The birth of Souls

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The birth of Souls

#1 Postby Drew » Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:42 am

Hello brothers and sisters,

My name is Drew and I would first like to thank all of Ecclesia Pistis Sophia for this forum and the opportunity to participate.

I am interested in learning what the Christian Kabbalah teaches about the following...

Do souls have births and if so.. when, how and why?

Thank you

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Bornless Nature...

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:09 pm

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

It’s great to see your post dear brother; no doubt what you have to share will be of benefit to others.

The generation of souls is a great mystery, and ultimately it is a mystery that cannot be spoken or comprehended in mental consciousness; we can hint at it, and we can circle it, and we can share some truths regarding the arising of souls, and their process of development and evolution, but the essence of the mystery cannot be explained. We can, however, experience this mystery and acquire knowledge of this mystery through direct spiritual and mystical experience, or rather, through the experience of expanded states of consciousness; expanded states of mental and vital consciousness can acquire some insights, but it is in the experience of expanded states of consciousness beyond mental consciousness that deeper knowledge and understanding arises. The awareness of how we emanate from God, the True Light, and how we are created, formed and made, is an innate part of self-knowledge, as is a deeper awareness of our soul’s journey or evolution through countless incarnations; the very nature of seeking knowledge, gnosis, of God, and conscious union with God, brings knowledge of our origin, or our beginning, as it were, for in this process we recognize that we are an emanation of God, or an emanation of God’s presence and power, and we become aware of how we have individuated, and the deep connection we have as individuals with the universal, and with the Divine.

At the outset it must be said that there is an aspect of the soul that is not “born,” that is without beginning, that is primordial, eternal, bornless; this is yechidah, our unique essence or divine spark, and this is formed of the Light of the Infinite (Or Ain Sof), and is inseparable from the Light of the Infinite. God and Godhead indwell this inmost part of the soul, and it is so radiant and holy, even angels cannot enter it, but only God.

This is the truth of the inmost part of our soul, but it is also true that before a soul individuates and awakens it abides in an unconscious union; there is a potential that is not actualized and realized. Before souls arise, if such may be said, they exist in a primordial unconscious union, and because it is unconscious it may rightly be called a state of primordial ignorance. As souls arise, and individuate, they do so from this ignorance, and arising in this ignorance there is an illusion of separation, an appearance of “self” and “other” separate and apart from one another, and self-grasping and self-will arises, and the play of desire and fear in self-grasping.

All living spirits and souls, all sentient beings, emerge from this primordial ignorance, and as such, this ignorance pervades all living spirits and souls; this pervasive ignorance is called cosmic, or universal ignorance, and its manifestation within each individual spirit or soul is called fundamental ignorance.

The reality of our experience, on every level, is a radiant display of our soul, consciousness or mind, individual and collective, and the arising of our countless incarnations, countless rounds of birth, life, aging, illness and death, and afterlife experiences of heavens, hells and various in betweens, is all the radiant display of the soul, consciousness or mind bound up in this ignorance, this illusion of separation and self-cherishing. As much as we may speak of God, Elohim, as the Creator, as emanations of the Lord God, Yahweh Elohim, we are all co-creators of this matrix of creation, the reality of our experience, in life and the afterlife states.

We may contemplate God, the Divine, as the One Being-Consciousness-Force, and we may contemplate souls, sentient beings, as emanations, creations, formations and actions of this One Being-Consciousness-Force; the very nature of this Being-Consciousness-Force is emptiness (Ain), and yet, it’s nature is to self-generate, to emanate, create, form and make, and its nature is aware, intelligent. This is the nature of the Divine, or Enlightened Being, or the One Being-Consciousness-Force, and so as emanations of this Holy One it is our nature as well. Therefore, souls arise and individuate because it is the nature of their source, God, and it is their very own nature – hence, the potential for endless self-generation, whether asleep, unconscious, or awake, conscious.

