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The Holy Name Yahweh Shaddai: Lord Almighty

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 2:39 pm
by Tau Malachi
The Holy Name Yahweh Shaddai: Lord Almighty

The Name ‘Lord Almighty,’ Yahweh Shaddai, appears in apocryphal writings before St. Paul’s use of it in 2 Corinthians 6:18, but it does not appear in the Old Testament, and consequently isn’t discussed in the mysteries of the Names of God associated with Yesod in the Judaic Kabbalah. It is, however, a Name of God with significant meaning in the Christian Kabbalah, understanding that the Name of God in the Book of Revelation is Yahweh Elohim Shaddai, another Holy Name that does not appear in the Old Testament - (Shaddai replacing Tzavaot in this Name as used in Revelation, as we have discussed elsewhere).

As we know, Shaddai, El Shaddai and Shaddai El Hai are Names of God corresponding with Yesod-Foundation, and so also is Yahweh Shaddai according to the Christian Kabbalah. With God’s help let us inquire into this Holy Name.

First, this Name means ‘Lord Almighty,’ but it may also be translated as the ‘Eternal One, the Almighty,’ and as stated in a recent teaching it may also be translated as ‘Lord, the Breasted One’ - Yahweh the Breasted One. These various translations of this Holy Name, of course, can lead to diverse contemplations of this Name as a manifestation of Yesod of Atzilut.

Now is known, El Shaddai, Shaddai and Shaddai El Hai correspond with the manifestation of Yesod in Mercy, Judgement and Compassion, respectively, and designate influxes of the Three Pillars, ‘right,’ ‘left’ and ‘middle.’ This corresponds with manifestations according to Simple Mercy, measured influxes and blessings. Yahweh Shaddai corresponds with the manifestation of Yesod in Supernal Grace, Abundant Mercy, and the direct influx of all Three Pillars, all Holy Sefirot into Yesod, and in turn into Malkut-Kingdom, the Holy Shekinah.

Understand, Yahweh is the Explicit Name of the Infinite One, or the ‘All-Inclusive Name,’ for as the blessed masters of the tradition have taught this Great Name contains all of the Names of God - ‘all Names of God depend upon it.’ Thus, Yahweh Shaddai indicates the power of all the Names of God brought into Shaddai, Yesod, so truly Shaddai, ‘Almighty,’ ‘All-Powerful.’ As we know, Yahweh is attributed to Tiferet-Beauty, the Sefirah of the Messiah in the Holy Kabbalah, and this Great Name with the addition of the letter Shin, which begins Shaddai, is the Blessed Name of the Messiah, Yeshua, Yoshua - ‘Yahweh delivers.’ In Yahweh Shaddai we may understand that Yahweh delivers through great power, great grace and great mercy, which is manifest as the Messiah; so Yahweh Shaddai, this is the Living Presence and Power of Yahweh in the Messiah, the True and Holy Tzaddik, Perfect Tzaddik, Perfection of Humanity; hence, Son of the Human One, Son of God.

We may say that the Shin in the Blessed Name is Shaddai, and so Yahweh Shaddai corresponds with the realization of the Absolute Oneness of Yahweh in the Messiah, this very Name corresponding with the mystery of Supernal Grace, Abundant Mercy - the Holy Tzaddik able to receive, hold and impart direct Supernal Influx, the living fountain, as it were, of all blessings, unmeasured blessings, and all influxes, the spiritual power of all Names of God, or all Divine Attributes and Actions.

This naturally corresponds with the complete unification of Tiferet and Malkut through Yesod in the coming of the Messiah, that unification being perfected and completed through the Holy Cross and the revelation of the Risen Messiah. Yahweh Shaddai corresponds with the power of the Risen Messiah vanquishing all spiritual forces of the klippot, the Other Side, or sin, and death, and hell. ‘Almighty,’ indeed! Hallelu Yah! Praise the Lord!

Understanding this we may contemplate the blessing promised, made in the Name Yahweh Shaddai in 2 Corinthians:

“I will live in them and walk among them, and I will be their God [Elohim], and they will be my people. Therefore come out from among them, and be separate from them, says the Lord [Yahweh], and touch nothing unclean; then I will welcome you, and I will be your father, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty [Yahweh Shaddai]” (6:16-18).

This exactly in the grace and mercy of God Most High manifest in the Messiah, the kingdom of heaven manifest in us and with us - fullness of the Holy Shekinah, Holy Spirit.

There is more that might be said, but this is enough for today.

May Yahweh Shaddai bless you this, day, and may you rejoice in the Living Presence of God with you! Amen.

Yahweh Shalom!

