much that you said was about the dream and being awake in the dream . This reminded a lot about the traditional teachings of Kashmir Shaivism , the way they say Lord Shiva is the lord of dreams and is the lord of the three times , what is represented in his trident .The same with Guru Rinpoche with his "katvanga" .
In Buddhism they always speak about "the Buddhas of the three times" .
As i understand this , is like the one who is at the Supernal consciousness is really the" Lord of Time " . One can manipulate time and space according to his or her Will , at this level .
But , as you said , even the Enlightened ones take the play of karma for the salvation of souls .The difference is that they do that with full conscious .
I cant' help thinking about the way the "Tulkus" , the high level Lamas , actually choose the place , the time and the families they will be born at !
And , in that , they may even take up in cnsideration the times and seasons , only that they are in "charge" .
I understand that those who are at the Supernal levels of Consciousness don't need to take in consideration the times and seasons but , as you said , all of us who aren't need !
I believe it is wiser for those who are not at the Supernal level to take that in consideration , except when the holy Tzaddik engages in a crazy wisdom work .Then time and space really don't matter .
But curiously you said , Tau Malachi , about Hokmah and the Ofanim that it is at Hokmah that our karmic continuum really begins, and end would say , isn't it ?
Enoch lived 365 years ...
Very interesting .
May we serve the Kingdom of Heaven and help advancing the Messianic Age ! Amen .

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Swirling No-Thingness

#19 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Jul 01, 2009 1:43 pm

Greetings and blessing in the Light of the Messiah!

If we wish to know and understand how karma begins and ends in Hokmah, recognizing the Ain Nature, and meditating on it – resting our mind in its own intrinsic nature, and allowing the wisdom of emptiness to pervade us, not as a concept in the mind, but as a holy awareness of Truth-Amet, the awareness of Ani-Ain, knowledge and understanding will arise, and wisdom will dawn; in this wisdom everything self-liberates as it arises, there is no-body and no-thing to transform or liberate. Hallelu Yah! Amen!

Here, perhaps, we ought to share that there is a danger in the thought that a great adept or master is in “charge” or in “control,” for that implies that there is a doer, other than the Holy One of Being, and that there is something to be in charge of or in control of, as though there is something existent separate and apart from the Holy One – but then phrases like “sublimating desire” or “mastering the mind” pose the same danger, as though we are anything other than desire and mind, so that “we” might master “it.”

Here we may laugh with great delight at all our thought and thinking, and all of our words – truly they become quite funny, rather akin to a grand cosmic joke!

Yet, exactly what binds, liberates, and the awareness of the Truth-Amet, sets us free!

What we can say is this, that the Body of Glory and Body of Emanation arise from the Body of Truth (Amet), but then so also does the body of sin or karma, death and decay (Met) – it all arises from Ain, no-thingness or emptiness, and it all abides in Ain and returns to Ain, so with sin, karma, or without sin, no karma, the nature of the mind, consciousness or soul is the same, it is Ain, no-thingness!

Body of Truth, however, implies the recognition and realization of the Ain Nature, or awareness of the Ain Nature – and in this realization, in this holy awareness, the Glory Body and Emanation Body naturally and spontaneously arise.

In the Gospel of Mary that appears in the Nag Hammadi Library, Master Yeshua says that sin and death have never substantially self-existed, but that sin and death coming into being because we mingle with illusory objects of desire as in adultery – (or idolatry). Recognizing this, and bringing such desire into cessation, there is no more sin or death, but realizing the self-generating and self-liberating foundation of all, Ain, there is perfect peace and joy, as in the Risen Messiah.

As with all objects of desire, including “God,” the one who is desiring is also illusory – the entire play of subject and object is illusory, a grand illusion in the mind, consciousness or soul; looking and seeing all as the radiant display of mind, consciousness and soul, free from desire and free from fear, all is the emanation of the Holy One, there is no other, and so Divine Illumination dawns.

In this we may consider the heart wisdom of the Master imparted to the Magdalene: “Seek to know no-thing, seek to understand no-thing; seek to be nobody, but abide as I Am, abide as I Shall Be.”

Natural and spontaneous, and uncontrived, this is the way of crazy wisdom or wild gnosis – the Habad of the Divine I Am.

There is no one in control and nothing to be controlled, there is just the Divine Play of what’s happening, all according to the will and desire of the Supreme, El Elyon – entertaining this playfulness is the Way of the Divine Fool.

What shall we say of the Fool? He or she is a wisp of Wind, Spirit, coming from nowhere, abiding nowhere, going nowhere, swirling out of no-thingness and into no-thingness, as no-thingness; but then so are all of us – only the Divine Fool is aware of being no-thing, no-body, and delights in it!

What shall we say of a true and holy tzaddik of the inmost gradations? They are a center of the One Being-Consciousness-Force that is fully awake or aware – this presence of awareness transforms everything, knowing it is all no-thingness.

