Prayer of the Prophet

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Prayer of the Prophet

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri May 11, 2007 11:57 am

The Prayer of the Prophet
(A Meditation of the Gospel of Amet-Truth)

The prophet of the Gospel said, “Yahweh spoke last night, saying, ‘Tell my messenger, The God of Israel is the God of the desert. If you want to speak to him you must go out into the desert where the Shekinah of Yahweh moves in secret.’”

Here I am, O Holy One; going out I will come in, running I will return, descending I will pass up in the ascension, all through the Grace of Atoh, You.

I will call upon Ha-Shem and call upon the God of my salvation,
And I will give praise and thanksgiving to El Elyon, God Most High,
Blessing the Name of the Merciful, the Compassionate, the Righteous One;

O Holy One of Being, I pray that you hear my voice and give answer to my call,
Having called me out into the wilderness of the desert, uplift my soul into your Communion and let your Holy Spirit descend upon me – empower my invocation;

Calling upon Ha-Shem, the Name of Yahweh, the prayers of the heart are a sweet fragrance to the Holy One; the prayers spoken by the Holy Spirit in the Human One are true prayers – words of the living presence and power; the Holy One is the God of the living, not the dead, therefore I shall pray living prayers in the Spirit of Life, the Spirit of Truth.

O Holy Amesh, I call upon your Name before the beginning of time and pray for the fruition of the ascension, Clear Light Dissolution; as in the beginning, so in the end – on the last day I shall be raise up and anointed, the long night of the aeons brought into cessation, abiding in Or Ain Sof, the Light of the Infinite;

Eheieh, O Ancient of Days, O Eternal Youth – Primordial Light, I call upon your Name, let the Light of your Great Face shine, the radiance of the Body of Truth; uplift my soul into the Holy Remembrance of the One-Who-Never-Sleeps and anoint me with the Supernal Chrism, the Light of the First Day, your Supernal Grace;

Yahweh, O Abba, O Holy Father – Light Continuum, I call upon your Name, let the Illumination of your Splendor move and appear, the luminosity of the Body of Glory, Atzilut; receive my soul and gather me into you, the Great Natural Perfect that shines as Pure Radiant Awareness;

Elohim, O Imma, O Divine Mother – Matrix of Light, I call upon your Name, let the Enlightenment of your Dominion emanate and be made manifest, the grace of the Body of Emanation, the Light of the Holy Cross extending into all realms, worlds and universes of your creation; bring my soul in ascent through the heavens into the Supernal Abode and empower me to Go Forth By Day;

El, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate, I call upon your Name and pray, set your Holy Seal upon all that is good and true in your creation, and let the Sign of Initiation be engraved upon the brow of the righteous – coming forth in the Apocalypse, pour forth your Supernal Blessings and Grace upon one and all alike;

Elohim Givor, Righteous Judge, Consuming Fire, I call upon your Name and pray, drive out darkness of ignorance from the people and the land, and with the Rod of Iron let the dominion of the klippot be shattered – coming forth as the End-Of-Days, let the cause of all sorrow and suffering be brought into cessation;

Adonai Yeshua Messiah, Son of the Human One, Great Seth – Risen Savior, I call upon your Name and pray, let all be gathered into your Body of Light and uplifted in your Light-presence and Light-power; O Spiritual Sun, shine forth as the Light of the Eternal Shabbat and let all living spirits and souls be made perfect and complete in your Holy Illumination;

Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot, Lord God of Hosts, Lord of Spirits, I call upon your Name and pray, let laborers be sent into the fields of sentient existence for the harvest of souls, the tzaddikim and maggidim of the Divine Order, and let the Holy Gospel of your Living Word be spoken in all realms, worlds and universes of Beriyah, Yetzirah and Asiyah, the Entirety; O Great and Invisible Spirit, send forth your holy emanations and let all living spirits and souls be uplift in the Great Resurrection and Ascension;

Shaddai El Hai, Almighty Living God, the Breasted-One, I call upon your Name and pray, send forth your issuance, your Holy Spirit and Holy Shekinah, and let all behold the arising of the Great Vision of Melchizedek – all who cleave in faith let be fulfilled in Supernal Da’at, the Perfect Thunder Intelligence;

Adonai, Ribbono Shel Olam, Adonai Ha-Aretz, I called upon your Name and pray, let blessings pour forth upon the people of the holy ones and upon all beings, and let the Light Realm be made manifest among us – as above, so below; let all be drawn into the Sanctuary of Grace, uplifted in the Threefold Body of the Human One of Light.