Milk of Knowledge

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 10:57 pm
by Elder Gideon
Shalom Tau Malachi:

This is such a dynamic teaching on YHVH Shaddai. I'm most grateful you've found this language in Paul's writing.

As I researched it, the first occurrences of LORD Almighty appear four times in the Book of Judith and many more times through the Apocrypha. As I looked closer into the narrative of this hero, I was astonished by her boldness confronting the fear of the people, who'd been lead to wait five days in response to news of pending doom from Assyria:

Who are you to put God to the test today, and to set yourselves up in the place of God in human affairs? You are putting the Lord Almighty to the test, but you will never learn anything! You cannot plumb the depths of the human heart or understand the workings of the human mind; how do you expect to search out God, who made all these things, and find out his mind or comprehend his thought? No, my brothers, do not anger the Lord our God (Judith 8:12-14).

She goes on to admonish the people to give thanks to the LORD, to seek Him, despite the advance of Assyria. Her rousing prayer to God grants permission to a most dangerous task. We know the story, how she moves with the Shekinah in the enemy encampment to allure a secret audience with General Holofernes, whom she later beheads.

All the Jewish people bowed before God upon her victorious return; she was praised for walking in the straight path before our God.’ And all the people said, ‘Amen. Amen' (13:20).

How elegant, that a heroine of the covenant is first to pronounce this unique Name YHVH Shaddai.

The breasts of the Almighty are two, which you shared with me hold all manner of polarities, such as conception and birth, First and Second Coming, etc. It reminds me of how you once shared in discourse that the milk of the Mother is Da'at—Knowledge. I also seem to recall you citing these breasts as the mysteries of Christ and the Holy Spirit in an inspiration you wrote titled the Breasted Father.

I suppose I'm still contemplating all of these swirling layers. I'm grateful for any more you might be inspired to share.

Elder Gideon

Re: The Holy Name Yahweh Shaddai: Lord Almighty

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:13 pm
by Tau Malachi
Grace and peace to you in Yahweh Shaddai and Yeshua Messiah!

There is, in truth, no end to the depths of secret mysteries the Names of God are, each an aspect and manifestation of the Infinite One (Ain Sof), and so in itself infinite, endless, exhaustless in potential and actual manifestation, revelation. They are a delight to invoke and contemplate, and so it is with the Holy Name, Yahweh Shaddai - the ‘Eternal Almighty,’ or ‘Eternal Breasted One.’

As we have said of the ‘ Breasted Father,’ Yahweh, one breast is the Messiah and the other the Holy Spirit, or we may say the Word and Wisdom, for it is known that the Messiah is the Word and the Holy Spirit is Wisdom. It is through the Messiah and Holy Spirit, or Word and Wisdom, that we have true knowledge of Yahweh, and more so the realization of the Absolute Oneness of Yahweh and our unification with Yahweh in the Messiah. So ‘milk,’ indeed, corresponds with knowledge - da’at, gnosis.

As we are aware, Da’at and Yesod are intimately interconnected on the Great Tree of Life, the Da’at of a lower Olam-Universe emanating from the Yesod of an upper Olam. Likewise, as Sefirot above and below Tiferet, the Sefirah corresponding with the Messiah, Da’at may be conceived of as the inner, concealed dimension of Tiferet-Messiah, and Yesod may be considered the outer, revealed dimension of Tiferet-Messiah, and so they are deeply interrelated. In this you may understand that Yahweh Shaddai corresponds with the revelation of the Messiah, Yeshua, which is the revelation of Yahweh; through revelation, so the giving of knowledge - Da’at. As we also know, Da’at means ‘knowledge,’ but also ‘union,’ as in ‘Adam ‘knew’ Havvah (Eve), and with revelation and knowledge, unification - true salvation.

You may recall promise of a ‘land flowing milk and honey,’ so knowledge of God and unity with God, respectively; this of course corresponds with no land of this world, but rather with the kingdom of heaven and World-To-Come.

Now when St. Paul preached the Gospel, along with the other Holy Apostles, all believers held faith in an immanent ‘Day of the Lord,’ Second Coming, and the use of Yahweh Shaddai is associated with this, just as in the Book of Apocalypse the Name of Yahweh Elohim Shaddai is associated with the End-Of-Days and Second Coming. As our Gnostic Gospel teaches us, the First Coming corresponds with the revelation of the’Father’ and the Second Coming corresponds with the revelation of the ‘Mother’ - the ‘Motherhood of God.’ In this regard the use of the Holy Name Shaddai in conjunction with Yahweh and Yahweh Elohim in expectation of the Second Coming is very interesting, especially given that as well as ‘Almighty’ it also means ‘Breasted.’

