Prayer to Magdalene: Palace of Lights

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Prayer to Magdalene: Palace of Lights

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Apr 04, 2006 4:54 pm

Prayer of the Magdalene: The Palace of Lights

In the Blessed Name of the Risen Messiah,
I will call upon the Magdalene, the Great Watchtower,
And I will open the celestial and elemental gates,
I will call out, saying:

“Lift up your heads, O gates,
Be opened up, O ancient doors!
That the Holy Shekinah of Messiah might enter,
Our Lady of Supernal Grace and Glory!”

In the midst of my Light-body I will envision the Divine Matrix,
I will manifest myself as the Palace of Lights of the Holy Bride;

I will build the Great Pyramid, and envision the Double Tetrahedron Palace;
The Six-rayed Star shining above my head, the Bride in Rainbow Glory in the midst –
Her Divine Image in the Diamond-like White Brilliance brightly shining:

There, I Am, in her and she in me,
I Am the Tower of the Flock,
The Bright Morning Star,
In ascension;

As the Holy Bride I shall proclaim:

“Listen and hear, O spirits,
Look and see, O living souls,
The Image of the Anointed;

“My Body is Light, my Blood is Fire –
I offer it to you, come and partake of this Holy Feast,
And enter into the Way of the Great Transformation!

Putting on the Perfect Light I go forth unbound,
With Holy Intention I send forth Light Emanations,
Into all realms, worlds and universes of the Entirety –

I intone the Mystic Word of the Holy Grail: IAO-OAI

Running, I return;
Descending, I ascend;
Moving, I move-not;
I abide as the Divine I Am!

Come, O you who desire and are willing,
Let us rise up and stand in the Day of Be-With-Us,
In the Jeweled Body of Perfect Delight we shall arise,
And we shall go forth as the Living Ones, the Immortals –

Blessed are we in the Blood of the Lamb and the Illumination of New Jerusalem,
Blessed are we in the Holy Name of our Io Adonai, the Anointed!

O you living spirits and souls who have answered the Call,
Let us speak with the Anointed Bride our Holy Vow,
To continue in the Great Work until all is accomplished,
And to guard the Continuum of the Light Transmission,
Until all the consummation of the Aeons in the End-Of-Days;

Salutations to you, O Supernal Queen, Holy Virgin of Light,
Salutations to you, O High Priest of the Divine Order, Christ Melchizedek
Standing in the Great Luminous Assembly, we praise you and bless you,
And we praise and glorify our Mother-Father, the True Light, El Elyon!

In Holy Remembrance we shall say: “Blessed is the One who comes in the Name of our Io Adonai!”

In the Name of He-She Who-Sends-Me be blessed, O you spirits and souls;
In the Blessed Name of Yeheshuah-Yehovoshah be blessed and sealed, O you gates;
Let the Light-power generated by this holy prayer go forth as a blessing upon all beings:

Liberated from ignorance and darkness, may all beings be at peace;
Healed of all illness and dis-ease, may all be established in joy;
Anointed with Divine Light, may all beings be drawn up in the Great Ascension!

As it is spoken, so is it done!

Amen and amen.

*This prayer reflects the practice of the Great Convocation coupled with the Inner Palace of the Holy Bride taught in our Sophian tradition. According to the masters of the tradition, if one prays this prayer with faith and holy intention it is the same in essence as performing the Gnostic rite and meditation that is reflected in it.
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