The nature of angels

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The nature of angels

#1 Postby malochim » Sat Feb 09, 2013 3:58 am


I was contemplating the nature of angels today and what has been said recently in shabbat discourse about the nature of angels. I want to share some of my thoughts and questions. A post that Tau Malachi did recently on facebook came to mind.

“If you want romance, or divine passion, seek out the angels of God, the True Light; they are very jealous, or very zealous, lovers of God, and teach very well how to love the Beloved with fiery passion that endures without end. Peace be with you!”

I was thinking about how angels and archangels are expressions of the sefirot in the Olam of Beriyah and Yetzirah. As such they are feminine/vessels in relation to God. In relation to us they are often masculine or transmitters of information and energy, the shefa and ruhaniyot of the sefirah of Adam Kadmon and Atzilut.

I was gazing into the sun the other day and this came to mind as I was thinking about the angels today. It is almost as if the archangels are like spiritual suns, compressed points of consciousness energy in the doxta/radiance of God, Or Ain Sof. As suns they radiate the orders of angels, almost like every angel being a photon shooting out of the archangel, being the doxta or radiance/glory of that particular archangel. In a sense the analogy of the photon is pretty good I think because a photon is just a wave of energy or a force. Yet the energy of the angel is imbued with intelligence and purpose/will. A photon has no mass, it only exist while in movement, when it hits something that energy is transformed and we experience “light” as such it would seem that angels are intimately connected with the operation or purpose for which they were emanated, similar to the presence of power of that archangel/angel as it interact and reach out to the space around it. This would be similar to how we can experience Christ as indwelling, Cosmic and Primordial, being different gradations or expressions of the presence and power in the Entirety.

Would the angels that we generate be akin to the doxta/radiance of our own subtle body? Or do we move energy that is around us and thus through our will energize the subtle environment around us and propel it through our will intention?

Something I’ve been wondering is the nature of the Yechidah, our holy spark. Does the angels we generate partake in our subtle body and are extensions of it and as such are part of us and our Yechidah or do they have an “existence” of their own even though their lifespan could be as short as a couple of minutes? I’ve been thinking about the topic that was discussed in the Living body and a dream I had recently. Would the generation of angels also be part of “generating the mantle”, the mantle being connected to the generation of the body of Light and somehow perhaps the angels being the glory/radiance of that body? We are called to be Lightbearers, perhaps this has something to do with that, the presence and power indwelling us Immanuel, and his hosts surrounding us.

Blessings in the Light of the Messiah,
”Only love has meaning, it raises the smallest action into infinity.” , Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska

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The Angels and The Human One

#2 Postby Elder Sarah » Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:06 pm

Shalom Brother Jonas,

I appreciate that which you are drawing out regarding the Angels of God. I too have noticed the “photon” like phenomena in observing and contemplating the Orders of Angels. It appears, the Orders of Angels at the same time as raying out from Archangels, are what makes up the body of These Holy Beings. They seem to be quite literally that which constructs the very body of the Archangels, hence one can only imagine the immense power that moves with the Archangels in simply noticing the power that moves with the Orders of the Angels.

I am reminded of a certain teaching heard often in the tradition in connection to your comment,

“A photon has no mass, it only exist while in movement, when it hits something that energy is transformed and we experience “light” as such it would seem that angels are intimately connected with the operation or purpose for which they were emanated, similar to the presence of power of that archangel/angel as it interact and reach out to the space around it.”

We are taught there are two kinds of Angels, short term and long term. Short term Angels come into being for a direct mission that has a shorter term, long term can last the length of time of an entire cosmic cycle. While both are coming into being for a particular mission, the mission, in time space can be accomplished in a shorter or longer period of time. In connection to what you are drawing out, it does appear the mission and the Angel are made up of the same energy. Almost as if, as the Angel appears, it is the mission or operation intended by God that is appearing. Hence, it does not seem we can separate the purpose for the emanation and that which is emanated. This is where we can begin to see Angels form the very “bones” or “foundation” of which all exists. If we consider creation as Gods Will, which we know Gods Will is to create, then we can consider the very structure in which creation exists has much to do with these shorter and longer term operations or missions set in place by the Angels. The very fabric of creation stands on this.

