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Visual Media

#1 Postby Andrea » Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:02 pm


I am new to the forum, but have been in Sister Anna's study group and prayer group for a while now. I have noticed in Tau Malachi's books, that invariably, any prayer or ritual requires a great deal of visualization. This is problematic for me, as I am one of the 6% of people on the planet who are not visual thinkers! When I close my eyes, all I see is the back of my eyelids.

So, how am I to proceed with the meditaions, prayers and rituals outlined in the books I am studying, without visual processing?

Many thanks for any and all suggestions.


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Feeling Energy

#2 Postby sheryl » Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:17 pm

Shalom Andrea and welcome to our online community!

As I read your question, feeling an image, or creating an energetic image, came to mind and I wondered if it is possible for those who are not visual thinkers to instead feel with the heart, in lieu of visualizing an image in the mind's eye?

For example, as one thinks on the image of the Living Yeshua as described in our partzuf meditations, instead of imagining what radiant and translucent Glory looks like, what if they imagined what it feels like, what the energy of such Glory feels like? And what does a body made of sunlight feel like, and an inner robe of white brilliance and an outer robe of violet, what do these feel like? And what does an intense gaze feel like, and a great rainbow aura?

Or perhaps if we are doing a meditation on the Holy Bride, what does a flame shooting from the heart feel like, and what does the Bride dancing before us feel like?

It seems that in doing this we are creating an energetic image or vision that just might have greater energy than a pictorial visualization alone, one that we do not imbue with energy in our imaginings.

For me, it has not always been easy to construct a detailed image in the mind's eye, and so I often found myself supplementing pictorial images with energetic ones, and doing so seemed to engage the heart much more than a picture image alone.

Perhaps others will have additional suggestions, but this is what came to mind to share.



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visual media

#3 Postby JamesNielsen570 » Sat Jan 14, 2012 12:23 pm

Greetings and Blessings!

Welcome to the forum Andrea!

I, too, am one who is not as inclined to be able to create such detailed visual images with my minds eye but I have found ways of "getting into the groove" so to speak. What I have found very helpfull is focus my awareness on a chant or more often just my breathe. After learning the self discipline involved in such practises like primordial meditation I have been slowly able to visualize more and more. When I tried to do much I would get discouraged so one must take it slowly and not force what they are trying to see but just let it happen.

You will have to find what works for you because when I first tried visualization it wasn't the fact that I couldn't visualize it was the fact that I had no control over what I was seeing, or what I was being shown. Now I find if I do want to visualize I have to make sense of what I am seeing and then manipulate. There are also times when I can't see anything at all. It takes work but when your desire is strong enough you'll be surpised at what you can accomplish.

I hope I've added some insight. I know how difficult it can be when first attempting the more advanced forms of meditation involving visualization but finding what works can be a very delightful journey.

"May the LORD answer you when you are in distress; may the name of the God of Ya'akov protect you;" Palms 20:1

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#4 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Jan 18, 2012 12:11 pm

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

There are, indeed, many spiritual practices that incorporate visualization, and there are also many that do not; but whether or not visualization is included, when it is do not let that put you off from the practice, but rather, adapt the practice to your needs, reflecting how you work and connect with the Spirit, in effect “making the practice your own.” Always, in truth, we need to do this, for spiritual practices need to be integrated and somewhat shifted to match our energy and way, our uniqueness as an individual initiate; from one to another initiate a practice is never exactly the same, but rather, the teaching of the practice, and the example given, is taken up and there is a unique expression of it with each of us, all according to our own understanding and way.

Granted, we wish to follow the basic pattern and intent of practices, understanding that they are generated from direct experience of Supernal or Messianic Consciousness, and therefore convey something of the blessing and power of the spiritual realization of the tzaddikim creating them; but always, in our lineage spiritual practice is a creative affair, and our spiritual practices are meant to be mutable, flexible, adapted to suit the needs of each aspirant. As we adapt them, naturally, we often will inquire of our teacher, or our tzaddik, seeking further instructions and suggestions they might have for us, ones that might speak to our way and tikkune – very often there is more that can be said about the spiritual practice of the tradition.

As we take up a spiritual practice, first and foremost it is our faith and devotion that are important – if we have full faith in the teachings and practices, and in the tzaddikim generating them, and yet more, full faith in the Holy One, Yeshua Messiah and the Shekinah of the Messiah, and we have passionate devotion, the Holy Spirit will move with, in and through our prayers, meditations and sacred ceremonies. It is the same with regards to deeper spiritual and esoteric teachings, it is not a matter of our intellectual knowledge, but our faith and devotion through which the Holy Spirit is able to reveal and illuminate great mysteries.

