Psalm 110: One Vision, God's Vision

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Psalm 110: One Vision, God's Vision

#1 Postby Marion » Sat Jul 27, 2019 7:54 am


Psalm 110 begins:
"YHVH says to my Adonai, sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool."

In this, I am hearing the inner and higher self saying, "practice, practice, and believe." We need to have everlasting hope and faith. Hope that YHVH will be victorious over our enemies. I've realized that often, I have worries that are stemming from a lack of faith, and a lack of thinking to ask God for help. Do we know how much help is available to us if we will just ask? If for just one moment, we could see how many helpful spiritual forces, angels of God, and Tzaddikim are there to lend assistance, it would be overwhelming.

In this verse I am also contemplating how to God, our "enemies" are nothing. They are in the unreal; they have no substantial self existence. Therefore, they are as shadows in the night. Never having been real in the first place, how am I afraid? How will they overtake me? Isn't one ounce of faith more powerful than these?

There is something else with YHVH and Adonai. YHVH here feels like makafin—encircling, and Adonai feels like pi'nimi—eminence. So that in this verse, something of makifin becomes pi'nimi? There is also a feeling of the relationship of YHVH to Adonai. This reminds of everything that Yeshua says about the father, such as "I and the Father are One." Yeshua reflects the Father, and the Father moves through and as Yeshua.

"Your people will offer themselves willingly, on the day you lead your forces on the holy mountains."
I'm hearing this as nefesh bowed in service to neshamah. Since the inner neshamah is the part of the soul that is in complete union with God Most High, nefesh is in complete service to God Most High. The word "willingly" is really striking here, because it means that there is no "mixed multitude" as there was in Exodus. All parts of self are in complete submission, and have one thought and one desire—Praise God!

A mountain is a very curious place to lead troops into battle. Normally, a commander would seek an easier way if it was possible. This brings up several interesting contemplations. The first, is Revelations 16:15 15 “Behold, I am coming like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake, keeping his garments on, that he may not go about naked and be seen exposed!” Coming through mountains is certainly not easy, and certainly not expected! Therefore, there's an element of surprise, and only a commander of elite forces would attempt such a thing, as it would be dangerous and very rigorous.

The other way I was hearing this was as a contemplation of the upper room. The upper room in a meditation in the tradition, is placed above the head, and is something of a heavenly academy filled with tzaddikim and maggidim. If viewed as an internal experience, the upper room allows access to the wisdom of the soul, and I am also wondering if this is speaking to the embodiment of supernal light? It has been said that the eighth transcendent star that is above the head is the place of supernal light. What happens when this star is "brought down" ? That is, merged with the body and life? Or, if there is an experience of merging with this star? Is this the meaning of "upper room"? This is also reminding me of the story of pentecost, where the disciples are in the upper room and have this experience of tongues of fire, and the Risen Savior coming to them, empowering them. What is very interesting, is that immediately following this experience they are lead out amongst the people to teach and initiate them. This reminds of last week's Shabbat discourse furthering our discussion of Seeking a Vision. Where in seeking and then receiving a vision, the next task is to live according to it. It was also said that God gives us talents, visions, and abilities in order to use them; this goes for spiritual and apparent material talents. Though, in the experience, all talents and abilities are God's talents, and so are for God, from God, and are God working and speaking through us. In so many words: There is no where you are that God isn't, Praise God!

Blessings to the Risen Savior and God Most High—El Elyon! Amen.

Blessings and Shalom!

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Re: Psalm 110: One Vision, God's Vision

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Aug 21, 2019 11:57 am

Grace and peace to you from Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen and Ascended Messiah!

“Yahweh says to Adonai, ‘Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool.’”

This verse captures my attention this morning and reading what you have written I’m inclined to expand upon the contemplation.

As we know this is interpreted as a prophecy of the coming of the Messiah and so speaks of the divine action of the Messiah. In that these are both Names of God, so this is a speaking, a prayer from God, to God and for God; and in context we may say that it is an invocation, prayer, of God Most High blessing, anointing, ordaining and consecrating the Messiah who has come, is coming and is to come. As we also know, Yahweh is a Name of God that corresponds with Tiferet-Beauty and Adonai is a Name of God that corresponds with Malkut-Kingdom. Adonai is a Name of God indicating the revelation of God to us, God as God makes Godself known to us, and likewise is a Holy Name indicating the full embodiment of the Divine Presence, Holy Shekinah, Holy Spirit, or God Consciousness, as in the Blessed Name, Adonai Yeshua. Also, though, it indicates that the Messiah is the kingdom of God, the true kingdom of heaven; hence the proclamation of Yohanan the Baptist of the coming of the Messiah in the person of Yeshua, saying, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.’

All of this is common knowledge of the Christian Kabbalah, but there is something more, something deeper I’m inclined to share.

Understand, God reveals Godself to us as our true self - the Divine Self, the Divine I Am; this is the only way God Most High is revealed to us, and our Divine Self, Divine I Am, corresponds with knowledge of God. In that each soul is a unique and individual emanation of the Light of the Infinite One, inseparable from the Infinite One, so each soul will have unique knowledge of God, realization of God and embodiment of God - the ‘manifestation of Yahweh as Adonai.’ Also understand that in this revelation, realization, there is a passing away in oneness with the Eternal One - Yahweh - so that the Holy Shekinah, Holy Spirit, takes up the person and life and becomes the doer of all things, God being the seeing, hearing and feeling, tasting, touching and smelling, and all actions of mind, heart and body; hence, ‘sitting at the right hand’ while the Eternal One subjugates all spiritual forces, powers, of heaven and earth to the holy and enlightened one - the Righteous One, Holy Tzaddik.

Here we may remind, when we make our will God’s will - enacting our true will, the will of the Divine I Am, God’s will becomes our own, and all spiritual forces of creation, ‘heaven and earth,’ move in harmony with us - the ‘angel of the Holy Shekinah going before us delivering our enemies into our hands.’ This is the station and state of realizing Adonai.

You see, the Messiah indwells us as our Divine Self, Divine I Am; that Self, I Am, is inseparable from the Messiah and Holy One - it is the manifestation of the One Soul in us, and the Holy Light and Spirit of God that is the very essence and nature of our soul, neshamah, and the interiors of neshamah, hayyah and yechidah. Thus, this is not only a prophecy of the First Coming of the Messiah as Adonai Yeshua, but of the Second Coming, the realization and embodiment of the Messiah in us.

As perhaps you also might imagine the opening of this holy psalm is also read to connote the station, or state, in which the Great Vision of Melchizedek arises; hence, the experience of Clear Light Union.

These were a few thoughts I was inclined to share this morning.

May you enjoy the good company of the Holy Shekinah this day and abide in the Sanctuary of Grace! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi
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