Yes, indeed, the beginning of karma is the end of karma – all in the mind, consciousness or soul, all in the Holy One! Hallelu Yah! Amen!

May we know the Light of the True Cross (Shin-Tau), the Pure Radiant Awareness that is enlightenment and liberation. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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The Order of St. Ratziel

#20 Postby Elder Gideon » Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:07 am

Shalom Tau Malachi:

Sometime ago, you wrote:

Ratziel is the knowledge of wonderworkings of space-time, and the interplay of the eternal realm and space-time

Ratziel is the understanding and wisdom of the transcendence of the law or karma, and is said to be the archangel of the wisdom of emptiness.

As such, if we wish to gain insight into how we might await the Second Coming, Great Aeon of Light or Sun of Flowering, and labor for it, and yet, at the same time, live in that Golden Age of Promise, contact and communion with Archangel Ratziel can prove very helpful – Ratziel knows this mystery.

Here we may also cite another namesake for the Order of St. Lazarus and the labor for the Blessed Dead – the Order of St. Ratziel.

I'm left very intrigued, wishing to inquire into this Order St. Ratziel.

From a recent experience I'm still contemplating, I'm aware that between every cycle of events is a literal, transitional flux for all beings-forces of the matrix; great archonic and demonic entities are susceptible, exposed, even vulnerable, in the gap between the dissolution of one cycle and the arising of another. Between the dissolving of one scene and the arising of another, anything can happen.

While you were recovering in ICU, I experienced a dream-vision of two epic, full-length stories with distinct beginnings, middles, converging together in the end. In one story, a soldier heard and followed a guiding voice to take up his bazooka, point, aim, and wait. "Now!" said the voice within, aiming into nothing, no one. In the end of the other story, I watched a great demon literally stepping out of a mundane situation of which it believing it was master and victorious. What it could not know, was that through the very last sliver of the screen of the former cycle, a rocket racing from behind out of nowhere escaped, exploding in its back.

In this, I now see how a magical spear can be a very effective weapon of surprise when guided by Divine will.

As it is a system of wonderworking which engages mysteries of space-time, am I hearing anything of this dream-vision which the Order of St. Ratziel would speak? While the Order of St. Gabriel is the way of Navim in our lineage, I also understand that all prophecy finds its root in Archangel Ratziel. How then is prophecy is distinct between these two orders?


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Ratziel, God's wisdom

#21 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:37 pm

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

The gilgulim is the transmigration of souls through countless incarnations in the process of awakening and evolution, and the galgalim are the circuits of the heavens, or rather, the sun, moon, planets and stars, and as we know the two are intimately interconnected, for souls enter into incarnation through a “gate” formed by a specific configuration of celestial influences, as reflected in the astrological birth chart of a person. The galgalim are manifestations of a certain class of ofanim, and Ratziel presides over the ofanim, and therefore Ratziel holds deep knowledge of souls in the gilgulim and their interactions with the galgalim; hence, knowledge of the karmic continuum of souls, or fates and destinies of souls, and so also their tikkunim. In this regard there is knowledge held by Ratziel that is very similar to that of Tzafkiel, and yet the knowledge of Ratziel, in a certain respect, is very different, or unique.

Tzafkiel corresponds with the Depth of End, and therefore corresponds with the End of Days and World to Come, and with the entire play of creative evolution, or becoming; Ratziel, on the other hand, corresponds with the Depth of the Beginning, and corresponds with the World to Come as a present reality from the very beginning, and with the being of the becoming, or being within and behind the play of creative evolution. Essentially, Tzafkiel corresponds with time-eternity and Ratziel corresponds with timeless-eternity, these two dimensions of reality, of course, being inseparable from one another; but in terms of understanding the knowledge and power of Ratziel, this distinction is very important.

Perhaps we may put this a different way. Tzafkiel holds the knowledge of the One-Who-Is-Awakening, while Ratziel holds the knowledge of the One-Who-Never-Sleeps; hence, the play of souls awakening through the great matrix of creation, versus the innate perfection of souls within the eternal realm, or primordial wisdom. As such, Ratziel holds knowledge and power of “thunderbolt enlightenment,” the potential for the instant illumination and liberation of souls. The very name Ratziel indicates this, the “wisdom of God,” the realization of primordial wisdom, the Ain Nature of all, the enlightenment of all.

There is a hint to the knowledge and power of Archangel Ratziel in the arising of the great palace of lights in the experience of initiates in the afterlife. As we know, when the great palace of lights arises, and with it a corresponding body of light arises, a soul is able to remember all previous incarnations, along with all knowledge, understanding and wisdom acquired, all teachings received, but also, a soul is able to see into all future lives, and so to acquire knowledge, understanding and wisdom of teachings to be received in the future – past and future become a present reality to a soul in the arising of the great palace of lights, and so also the awareness of Malkut of Atzilut arises, and the possibility of full reintegration with the Light Continuum, Yahweh, an instantaneous experience of the Great Liberation. This, of course, arises before a soul passes into the Midst and the Judgment, and is a radical expression of Divine Grace in Hayyah Yeshua; and this is a direct expression of the knowledge and power held by Archangel Ratziel.

