Depths and People: Amaq and Am

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Depths and People: Amaq and Am

#1 Postby sheryl » Sat Oct 03, 2015 9:58 pm

Shabbat Eve Shalom!

In speaking of depths in our Zohar study recently, Elder Gideon brought to our awareness that the word for depths used in Psalm 130, Out of the depths I have cried to you, O Yahweh, is amaq or Ayin Mem Qoph, bearing a resemblance to the Hebrew word for people, am or Ayin Mem.

A further study of this revealed something interesting about am. When am is used in scripture as 'people', the 'people' being referred to are often righteous, or blameless, the children of Israel being referred to as am. This is contrasted to another word that is at times translated as people, though most often translated as "nations" - gowi, or Gimmel Vau Yod.

We have been taught that depths as used in Psalm 130, is referring to the depths of the directions of the Sacred Circle, or the depths of the Sefirot. I am curious of the relationship between these depths, amaq, and a holy people, am, and will be grateful for anything that can be shared.



Elder Gideon
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People from a Depth

#2 Postby Elder Gideon » Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:59 pm

Shalom Sheryl:

Can you find out the deep things of God?
Can you find out the limit of the Almighty?
(Job 11.7)

I appreciate your bringing this question to the community, as what is deep confronts us all.

Where Hebrew words appear within other Hebrew words is for me a mnemonic device of remembering and extending Hebrew vocabulary. The constant and poetic wordplay the rabbis of the Zohar seem to encourage this practice for its own sake of contemplation. Where I see this word for deep, as in the psalm you quote, fascinates me. Take off the final letter qof, and deep becomes the word people. This suggests that people evolve from a mysterious depth.

This particular Hebrew letter qof is the key in the contemplation. Remembering how the word for this letter קוף also is the same for monkey is all the more salient in our contemporary world. Everything we know about physical people—the genetic heritage, social structure, communication patterns, family roles and hierarchies—is all founded upon this depth of our primate past. The work of primatologists continue to amaze and change our understanding of ourselves as we inquire with greater humility and compassion into our physical origins. By no means does this limit our spiritual selves. Quite the opposite, the honest humility of articulating more exactly and concretely the animal depth from which we've come precisely describes our work of integration and alignment.

"Wow, Elder Gideon," one might ask, "What does this really have to do with people?" Everything. We are social animals, far more like them than human as we consider larger and larger group sizes often challenging or assassinating righteous individuals. Consider the children of Israel in Exodus or the crowds in any gospel as an immense character and one clearly sees the threat an individual poses to collective consciousness. This too interacts very consistently in the mystery of qof, which is the depth of the ninety-eight genetic percent of us still primate and struggling to open and trust what is truly unique, wise, and enlightening.

As people do, people are.

Elder Gideon

Tau Malachi
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Re: Depths and People: Amaq and Am

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:09 am

Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

There are depths above and depths below, those below the expression of those above. This word for depths, which when Qof is removed also means “people,” does indeed indicate creative evolution and, specifically material evolution. From the depths of primordial oceans and single celled organisms life evolves in material worlds systems, the mineral realm becoming a foundation for the evolution of the vegetable realm, animal realm and human realm, and eventually the advent of the Messiah - divine or enlightened being, and an evolution beyond human and beyond the need for material existence. This matrix of creation, evolution, is as a womb of the Holy One giving birth to souls in the eternal realm, the World-To-Come.

Human beings, however, are woven of heaven and earth, or depths above and depths below, and although we may be born in a human form until we seek enlightenment or God, and cultivate and embody the Divine Attributes (Sefirot), we are not human, but rather are animal, bestial, devoid of our heavenly components. As we know, the Holy Sefirot are called “depths,” and it is from these depths that our soul is generated and from which we draw the inner aspects of our soul. Thus, there is a material evolution, the evolution of lifeforms, and with it there is an evolution of consciousness, and within and behind this is a spiritual evolution, souls awakening and returning to God, or attaining enlightenment and liberation. This is indicated by “am” as a word for holy and righteous people - the spiritual Community of Israel; hence, true humanity, spiritual humanity.

All of this, of course, is interwoven, interconnected, for the depths below are the expression of depths above, and the depths below depend upon the depths above - the Sefirot; life and creation flows from the Sefirot, and is the actualization and realization of the Sefirot and Ain Sof, the Infinite. This is the divine purpose of the matrix of creation, the generation of souls able to realize and embody the presence and power of the Sefirot - Divine Attributes, and able to enter into conscious union with the Infinite through them.

Thus the purpose of creation is the generation of the Messiah and salvation - enlightenment and liberation.

In closing it is good to remind that the material evolution is for the sake of a spiritual evolution, and is an evolution of consciousness beyond the need for material or physical incarnation; hence, the aim is the realization of transcendence, or the Great Ascension.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi
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