Creating our Lives

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Creating our Lives

#1 Postby Yonah » Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:37 am


I spent several hours Saturday at a writer’s conference here in Austin. I went with a companion who is a writer to support her and because there was a great deal of information on publishing and submitting – which will be great for future EPS projects.

What I was struck with was creativity and creation. I heard many stories of world building, creating characters, and creating a world in words. As a Sophian that believes we are co-creators with YHWH Elohim, it made me think about what are we creating? It seems that we are creating our lives and our legacies in every choice, thought, and action we take. What world are we building?

I am drawn to a teaching Tau Malachi gave on right thought, right speech, and right action. What a beautiful teaching because this helps us to build this life co-creatively with God. Anything is creating something that will not last and has no legacy. It seems to me that if we are following this right thought, right speech, and right action paradigm we are creating for eternity and is of the Sephirot vs. the klippot?

I am reminded of the three roots and six essentials:

Three Roots:
• Remember your transcendence
• Set your mind on things above
• Remember that God is always with you

Six Essentials
• Cleaving to Messiah
• Cleaving to Tzaddik
• Cleaving to Community
• Hitbodedut (continuous prayer)
• Gifted Worship
• Charity

My spirit is telling me that the three roots and six essentials are the key to being able to keep with right thought, right speech, and right action and that this is what will help us to embody and live from the Sephirot?

Holy One of Being please help us all to co-create our lives with You through the power of the Sephirot.

Shalom, Yonah
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Tau Malachi
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Re: Creating our Lives

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:19 pm

Greetings and blessings in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

Along with what you have shared another teaching and contemplation comes to mind, one that I believe dovetails very well with your insights.

Perhaps you may recall the teaching of the Zohar about the interpretation of our dreams, that there is incredible manifesting power, even prophetic power, in our dreams, and that understanding this it is very important that we interpret all dreams in an auspicious and positive way, even those that appear as nightmares or ill-omened. Likewise, we are also taught to be very careful about who we share our dreams and their interpretations with, sharing them only with those who love us and will support a positive and uplifting interpretation. Although this is a teaching concerning dreams and the power of the interpretation of dreams, understanding waking consciousness and this life as dream-like, and understanding all realities of our experience as radiant or magical displays of our own consciousness and energy, we may apply this teaching to life, and our interpretations of life, the stories we weave and the life we weave with them.

Right thought, right speech, right action, and good choices, all corresponds with a positive view and vision of life, and positive interpretations of circumstances, situations and events of our life, past and present, joined with a vision of hope for the future, a vision of living in Christ and living as Christ.

When we seek to do this, naturally it is good to surround ourselves with others who hold this intention, and who will encourage what we are doing, supporting us as we uplift the energy and vibration of our consciousness, and envision and weave our lives with spiritual hope and with compassion.

The practice of the Six Essentials and Three Roots is, indeed, integral to this, and a positive interpretation and vision of life is a direct expression of the intention of those two practices.

We naturally tend to create a story, a narrative of ourselves and our lives, therefore it is wise and skillful to fashion a positive story and take positive action in life through right thought, right speech and right action.

In closing we can say, life is a precious gift from God, the life we create and how we live it is our offering to God, and it is our intention that our offering might be acceptable to God and resonate with the will of God, and so be enduring, glorifying God, the Eternal One.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi
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