In that all arises from Ain, this emptiness, voidness or no-thingness, at one and the same time, it is fullness; this no-thingness is everythingness! It’s amazing! It’s magical!

In the arising of the create matrix of creation, and all beings, it is as though the Holy One is asleep and dreaming, and so the emanations of the Holy One are asleep and dreaming, unaware that they are asleep and dreaming, unaware that they are inseparable from the reality arising and from their source. There is an aspect of the soul within which God and Godhead indwells that does not sleep and does not dream, and yet, there is this play of sleep and dream arising from ignorance, unconsciousness, forgetfulness. In some way, though, for the greater awakening of souls, or the actualization and realization of the greater potential of souls, there is a need for this arising in “sleep and dream,” and through it souls develop and evolve, awaken and become realized (enlightened). Considering dreams, without the arising of dreams there could be no awakening in dream, or lucid dream, and there could be no transformation of dreams, or conscious dissolution and cessation of dreams, or a conscious awakening from dream to the Real, God.

This play of “sleep and dream,” or unconscious arising, leads to full awakening, but in the midst souls become bound up in various realities, of heavens, hells and all manner of realities in between, and there is much sorrow and suffering until souls awaken and bring the cause of sorrow and suffering to an end.

We may say, it is the nature of the mind, consciousness or soul, to dream, to arise, and to awaken – therefore souls arise in dream and eventually awaken; how they awaken is that underlying, all in a great mystery, there is this enlightened or divine nature all the while, the One-Who-Never-Sleeps.

The Divine is within us, our very essence and nature is Divine, all the while, but we must awaken, and we must recognize and realize our innate union with the Divine; hence, our labor for actual Self-realization in Christ.

If we contemplate the Divine Incarnation in Adonai Yeshua, or the embodiment of the Spirit of the Messiah, it is as though Adonai Yeshua is a completely lucid dreamer arise in a collective dream in order to help others remember that they are asleep and dreaming, and awaken. From a Gnostic perspective, more that trying to prove that he is the Messiah, or “God come down,” through the working of many and great wonders, in order that people might believe in him, instead he is revealing the true nature of reality as dream-like, a radiant or magical display of consciousness, and he is revealing the true nature of us all – hence, the Messiah, Christ. Believing that Yeshua is the Messiah is to believe that the Messiah is the true being, true nature, of all; it is simply a matter of remembering, or recognizing and realizing, our true being, our true nature, our divine spark.

In this journey of souls, in this development and evolution of souls, in effect, it is true, there are “younger” and “older” souls, or souls of various gradations of evolution, awakening; it is also true that souls pass through many different incarnations before becoming incarnate as human beings, and that from the first incarnation as a human being souls pass through many different incarnations in the process of becoming fully and truly human. Likewise it is true that the present human condition is a transitional state of being, and it is possible, and is destined, that we become more than human – hence, the Christ, or the Buddha, or the Avatar, and so on. All souls that appear in human incarnation, as yet, are not necessarily human, and among the present humankind there are many different gradations of evolution, awakening, and likewise, among souls that appear in human incarnation there are those that are more than human, that are awakened, realized, or are divine and supernal. In a manner of speaking, from within the present humanity there is a new humanity emerging, or a “species of being” that is “more than human.”

The very nature of the Fiery Intelligence (Consciousness-Force) within and behind creation, the universe, or reality, is an ascent and evolution of forms of life that are more refined, more intelligent and self-aware; this is true on a material level, and it is true on a psychic and spiritual level, or metaphysical level as well. In a manner of speaking, it is an evolution, awakening, to the Highest of Life, but the nature of that “height” is infinite, without end (Ain Sof).

If we were to encounter a realized individual, a Christ, or Buddha, or Avatar, or such, instead of one who has come to an end, they would be one who has come to a new beginning, or to a radical acceleration in evolution, the expansion of consciousness and intelligence; hence, the nature of this self-realization or enlightenment is very different than our mental conceptions of it at the outset, or our concepts in the ignorance.

