A Gnostic Prayer to the True Cross

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A Gnostic Prayer to the True Cross

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Apr 06, 2006 1:38 pm

A Gnostic Prayer to the True Cross

I envision the Light-presence in the Christ-bearer on the Cross,
And I envision the Light-presence above the Cross:

I bow down to the to the Light of the True Cross,
The Spirit of Enlightenment!

O Adonai Yeshua, Yeshua Messiah,
I praise you and I bless your Holy Name,
And in your presence I worship the Most High,
Giving glory and praise to the True Light, within, yet ever beyond;

O Living Yeshua, I pray to you,
Come in your Body of Glory and reveal yourself to me,
Bless me, that I might understand the Gospel of Truth,
Empower me, that I might acquire Divine Gnosis;

Who shall crucify the Light-presence?
Who shall bind the Light-power?
In the Divine Light, where is there shade or shadow,
Where is sin or death to be found?

I renounce the demiurge, the ignorance,
And I shall say to the great shadow, Satan –
“Get behind me! Be gone!”

I shall not cleave to darkness and falsehood, nor shall I cleave to a wooden cross,
But I will cleave to the Risen Savior and honor the Gnostic Revealer,
I shall take up the Cross of Light and go forth in Peace and Joy!

In the midst of the Vision of Sorrow and Suffering, I pray to you, O Adonai,
Let me not fall to the Spell of Forgetfulness, nor let me be overcome by the Adversary,
Strengthen my faith, hope and love, and empower me with your Holy Spirit –

Fill me with your Light-presence; uplift me with your Light-power!

O Sacred Tau, bless me,
O Light of the Cross, empower me,
O Spiritual Sun, shine in me;

Let the Light of the True Cross be manifest; let the Spirit of Enlightenment be with us!

O Human One of Light, I pray to you,
May your Divine Emanations continue to come to us,
May the Holy Ones, the Enlightened Ones, continue to appear to us,
Until all living spirits and souls are reintegrated to the Pleroma of Light;

I pray for the gathering of all Holy Sparks into your Mystical Body!

Amen and amen.
Tau Malachi
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