Setting Captives Free

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Setting Captives Free

#1 Postby Anna » Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:58 am

Blessings in the Light!

Tau Malachi often reminds us of the words of his tzaddik, Tau Elijah:
"The whole path is purification." In the co-labor with Mother Spirit to purify my person and life and offer this up to the service of the Kingdom of Heaven, mastery of thought seems the most challenging part of the labor. Tau has often pointed out that we are highly mental beings and many times has quoted Rebbe Nachman of blessed memory: "You are wherever your thoughts are, so be sure your thoughts are where you want to be."

I can attest to going many places I didn't want to be--yet there I go...again... But God is merciful and awaits to help when we are ready and open to ask! It sometimes astounds me how long I wait before turning and asking for help from our Almighty Living God! Yet, this is the way of this place, to be caught up in the delusion of separation and think we have to "do it ourselves." It reminds me of watching my children insist on doing something on their own, even when it was beyond their capability at the time. Yet, children learn about their capacity and limitations in this way. In a supportive environment children learn independence and also when it is appropriate to ask for help. There is such an intriguing balance at play here. As a mother I wanted my children to be empowered with self-knowledge and not cling too tightly to mother so that they could explore their own capabilities.

With this process in mind I have explored what is in my own consciousness when it comes to letting go of thought and thinking, particularly negative thoughts that seemed to catch me up in a quagmire from which there seems no escape. Seems is the operative word here, and, as I learn important and practical techniques for healthy relationships with others, I am also learning about how to have healthy relationships with internal aspects of this self-that-is-no-self.

Setting boundaries in relationships with others, family, friends, co-workers, strangers--everyone with whom I come into contact, is one of the most important lessons I am learning for healthy relationships. Applying that lesson internally seems even more challenging. Just as I would not invite a thief or a very negative being into my home, I am learning to stop inviting/allowing negative thoughts to overrun the home in my mind! Setting boundaries with thoughts and thinking has become part of my daily practice. Meditation and prayer are central to this practice. Also, teachings that we don't own anything, including our "own" thoughts, have empowered the labor in this area.

A new way of looking at these "thoughts that come unbidden" to mind has come up for me and I am grateful to Ma for bringing in this nuance that I am finding very helpful, not only in releasing these thoughts but in generating compassion for these siblings! Tau has also spoken of the beings that come to us for liberation and I am looking at negative thoughts as such beings at this time. Not only that, but I am curious as to why, when these beings show up, I hang onto them as possessions rather than uplift them into Light Continuum! The contemplation arose that, perhaps I might be acting as klippah nogah/false light to them, grasping at them and keeping them in my "orbit" so to speak.

This idea has led to the realization that these beings do not know what they want, only that they want life. I can choose to feed them my life force or, in compassion, I can redirect them into reintegration with Light Continuum, Yahweh.

I am seeing a whole play of paciication, enrichment, subjugation and destruction/transformation in working with mental being, but the above discovery was something that seemed helpful to me, so perhaps it will be helpful to others or inspire others to share nuances they have found helpful in their walk. This "banishing the darkness within," from saying #9 in the Secret Gospel of Mary Magdalene, is the work in which we must engage for our tikkune and the tikkune of the world. It is unique for each person, yet also a universal labor.

Perhaps there are insights and teachings that Ma will inspire in this discussion, all as she wishes. Our Lineage offers practical help for the challenges on all levels of being. Our personal experiences and lessons have purpose and can be very uplifting to others, who desire freedom from the "psychic gravity" of this world of appearance.

May all beings open and receive their salvation in Messiah!

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Re: Setting Captives Free

#2 Postby Yonah » Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:35 pm

Greetings Sister!

Beautiful contemplation. One that I think most of us need to consider and see in our lives.

A dear companion of mine recently asked if they were moving in judgement or discernment - meaning from ego or from true self. My answer was... Yes! I have found that our body and our ego often are the first to jump up and speak (at least in our heads) when we are in a difficult situation. I believe that somewhere in us, the True Self with the fiery intelligence of the Holy Spirit, speaks to us and gives us what is true in our thoughts and what is just egoistic/body response. I don't think it is bad that our body/ego react - the question is what do we do from there? Do we stay in that reaction or do we search for the truth within.

I think this is pertinent to your post. I believe that when we can turn the egoistic thoughts and reaction to that of the Spirit then we are uplifting those thoughts, that part of us, and any spiritual forces attached. I have found that on the path of this Tradition my transition time from one to the other is getting faster (as opposed to never moving from ego before embracing God). I will say it is sometimes not as fast as I would like! But, it's a process... Tau Malachi once told me that the only failure is giving up. So, as long as we are working on this uplifting process then we are doing what we need to.

Shalom, Yonah
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Re: Setting Captives Free

#3 Postby Mark » Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:07 pm

Shalom Sister Anna and Bishop Yonah,
Thank you so much for what you are sharing here. What comes to mind as I reflect on this is that the lifting up and release of unclean spirits into the Holy Light seems to depend on whether I am feeling energetically uplifted at that moment. This relates to something I found in one Tau's teachings: "Any time we inwardly cleave to a tzaddik in faith and love, whether of the past or present, "their angel" will be with us, which is to say something of their presence or soul, an emanation of their body of light or glory will be with us, and we will be uplifted and blessed." As we are lifted up, what needs to be purified is lifted up with us.
Shalom with thanksgiving for the tzaddikim who free our captives and free us,

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