If we look into the beginning of our soul, in truth we will find no beginning, but then, recognizing that there is no beginning, we will realize there is no end – this is the “eternal life” that is in Christ, and it is the awakening of Christ in us.

After writing all of these words I must confess that I’m laughing – they are like hot air, complete folly; but I pray, perhaps, a glimpse of wisdom might transpire through them, or some instant of a deeper remembrance of our being as we are in Christ and God, the True Light.

There is, no doubt, more that can be discussed and drawn out, but this seems enough hot air on a summer’s afternoon.

Holy One, we pray, may the Wind of Your Grace stir us and awaken us, and may we abide in the remembrance of the Divine I Am. Amen.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi
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I think I catch your drift

#3 Postby Drew » Sun Jul 15, 2012 10:59 am

Greetings Tau Malachi,

Thank you for your response. I suppose when I asked the question, I was somewhat optimistic of a clear cut answer, but instead it was I who was not thinking clearly, however, your response has refined 'myperception' of the subject. Refined so that I may reflect, contemplate and realize further..

The word and concept of 'story' is very present in my experience, especially when I contemplate the history of my soul. As if the emanation of God, that is the soul, has a specific story, and part of another 'collective story' and the next, and so on.

It also can feel as though the gradations of my soul or different evolutionary points of my soul are all existing simultaneously, some gradations ignorant and some awakened. Then there is the now, the focal point of consciousness, the present moment, this feels like something else or an addition to the soul, or something different that makes my individual experience 'real'. (Is there addition or separate of the soul, spiritual?) That being said, this 'reality' maybe all relative to each individual's experience, therefore an understanding and comprehension of self realization.. and possibly inspired by the One-Who-Never-Sleeps? The one who always remembers the story?

It's all too much to remember in one lifetime, much less one warm summers night, thank God we have eternity.

Holy One, we pray, may the Wind of Your Grace stir us and awaken us, and may we abide in the remembrance of the Divine I Am. Amen.

Thank you, Tau!

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Meta-Dimensional Being: Aspects of the Soul

#4 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:01 pm

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

The Holy Kabbalah teaches us that there are five principle aspects or levels of the soul, reaching from the Divine, and from the primordial and supernal dimensions, into the spiritual, astral and material dimensions; the inmost aspect or level of the soul is formed of Or Ain Sof, the Light of the Infinite, and is an emanation of the Light Continuum, Yahweh, and God and Godhead indwell this aspect or level of the soul, this inmost aspect being inseparable from God, the Divine I Am (Eheieh).

This inmost aspect is called yechidah, “divine spark” or “unique essence,” and it is quite literally an infinite potential of being-consciousness-force. Hayyah, the “life-force” or “light-power” radiating from yechidah is the next inmost aspect, and this, too, is an infinite potential of life and intelligence. Neshamah, our “divine nature,” or rather our “heavenly and supernal soul,” emanates from these, and is our appearance as we are in God, the True Light, or our appearance in the true kingdom of heaven, the Supernal Abode.

Then there are outer aspects or levels of the soul, which are the aspects of our soul that emanate into space-time and incarnate, forming the person and life, or incarnation. There is ruach, our “spirit” or “intelligence,” and there is nefesh, our “vital soul,” or “bestial nature.” Neshamah is the threshold, or intersection, as it were, of these inner and outer aspects or levels of the soul. On one hand, the outer aspects, ruach and nefesh, are emanations of the spiritual power of neshamah into incarnation, but on the other hand, the outer aspects are formed by the karmic continuum of the soul in the unenlightened condition, and are not pure emanations of neshamah, but rather, are like veils, obscurations or distortions of the light or energy-intelligence of the soul. In effect, in this world, in the present human condition, most ordinary individuals do not access the inner aspects of their soul, but rather are only able to access the outer aspects, and in most ordinary individuals the outer aspects are impure, distorted emanations of neshamah, hence are emanations of the karmic continuum of the soul, completely bound up in the ignorance.