Thus, truly, if visualization is challenging, instead, in the fullness of faith, focus upon feeling the Divine Presence and Power with you, and have faith in the Divine Presence and Power with full devotion, full self-offering; hold the conscious intention of the practice, and know that intention is being fulfilled through Christ and the Holy Spirit in you – having faith that not you, but Christ and the Holy Spirit accomplishes everything good.

On the most basic level, visualization is simply a way to bolster kavvanah-concentration, and likewise to bolster a vital connection, devekut, devotion and cleaving; but there are many ways to generate kavvanah and devekut, and the real point is that we are able to focus our mind and heart, cleaving and unifying ourselves with the Divine, the Holy One and Shekinah.

It is true that visualization also serves to help us open our consciousness to new dimensions, or to invoke luminous dreams and visions, but apart from visualization this may also happen through Divine Grace, the power of the Holy Spirit. If we will live the spiritual life, and engage in daily spiritual practice – true devotion, the Holy Spirit can and will work wonders, and accomplish great things with, in and through us.

In the midst of this it must be said, though, that we do not wish to say that anything is impossible for us; with God, and with the Spirit of God, anything is possible. This is our faith, and this is our knowledge, our experience in Christ. The Holy Spirit can give all manner of blessings and spiritual gifts, and if and when there is a need for healing, the Holy Spirit can heal us. It is entirely possible that an aspirant might have great difficulty with visualization at the outset, but then later receive envisioning as a gift. In fact, if we appear to be lacking anything it is good to pray and ask God for what we need, but free from vital demand; instead, with an open heart and the desire to be of greater service or benefit to others in any way that we can, all as God wills.

I can bear witness, however, that very often I’ve had companions who, in early years of their journey, confessed apparent limitations, but then later in their journey expanded well beyond them through Divine Grace; granted, at times we are meant to have our limitations, and the spiritual humility that comes with them, but at times it is also true that the Holy Spirit will carry us beyond them. In faith, naturally we will always hope for this – in Christ we have “high hopes”!

I can also share that there are many spiritual practices that do not include visualization at all, such as primordial meditation, hitbodedut (secluded prayer) and such, and these are very powerful spiritual practices. Likewise, many that include visualization have forms that do not, such as giving and receiving meditation – that can be done simply through breath and conscious intention, an opening of the heart and holding others in your heart with love and compassion. Something similar can be said of union with partzuf meditations as well, and we may say a union though conscious intention, “knowing faith,” at times can be most intimate and dynamic, for it is the simple truth of our inmost being.

These were some thoughts I was inclined to share.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers sister.

O Adonai we pray, let us receive all resources and gifts to accomplish Your Will for us, to accomplish the good works You intend. Amen.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi
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Working toward visiualization

#5 Postby Karl » Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:34 pm


It is wonderful that you are working and progressing on the Path.

I assure you are not the only one to have this difficulty with visualization. I, too, am working to gain the strong ability to visualize during meditation. I have made a little progress. For me, it started seeing shades of gray and then colors. Recently, I have enjoyed shapes of various colors related to my meditation. They are small gifts and have encouraged me to continue. I have been surprised by an occasional vision of Lady Mary or a partzuf.

Sometimes, I try too hard. I encourage to engage your faith and allow it to happen when the time and you are ripe.

If I may, I will offer some suggestions of practices that have helped me, adapting them, as Tau Malachi wrote, for your individual practice.

One that I find very pleasant and helpful is meditating on an object such as a painting or picture. It is even better if you create the object. Another is meditating on the flame of a candle. I believe Tau Malachi wrote about this elsewhere in the forum. A third is chanting and/or drumming before or during meditation.

Another related topic is commending your soul to God as you prepare to sleep each evening. I say a small prayer each night exactly for this purpose something akin to:

"Adonai Elohim, I commend my soul to you as I prepare to enter dreamtime and ask that you watch over it as my running and returning takes me where I my learn and progress."

I have found that my dreams are more vivid and that I remember them more and more. I have also found that I have received guidance during these dreams. I believe this will help my meditative practices and visualization during it.

I pray that you will be blessed with the desire of your heart and that you continue in faith until that day comes.

Bendiciones and Shalom,

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#6 Postby Andrea » Tue Jan 24, 2012 3:01 pm


Many thanks and gratitude for all the suggestions and support. I am using the candle flame, the primordial meditation, and giving/recieving, along with chanting the middle pillar. Let's "see" where God leads....


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