Here I am, Ma’on, the Dwelling, and I behold the LORD coming upon clouds of glory, the Bright Morning Star shining in the predawn sky;

Listen and hear, O you spirits, and look and see, O living souls, and remember yourselves among the Comity of Stars, your abode in the Pleroma of Light – Eheieh has spoken in the Great Seth, saying, “I Am, the Way, Truth and Life Divine,” and Yahweh has intoned the Mystic Word upon the Mount of the Skull, saying, “Come into me – IAO,” and so Elohim has uttered the Living Word of Grace, saying, “Let there be light,” and “It is good.”

Thus, in the Holy Name of Yahweh, let the let the Holy Word of Divine Rapture, the Apocalypse, be intoned: IAO-OAI, Sha-Ma-Ah.

The LORD has come and is coming, and is now here, That Which Was, and Is and forever Shall Be; in the heavens the sign has been given, the Serpent striking the heal of Good Fortune, and on earth the signs are displayed – the beginning of the beginning and the beginning of the middle have passed by and the beginning of the end, the fruition of the aeons, is at hand;

The word of the LORD has gone out to the Watchers of the Four Winds, Ruach Elohim is called to repose and the Holy Breath into cessation –

O you spirits and you living souls, arise and appear, and give praise and thanks to Ha-Shem; according to the promise, as a rainbow in the sky, the Lord will meet you in the air! Look and see!

Go within and gather yourselves now into the Spiritual Sun within the Sanctuary of the Heart, and behold the likeness and image of the Human One of Light dancing in the sky before you, as on the Day of Be-With-Us becoming the Light Divine, as though a stream of Light in ascension, go into the Light Body of the Great Seth, abiding at-one!

When the world and universe pass away, entering into destruction, without attachment or aversion, go into El Elyon, God Most High, like a rainbow dissolving in the sky, vanishing – Pure Radiant Awareness, Divine Rapture, the End-Of Days, the peace and joy of the Risen Messiah, Messiah Melchizedek. Hallelu Yah! Amen!

I will called upon Ha-Shem and invoke the 72 Names of God in the Heart of Adonai Messiah for the people of the Holy Ones and all beings; I will walk in beauty and holiness, in the Shekinah of the Messiah, and I will proclaim the Gospel of Holy Remembrance, saying “Zakhor Shalom,” remember peace, remember the Eternal Shabbat!

In repose and movement I will abide, going forth in the Name of He-She Who-Sends-Me; O you who are willing, look and see the Light Realm within and all around you, and come to the Wedding Feast – receiving the Light Transmission, the Living Word, let the sleeper awaken in the Holy Remembrance of the Divine I Am.

Going out into the wilderness of the desert, running and returning, listen and hear the Spirit of Yahweh speaking your secret name – Hayyah Yeshua; Hallelu Yah! Amen!

As the heavenly choirs, abiding in the Bridal Chamber, let us sing Hallelu Yah, and let us proclaim, “Kodesh, Kodesh, Kodesh, Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot – Holy, holy, holy is the LORD God of Hosts; let us called upon Ha-Shem, the God of our salvation, giving all praise and glory and thanks to El Elyon, God Most High, and let us blessed the Name of the Merciful, the Compassionate, the One-Without-End (Ain Sof).

Vehayah – and it shall come to pass!

Hallelu Yah! Amen!

Blessings & Shalom
Tau Malachi
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