In effect, in the case of the majority of humankind, as yet, the inmost aspects of the soul are transcendent, and are never accessed and embodied in incarnation, and the ruach and nefesh do not express the will and desire of their inner being, or the neshamah, but rather are formations of soul in ignorance, an illusion of separation, self-grasping and self-will, and the play of egoistic desire and fear, or attachment and aversion. It is as though the inner aspects or levels of the soul are cut off from the outer aspects, hence the common appearance of “soullessness” that can be encountered and observed in mass humanity, living only from its bestial nature, or vital nature, and a superficial, outer, intelligence.

Most of us here in this world live only in our surface consciousness, and never learn how to go within and live within, to experience higher, more expanded states of consciousness, and the greater divine intelligence that is in them; consequently, most human beings live in a karmic vision, in a deep sleep, unaware of the true nature of Reality, or God, which is to say unaware of their own essence and nature. It is a vision of great sorrow to see this in the awakening, for it is a terrible bondage to immeasurable sorrow and suffering that potentially can go on forever and ever, or through countless future lives.

Within and behind this, however, are the inner aspects or levels of the soul, and in this process, this great journey, the soul develops and evolves, and may awaken and begin to access, embody and realize the inner aspects of the soul. There is an aspect of neshamah that retains all that transpires, all actions positive and negative, and so all developments, evolutions, that are accomplished. A new ruach and nefesh are generated, emanated, with each incarnation, and as such ruachot and nefeshim develop and evolve, and at some point, resembling neshamah they begin to reflect and express the influence, will and desire, of neshamah, and so begin to embody the holy neshamah, or the greater consciousness and intelligence represented by neshamah. This is the awakening of souls, and as neshamah becomes embodied more and more, so there is access to hayyah and yechidah in incarnations, full enlightenment and liberation, or the realization of our transcendence; hence, the great knowledge and power we see with realized individuals, or the holy and enlightened ones.

The array of the soul, though, is not exactly so simple, for these five principle aspects or levels have all five aspects or levels in them, so that in fact there are twenty-five aspects of the soul. As an example, nefesh is composed of nefesh of nefesh, ruach of nefesh, neshamah of nefesh, hayyah of nefesh and yechidah of nefesh, and so it is with all five aspects. If we count the totality of all aspects or levels as an aspect itself, there are twenty-six aspects, which is the number of the Great Name of God, Yahweh.

In this we may understand the realization of all aspects of the soul, the full enlightenment and liberation of the soul, being represented by the Blessed Name of Yeshua, which is the Name of Yahweh with the addition of the Hebrew letter Shin, indicating the Divine, Fiery Intelligence, embodied in this realization or awakening.

The story of the soul, as you say, is the development and evolution of the soul, and we are a co-author, co-creator, with other souls and with God of this story; the aim, of course, is to enact and embody the intention of God, the “story God wishes to tell,” as it were, which is, in effect, innate to us, the purpose and mission to which our unique essence, or true being as a unique individual, is oriented and destined.

We may say that yechidah is a spark, or portion, of the Messiah, or the Christ, or is a unique expression of the Spirit of the Messiah; thus, in this conscious evolution, conscious when we awaken, not only are we to be Christ-like, but we are destined to be and become Christ, for such is the very essence and nature of our being as we are in God, the True Light.

In the process of this conscious evolution, incarnating we must access and unfold our previous spiritual realization once again, as for the first time, but because of our previous realization the process will be swifter, easier, because, in a manner of speaking, it is our “habit pattern,” or has become “second nature” to us. As our previous realization becomes embodied, so we may progress or advance based upon this foundation, continuing our conscious evolution and our labor in the harvest of souls.