Along the lines of this contemplation, in looking into your question,

“ Would the angels that we generate be akin to the doxta/radiance of our own subtle body? Or do we move energy that is around us and thus through our will energize the subtle environment around us and propel it through our will intention?”

I am inclined to share something observed in Light Continuum. It has been observed, as a light bearer engages the Light Continuum, it is as though the Light Bearer is becoming like unto the Angels, in fact, at certain points, as Beings are coming and going, one cannot make the distinction between the one who is “calling” upon these Holy Beings and the Beings themselves. In this way, as one becomes “Like unto the Angels” ones Subtle Body becomes extended and rays out enacting the numerous missions or purposes for which those beings are called. Perhaps this gets at some of the mysteries contained in what we hear in the Book of Hebrews,

“Are not all Angels Spirits in the Divine Service, sent to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?”

And also,

“But we do see Yeshua, who for a little while was made lower that the angels, now crowned with glory and honor because of the suffering of death, so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone.”

In what this Author is saying, true Salvation has much to do with the coming into the knowledge of the Powers of God. The knowledge of these Powers is the knowledge of the Angels. In this knowledge, it appears the Human One, Light bearers, become as “tenders of the field”, directing and moving beings forces here, all according to the needs observed. There is something of a mystery here, one I have contemplated much, it is the mystery of the shift in the ability of Angels to enact their missions as the Human One comes into being, hence as the shift that happens when Yeshua is “Crowned with Glory and Honor” “above” the Angels so to say.

Your observation concerning the Mantle and the power of this movement is quite intriguing. I am reminded of something heard often as the Mantle is invoked. Often, there is a reference to the “Wings of the Shekinah”, that these “wings” may enshroud both the one who imparting the Blessing and the one receiving. We know “Wings” refers to “powers”, so in a way, what is said, has much to do with calling the Angels of the Shekinah to surround, to encompass. It seems, the way these Holy Beings come, forming the Mantle, has much to do with the realization of these powers within the Light Bearer who is calling upon. In other words, we must become that which we are calling upon.

May powers of the Human One be enacted this day, raying out to one and all alike!

Many Blessings and Shalom,

Elder Sarah+

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The Nature of All

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:46 am

Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

On one hand the existence and reality of archangels and angels in their own worlds and dimensions is as distinct, and “real,” as is our existence and reality in this world and dimension, and each may be understood as a unique and individual divine being with its own “mind” and “heart,” as it were, and its own knowledge and power, all as woven and fashioned by God. The universes or dimensions in which they exist, though, are astral and spiritual, reaching into the supernal and primordial, and therefore their existence and reality is very different from ours in this world, it is more fluid and flowing, non-linear and meta-dimensional. Thus, while unique and individual divine beings, they are also deeply interconnected, and interpenetrate one another, and are able to merge in their divine actions. When we gaze into the heavens, or the world of archangels and world of angels, we see that they exist within one another, and emanate from one another, and yet at the same time they are individual beings-forces. It is really very beautiful, and very awesome and wonderful to see, and likewise quite mysterious, while also somehow familiar on a deeper level of our being, our soul.

As we are in ourselves, and in these bodies and this world, the existence and reality of the angels of God is very different from our own; yet, that is only on the surface, for on a deeper level we are, in fact, very similar to the angels. In the deeper parts of our soul we also are completely interdependent and interconnected, and while unique individual beings, we interpenetrate and merge with one another, much like the angels. If we gaze into the heavens, or the world of neshamot, and the inner aspects of our soul, we find a non-linear and meta-dimensional being much like that of the archangels and angels, our neshamot existing within one another, and emanating from one another, inseparable from one another, while at the same time being unique individuals. At the level of our neshamah, however, we are not only inseparable from the neshamot of others, existing with, in and through one another, but we are also inseparable from the angels of God and they from us.