Throughout the afterlife experience there are, in fact, many points at which an instantaneous experience of the Great Ascension, or Great Liberation, becomes possible, just as throughout this very life there are many points in which a thunderbolt illumination becomes possible. Ratziel holds knowledge and of these movements, and may help to bring souls into them. In this we may understand how the knowledge of tikkunim held by Ratziel is different than that held by Tzafkiel, for Ratziel knows the Way of Perfection (Being), while Tzafkiel knows the Way of Transformation (Becoming).

If we ponder the knowledge of the galgalim that Ratziel holds, and the potential for thunderbolt illumination and liberation, we will understand that in the galgalim there are what may be called “windows of destiny,” times when great leaps in the evolution of a soul become possible, or swift illumination and liberation becomes possible; Ratziel has intimate knowledge and understanding of these times and how souls might open to influxes of Supernal Grace, Supernal Mercy, and so be liberated from the gilgulim.

There is another knowledge held by Ratziel that is deeply connected to this knowledge of windows of destiny. In the inmost aspects of souls, souls are transcendent of incarnations, and in relationship to that inmost aspect of the soul all incarnations are simultaneous; hence, the vision of incarnations of the soul from the perspective of the eternal realm. In this, as you might imagine, is the potential for radical leaps in the development and evolution of souls, or swift illumination and liberation of souls, for this greater Habad of the soul is within and behind every incarnation, and it is possible that it can be accessed in any incarnation. This, of course, is the vision of souls held by Ratziel – all incarnations as a simultaneous movement, and the inmost aspect of the soul completely transcendent of all incarnations.

Put in the simplest way, Ratziel holds knowledge of souls as they are in God, pure and perfect from the very beginning!

In this we may gain insight into how Ratziel is a significant archangel invoked in spiritual works for the dying and the dead, especially in spiritual assistance offered to initiates in transition, for our spiritual labor for initiates aims at the swift illumination and liberation of their soul, and this is within the knowledge and power of Ratziel. Thus, at times the Order of St. Lazarus is called the “Order of St. Ratziel” as mentioned above, indicating the methods of swift illumination and liberation taught in that Holy Order.

In terms of wonderworking associated with space-time, first we must understand that time is not as linear as it appears to be in our ordinary mental consciousness, but rather that, in fact, it is non-linear and meta-dimensional, very fluid or mutable. Although from a linear perspective, and from the material dimension, past and future seem very distinct from one another, and it may seem as though the future can be changed, but the past cannot be changed, if we gaze from the threshold of time-eternity and timeless-eternity, this is not true. Instead we find past and future are inseparable from one another, and both are, in fact, mutable, and through inner dimensions it is completely possible to reach into the past or into the future, as well as into various alternative or parallel continuums of space-time. The truth is, the reality of space and time can be shifted or transformed in very radical ways.

In terms of prophecy, if we look into it on an experiential level, it completely reflects the non-linear nature of space and time.

As for the connection between Gavriel and Ratziel, and prophecy – truth be told, all archangels have a capacity to facilitate prophecy according to their dominions, for they all have a very different relationship with space and time than mortals, having intimate knowledge of the interplay of space-time and the eternal realm.

O Hayyah Yeshua, we pray, please bless us with your Thunderbolt Illumination and uplift us in the Great Ascension. Amen.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi

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Influx of Light from Above

#22 Postby Elder Sarah » Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:48 am


Thank you for detailing out these teaching regarding Ratziel, Tzafkiel and their distinction!

This very much connects to a recent contemplation regarding the gates of birth and death in the continuous swirl of the Gilgulim. As has been said many times in the teachings, the gate of birth and the gate of death are one and the same gate. It has also been said recently that a moment of Light Transmission is something of this same gate, this gate of birth and death. This must mean that Light Transmission can happen on either side of these two gates. In these gates I am hearing moments of opportunity, similar to the “windows of destiny” spoken of above. I can understand the gate of light transmission and the gate of death as gates in which this opportunity becomes instantly possible, though I am having trouble understanding where the possibility arises in the moment of birth? Can we say it is embedded in birth itself and it takes the unfolding of life to access that opportunity?

If these are the same gate, then can we say whether in a physical incarnation or in the afterlife one is experiencing “time” in the sense of time-eternity? If this is true how might we say “time” might be different in the afterlife verses life in incarnation? Also, how might “time” in time-eternity be altered by the influx of the Wisdom of Ratziel, the influx of timeless-eternity?