If we wish a greater leap in this awakening conscious evolution, or we desire a push in this life towards full Self-Realization, or Enlightenment, then we will need to make use of a vehicle, a wisdom tradition, that is designed to facilitate an actual self-realization or enlightenment, with teachings and practices oriented to the full awakening of souls; hence, that teaches an actual path of enlightenment or self-realization. Just as there are various gradations of souls, so are there various gradations of teachings and practices, or wisdom traditions, and not all lineages and traditions teach a path to full enlightenment; but then, there are various gradations of souls, various stages of evolution, and for many individuals teachings and empowerments of a path to full awakening are not needed, or desired. Through various gradations of wisdom and light-transmission, direct and indirect, there is an outreach of souls at various gradations, and souls in various karmic conditions, so that all might be blessed and uplifted, all according to their desire and capacity to receive the Spirit of Truth, or Enlightenment.

At this time in human history, or the “human story,” it is very interesting. On one hand there is a great influx of souls into initial incarnations as human beings, but on the other hand there is also a great influx of souls of what may be called very “lofty” grades of evolution; hence, many very “young souls” and many very “old souls” are incarnating in this period of time.

In a manner of speaking, there is an evolutionary crisis transpiring in humankind, in this world, and this is a time of a great harvest of souls, so many laborers, many souls of “higher grades,” are entering into incarnation in humankind and this world, seeking to facilitate the awakening of many, the uplifting or many in the Great Ascension. As much as we may speak of a great resistance to the Holy Light, and a great influx of souls that are immature in their evolution, so also there are many souls ripe for the harvest, seeking and desiring the Holy Light, and who are willing to receive something of the Light Transmission.

Here and now is a very important time in the “human story,” and it is a precious time to be incarnate; although it is a Kali Olam, “Dark Age,” there is a great Light-presence and Light-power being embodied and manifest in it, and because of the great resistance to the Holy Light and to the righteous ones (tzaddikim), there is the possibility of more radical leaps in the evolution and realization of souls. If there is an incarnation for a push towards full self-realization in the Divine, and if we have any call or inclination to it, then it is now, in this very life, in this very time!

It must be said, however, that in any given world-system not all souls will awaken and enter into the Great Ascension, and likewise, in any given great cosmic cycle (universe) not all souls will awaken and enter into the Great Ascension; when the end of time comes, and a world, or the universe, pass into destruction, so many souls pass into destruction. The light, the energy-intelligence, of souls is eternal, bornless, and cannot be destroyed, thus, this “destruction” is a disintegration and dispersion of sparks of the soul, which then arises a countless other souls in another world, or another universe, and the evolution of soul continues; and, eventually, all sparks will be uplifted and redeemed, or awakened and realized. If and when a world is approaching the end times, in compassion, naturally, there is good reason to make haste in the labor for the harvest of souls, or good reason to be “evangelical,” seeking to impart the “Gospel,” or Light Transmission, to all who desire to receive it.

In a similar way, understanding this, we have every good reason to push for a swift awakening and realization of our soul in this life, for in so doing we can be of greater benefit, and perhaps help facilitate a greater harvest of souls in this generation.

It is true, among those in whom the mystical inclination has arisen, in the early years of the spiritual path there are those aspects of the soul that are aware due to previous evolution and realization, and those that are ignorant; the person of this incarnation is ignorant, and must once again unfold the spiritual realization from previous lives, acquiring a spiritual education, as it were, and accessing, connecting, the inner aspects of the soul with the outer aspects, fully incarnating here and engaging in the spiritual labor or mission for which they have come. It is something of an organic process, and does take some time, but if we continue in the spiritual life and practice, pushing for greater progress in the Gospel, the outer aspects of the soul will not remain in ignorance.

In closing I’m inclined to remind that this person and life, the surface, is like one percent of one percent of the greater being we are in God, or in the Light Continuum; we are, in truth, meta-dimensional beings, and our inner being is far greater then we realize at first – the soul is bigger and more dynamic than it seems at the outset.

These are some thoughts I was inclined to share with you dear brother.

Peace be with you, and God bless you!
Tau Malachi

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Sparks in All

#5 Postby Elder Gideon » Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:02 am

Shalom Tau Malachi:

Your essentialization of the emergence of soul is extremely helpful and clear. Thank you. It affords us the context and opportunity to inquire into more detailed questions such as one which has lingered with me for years; it will start ridiculously abstract and unspeakable and hopefully touch down.

