Remembering the True Intention in Devotions

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Remembering the True Intention in Devotions

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Remembering the True Intention in Devotions

In the Straight Path there is one intention, one desire, and no other. The sacred intention, the holy desire, is to seek and find God, and God alone; hence, the knowledge of God, Divine Gnosis. Understand, in prayer, meditation and worship there are many spiritual and mystical experiences that may arises, various states of consciousness and metaphysical moments, and various luminous things may be seen and heard, smelt and felt, and even tasted.These, in themselves however, are not the ultimate intention and purpose of our devotions, but rather the ultimate intention and purpose is God, the experience of intimacy with God, the True Light, or nearness and oneness with Christ in God. We wish to see with God, hear with God and feel with God - being in God and knowing God in God; we wish our body to be as the body of God, our heart to be as the heart of God, our mind to be as the mind of God, and our soul as the One Soul, or the ‘soul’ of God. Though, indeed, no one knows the Essence of God Most High save God Most High, we seek to recognize and realize the Being God is, the Divinity God is, and through unification with the Divine Attributes, so we seek to draw near and experience union with Divine Being, Divinity - the Divine Presence.

Understand, whatever spiritual and metaphysical moments that may arises, whatever states of consciousness and visionary experiences, and such, that may arise during our devotions, or at any other time, these are not the ultimate ‘object’ of our intention and desire in our devotions, but rather, in fact they are secondary, they are effects. Whatever may arise and appear in such moments needs to be received with non-attachment, and non-aversion (hishtavut), you do not want to grasp at them and become attached and bound up to them, nor pay them more attention than is due, nor assume they have a greater value and meaning than they have. Understand, just as things that appear in the exterior world, so these things appearing in the interior world are, in fact, ‘creation’ and ‘creatures,’ not the Creator, nothing more and nothing less than creation, and while having a certain value and meaning, as all things in creation do, these things are not to be the object of our desire, but rather the object of our desire is to be God, the Absolute Light, and the realization of oneness, or conscious union with the God.

Becoming attached to, or obsessed with, things of the interior life is not actually any different from attatchment to, or obsession with worldly, material things in the exterior life. Basically speaking, it is ‘spiritual materialism’ and in fact it is a manifestation of idolatry, though indeed more subtle than when manifest with some outward thing. This is very important to understand for attachment to things arising and appearing in spiritual and metaphysical moments during devotions is an extremely common pitfall in the mystical journey, one that many aspirants fall into, especially in these times, in this generation. Such self-grasping, such attachment, is a terrible trap, it just goes round and round in ignorance not dissimilar to the attachments to things of this world. It is wise to avoid it, or if falling into it to swiftly seek to overcome it.

Remember, the gnostic initiate is neither seeking to avoid the torments of hell nor seeking the delights of heaven, but rather they are seeking God, the True Light, and God alone, reintegration with the Light of the Infinite One - enlightenment and liberation. Also remember, the entirety of creation, including the heavens, is impermanent, and is as nothing before the Infinite and Eternal One, literally non-existent apart from God, the True Light. Ultimately the only Reality is the Infinite and Eternal, God, the Absolute Light; this is the Reality the gnostic aspires to know.

Now this is not to say that what arises in spiritual and metaphysical moments has no value or meaning, nor to say that such things are not in God and from God; as with all of the material bounty we receive, all that sustains our physical life, so also all of the spiritual bounty we receive, all that sustains our soul, our true being. Understanding this, in our worship of God and our devotions to God, we do give praise and thanks for all of the blessings and bounty we receive, material and spiritual, aware that it is the manifestation of the immeasurable mercy, grace and generosity of God Most High. Thus, we give praise and thanks for all of the blessings we experience in our interior life, and in our experience of spiritual and metaphysical moments, and we receive them as from God and in God, and as ‘signs’ of God revealing something of God. Indeed we do! However, in our devotions we have no expectation or demand of such blessings from God, and whether such blessing come or do not come, still in faith, in the fear and love of God we worship and enact our devotions, seeking to do so in oneness, not twoness, and seeking God and God alone, going straight to God, not turning aside, nor turning to the right or left, nor ever turning back, but going along the Straight Path with passionate zeal for the Holy One, great devotion and reverence for God Most High, the Supernal One (El Elyon).

The Holy Spirit inclined me to remind of this today, so I obeyed.

May you be blessed to be prepared for the ‘coming of the Lord,’ God gifting Godself to you! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
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