A Prayer of Seeking Baptism

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A Prayer of Seeking Baptism

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Mar 22, 2007 5:47 pm

A Prayer of Seeking Baptism

O Holy One of Being, El Elyon, I give all praise and thanks to you,
And I called upon your Name, cleaving in faith to Hayyah Yeshua – the Risen Savior;
I go forth in the Light of the Spiritual Sun, rejoicing in your presence,
I offer up myself and my life, saying, “Do with me what you will,”
All that I am and all that I have is yours,
May I be as a light-bearer in the world,
And bring glory to your Holy Name;

O Adonai, in the holy remembrance of Yeshua Messiah,
I pray that you receive me this day and that you anoint me with the Chrism of the Spirit;
O El Shaddai, when I go down in the living waters, let me die and be reborn,
I pray that you send forth the Light from above and uplift me into the Pleroma of Light;
O Yahweh, let the Serpent be uplifted into repose on the cross of my body,
I pray that you open the Way of the Great Exodus before me and lead me in the Way,
That I might abide in New Jerusalem and stand among the living in the End-Of-Days;

O Holy One of Being, Eheieh, I give all praise and thanks to you,
And I call upon your Name, running and returning in your Holy Shekinah –
The Shekinah of Messiah,
All in you, all through your Supernal Grace;

Tau Malachi
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