A Prayer for the Afternoon

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A Prayer for the Afternoon

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Sep 19, 2006 4:00 pm

A Prayer for the Afternoon

At noonday, I shall run and return,
Remembering the Light Realm and the Human One of Light,
I shall restore my soul to the Place, and abide in the Sacred Heart;

O Adonai Messiah, I call upon your Blessed Name,
As I behold the strength of the sun at midday,
I pray that the Spiritual Sun might blaze forth from within me,
That I might walk as the Holy Apostles walk in this world,
Going forth as a Light-bearer, Healer and Peacemaker;

O Yeshua Messiah, bless and empower me in the Way, Truth and Light,
Let me be manifest this day as St. Michael, One-Like-Unto-God,
Shattering the dominion of the klippot and uplifting the sparks,
Banishing, binding and dispelling all shades and shadows,
Driving out darkness from the people and the land –

Let your Holy Shekinah rest upon me
And let your Supernal Glory enshroud me,
That I might not fall under the enchantments of the demiurge
Nor become ensnared by the archons or the adversary;
I pray, let your Divine Light extend through me!

O Kallah Messiah, receive me into your embrace,
Bring my soul in ascent into the Bridal Chamber,
Come as Divine Light with healing in your wings,
Healing all illness and dis-ease among the people,
And bearing forth the grace of Divine Illumination;
Bless and empower me to be at rest while in motion!

O Holy Spirit, I open my mind, heart and life to you,
I pray that you move with, in and through me,
And that you come to be manifest as me,
So that with Adonai I shall say, “I Am.”

Hallelu Yah!

Amen and amen.
Tau Malachi
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Ecclesia Pistis Sophia

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