The reality of the heavens, astral, spiritual and supernal is very different from the reality on earth, except, of course, in experiences of the Light Continuum and Light Transmission, and the expanded states of consciousness that arise in them, when we are able to look and see all of these realities occupying the same space, at the same time, and we find the reality of this world also becomes non-linear and meta-dimensional, or fluid and flowing – in a word, “magical.”

The key to understanding this is in the recognition and realization that all realities of our experience are radiant or magical displays of our mind, consciousness or soul, whether in this world or in the heavens; or whether in incarnation and waking consciousness, sleep and dream, or death and the afterlife. It is all a radiant or magical display of consciousness, in a word, “dream-like.”

Here is a truth that will blow your mind: The Word of God is spoken, the angels are woven from it, and they, in turn, weave the fabric of creation, creature and souls, all from Or Ain Sof (Infinite Light), and from the shefa and ruhaniyot of the Holy Sefirot (Divine Attributes). At the same time, though, we are weaving angels, the fabric of creation, creatures and souls, this great weave of creation on all levels is a co-weaving, a co-creation, of all who are involved, all founded upon the Word of God, all uttered by God, or emanating from God, the True Light!

You see, the Word of God, the Spirit of God, the Creative Power of God, is in all of us, is in each and every one of us, and yet it is ever beyond us, as individuals and all of us together, completely transcendent of creatures and creation. Thus, in a manner of speaking, through the angels, and through us, through all creation, God is weaving creation, and at the same time God is weaving from beyond, and is beyond the weaving of creation entirely!

This is the wild truth of Reality as It Is, in heaven and on earth, or anywhere else that might be named!

Here and there, in moments of power, in moments of Light Transmission, we are able to see and hear, and know this; the more our soul awakens within us, the more Christ and the Holy Spirit takes up our person and life, the more we will walk with this awareness, and so, quite literally, walk with God and the angels, in this world, and in every realm, world or universe through which our soul journeys.

The truth is, the angels do exist outside of us and we exist outside of them, but at the same time, they exist within us and we exist within them; in the awakening of our soul in Christ we discover outer space, and the entire radiant display that is in it, and inner space, and the entire radiant display that is in it, are one infinite space and infinite radiance, or energy. In this awakening, in this generation of the presence of awareness, awareness is united with this infinite space and radiance, and in this is the experience of conscious unification with Christ and God, the True Light.

If we are unified with Christ and God, the True Light, then we are also unified with archangels and angels.

In the unenlightened condition, in the ignorance, however, souls are bound up in the illusion of separation and that becomes the reality of their experience; many ordinary individuals in this world do not walk with God and the angels, and are not generating new angels and new heavens, but something else, all according to their thoughts and desires in self-cherishing, attachment and aversion.

It isn’t just new angels and new heavens that are continually being created, just as among the spiritual beings-forces it is not just angels of God that seek to influence humankind; there is also the generation, creation, of archonic and demonic forces, and their corresponding realms. God forbid!

The full power for the generation of new angels and new heavens, and the increase of the influence and power of the angels and heavens in this world, depends upon the awakening of the soul, the reception of the Holy Light from above and the uplifting of the serpent power; hence, the full generation of the body of light, the Threefold Body. The greater the awakening of the soul, the greater this power of self-generation, or creation, will be in the soul; naturally so.

In this, perhaps, you will understand that, very truly, we live in a magical universe, a magical reality. The more we recognize and realize this, or the more we are aware of this, the greater the shifts we can bring about in the reality of our experience, as well as in the reality of the experience of others; hence, the play of prophecy, wonders, and such, we may experience with tzaddikim, or awakened souls.

In the end, though, put very simply, whether appearing to come from without or from within, whatever appears is all “coming from God,” emanating from God, the True Light – the Clear Light Nature underlying all.

The Clear Light, the Inmost Radiance of God, is the Foundation of All (Yesod Ha-Kol), and all emanates from it and is woven, or formed of it.

Blessings to you from Yahweh Elohim, Shaddai!
Tau Malachi
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