Practice for Three-Fold Sanctuary

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Practice for Three-Fold Sanctuary

#1 Postby Elder Gideon » Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:47 am


Throughout our lineage are teachings of the Threefold Sanctuary, what for us is often a trinity of outer, inner, and secret dimensions far more layered and dynamic than the all-male trinity constructed by the outer and unspiritual church. Either in the beginning or in the end of a practice, this has been a deep blessing in my interior life. By using the Hebrew imperative "Praise!" "Hallelu", we see varieties of Divine names following, the most common being "HalleluYah" meaning "Praise Yah." Other Divine names are interchangeable with Yah, as are Partzufim-personifications like Abba (Father), Imma (Mother), Ben (Son), and Kallah (Bride).

To praise the three dimensions of the Threefold Sanctuary is itself a practice, with simple, essential, and lovely contemplations without end:

Hallelu-Messiah ; Praise Messiah incarnate in Yeshua!
Hallelu-Davar ; Praise the Word speaking Creation!
Hallelu-Knesset ; Praise the Retinue of our ancestors receiving the Living Messiah!

Hallelu-Tzaddik ; Praise the Righteous One, Tau Malachi-Eben-ha-Elijah, Our Holy Apostle this day!
Hallelu-Maggid Gadol ; Praise the Great Angel Hua through whom Light Transmission flows this day
Hallelu-Kallah ; Praise Our Lady Mirya, the Retinue of today receiving the Living Messiah!

Hallelu-Amet ; Praise the Body of Truth
Hallelu-Kavod ; Praise the Body of Glory
Hallelu-Makom ; Praise the Body of Emanation

Tau just spoke yesterday how:

The Outer Sanctuary (Messiah, Davar, Knesset) may focus in our navel center;
the Inner Sanctuary (Tzaddik, Maggid Gadol, Kallah) may focus in our heart center; and
the Secret Sanctuary (Amet, Kavod, Malkut) may focus in our brow center.

Keeping this essential, simple, and grateful, is an empowering opening or sealing of a practice anyone may incorporate. In this, I've also found paths of prayer, particularly in the Inner Sanctuary, where I'll pray for my Tzaddik while praising the Righteous One, intone the six permutations of IAO while praising the Great Angel of the Light Transmission, and delve more deeply into prayer for my companions present and at a distance while praising Kallah. As you might feel already, the avenues and contemplations themselves sprawl joyfully.

May all who are called hear and listen and answer with the heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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Re: Practice for Three-Fold Sanctuary

#2 Postby Marion » Fri Oct 05, 2018 2:54 am

Shalom Elder Gideon!

Praise be to God, the One, who has emanated these sanctuaries for us!

I wished to inquire further of this teaching on the three-fold sanctuary. I came across another post of a practice of the three-fold sanctuary specifically for the dead and dying:

In this practice, we bow a total of nine times. Three times for each of the three sanctuaries. In this bowing, there has been a contemplation of Yahweh joined of Adonai, that is, Tiferet with Malkut. Because we are humans, being emanated in the image and likeness of the One, and when this image and likeness of the One touches the ground of this good earth, there is a union of heaven and earth. This reminds me of a portion of the Lord’s Prayer, spoken by Yeshua Messiah:

“Your Kingdom come, your Will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.”

This brings us to a contemplation of what these sanctuaries are. Recently there has been a contemplation of these sanctuaries as Nine Palaces of Unification. Each one of these feels like a gate to unification with the One. All together, they align our mind, heart, and life to the One. I’m wondering if this is evidenced by the fascinating parallel of the outer sanctuary with the navel, the inner with the heart, and the secret with the brow?

There was a question that arose from these attributions: why not the outer with the root and the secret with the crown? Does this point to something beyond? The ineffable, unknowable? Or is it because the navel is the seat of desire, and the outer sanctuary purifies desire? If so, then the brow as the “God center” or the “Seat of the self”, would indicate a purification of the concept of self? Bringing it into full unification with the One? As in the teaching, “When your will becomes God’s will, then God’s will becomes your own.”

It feels as if there is a powerful way through these sanctuaries to practice in these times. If I can take sanctuary in any one of these, it is a very good thing.

I’m eager to hear what more may be said of this contemplation!

Holy One, by your grace, may you take up our mind, our heart and our life! Amen and Amen.

Shalom Aleheim!

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Re: Practice for Three-Fold Sanctuary

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:11 am

Blessings to you in the Holy Light of Yeshua Messiah, the light of all prophets and apostles!

