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#1 Postby StefoDog » Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:32 am

I just wanted to introduce myself.

I am a student at the Evergreen State College. I believe in the freedom of information-- I am upset that the Nag Hammadi and Dead Sea Scrolls are locked down by copyrights held by the translators (because I believe that this material is the common property of humanity). I have had some very powerful experiences. I am obsessed with everything that has to do with early Christianity and the Pleroma/Sophia/Yaltabaoth story. I am looking for people to widen my perspective-- I recognize that I am young, I need teachers, I am tired of being solitary, I am tired of being naively rebellious. I've found the writings of Tau Malachi to be full of powerful wisdom and so I was led here because I am seeking guidance/friendship. I have had my own power experiences and I am willing to share, but I find that listening/reading is as much of a skill (it is a skill that is harder to develop) as telling/writing. I am grateful that online communities such as this one exist, but I am also looking to find offline communities that I may participate in because I am a believer in direct transmission of gnoledge. So far I have been unable to find offline communities that share my values. So, I am happy to be here and I am excited to learn.
With love,
Stefo Boanerges

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#2 Postby pat » Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:53 pm

Greetings and Welcome Stefo,

It is a blessings to have you join our online community.

The Teachings on the forum are very rich and deep. Take your time
and enjoy your explorations. :)

In time, you may want to check out the information about our On Line
Skype every Sunday evening and every Tuesday evening there is a Chat room for spiritual exploration in real time . On Skype one can
Speak with a Sophian Elder and on Tuesday can particfipate in spiritual discussions discourse style.

Blessings on your journey.

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