Prayer-Meditation for Lucid Dream

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Prayer-Meditation for Lucid Dream

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Apr 20, 2006 2:33 pm

Prayer-Meditation for Lucid Dreaming

O Lady of Evening’s Tide, Mistress of the Night,
As I enter into your embrace and pass into sleep,
Empower me that I might remain inwardly awake,
And abide in the Clear Light Nature of Mind;

I envision the Living Yeshua in Light-Body,
And gather my consciousness into the Spiritual Sun in my heart;
Like a shooting star, through the crown center, my soul leaves me,
Entering into mystical union with the Risen Christ;
Like a rainbow in the sky, as the Christ, I dissolve,
Gathered into this True Essence, Bornless Being;

As I arise in dream, bless me, that I might remember,
And pass in the ascension to take up the Great Work,
Going out and coming in, to extend the Light of Christ to all beings,
Lucid on your wings, moving with you, O Grace of Midnight;

Bless me with good and luminous dreams,
And empower me to be of benefit to beings!

Tau Malachi
Sophia Fellowship
Ecclesia Pistis Sophia

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