Praying in Movement

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Praying in Movement

#1 Postby Elder Gideon » Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:53 pm

Feast Day Shalom!

The Feast of the Gnostic Apostolic Succession celebrates the fullness of the Human One manifest in Tzaddik and Community by the raying out of spiritual gifts gathering souls into the sanctuary of Grace. The following is a practice anyone can take up for the people and land while moving in their day.

As many of us commute and/or exercise every day, sometimes great distances, there is a way to use this time in prayer as in a sacred circle. Surrounded by the public, I’m learning to hold prayers for the people and land while I’m commuting in a simple practice that weaves many contexts through a four-fold cycle of prayer.

To begin, we’ll recall from our lineage very basic correspondences to the four directions of the Sacred Circle.

In a physical time of life, the Sacred Circle moves:

East: Those newborn or figuratively beginning of something

South: Those adolescent and young adult or figuratively in their prime

West: Those dying and dead or figuratively in the end of something

North: Those transmigrating in the afterlife or figuratively in between transitions.

By gifts and talents, the Sacred Circle calls people:

East: To heal in any respect

South: To defend in any respect

West: To perceive anew in any respect

North: To serve in any respect

Solomon’s only promise in all of Ecclesiastes is “to enjoy your toil.” To have purpose in what we do gives life meaning. Professional fields are implied in the four directions of the Sacred Circle. To pray for everyone associated in their field, we’re praying that they work with purpose, intention, and resilience against dehumanizing corruption:

East: All endeavors that heal, counsel, nurture, and educate

South: All endeavors that respond to danger, defend, and advocate

West: All endeavors that revise, integrate, and evolve our imagination

North: All endeavors that lead, administer, build, harvest, and distribute

To put these together becomes a four-fold circuit of prayer, giving and receiving with intention for all people as they are, in their need, or its fulfillment.

Quarter the time by points in your commute or your exercise. Offer each quarter with your own inspirations in prayer from and for the Human One:


Holy One, bless all of our babies and little ones; may they be healthy and happy.

My heart opens to all who are suffering illness in the body, mind, and soul.

Please preserve those gifted to relieve pain, counsel, teach, and care for us all.


Holy One, bless all of our young adults and parents; may they be strong with will and purpose.

My heart opens to all who are in danger or persecution.

Please preserve those gifted to protect and defend us all.


Holy One, bless all of our elderly and dying; may they gratefully embrace change.

My heart opens to all who fear the unknown without faith in what’s possible.

Please preserve those gifted to see, hear, and perceive new directions for us all.


Holy One, bless all of our relations in between death and life; may their rebirth be swift and auspicious.

My heart opens to all who desperately need food, water, and shelter.

Please preserve those gifted to make possible the flow of this day for us all.

May we remember our gifts in the Human One of Light—the Messiah—to serve all needs as our own.

Elder Gideon

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