Kabbalistic Cross: An Inner Meditation

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Kabbalistic Cross: An Inner Meditation

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Kabbalistic Cross: An Inner Meditation

The outer practice of the Kabbalistic Cross is well known to initiates of the tradition, having been taught to them at the outset of their association with our lineage. There are, however, inner teachings that may be given concerning this simple and beautiful invocation, and likewise there are teachings of an inner meditation that the Kabbalistic Cross hints at for those who have understanding. As God wills it, I pray something of these inner teachings might be shared here, with God’s help!

If you consider the Kabbalastic Cross it is a simple, essential, remembrance or invocation of God, the Absolute Light, or the Holy One and Messiah. Yet more, if you look into it, with the words, Atoh Malkut Ve-Gevurah Ve-Gedulah Le-Olam Amen, “You are the Kingdom, the Power, the Glory forever, so be it,” it is also a gesture of surrender, submission, to God Most High, an open proclamation of the Reality of the One God, before whom there are no other divinities. Thus, with the intonement of Atoh at the brow there is the remembrance of the One God, God Most High - the Holy Name El Elyon. With the intonement of Malkut there is the remembrance of the perfect human being, the Messiah, to whom God Most High has given the station of Sovereignty or Lordship, and so the remembrance of the Lord - the Holy Name Adonai. With Gevurah and Gedulah, so the remembrance of the One God, All-Powerful and All-Merciful - the Holy Names Elohim and El, respectively. Then with Le-Olam the remembrance of the One God, the Eternal One - the Great Name Yahweh, and with Amen the Blessed Name of Yeshua, ‘Yahweh delivers.’ Although outwardly standing in the Divine Presence, merged with the Divine Presence - Holy Shekinah, inwardly the initiate is bowed down before the Divine Presence of the Most High in complete submission, self-offering as they invoke. These correspond with the ‘secret’ kavvanot, or points of focus among gnostics, knowers of God, who engage this invocation.

As perhaps you might intuit it is not uncommon for gnostics to follow this invocation with an outward prostration in the Divine Presence, or several of them, as a gesture of complete surrender, submission, self-offering to the Holy One. This can be a delightful way to begin a larger cycles of invocation of the Names of God and prayers - praise and thanksgiving, and supplication. Often among initiates of the tradition the three times of prayer/devotions in the day are begun in this way.

In this invocation, of course, the initiate takes to heart the teaching of the Perfect Tzaddik, Messiah Yeshua: “If anyone wishes to follow me let them take up their cross and follow me in My Way.”

If you are inclined and feel called to it, take up these inner kavvanot and see what unveiling of God might transpire in the Divine Presence through them with you. There are many wonderful insights and revelations that may come through this invocation in submission to the Supernal One, the Infinite and Eternal. Praise God!

There is also another meditative invocation that the Kabbalistic Cross alludes to, one a bit more subtle and sublime that is cherished by gnostics of the Way - the ‘Holy Cross Meditation.’ It is also very simple, and the sacred chant associated with it is very simple, though very powerful. The meditation is as follows:

Imagine that your body, your flesh, is the cross of wood, and within it envision a holy cross of golden radiant light, and above your head envision a brilliant diamond-like light, remembering God, the Absolute Light, and the Messiah, the Primordial and Supernal Light - the light of all true prophets and apostles. Then as you breath, breathe the radiant holy breath, giving peace and joy and blessings to the heavens and the earth, and all creatures in them, and envision the brilliant Holy Light above your head streaming down into you, transforming the Holy Cross of Light within you into that brilliance, and as this happens imagine the cross of wood, your flesh, burning away and being transformed into light - your body becoming the golden light with the brilliance of diamond-like light within you. As this happens know the sins, negative karma, of the world being burned away and dispelled - the ‘forgiveness of sin.’ Continue in this way until the Divine Presence, the Holy Spirit, inclines you to bring the devotion to its culmination, and so close with praise and thanksgiving to God Most High for the supernal mercy and grace manifest as the Cross of True Light, the Messiah - the Anointing.

The sacred chant that is often joined with this meditation is Yahweh, Yeshua: ‘Eternal One, the Eternal One delivers.’

This is the Holy Cross Meditation taught in our tradition and it is a wonderful and powerful remembrance, invocation, of the Supernal One and Messiah - the Anointing with the Perfect Light and Holy Spirit.

This is also a practice, devotion, that is good for anyone to take up if they are inclined and feel called to it by the Spirit of God and their heart. May God bless those inclined to take it up and may the Spirit of God bring their devotions to fruition!

May God Most High, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful, the All-Forgiving, be praised for the revelation of pure devotions calling us in return, remembrance! Thanks be to God! Praise God! Amen.

Yeshua Shalom!
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