May there be receptivity to influxes of Light from Above!

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Image of Ratziel

#23 Postby sheryl » Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:16 pm

Shalom Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Praise be to the Holy One who gives us contemplations and insight into these marvelous mysteries!

In contemplation and meditation recently, a thought keeps arising in regards to the image of Ratziel given to us in the Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ. In that image, it is as though clouds arise to give a ever so slight delusion of separation, creating the appearance of an image separate from clear blue sky in which it arise.

The question is regarding the clouds, perhaps even a two folded or many folded question. It seems that there is mystery in this clouds, one that when touched, this subtle delusion of separation vanishes? The thought has also arisen regarding the Ratziel robed in clouds as somehow pointing to the mystery of God placing himself in the obstacles - the mystery found in the Hebrew phrase yehi?

If there is something in these thoughts I would be grateful to the Holy One for any sharing.



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Time & Clouds of Grace!

#24 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:19 pm

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

“A person old in days will not hesitate to ask a little child seven days old about the place of life, and that person will live. For many who are first will be last and become a single one” (Gospel of St. Thomas, saying four).

This speaks to the gate of birth and the potential for light transmission in it, or to the divine or enlightened nature of the soul. If we understand that in Judaic tradition a male child is circumcised on the eighth day, “seven days old” implies an initial phase in incarnation before a full immersion in the body or materiality, and the self-identification with the body, name and form, which obscures the greater awareness of the soul. This is not to say that all souls are enlightened, or of a higher grade, when entering into incarnation, but rather that something of the Great Natural Perfection shines through, something of the inner aspects of the soul, though most often it is largely unconscious. There are, however, souls that enter that are of a higher grade, realized or enlightened in previous incarnations, that have a holy remembrance, carrying great wisdom, understanding and knowledge (Habad) from the very outset, as we see in the case of Yohanan and Yeshua, whose souls were previously incarnate as Elijah and Elisha.

In much the same way as souls die as they have lived, or the experience of the afterlife reflects how the soul has lived, so it is with souls entering into incarnation and the experiences in life that arise, the awareness and energy that is present will be shaped by their experience of the afterlife, whether in heavens or hells, or other in-betweens, and it will depend upon the grade of consciousness and intelligence they were able to access in their previous life and their afterlife experience. Thus, just as when a person is completely pious and faithful in life they are likely to have greater opportunities for more significant movements of Divine Grace in the afterlife, and may ascend through the heavens, and perhaps touch upon the eternal realm, while a person who has lived in vanity and ignorance may have few opportunities for the movement of Divine Grace, instead being caught up in the Midst, something similar is true of souls entering into incarnation. Essentially, the balance of fate and fortune will reflect the development and evolution of the soul, and the karmic continuum of the soul.

In the unenlightened condition, largely, souls are unconsciously compelled into incarnation through habitual patterns of desire and fear in self-grasping; there is not a choice, there is no “contract,” but rather, in much the same way as arising from unconscious dreamless sleep into dream, so many souls arise in incarnations, unconscious desire or fear drawing them into incarnation. There are also souls that enter of higher grades that we may say are semiconscious to various degrees, having some awareness or conscious knowledge of their reason and need to enter into incarnation for the sake of various experiences and works, further development and evolution of the soul. Then there are souls of even higher grades who enter completely conscious, and who do, indeed, choose to enter into incarnation on account of love and compassion, or who are sent by God, and so enter because of their submission to God in love. As you might imagine, how a soul enters, and the degree of merit and evolution a soul carries, will shape the incarnation or life experience of the soul, and determines many of the circumstances, situations and events that will transpire, or the play of possibility and probability. The potential of the entire life is, indeed, present at birth; and, if one is able to gaze from inner dimensions, drawing near to the threshold of time-eternity and timeless-eternity, one will find much of what will happen is, in fact, predestined, known at the outset.

Within and behind all of this there is always great possibility, at every gradation there is the potential for radical leaps in the evolution of souls, and for a thunderbolt illumination; but while there is always an awesome and wonderful possibility through Divine Grace, at the same time there is the play of the law, the karmic continuum, which determine probability. In other words, there is always great possibility, but then there is probability, the more likely outcome based upon the law of cause and effect, and habitual patterns, whether for better or for worse. The greater the positive karma, the merit or light-power of a soul, the greater the probability of movements of Divine Grace, radical leaps in the soul’s evolution and the potential for full enlightenment and liberation.

The play of uncertainty, or unpredictability in this rests in the free will that God has imbued into souls, and the principle of repentance, the constant opportunity to return to God that is built into creation and the gilgulim. On account of this, although we may speak of improbability, with God, through Divine Grace, anything is possible if and when souls exercise their free will and repent, actively seeking to return to God, the True Light.

