A Pray for Union with the Lord

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A Pray for Union with the Lord

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Mar 30, 2006 5:12 pm

A Prayer for Union with the Lord

Heal me, O Lord, and make me whole,
Uplift me into rapturous union with you –

You are my inmost heart’s desire,
You are my only thought and hope,
That I might know you and love you;
This, O Lord, is my aspiration and prayer!

Day and night I contemplate your Holy Gospel,
And I meditate in my heart upon your Living Word,
Liberated from bondage to the law, I abide in your Divine Grace –
Unless the Holy Spirit moves me, I shall remain still, awaiting.

Lead me, O Lord, into the fullness of knowledge, understanding and wisdom,
And perfect me in faith, hope and love;

Fill me with your Light and Spirit,
Empower me with your Fiery Intelligence.

There, you are, upon my head,
And here, you are, seated in my heart –

May my mind become your Divine Mind,
And my heart your Sacred Heart!

With my mind, heart and life I shall cleave to you, O Lord,
And I pray, let your Holy Shekinah rest upon me,
Let your Divine Spirit indwell me,
To purify and sanctify me,
And bring me into union with you.

I yearn to know Pure Joy of the Wedding Feast,
And the Perfect Delight of the Bridal Chamber,
One instant of the most intimate embrace,
Forever and ever in the eternal realm,
Nothing more to seek or be,
There is only you, Holy One.

I am fulfilled and made complete in you, Adonai Yeshua!

Hallelu Yah! Amen.
Tau Malachi
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