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Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 1:51 pm
by Elder Gideon
Solstice Eve Shalom!

When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. (Acts 2:1)

As we’re preparing our hearts and minds for the Feast of the Ascension and Pentecost, I’m enjoying a contemplation that expands my former understanding of the Hebrew work tikkune. “Mending, repairing, healing" are all very helpful meanings as Isaac Luria intended with his use of this word for the release of divine sparks in all things from qlippot, shells or husks of ignorance. As one grows into a greater awareness, even to breaking through a barrier, this liberative movement releases a spark of divine energy hidden in the barrier. Such breakthroughs into greater being are my understanding of Lurianic Kabbalah’s insistence that God is everywhere, in everything, but unaware of Godself in us and our materiality. As we awaken to a greater sense of ourselves in the One, so the One is released from within us. This is my understanding of tikkune.

There is another Aramaic sense of this word that balances and adjusts how one might hear this principle of tikkune with fixed mindset of “sin” or “brokenness” which oversimplifies the dynamism of our becoming. Yes, there are limitations to overcome, ignorances to penetrate with the experience of awareness, but so also are we “prepare, adorn, and enhance” the Shekinah. These meanings follow תקונא tikkunah as it appears in Zohar. Daniel Matt’s team of translating scholars offer these nuances where the word for “preparing,” “adorning,” or “enhancing” appear in the Aramaic text. This fascinates me. Rather than only hearing tikkune with a fixed mindset of what’s missing or broken in my life, tikkunah offers a growth mindset of how I’m preparing, adorning, even enhancing the Spirit of God in my spiritual life.

This is entirely evidenced in the mystery of spiritual gifts the apostles gathered in one place receive at Pentecost. What is this one place but an entire community turned deeply inward towards the One, waiting expectantly for the promise of being clothed with power from on high (Luke 24:29)? What is such an influx of embodiment but tikkunah? Enhancement from on high! Such are prepared and adorned with every necessary spiritual gift to draw the light of tikkune out of the hearts and minds of others. This enhancement of the apostolic women and men, not disembodied doctrine, is precisely what drew so many people to their movement. Irresistible energy and charisma drew the crowds. These apostles possessed something others recognized and desired for themselves. It is this light—this tikkunah—that I’m enjoying in myself and my friends in Continuum, praying that the One indeed continue to equip and clothe us with greater power from on high.

May we put on the One!

Elder Gideon