Dynamics of the moral triad

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Dynamics of the moral triad

#1 Postby malochim » Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:49 pm


The Hashmalim are described as realigning or revealing aspects or operations of the angels of the moral triad, while the Malachim are more of spoken words in regards to action; how to translate the Divine will into movement within the Entirity. This brings to mind the descending force and John the baptist, how he/it prepares the way for the Christ or the Fire snake/serpent as it is uplifted. Could this speak something of the mystery of the emanations of the sefirot in the moral triad? The descending, guiding force corresponding with the tzaddik and El (Aleph, Lamed) and Seraphim (Fire serpent) corresponding with the desire energy and Malachim being the balance of the guidance and desire being directed into action?

It is also said that Love (Hesed) is the fulfillment of the law (Gevurah?), could this be speaking on an esoteric level about the dynamics between the three pillars?

And so Hesed is also the guiding force that brings about our fruition in the Holy One? and the generation of the Solar Body which is the fulfillment of the law.

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Habitable Alignment

#2 Postby Elder Gideon » Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:24 pm

Shalom Brother!

I've very much enjoyed this contemplation for some time as well, ever since hearing a mystery why Gevurah and Hesed never alternate with any other sefirot. They are the only sefirot in the Great Tree which do not change; every other sefirah changes but Gevurah and Hesed.

I never knew what to do with this question until recently reading in the Zohar, where the Rabbis, commenting on the Ark of the Covenant, compare the two cherubim facing each other with Gevurah and Hesed:

"Rabbi Yose opened, saying, 'Mighty king who loves justice, it was You who established equity (Psalms 99:4). Mighty king--blessed Holy One. Who loves justice--blessed Holy One.

"Mighty king--the potency empowering the blessed Holy One is solely justice, for by justice He sustains the earth, as is said: By justice a king sustains the land (Proverbs 29:4). Therefore, who loves justice. Assembly of Israel is empowered only by justice, because from there She is nourished and all blessing She receives, She receives from there. So, Mighty king who loves justice--all Her desire and love is toward justice.

"It was you who established equity--mystery of two cherubim below, who align the world and render it habitable, as has been said." [1:232b]

The dialogue continues into an analysis of HalleluYah, Yah being the same mystery in supernal sefirot Hokmah and Binah above Hesed and Gevurah below. This is focused in my hearing as for the first time: "Who align the world and render it habitable."

Existence, reality, is suspended in a tension, a polarity, upon which all exists. Every sefirah but Gevurah and Hesed change. Even Keter, Hokmah, and Binah becomes other manifestations throughout the Tree, but Gevurah and Hesed do not. I'm therefore wondering if their unchanging presence in the Great Tree allows for all other sefirot to change. In other words, far more sublime than the words 'Mercy' and 'Severity' is a tension making everything possible. As a stringed instrument tuned neither too loosely, nor too tightly, so this unchanging alignment between Hesed and Gevurah throughout all olamot makes possible all sounds and harmonies.

We praise you, Holy One,
for rending this world habitable and hospitable
for the most precious opportunity to serve and actualize the True Light.

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