As everyone knows a child has far more intimate knowledge of their mother than their father, and so the revelation of Motherhood in the Second Coming implies a more intimate revelation and knowledge of God Most High. Indeed, for in the Second Coming the Messiah does not just appear in one human being, from whom that Word and Holy Spirit is imparted to others, but rather appears in many, and entire spiritual communities are taken up in the Holy Shekinah, Holy Spirit, in full power and glory. Truly so, for the Second Coming corresponds with the greater influx of the Supernal Light and greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh, a grand movement of the Holy Light and Spirit of God in the world, so a greater revelation of God - Yahweh Shaddai, and Yahweh Elohim Shaddai.

In this we may remind that from Hebrew the Spirit is not associated with male but rather with female, and therefore truly a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit is a revelation of the Feminine aspect of God Most High - the ‘Motherhood of God.’

Given our understanding that we are living in the Second Coming of the Messiah, the ‘end times,’ this Holy Name holds a special place in our invocations, as does Yahweh Elohim Shaddai, certainly so!

Having received their milk, knowledge of God, may many also taste the sweetness of the honey, conscious unification! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!

Re: The Holy Name Yahweh Shaddai: Lord Almighty

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 12:30 pm
by Tau Malachi
Blessings in the Holy Light of the Risen and Ascended Messiah!

There is something more that I’m inclined to share concerning this Holy Name of God Most High.

At the outset of the quote we have cited from St. Paul’s Second Letter to Corinthians he writes to them, “For we are the temple of the living God [Elohim Hayyah].” This, and something in his quote, “Therefore come out from them and be separate from them, says the Lord [Yahweh], and touch nothing unclean,” points to a very profound interconnection between the Name of Yahweh Shaddai and the Risen and Ascended Messiah. In the original teaching we shared some hint of this, but there is more to be said, as the Spirit inspires today.

First, understand, as the Messiah, Yeshua was established in the supreme station of Lordship, Sovereignty, by the Most High corresponding with the Holy Name of Adon, or Adonai (Malkut); hence the Name Adon Yeshua and Adonai Yeshua, and likewise Adon Yeshua Messiah and Adonai Yeshua Messiah. Understand, though, that in complete unity with the Holy Shekinah of Yahweh, or Yahweh Elohim, the Holy Shekinah being manifest in full glory and power according to Supernal Grace, having been exalted to the station of Lordship, so the full power of the Name Shaddai, ‘Almighty’ or ‘Mighty One,’ was given to him, for having the authority of Lordship, Shaddai corresponds with the power to execute it. The Name Yahweh Shaddai in this passage corresponds with the complete empowerment of Lordship, which occurs in the resurrection, and in the ascension and enthronement of the Risen One.

Here, perhaps, you may recall that although something of the Holy Light and Spirit was imparted to the disciples early on, before the death and resurrection of Adonai Yeshua, it was through the appearance and revelation of the Risen Messiah that the fullness of the Holy Spirit was passed to them, and likewise it was through the revelation of the Ascended Messiah that the Pentecostal Fire came upon them, and into them, consecrating them as Holy Apostles; hence, the full capacity of Light Transmission - the communication of the Holy Light and Spirit, and Living Word.

Through his death and resurrection, and his ascension, so the Messiah Spirit, or Shekinah of Messiah - Shekinah of Yahweh, Yeshua, has come into us and indwells us, and we are, indeed, the living temple of the Living God, Elohim Hayyim, in this way - the ‘God of the living’ being in us, for we have become ‘living ones’ in Messiah Yeshua. We are in the Messiah and the Messiah is in us, and so we have died with him and are resurrect with him, and we are uplifted in the ascension, unified with him in God Most High, El Elyon, and so ‘enthroned’ in supernal glory in him. Through this resurrection we have come out from bestial, material humankind, or humankind of the natural order, and are established in spiritual humanity, and more so the humanity of a divine and supernal order - the Order of Melchizedek, as it is called in the Holy Scriptures.

As we know, the ‘Father’ is in the ‘Son,’ and the ‘Son’ is in the ‘Father,’ Yahweh is in the Messiah, and the Messiah is in Yahweh, and therefore, with the Messiah indwelling us, so also Yahweh, the Eternal One. As we know, the Name Yahweh, Yeshua, contains all of the Names of the Holy One - all powers of the Names, Attributes, Actions, of the Most High, Elyon, and this corresponds with the Name Shaddai, ‘Almighty,’ the full array of the presence and powers of the Holy One, those powers actualized, realized and embodied through Supernal Grace - the Messiah, being indicated by Yahweh Shaddai, and in the End-Of-Days by Yahweh Elohim Shaddai.

