Psalm 121: Invocation of Great Blessing

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Psalm 121: Invocation of Great Blessing

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:37 am

Psalm 121: Invocation of Great Blessing

If you look into this beautiful psalm with understanding of the Holy Kabbalah` you will find in it a teaching of ascent, cleaving to the Most High (Elyon) to invoke and impart a great blessing, but yet more, a teaching of ascent to gaze into deep mysteries of The Name and the Sefirot, and if it is the will of the Holy One, to experience a revelation of the secret of secrets.

Listen and hear, and understand!

“A Song of ascent: As I lift up my eyes to the mountains, from Ain will come my help” (1).

This is the way of prayer, this is the meditation exactly. Understand! The ‘mountains,’ these are the Holy Sefirot, Malkut to Hokmah, and as is known, Keter is Ain, ‘No-Thing.’ Therefore, seeking to invoke this great blessing, or seeking to gaze into the ‘place of hidden secrets,’ the initiate will cleave to each Holy Sefirah from Malkut to Hokmah in ascent, unifying their soul with each as they are able with the help of the Holy One, and embracing the no-thingness of the Supernal One, in oneness, as the One, they will utter the blessing, or in silence they will gaze.

Alternatively, understanding the Straight Path and the three Holy Names of the Middle Pillar and how to reach and unify with them, so cleave and be one with Adonai, and with Yahweh, and with Eheieh in ascent; cleaving to Eheieh, one with Eheieh, utter the blessing or gaze in silence just the same.

There is, however, a deep meditation upon The Name taught in this subtle and sublime verse, one well known to initiates. From nothingness envision a brilliant light shining above your head and envision that holy light streaming down into you, filling you with light and transforming you into light, and envision yourself as light surrounded on all sides by a vast immeasurable ocean of light - endless light. In the midst of that holy light envision the letters of The Name (Yahweh) surrounding you, the letters the size of great mountains, each radiant with its corresponding elemental color: Yod, ruby red; Hey, sapphire blue; Vau, golden topaz; and Hey, emerald green. Let The Name be the ‘object’ of your meditation, merging your mind, your soul, your entire being with The Name; arising from this holy meditation utter the blessing, or contemplate the secret wisdom revealed in this psalm, or in silence gaze. In this way, if you are ready, and if it is the will of the Eternal One, you will acquire deep knowledge of The Name, the revelation of secret mysteries of The Name, and you will understand how the Holy One and The Name are One.

Understanding these ways of prayer, meditation, indicated by the first verse of this psalm, remember that Keter-Ain is the ‘Sphere of Absolute Mercy’ or ‘Supernal Grace,’ which is to say complete and total forgiveness and radical blessings that are undeserved - mercy without any judgment whatsoever. This is the great blessing uttered in this psalm, contemplating this psalm those with understanding of the Holy Kabbalah will understand, and they may acquire deep insight into the wisdom of the Messiah, the Anointing.

May those who desire this blessing receive it, and so receive their salvation! Amen.

Yahweh Shalom!
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