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Greetings, my name is Kevin. I'm a Southern California native from Covina with a spiritual background of Roman Catholicism in my youth, followed by study in World Religions in my early teen years, and study of Witchcraft and The Occult leading up to my current focus in The Western Esoteric Tradition.
About a year ago, I embarked on study into Esoteric Christianity. I was turned on the The Ecclesia Gnostica out in Los Angeles where I intended services for 3 months. I spoke with Bishop Hoeller, and gained some well-needed insight both from our conversations, and his after-service lectures. But the more I went to his services, the more I felt that his orthopraxy was a hinderance to the raw experience of Gnosis that I was becoming aware of.
For me, a rigid seperation between clergy and congregation was remniscent of the same uneasy feelings I remember having in the Roman Catholic Church as a child, and that was not what I want in my spirituality. That being said, having the guidance of well-versed individuals is still something I value in an organization and something I hold with the utmost respect.
What I am searching for, is an Esoteric Christian tradition that incorporates strong historical and scriptural knowledge with genuine mysticism. I practice ritual magick, and I make no reservations to the contrary. For me, such practices are not in conflict with God, but rather exemplify Him - such is evidenced by the Judeo-Christian language of the entire Western Esoteric Tradition to begin with. I am only looking for people who are ready to accept what should be clearly obvious - the inner tradition is wholly magickal, and there is really no seperation save for what we consider ritual and what we consider mundane in everyday life.
Aside from that, I am an open book, and I am ready to learn all I can about the art that is christian mysticism from the perspective of the Sophian Tradition.

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Hi Kevin, welcome to the forum, I'm new too, so, I'll let more experienced people comment and give advice, but, I think you might fit in well here, and I don't think there's a conflict between magic and Gnosticism, on another Gnostic forum I'm on, it was said that magic does have place in Gnosticism, and I think it can help you achieve Gnosis.

I also want to learn more about Esoteric Christianity, particularly this Sophian Tradition, although, I'm also studying the Jewish Kabbalah (which has been called Jewish Gnosticism) at the moment as well. I also like studying other traditions as well.

Anyway, good to meet you and I hope you enjoy it here, and learn a lot.

Good luck on your journey towards Gnosis too.


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Greetings Kevin!

Welcome to our online community!

I found your description of what you are seeking intriguing and pray to the Mother Spirit that you find it.



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Wonderworking Art

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Greetings and blessings in the Light of the Messiah, and welcome!

Yes, indeed, I’d have to agree that the inner tradition is mystical and magical – the play of divine theurgy or wonderworking is innate to full mystical attainment; apparently so, if we look at the wonders performed by the prophets, and even more so by Yeshua Messiah and the apostles.

A play of wonderworking is very common with tzaddikim of the tradition, and is the witness of the Holy Spirit, the greatest acts of wonderworking being the capacity to initiate and impart blessings and spiritual empowerments, the ability to engage the Gnostic and Light Transmission with one’s friends.

If we are speaking of magic, wonderworking, among mystics, they acquire everything they need through prayer and meditation; when they take up the play of sacred ceremony and magic, wonderworking, they do so to render spiritual assistance to others and to refine their self-realization. In other words, they do so for the sake of the kingdom of heaven, the harvest of souls, and the glorification of God, the True Light.

In terms of the unfolding of our self-realization, through the play of wonderworking we deepen our recognition of the true nature of consciousness and reality, laboring to fully realize the dream-like nature of the reality of our experience, that it is, in fact, a radiant display of mind, consciousness or soul, and realizing our inseparability from the source of it all, God.

If the flow of reality can be transformed through a transformation of our own consciousness, then the reality of our experience is a radiant or magical display of our own consciousness, hence “dream-like.”

This becomes obvious in the experience of a moment of true wonderworking and in the experience of a fully lucid dream – in awareness and energetically the experience is basically the same. The only difference is that the action occurs in two different dimension of consciousness.

More than our own self-realization, however, taking up the wonderworking art is an issue of active compassion and love, the Sacred Heart, a labor to render invisible spiritual assistance to souls in need, seeking to relieve sorrow and suffering – hence a dynamic form of prayer, invocation.

There is something more within all of this for a Christian Gnostic, or mystic, however, for working with spiritual beings, spiritual forces, in skillful means we preach the gospel to them and extend the Light of the Messiah to them, laboring for their enlightenment and liberation as well – drawing spirits into the service of the continuum of light transmission and kingdom of heaven, they are uplifted in the Risen Messiah with us.

In this respect, our view and way with the wonderworking art, or magical art, is very different than much of what is taught in popular occultism.

If the wonderworking art or magical art is a significant focus for you, then you might wish to look into teaching in the Order of St. Uriel, Order of St. Gabriel, as well as what is written thus far on the Art of Solomon in our forums; also, the practice of the 72 Names of Gevurot and Hasidim might interest you. This will give you insight into our way with the wonderworking or magical art.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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