Now, as souls develop and evolve, and generate merit, or positive karma, more and more they have a greater capacity of free will, or conscious choice, and more and more they enter into incarnation with holy remembrance, greater faith, hope and love, and greater knowledge, understanding and wisdom; and a these souls carry a greater awareness of the life into which they are entering, and the significant events that will transpire, as well as the works or mission to be accomplished. Souls of very lofty grades, realized souls, may also carry complete knowledge of the incarnation, along with knowledge of previous incarnations and future incarnations. In much the same way as at the time of death, depending upon the development and evolution of the soul, and the karmic continuum of the soul, there will be a manifestation of the Holy Shekinah, the Divine Presence and Power at the time of birth. The more evolved the soul, the greater its merit or light-power, the greater this manifestation of the Holy Shekinah. If we are talking about a very “high being,” or “holy being,” then there will be the spirits of great tzaddikim and maggidim in the subtle environment of the place of birth, and as we might imagine this good company of the Holy Shekinah will sojourn with that holy and enlightened one throughout their life, and their journey in this world will reflect that Divine Presence and Power with them, and will be a vehicle of that emanation of the Holy Shekinah.

We can consider stories of the nativity in this regard, for as much as the visitations of faithful and holy people from this world, there must have been visitations of all manner of tzaddikim in spirit and maggidim – a great luminous assembly; certainly so, for an archangel is sent forth to announce the birth of the Messiah, and a great star bears witness to his birthplace, and there is a great movement of the kingdom of heaven on earth. It is the birth of the holy soul destined to open the way to supernal or Messianic consciousness, or a full thunderbolt illumination; and many great souls born during that time were also destined to experience this light transmission at various gradations.

Here, perhaps, we may gain insight into the interplay and interconnection between the dominions of Tzafkiel and Ratziel in terms of the development and evolution of souls and their realization, for the greater the evolution of souls, corresponding with Tzafkiel, the greater the possibility, and yet more probability, of a thunderbolt illumination, corresponding with Ratziel. Likewise, it is the reality of this eventual thunderbolt illumination, the truth of this divine potential within all souls, that makes this development and evolution of souls possible, and we may say that this thunderbolt illumination, the truth of the bornless and divine nature of souls, is an impulse within them driving them towards their realization in the Messiah.

When we wish to contemplate the experience of time-eternity within the various dimensions of creation, or perud, we must understand that the experience of space and time becomes very different in the inner, or metaphysical dimensions. There is a hint of this in the Holy Scriptures, when they teach us that a thousand years is as a day from the perspective of God, or the boundary between time-eternity and timeless-eternity. The truth is, however, even more wild than this, for a billion years, or billions and billions of years, could be as a “day” to God; the further into the inner dimensions we gaze, the greater the expanse of space and duration of time into which we can gaze as a present reality, and the more fluid or non-linear space and time become, until space and time as we understand it ceases altogether, giving way to an incomprehensible and unspeakable meta-dimensional reality that is primordial and supernal, eternal, in complete and utter unity, while also an infinite multiplicity, a unity and multiplicity without contradiction (yichud), just as time-eternity and timeless-eternity exist without contradiction.

In speaking of the fluid, non-linear quality of space and time in the inner, metaphysical dimensions, it is also true that we can experience a vast expanse of space and time in inner dimensions within dream and vision, while in the material dimension a relatively brief period of time has passed. Thus, while from inner dimensions there can be a vision into vast expanses of space and time in the material dimension, it is also true experience of seemingly vast durations can occur in the inner dimensions, with a very short period of time passing in the material dimension.

Here we can say that the very nature of prophecy is a shift in our experience of space and time, and that by nature, a true prophet cannot help but marvel at the illusory quality of time in the way we normally think of time, as though completely sequential and linear, for that is not the reality of space-time in higher states of consciousness at all.

In regards to the visualization given for Ratziel, or for any of the archangels for that matter – this visualization is given for the novice initiate, as a way for the novice to begin to invoke and contact the archangel; the more there is actual contact and communion, the more the vision will shift and transform, and the archangel will begin to reveal various forms or emanations of its being. Indeed, for when Ratziel’s presence and power enters into this envisioned form in one’s mind, suddenly one will behold “clouds of grace and glory,” an incredible radiant display, no longer earthly clouds and earthly sky, but a very different space, completely heavenly and luminous. Of course, the greater forms of Ratziel, or any of the angels of God, cannot be spoken, but rather they can only be communicated through direct experience of the holy angels, for while they can and do assume forms familiar to us, forms that we are able to relate with, in fact their true forms are, in a word, otherworldly, and non-human, and correspond with the reality of the kingdom of heaven, or pleroma of light.

This image of Ratziel that’s given, though, hints at certain mysteries. As an example, isn’t the sky, rainbow and clouds all the power of the sun, and the rainbow and clouds appearing in the sky, aren’t they sky, arising from sky, appearing in sky, and dissolving into sky? What separation?

