A Prayer of Pistis Sophia for Salvation

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A Prayer of Pistis Sophia for Salvation

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Mar 22, 2007 12:44 pm

A Prayer of Pistis Sophia for Salvation

I will cry out with Faith-Wisdom in my heart,
She calls out to the True Light as my soul –
Before the First Mystery I confess,
In my confusion I went to a false light,
And became bound up in shades and shadows,
My light-power being stolen from me,
Because of my misdirected desire!

Looking outward and downward, I have fallen out,
I have come into the darkness of matter and chaos,
And given way to the worship of the demiurge and archons,
Establishing lesser divinities in the place of the First Commandment –
On account of the illusion of separation, the delusion of lack,
I did not did not go within and live within to cleave,
But apart from my Beloved I have created,
And what I have created is my bondage!

O Holy One of Being, O El Elyon, I call upon your name,
I repent of darkness of ignorance I have engendered,
O True Light, have mercy upon me and deliver me,
Send forth your Pure Emanation, the Messiah,
Restore my light-power to me!

I will go within and live within, and I will cleave to my Beloved,
Inward and upward, Godward, I will offer up my soul as a dwelling;
I open my mind, heart and life to you, O Holy One, the True Light,
Forsaking all others I come to you, seeking my redemption –
O Yahweh Elohim, Lord God of my salvation,
Let your Holy Light shine within me,
The Light of Eheieh, the Divine I Am!

I look and see the Serpent uplifted upon the Cross,
And I cleave to the Lamb of God, slain and arisen,
I will abide in the Bridal Chamber in repose,
Waiting upon the End-Of-Days with joy –

There, I am, New Jerusalem, Jeweled Body of Glory,
And there is my Lord within me, Body of Truth,
Liberated from action, formation and creation,
I am, Pure Emanation, Bornless Being –

Diamond Being!


Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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