Prayer of the Seed Taking Root

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Prayer of the Seed Taking Root

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Apr 20, 2006 1:07 pm

Prayer of the Seed Taking Root

Adonai, we pray to receive the Seed you sow,
And we pray that it will take Root in us:
The Seed of Light you sow let become a Tree of Life in us!

Sowing the Seed, do not let the Raven of Dispersal steal it,
Nor let it fall on a stony heart or shallowness of soul,
But let it fall into rich and fertile ground,
And make it grow and come to fruit.

May the Holy Spirit nourish and nurture the Light-Seed in us,
With Living Water may she water it,
With Holy Fire may she cause it to germinate,
With Divine Light may she cause it to grow,
And with your Holy Breath may she make it breathe.

We pray to become more than the one who receives,
Or one who has only enough for ourselves alone,
We pray to become a Tree of Life in which the birds of the air rest,
Giving sanctuary and blessings to all who wish to receive from us.

Adonai, bless us to bear Good Fruit!

In your Holy Name, bless us,
So that we might be a blessing,
And bring glory to your Name!

Amen and amen.
Tau Malachi
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Ecclesia Pistis Sophia

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