Here we may say, Yahweh Shaddai, this is the divine action of ‘Yahweh delivers,’ the Shin in the Blessed Name of Yeshua corresponding with the Shin of Shaddai.

Now, concerning the revelation of the Mother - Motherhood of God, in the Second Coming. Understand, ‘Father’ indicates a deep intimacy with a son or daughter, but ‘Mother,’ naturally, indicates an even deeper intimacy. As more and more souls embody the Messiah, the Holy Light and Spirit in full, quite naturally there is a greater intimacy of humanity and God Most High, greater Habad of the Supreme in Oneness.

This is the word set into my heart that was to be shared.

May we abide in the Life Divine, the True Light and Life of the Most High in the Messiah! Amen.

Shaddai Shalom!

Temple within Temple

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 10:00 am
by Elder Gideon
Shalom Tau Malachi:

As we know, the Name Yahweh, Yeshua, contains all of the Names of the Holy One - all powers of the Names, Attributes, Actions, of the Most High, Elyon, and this corresponds with the Name Shaddai, ‘Almighty,’ the full array of the presence and powers of the Holy One, those powers actualized, realized and embodied through Supernal Grace - the Messiah, being indicated by Yahweh Shaddai, and in the End-Of-Days by Yahweh Elohim Shaddai.

I'm hearing more nuanced detail between the Names YHVH Shaddai and YHVH Elohim Shaddai. If I understood correctly, YHVH Shaddai corresponds with the Coming of the LORD; YHVH Elohim Shaddai, the Coming of the LORD in the End of Days. As these interact with your citation from St. Paul of the "temple," I'm hearing degrees of unveiling.

We'll remember that the evolution of the dwelling—a tabernacle into a temple into the embodiment of the Human One—is a fundamental veil upon the Indweller, the Presence, the Shekinah of YHVH. The Coming of the LORD now sounds like an unveiling of this temple, the disclosure of the One within oneself.

When I was younger in fundamentalism, I never really knew what the "Coming of the LORD" meant until the Spirit unveiled the temple: Light Transmission. I now understand that Shaddai—the Coming of the LORD—is a movement of the unveiling of the temple. If the unveiling of this temple to one soul is so powerful, even overpowering, how much more the unveiling to all souls of YHVH Elohim Shaddai?

An attribute of Malkhut is the temple itself. Malkut both reveals and conceals Yesod. It occurs to me in a whole new way that Yesod is within and behind everything meant of the temple. Perhaps this is what the LORD showed Moses in the concentric design of the tabernacle: the Holy of Holies leading to Yesod, the gateway of all gates, all sefirot.

Given Shaddai as "Almighty" and "Breasted One," how does your citation of the temple interact with the unveiling of these Divine Names YHVH Shaddai and YHVH Elohim Shaddai? Are their contexts respectively the unveiling of the exterior and interior Shekinah?


Elder Gideon

Re: The Holy Name Yahweh Shaddai: Lord Almighty

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 1:25 pm
by Tau Malachi
Grace and peace to you from Yeshua Messiah and Yahweh Elohim, Shaddai!

First, understand that the tabernacle or temple itself corresponds with Malkut, but then the interiors of the temple, the internal structure and fixtures and furnishings, correspond with the Six Sefirot according to the teachings of the Kabbalah. Indeed, for as we know in all of its manifestations, whether as ‘temple,’ ‘world,’ and so on, Malkut is the united co-arising of all of the upper Sefirot, the formation of all realities material, astral, spiritual and supernal. Understanding this it may be said that on any level, material, astral, spiritual or supernal, Yesod is within and behind the appearance, manifestation, of Malkut, and likewise, that a weave of the spiritual powers of all of the Sefirot are involved.

Now as for the revelations of the exterior and interior Shekinah, what is ‘exterior,’ ‘lower,’ or ‘interior,’ ‘upper,’ will depend upon one’s point of view, or the grade of one’s state and station, or the reality of one’s experience. Understand, compared to the physical, material manifestation of the Shekinah, the astral manifestation is ‘interior’; but then in relationship to the spiritual manifestation of the Shekinah the astral manifestation is ‘exterior,’ and so it is at any given grade or level. In general, though, concerning the Names of God and mysteries of the Gospel we are discussing, from the perspective of the eternal realm and Light Continuum, or the World-To-Come, the entire array of the Holy Shekinah spiritual, astral and material corresponds with the ‘exterior Shekinah’ and the supernal and primordial corresponds with the ‘interior Shekinah.’