In the Holy Gospel it is written, “Return, for the kingdom of heaven has comes near!” This is the ‘heaven of heavens,’ the ‘eighth heaven,’ and this is the true kingdom of heaven; this kingdom of heaven is the Messiah and Holy One, God Most High, and as such the experience of this kingdom of God is the realization of the oneness of the soul with the Messiah in the Holy One. As we know, there are seven heavens, and then there is ‘heaven of heavens’ - kingdom of heaven, the seven heavens corresponding with various grades, or stations and states, of nearness to the Holy One, the seventh heaven corresponding with the most intimate nearness; when there is a full passing away of the soul in the Holy One, the realization of the Absolute Oneness of God Most High, so there is abiding in the true kingdom of heaven, and there is the realization of ‘eternal life,’ bornless being, and the Truth - Amet. This is the complete reintegration of the soul with the Light of the Infinite, the full enlightenment and liberation of the soul - true ‘salvation.’

“…the kingdom of heaven has comes near! Understand, the threefold sanctuary is a manifestation of the kingdom of heaven in this world, and taking sanctuary is a ‘turning,’ or ‘returning,’ the three holy sanctuaries from outer, inner to secret corresponding to the Way of Return. Thus, taking refuge, sanctuary, is an action of turning, returning, to God, the True Light, and that holy sanctuary is the manifestation of the Holy Light of the Messiah in this world, Light of the Infinite and Eternal - the ‘Pleroma of Light.’

Now concerning the correspondence of the interior stars to the three sanctuaries, outer, inner and secret, navel, heart and brow, these are the primary centers of light transmission, and the imparting of blessings and empowerments, and various actions, works, of invisible spiritual assistance - various energetic interventions and intercessions. Likewise, they are the key centers in the subtle body through which nearness to God and oneness with God is realized and true knowledge of God is acquired - Supernal Habad (wisdom, understanding and knowledge).

The navel is, indeed, the ‘seat of desire,’ and it is through the revelation of the Messiah, Gospel and Anointed Community that we acquire knowledge of our soul’s true desire, and how to purify our desire, and how to turn our desire from things outside to the inside; hence, turning desire ‘inward and upward’ - Godward. Thus, a ‘turning,’ ‘returning,’ of our desire to heaven and God, or from life, temporal existence (non-existence), to True Being, True Existence.

The heart is the dwelling place of the Messiah and God - ‘seat of the Messiah,’ and as the heart is emptied of everything other than God, and is ‘broken,’ opened to the Holy Light and Spirit from above; opened to God and uplifted to God, through the Messiah and Holy Spirit God unveils and discloses Godself to us in our heart - it is in the heart that the revelation of the Messiah and Holy One takes place. Reflecting the Messiah in us, and acting as the vehicle of the communication of the Holy Light and Spirit to us - Light Transmission, is the Holy Tzaddik, Holy Apostle, and the ‘Great Angel’ and ‘Holy Bride,’ this is their capacity of Light Transmission and the unveiling of the Divine Presence, Holy Shekinah, Holy Spirit, that indwells them, surrounds them and manifests as them. In this divine action, of course, the Holy Tzaddik is not the doer, but rather the Holy One is the doer, the Messiah and Holy Spirit is the doer - it is all the manifestation of the mercy and grace of God Most High as manifest and embodied in Yeshua Messiah and the Magdalene, and so then in the Gnostic Apostolic Succession - Anointed Tzaddikim.

The brow corresponds with the knowledge of God, knowledge of Truth - the great secret, and so with the realization and embodiment of the Christ Self or Divine Self, or Christ Consciousness or God Consciousness; the ‘secret sanctuary,’ the Truth Body, Glory Body and Emanation Body are the manifestation of this realization, full ‘turning,’ ‘returning,’ of the soul to God. In this, the mind of the human being becomes the Mind of Christ, Mind of God, their heart the Heart of God, their body as the Body of God - incarnation of the Divine Presence, their soul being the One Soul, resting, as it were, in the ’Soul of God.’ Mind, Heart and Body of God, the Truth, Glory and Pure Emanation - ‘threefold body.’

So, then, God is the seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling and touching of that holy and enlightened one, as is their speech and action, and truly the kingdom of heaven is manifest upon earth in them, and wherever they are there is the true Holy Land, Promised Land.

This self-realization in the Messiah and Holy One is the aspiration of all sojourners of the Gnostic Path, or Straight Path.

I’d be inclined to add a tenth prostration to God Most High, the remembrance of the Absolute Oneness of the Supreme, the Holy Foundation and Reality of this Sanctuary of Grace - Union of Grace.

It is God who is the True Guide, and True Sanctuary - there is no other save the One God, the Absolute Light!

These are a few thoughts I can share with you today.

May we realize the Union of Grace revealed to us in Messiah Yeshua and so be among the living ones, those who are bornless and deathless in spirit - the ‘immortals’! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi
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