A Gnostic Prayer of Empowerment: Knowing Being

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A Gnostic Prayer of Empowerment: Knowing Being

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Apr 06, 2006 12:18 pm

A Gnostic Prayer of Empowerment: Knowing Being

O noble born daughters, O noble born sons,
Siblings of the True Light,

Let us arise and give thanks to the Holy One,
Let us praise and bless the Name of the Divine Most High –

Let us honor the Human One of Light,
And worship the Divine in Spirit and Truth!

O Gnostic, O Knowing Being,
In the harmony and beauty of Love and Wisdom,
The union of heaven and earth, Nature and Spirit,
Let us worship the Holy One of Being, the One Life-power;

O you who are reborn of the Mother Spirit,
Listen and hear her call, be awakened and empowered,
Come! Let your Light shine – the illumination of the world!

O Divine Mother, O Mystery,
We hear you calling and we answer,
You who calls herself Sophia,
The Mother and the Bride,
The Great Goddess;

Holy is your name, Sophia,
Wisdom of the Aeons,
Understanding of the Divine,
Knowledge of the Most High,
Bless us with yourself!

O Knowing Being, remember yourself in the Mother and Bride,
As the Spiritual Sun, the Human One of Light,
And abide in the Spirit of Truth;

Divine Love dwells with Eternal Wisdom,
Inseparable from one another,
As the Holy Child in the Mother’s Womb –

Sophia gathers her children in the Risen Christ;
Let us worship the Holy One, let us love one another!

O Gnostic, O Knowing Being,
Look and see the image of the Living Father in the Holy Mother,
Listen and hear Sophia speaking the Living Logos in your heart –

You are called and you are chosen,
To fulfill the Divine Revelation,
To manifest the Divine Vision,
Of Peace on Earth!

Let us pray, let us chant:



O Holy One, we praise you and we bless your Divine Name,
And we worship you in heaven and on earth,
In the Pleroma and in the Entirety –

Empower us as Light-bearers, Healers and Peacemakers,
That we might perfect our worship of you,
Embodying your Spirit of Holiness!

O Great Spirit, indwell us and illuminate us with the Living Logos and Sophia,
Accomplish the Great Work with, in and through us,
Come! Manifest as us and let the Divine Will be done!

O Gnostics, O Knowers of the Holy One,
Let us abide in the remembrance of the Divine I Am,
Christ the Logos and Christ the Sophia, the Human One of Light,
And let us go forth as the Anointed, illuminating, healing and bringing peace!

May all living spirits and souls be blessed; may all holy sparks be gathered in!

Amen. Amen. Amen.

*After the chant of “shalom” abide in silence for a while before the concluding invocation.

Tau Malachi
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