You see, this image is also a meditation, one given in the Melchizedek teachings, for the recognition and realization of the Ain Nature, or the bornless nature; hence, the potential for an experience of thunderbolt illumination. Of course, in the meditation taught in the Melchizedek teachings we use actual sky, clouds and rainbows as the object of meditation, not an internal visualization; but this reflects the practice, and hints at the Primordial Foundation.

Here I’m inclined to pause for the moment, abiding in silence with the Holy Spirit.

May we be blessed with the wisdom of God, and so remember our being in God, the True Light. Amen.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi

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#25 Postby sheryl » Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:53 pm

Shalom Tau Malachi and friends!

Thanksgiving to the Mother Spirit, for teachings that guide our awakening in Her!

Much gratitude for this sharing.

When we consider clouds of grace and mercy, it comes to mind that we are speaking of something other than clouds that merely block the sun or Light, as in the same way, when we speak of the darkness of the first day, we are not speaking of evil, or a delusion of separation.

I am wondering, Tau Malachi, if eyes within the clouds are revealing something of such clouds with which Ratziel is clothed?



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twenty-six parts of the Soul

#26 Postby Elder Sarah » Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:42 am


Praise Be to the Mother Spirit for illuminating such mysteries! Thank you Tau Malachi for your response in the Spirit. As I have spent time with this contemplation, along with some recent discussions in community, I am finding a question arise which seems to follow this same thread. This question, I believe, connects with something very subtle you mentioned above,

"Here, perhaps, we may gain insight into the interplay and interconnection between the dominions of Tzafkiel and Ratziel in terms of the development and evolution of souls and their realization, for the greater the evolution of souls, corresponding with Tzafkiel, the greater the possibility, and yet more probability, of a thunderbolt illumination, corresponding with Ratziel. Likewise, it is the reality of this eventual thunderbolt illumination, the truth of this divine potential within all souls, that makes this development and evolution of souls possible, and we may say that this thunderbolt illumination, the truth of the bornless and divine nature of souls, is an impulse within them driving them towards their realization in the Messiah."

The subtly of this is still sinking in. I am hearing an intricate play between being and becoming. We often speak of being existing in becoming, but here, I am hearing Being is the actual drive in becoming. It also appears we can speak of being as the foundation of Becoming. This play of Being and Becoming appears to play out through the five parts of Soul. Nefesh and Ruach are the Becoming parts of Soul, while Neshamah is the threshold, while Hayyah and Yechidah are in Being.

I am hearing in the teaching regarding the influx of Thunderbolt Illumination, these “Windows of Destiny” a teaching pointing to how it is the threshold of Being and Becoming, Neshamah, comes fully into Becoming.

Recently it was spoken, that the way in which these “windows of Destiny” occur is through the influx of the Neshamah. In the same teaching twenty -six parts of the Soul were mentioned. These twenty-six parts of the Soul are the Nefesh of the Nefesh, Nefesh of Ruach, Nefesh of Neshamah, Nefesh of Hayyah and Nefesh of Yechidah. This same pattern continues through Ruach, Neshamah, Hayyah and Yechidah. The twenty-sixth part of the soul encompasses all parts. This would point to five levels of Neshamah. Neshamah of Nefesh, Neshamah of Ruach, Neshamah of Neshamah, Neshamah of Hayyah and Neshamah of Yechidah. In the same teaching it was pointed out it by living through Ruach, by Nefesh cleaving to Ruach and the alignment of the two, by the Grace of the Holy Spirit, an influx of Neshamah occurs. There appear to be various gradations of the influx of Neshamah? This would be saying the influx of Neshamah of Nefesh is a certain gradation while the influx of Neshamah of Ruach in another gradation and the influx of Neshamah of Neshamah is yet another. In speaking of how these “windows of destiny” occur, and the influx of Neshamah that was spoken of in this regard, may it be asked, at which level is this Neshamah? Or is it all levels?

May the fullness of Soul be received in the realm of becoming!

Many Blessings and Shalom!
Elder Sarah+

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Neshamah of Neshamah = Thunderbolt Illumination

#27 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:01 pm

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

Yes, indeed, being and becoming are inseparably interwoven, completely interconnected and interdependent. The play of becoming is founded upon being and driven by being, and yet, at the same time, being is founded upon becoming and is actualized and realized through the continuum of becoming.

The essence and nature of being is transcendent of becoming, however, and does not change or transform in any way, though, indeed, through the play of being in becoming this essence and nature is actualized and realized.

When we speak of the thunderbolt illumination it does correspond with neshamah of neshamah, which is experienced as a breakthrough into supernal consciousness. There are, of course countless gradations of supernal and primordial consciousness within and beyond this, which correspond with the various gradations of hayyah and yechidah. What we call “thunderbolt illumination” or “enlightenment” is, in truth, an entrance into a yet greater cycle in the evolution of consciousness, as though a radical acceleration of the evolution and ascent of consciousness.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi

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Supernal Netzach and Hod

#28 Postby Elder Gideon » Sun Jan 22, 2012 4:46 pm

Shabbat Shalom!