By yechidah, Divine spark, I've come to understand that this inmost, holy root of my soul is the essence of my uniqueness and distinction from every other soul. I've further come to understand that this Divine spark that is my uniqueness in God is literally a fragment of the body of Primordial Adam, Adam Kadmon. In the shattering of the primordial universe, all Divine sparks composing the body of Adam Kadmon dispersed; clothed with Hayyah, "Life-Force", or "Light Power", something of these same sparks enter into time, Creation, Bereshit, as neshamot, 'Divine natures'. What's curious here in this, our Divine nature, is that in Neshamah, part of us remains primordial and inseparable with the Infinite completely outside of time (hayyah, yechidah) while another part of the same Neshamah generates incarnations of ruachot and nefeshim. As you state so clearly, countless incarnations are necessary before any alignment or mirror reflection of Neshamah is ever consciously accessed in the ruach and nefesh of an individual lifetime.

Everything said above is of the Human One, made in the image and likeness of YHVH Elohim. The physical body capable of reflecting this image and likeness in our world system happens to be primate. Other physical forms reflect immense intelligence as well, which the scientific community is breaking through with new measures, paradigms, and vocabulary to seriously regard.

This which makes everything live is certainly soul, nefesh. Ruach is undeniable in life forms which organize socially, hierarchically, and even show cruel or compassionate imagination. There seems to be a powerful relationship between a life-form and its capacity to express a Divine nature, a Neshamah so latent and hidden. My question simply is this: How shall we contemplate the limit, the cut-off point, of what is primordially rooted in a Divine spark? If, as Kabbalah famously contemplates, "every blade of grass has an angel," then is what is living alive because of the inmost, hidden Divine spark?


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Everything Has a Divine Spark

#6 Postby Tau Malachi » Sun Jul 22, 2012 10:09 am

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

The distinction between “animate” and “inanimate” swiftly changes in the experience of the inner dimensions and Light Continuum; we discover that all is the emanation of the One Being-Consciousness-Force (God), and that there is a “spirit,” or a certain consciousness and intelligence, within and behind all things. Thus, even stones, minerals, have a spirit, a soul, and within and behind all sentient beings there are these five aspects of the soul. There is a hint in something Adonai Yeshua says to Pharisees one day when he finds himself frustrated with self-righteousness religious authorities. Pointing at some stones, he says to them, “These stone will become children of Abraham before you enter into the kingdom of heaven.” On one hand, he is saying to them, “You are far from the kingdom of heaven,” but on the other hand, there is the suggestion of consciousness, soul, even in stones or minerals, and the suggestion of the eventual development and evolution of all. What if the Master means exactly what he says, the spirit in the stones will eventually evolve to become faithful, spiritual human beings, or intelligent life-forms, and the souls incarnate as those Pharisees have thousands, or even tens of thousands, of incarnations ahead of them before they become enlightened and enter into the Great Ascension? What if he is being quite literal?

The truth is that souls literally develop and evolve through countless incarnations, through the mineral, vegetable and animal realms, to the human realm, and likewise may pass through incarnations as various kinds of spirits in astral and spiritual dimensions, hell beings, heavenly beings, and various spiritual beings, divinities, hungry ghosts, celestial and elemental spirits, and the like; many different lives, many different experiences, are needed for the awakening of souls and their liberation, their ascension. Thus, souls now incarnate as human beings in this world have not always been human, and likewise, the present humanity is a transitional state of being, for we are destined to become more than human, or more than what we are in the present human condition, the unenlightened condition.

Here is must be said, while in general there is a forward, progressive impulse in the development and evolution of souls, there is also the possibility of regressions, and even very severe, or radical regressions; extreme sin, evil, or negative karma, at times, can cause equally severe regressions. In a similar way, though, through the cultivation of what is good and true, through righteousness, there is also the possibility of radical leaps in the progression, or the development and evolution of souls, and this becomes especially true when souls receive the Spirit of the Messiah, the Spirit of Enlightenment, and engage a conscious evolution, receiving divine, spiritual assistance as they return to God, the True Light.

