A child's vision

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A child's vision

#1 Postby Rattle » Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:28 am


I've been reading Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ, and wanted to share something that happened recently that you might find interesting.

My seven year old daughter had been unsettled going to bed after a relative passed away. She has always been one for deep existential questions when she's avoiding going to sleep, but lately these had been more focussed on mortality. This night she was finding it more difficult than usual to get to sleep and was worrying about why people have to die, and I suggested praying to Jesus about it.

She closed her eyes for a few moments then opened them excitedly. She described seeing an angel with brown hair, and a circle of light behind his head, in front of a pillar with lots of lines coming out of it. The angel said heh, heh, heh then scribbled it out. His eyes were closed and it looked like he was meditating so maybe he was an eastern angel. Then she closed her eyes again for a moment, and said she prayed not to see any more angels because they were stopping her getting to sleep.

She did get to sleep then, she does still worry about death sometimes but not as much as before.

We are not a religious family, we go to church only occassionally, my daughter does religion in school but they wouldnt talk about angels, and we don't much talk about God and praying at home, so I found the detail of the description quite surprising.

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Re: A child's vision

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:53 am

Blessings to you, and welcome to our online community!

What a delightful story, thank you for sharing it. It is interesting how God can reveal something of the Divine Presence and wisdom through little children at times. The Holy Spirit is, indeed, playful, and I might is add a wonderful 'playmate.'

Shalom Aleichem - peace be upon you!
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