Enthralled by these details regarding Ratziel and Tzafkiel, I also wish to inquire into their supernal roots, which are Netzach and Hod of Atzilut, YHVH Tzavaot and Elohim Tzavaot.

When we remember that Hokmah of Asiyah is the Wheel of Mazlot (of the Zodiac) and that Binah of Asiyah is Saturn, we see this reflected above-behind in Yetzirah. Tau Malachi introduced this in Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ in the chapter concerning Netzach:

"When a spirit or soul passes down from the supernal and spiritual planes through the causal plane, moving toward incarnation, the kind or type of creature it will become is determined by its previous development and evolution--karma. In the case of a human soul, it will enter through the gate of one of the zodiacal signs, which will determine the kind or type of human incarnation though which it will come into being. At the level of Netzach, the kind or type that soul will assume is established, but it is not until the soul passes through Hod that it will become a distinct and individual entity of its kind." (228)

When the six sefirot of Atzilut (Hesed to Yesod) are all contemplated as extremities of Zer Anpin, the Little Face, as well as depths or infinities of Above and Below respectively, I wish to ask, What mysteries of supernal Netzach and Hod shape mysteries of their archangelic emanations as Ratziel and Tzafkiel respectively?


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#29 Postby sheryl » Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:51 pm

Shalom Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Much gratitude to Abba Imma for these teachings!

I appreciate very much your inquiry, Elder Gideon, for while reading Tau Malachi's response, One and Many, in relation to Ratziel and Tzafkiel came to mind, as well as the Infinite Ocean and the drops through which the Ocean pours itself.

In reading the excerpt you have offered from Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ I am wondering if Ratziel and Tzafkiel in relation to Netzach and Hod in Atzilut are somehow speaking of One being the infinite potential to be embodied in many (YHWH Tzavaot) and Many as the actualization of the infinite potential (Elohim Tzavaot) in embodiment, respectively.

Curious, a fertilized egg comes to mind, a zygote, that carries the full spectrum of DNA, the full potential of all cells of the body, and then the embryo, the state of a being when the potential is being actualized, though before actual birth or hatching takes place.

My question is if these thoughts in any way point to the mysteries of which Elder Gideon inquired?

May Imma guide our contemplations.

With much gratitude,


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Hidden supernal & primordial angels

#30 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Jan 24, 2012 3:08 pm

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

The archangels are, basically speaking, great cosmic forces, and their existence, their being, is within the inmost spiritual dimensions corresponding with Beriyah, but they also have an existence, or being, in supernal dimensions corresponding with Atzilut. We can say that they exist on the threshold, if you will, of the spiritual and supernal dimensions, or time-eternity and timeless-eternity, and as such their knowledge and power, and their sight into the matrix of creation, is near to that of the Holy One, though the Holy One of Being is infinitely greater than any and all angelic or divine beings, the Holy One is El Elyon, God Most High.

If we study and contemplate the Zohar, here and there we stumble across hints of hidden and supernal angels, as well as even loftier angelic or divine beings whose existence is primordial. These are “more than angels” as we would typically know and encounter them, and of these holy ones there is little or nothing that can be said, for they are concealed and are supernal – they are experienced and known only in Supernal or Messianic Consciousness and the ascent of the soul into Supernal Malkut.

Perhaps the most significant hint the Zohar gives concerning these hidden and supernal angels, and those even loftier angels of the primordial, is to say that these holy and enlightened beings are beyond the archangel of Keter, Metatron. If we have any true knowledge and understanding of Metatron through direct spiritual and mystical experience, the idea of holy and supernal angels exalted beyond the Prince of the Countenance sounds very wild, to say the least! Nevertheless, great masters among the mekubalim here and there have spoken of these immeasurably holy and glorious angelic beings, and at times, in private, engaged in a spiritual transmission communicating the da’at of these holy and enlightened ones to inmost companions who are blessed to enter into the experience and be able to receive this da’at-knowledge.

According to the Kabbalah, there are three archangels who hold something of this da’at, Metatron-Sandalfon (or Hua), Ratziel and Tzafkiel; other archangels are aware of these holy and enlightened ones, and may interact with them, more or less, but these three are said to hold their da’at. Thus, these three archangels participate in spiritual transmissions communicating the da’at of these holy and enlightened ones.