Through Divine Grace, and through the spiritual assistance of tzaddikim and maggidim, or “saints and angels,” radical leaps in the actualization and realization of souls is possible, and does occur. Praise God!

There is, indeed, yechidah, a divine spark or unique essence, within and behind all things, apparently “animate” and “inanimate,” but in the mineral, vegetable and animal realms the actualization of this holy spark is relatively minimal compared to the potential actualization in a human being. We see this in the great restriction of the nefeshim and ruachot, the vital energy and intelligence of beings incarnate in mineral, vegetable and animal realms, compared to that of most human beings. At times, though, on account of sin, or negative karma, we can see a severe restriction of vital energy, life, and intelligence, even with souls incarnate as human beings, or we can see very inauspicious incarnations, filled with great misfortune and sorrow. At times, very lofty souls might take on a severe restriction in order to uplift souls bound up in severe negative karma, but generally speaking, when there is severe restriction, there is a severe sin or negative karma playing itself out.

Through all the incarnations of the soul, however, there is the divine spark within and behind, and in a co-labor with God, this divine spark is orchestrating the incarnations of the soul; this divine spark is an inner impulse and force for the development and evolution of the soul, a will or desire for actualization and realization, or for the awakening of the soul and the fulfillment of its purpose and mission, the will of God.

When it is said that “even a blade of grass has an angel telling it to grow,” along with the divine spark we know that there are spiritual forces involved in the development and evolution of souls, and by nature there are divine, archonic and demonic influences, all of which together create the environment, the great matrix of creation, or fields of sentient existence, through which souls are able to evolve and awaken. The divine forces, of course, labor to bring about the fulfillment of the desire of yechidah, the divine spark, and God Most High (El Elyon), and whenever possible they seek to facilitate leaps in the souls evolution and awakening. Thus, along with the inner aspects of the soul, yechidah, hayyah and neshamah, there are also maggidim, angels, who engage in certain labors, orchestrations, for the progression of souls in their journey of returning to God.

Joined with this, as souls develop and evolve, in their journey they form connections with tzaddikim, souls of higher grades, and holy and enlightened beings, and along with the maggidim, there are also tzaddikim laboring to uplift and redeem souls; hence, the very powerful spiritual or heart connections we can discover with various men and women of God, and how in some way, just hearing their name, or just hearing a teaching they have given, we may form a strong bound, or find an uncanny, inexplicable, affinity with them.

This play of various influences is within and behind the development and evolution of all souls, not just those appearing in human incarnation. If we understand this, perhaps our relationship and interactions with other sentient beings of all kinds may be transformed, and we may generate the sacred heart, active love and compassion for all, knowing our deep interconnection and interdependence with all, and knowing our share experience, or journey, with all.

Throughout this journey, throughout many incarnations, this development and evolution is unconscious, bound up in the ignorance, but there is something to be said of human incarnation; in humankind this evolution becomes semiconscious, and as we become a true human being, a full conscious evolution becomes possible – hence, a full conscious push or striving for self-realization, or enlightenment and liberation. Understanding this, our present incarnation as human beings with a strong mystical inclination is a priceless, immeasurably precious gift, a very grand opportunity!

If we are wise, if this impulse is in us, we will do whatever it takes to engage a conscious evolution and facilitate the fullest possible enlightenment in this very life, not only for ourselves alone, but in order to be of the greatest benefit to others, and to render the greatest possible spiritual assistance to all our relations.

The sleeper needs to awaken! Amen.

This is what the Mother Spirit puts into my heart on this day of remembering and keeping the Shabbat holy.

May we receive the Queen of the Holy Shabbat in full glory and power this day, and may all beings receive peace and be happy! Amen.

Shabbat Shalom!
Tau Malachi

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