Yesod: El Hai

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Yesod: El Hai

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Yesod: El Hai

There is a secret mystery concerning Yesod to be shared, something of an open secret among mekubalim (initiates). As is known, outwardly Yesod is called Shaddai, the ‘Almighty,’ for it gathers and holds all influxes of the upper Sefirot, imparting them to Malkut, Shekinah, which is called Adonai, ‘Lord.’ Gathering and holding all influxes, and imparting them, so the influxes are measured - measured blessings flow; hence the phrase ‘it is enough’ within Shaddai. Shaddai, though, corresponds with the exterior of Yesod, or Yesod as it generally appears to us; the interior of Yesod, however, corresponds with El Hai - ‘God of Life, ‘Living God.’

This is because, inwardly, receiving the influxes of all of the Sefirot proceeding it, from each Sefirah it draws out loving-kindness and wisdom, loving-kindness and life; hence ‘El’ and ‘Hai.’ Yesod is called ‘Foundation,’ for this is the foundation of creation, mercy and life - salvation, and it is called Holy Tzaddik, ‘Righteous One,’ for this is the essence of righteousness and it is the labor, action, of living tzaddikim, to draw into the world loving-kindness and life - the salvation of souls, the enlightenment and liberation of souls.

In prayer and sacred ceremony when initiates are invoking the Names of God and from the Holy Names they seek to draw out mercy and life - the spiritual power of salvation, they may invoke, chant, El Hai, and with El Hai, between intonations of El Hai, they will invoke the various Names corresponding with the Holy Sefirot, beginning with El Elyon, Eheieh. As they do so they hold the intention of Yesod gathering all influxes, and at the same time Yesod imparting them to Malkut; hence, the full glory and power of the Holy Shekinah manifest in loving-kindness and life, bringing salvation, the realization of bornless being, eternal life - Hai.

When the Holy Shekinah is manifest in this way, as we know, she is called Elohim Hayyim - ‘Living God,’ and likewise Yahweh - ‘Eternal One.’ Contemplate this well, and understand!

Now there is an essential teaching in this concerning the spiritual life and practice - the Life Divine. Listen and hear, and understand! The Holy Tzaddik is the ‘foundation of the world,’ the ‘foundation of salvation,’ and having received your anointing you are called and you are chosen to remember your oneness with the Messiah and Holy One, you are called to live as the holy tzaddikim and to come into being as tzaddik - righteous one, taking up the spiritual labor of your tzaddik, the outer and inner tzaddik. Remembering your innate unity with the Holy One, so you are to cultivate all of the Divine Attributes (Sefirot), receiving and holding the spiritual powers, blessings, of them all, and having them to give to the people and the world; and first and foremost among the Divine Attributes it is given to you to cultivate loving-kindness and wisdom, loving-kindness and life, to be more and more kind, and more and more filled with ‘life’ - the light of awareness, the Living Presence.

Mercy and life, mercy and wisdom, this is the very essence of the Living Presence of the Living God; mercy and life, mercy and wisdom, this is the very essence of the Living Spirit - Holy Spirit, which brings salvation, enlightenment and liberation. Understand this!

Pray for the realization of loving-kindness, more and more kindness, and for the realization of wisdom, life, enlightenment, above all else; pray and pray and pray, and meditate and be love and light, the Life Divine (El Hai).

May God help you with this, may God bless you in this! Amen.

Shabbat Shalom!
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