Now the Holy Name of Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot corresponds with the reality of an infinite generation of archangels, angels and all manner of luminous spirits within the realm of perud-separation, but on an inner and secret level this Holy Name also indicates the reality of an infinite generation of holy angels hidden and supernal, and primordial, corresponding with the realm of yichud-unity. In that Hokmah-Binah of Beriyah emanate from Netzach-Hod of Atzilut, or in that Ratziel and Tzafkiel are archangelic emanations of Yahweh Tzavaot and Elohim Tzavaot, in Ratziel and Tzafkiel we find the knowledge and power of these two generations of holy angels, one in the matrix of creation and one in the pleroma of light, Atzilut.

In terms of the generation and incarnations of souls, what is recorded in “Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ” corresponds to the descent or involution of souls from Beriyah and Yetzirah into Asiyah. There is, however, an entirely different vision and understanding of this from the perspective of Atzilut, or from the perspective of the eternal realm, and we may say that this knowledge within the inner aspects of souls guides the development and evolution of souls through the gilgulim towards their eventual fruition; and likewise we may say that this knowledge is contained within the experience of a thunderbolt illumination. Ratziel and Tzafkiel enact their spiritual labors with this vision or knowledge of souls from the perspective of Atzilut, or the eternal realm.

I do not know if this addresses the question that arose for you dear brother, but these are the thoughts I was inclined to share after reading and contemplating it.

May we be blessed to abide in the good company of the Holy Shekinah in this world, and in the world-to-come. Amen.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi

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The Name of Ratziel

#31 Postby Elder Gideon » Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:20 pm

Shalom Tau Malachi:

Remembering that Will or Desire, רָצוֹן ratzon, is the primal force of Keter, I'm aware now that the root of this verb ratzah רָצָה, has an array of similar meanings, such as to be pleased with and be acceptable to.

Putting these together with the Divine name אל, we have a beautiful contemplation of the name personifying God's Will or Desire רציאל. Will of El, Inmost Desire of El, Acceptance of El, and Pleasure of El, all swirl around the simple essence this Archangel personifies.

The sefirah which this archangel personifies is wisdom, Hokmah, and is the said to accompany and guard the Holy Bride. What more in our lineage may we say of this archangel in light of his name?


Elder Gideon

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Re: Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : Hokmah

#32 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Jul 04, 2015 2:18 pm

Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

Indeed, the name Ratziel may be interpreted in a multiplicity of ways, and it does imply the inmost desire and pleasure of God (El), as well as acceptance of God. If we consider this, perhaps we may acquire a deeper understanding of the Wisdom of God, and the Wisdom of Enlightenment in the Messiah, for this Holy Wisdom corresponds with infinite delight, immeasurable bliss – the true joy of souls, which is the true joy of El Elyon, the Supreme.

As we know, Keter does not appear in any given Olam, but rather Da’at holds the place of Keter; hence, Da’at represents what is revealed and realized of the infinite potential that is Keter (Crown). Thus, the first Sefirah among those that appear is Hokmah, and on account of this the Zohar teaches us that it is called “Reshit,” the “point of the beginning,” and as such it is the “point beyond which there is nothing knowable” or comprehensible. Da’at, or what’s revealed and realized of Keter, comes into being through the interaction of Hokmah and Binah, and at the level of Beriyah – “the world of creation,” Hokmah and Binah manifest as Ratziel and Tzafkiel.

Understand, the Holy One delights in the righteous, in the awakening of souls and the fulfillment of their inmost desire, their true will as ordained from their original conception and emanation from the Light of the Infinite; thus it is taught that the Holy One created the worlds and all things for the sake of the righteous, and that the righteous are the foundation of all, or the salvation of all. Understanding this it’s not surprising that Ratziel is associated with all manner of secret teachings of the Works of Creation and the Works of the Chariot, and is considered the archangelic sage of the Holy Kabbalah. Why? Because the righteous – holy and enlightened souls, having the Habad of the Holy Kabbalah, realizing Supernal Consciousness, or God Consciousness, is the delight, the pleasure of the Holy One, for such souls engage in a most intimate communion, a most intimate love-play, and are able to enter into conscious union with the Holy One of Being, becoming completely absorbed in the Light of the Infinite.

What does it mean to be “accepted?” To be absorbed in the Light of the Infinite, or reintegrated with the Light Continuum; hence, the experience of enlightenment and liberation, fulfillment of the true desire of souls!

As perhaps you might surmise, this love-play of souls on fire with the Holy Spirit, and the mysteries of the bridal chamber that is in it, correspond with inmost secrets Ratziel holds, and is indicated by the association of Ratziel as the guardian angel of the Holy Bride, she who most passionately loved the Lord and who was able to draw nearest to him, becoming unified with him completely.

Given all of this, as perhaps you might also imagine, Ratziel is among the archangels with deep knowledge and understanding of the Great Vision of Melchizedek, and the Essential Light Transmission that arises from it.

These are a few thoughts I can share about Ratziel, all as the Holy Spirit inspires.

May all who desire it acquire true wisdom – Thunderbolt Enlightenment! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi

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