Understand, with the coming of the Messiah - the Incarnation of the Word, truly ‘the kingdom of heaven has come near,’ which is to say full Supernal Influx, the realization and embodiment of the Supernal Shekinah - Malkut of Atzilut. This corresponds with Yahweh Shaddai. As we know from previous discourses on the play of Malkut ‘reaching and not-reaching until there is reaching,’ it is with the appearance of the Messiah, and specifically the Risen Messiah, that Malkut ‘reaches in full,’ having emanated a holy vessel - perfect human being, to pour herself upon and into, the Supernal Shekinah fully indwelling him; hence, the Messiah as the full embodiment of the Word and Holy Spirit - power of Adonai and Shaddai (Lord Almighty).

Here, of course, we have given another proper translation of ‘Lord Almighty,’ Adonai Shaddai, which may reveal further mysteries and is worthy of contemplation.

Returning however to our contemplation of Yahweh Shaddai and Yahweh Elohim Shaddai, in the First Coming there is this embodiment and manifestation of Supernal Grace, the Word and Holy Spirit, and this Light Transmission; throughout the generations of humankind until the End-Of-Days, this Light Transmission will remain in the world, held in this world and communicated to souls through Holy Apostles and Anointed Community. From the First Coming to the Second Coming in the End-Of-Days, the duration of thousands of years until the End-Of-Days corresponds with the grace and mercy of God Most High (El Elyon), a labor for the redemption of all, the desire of heaven for as many souls as possible to be taken up in the Great Ascension - the Great Exodus. This great mercy and love of God, abiding, waiting for the return of many, extending the duration of life in a world-system following the appearance of the Messiah, corresponds with a divine action of Yahweh Shaddai.

During this period of time although, indeed, a new earth, new heaven and new humanity is present, the old earth, old heavens and former humankind also remains, and so it shall be until the End-Of-Days and fruition of the Second Coming. In the End-Of-Days, though, the old earth, heaven and humankind will pass away and only the new earth, heaven and humanity will continue and endure; hence, the revelation of the World-To-Come. Thus, there is this play of radical Mercy and Judgment in the End-Of-Days, and as we know in the Holy Kabbalah Yahweh corresponds with Mercy and Elohim corresponds with Judgment, and therefore the Name of God in the End-Of-Days, this Great Judgment, is Yahweh Elohim Shaddai.

Until that time there is this Sanctuary of Grace in Messiah Yeshua, and so this manifestation of Yahweh Shaddai, but when the ‘Day of the Lord’ comes and the time for entering the Sanctuary of Grace has passed, then the Name of Elohim is joined with Yahweh and Shaddai.

Now, we are indeed a veil and a face of the Divine Presence, the Shekinah of Messiah, the ‘veil’ the exterior and the ‘face’ the interior in relation to one another, and here in our flesh we are a living temple, a dwelling place, of this Light-presence and Light-power, the Word and Holy Spirit; but then, as we know in the experience of Light Transmission, there is an inner temple, a body of light, glory, astral, spiritual and supernal. As you know, essentially, when a tzaddik or apostle is moved by the Holy Spirit to impart something of the Light Transmission there is a revelation of something of the Glory Body of the Risen and Ascended Messiah, or something like the appearance of the Lord in the Transfiguration with them, and oneself is also taken up, and transformed, if only for a time, in that radiant beauty and glory of the Holy Light and Spirit, and one is aware of a most intimate nearness, oneness, with the Messiah and Holy One - the True Light. Whatever glimpse, whatever taste, one has in such a blessed and sacred moment, and whatever knowledge, understanding and wisdom is acquired, surely there is much more in store for a soul on the Day of the Lord when they depart this world and their soul returns to the Light Continuum and reintegrates with the Light of the Infinite (Or Ain Sof), certainly so! Praise the Lord!

Consider this my brother. Here and now, in this world, we are the temple, dwelling place, of the Living Yeshua, Living God, but according to Revelation speaking of New Jerusalem, in the World-To-Come, the Living Yeshua, Living God, is the holy temple; hence Yahweh Elohim Shaddai and the Lamb. In moments of Light Transmission we know that even now this is true, as much as we are makom, dwelling place, so the Messiah and Holy One are Makom, the Messiah and Holy One being in us, and we being in the Messiah and Holy One; but in the World-To-Come there is no other than the Messiah and Holy One, such that there is no speaking of the Complete Unity, Absolute Oneness.

These are very deep mysteries. Who can fathom them, save Christ and God?

In this, though, is some hint of the inmost Shekinah - the interior of the interiors, in a manner of speaking.

I can say no more.

May many be gathered into the Sanctuary of Grace this day and be established in the Great Resurrection and Ascension - the True Exodus! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!