Meaning of "Magdalene"

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Meaning of "Magdalene"

#1 Postby Mark » Sun May 27, 2012 11:51 am

Before my awareness of this sacred Sophian Gnostic community I received a lot of inspiration from the writings of Margaret Starbird who researched evidence for Mary Magdalene being the Bride of Yeshua. Margaret also found evidence that the name "Magdalene" was a special title that had no connection to the town of Magdala. If this is true, would that in any way change the way the Sophian Gnostic teachings are presented?

From Margaret Starbird's website:
"The Aramaic word Magdala means "tower" or "fortress." In Hebrew, the word is spelled mgdl and migdol. The title "Magdalene" implies greatness, exaltation, elevation, and pre-eminence.
For several historical reasons, I do not believe that Mary was from the town of Magdala. In the period of Greek and Roman hegemony in Galilee, the town now known as "Magdala" was called "Taricheae," a Greek name meaning "place of dried fish." According to Josephus, writing in his books about Jewish history, the town was strongly influenced by Hellenistic culture and mores and even sported a hippodrome for chariot races during Biblical times, until its total destruction by the Romans in AD 67. A new town was later built over the ruins of Taricheae, and was called "Magdala Nunnayah," a name mean "Tower of the Fishes" in Aramaic. But during the lifetime of the woman named Mary who anointed Jesus at a banquet and Bethany and later met him resurrected in the Garden on Easter morning, the town was called Taricheae. This is attested in numerous Roman and Jewish records, including several mentions in Josephus."

May the Hoy Spirit provide a continuing revelation of Magdalene

With gratitude for the blessings that come through Tau Malachi, the Elders, and all who explore this path together,

Tau Malachi
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Living Tradition, Growing Tradition

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon May 28, 2012 8:50 am

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

We are aware of Margret Starbird’s works and enjoy them, but, of course, our view of the Magdalene differs in that to us she is not only a spiritual consort, or a disciple and wife, but embodies the same spiritual realization as Adonai Yeshua, and is co-preacher and co-redeemer with him. She is not the Grail because she has the children of Jesus, but because she receives the Christ Spirit in full from him. If one becomes acquainted with our oral tradition, part of which is in our book “St. Mary Magdalene: Tradition of the Holy Bride,” there is a play upon Magdalene as the “Tower of the Flock” – this likewise occurs in many teaching in our forums. If one looks to our understanding of the Living Body of Christ as the Holy Bride, understanding the gospels metaphor of souls as “fish,” playing upon the Hebrew for soul, “nefesh” and “neshamah” both beginning with Nun, and Nun meaning “fish,” and the idea of apostles as fishers for souls, then “Tower of Fish” assumes a deep spiritual meaning.

In our oral tradition there are two different lines of stories about Magdalene, one based upon her being from Magdala and the other Bethany; but then, more than a historical view of Magdalene, the teachings are a spiritual and metaphysical view of the Holy Bride, and they are meant to convey spiritual teachings and practices of our lineage of Gnostic Christianity. These stories are part of our Gospel of the Second Coming of Christ, and more than the historical aspects of Yeshua and Mirya they communicate our spiritual and mystical experience of the Bridegroom and Bride, Logos and Sophia, the Living Christ. Thus, modern historical research is not as important to us as direct experience of the Risen Messiah and Holy Bride, or the light transmission and spiritual realization that forms the Gnostic Apostolic Succession; when our oral tradition and teachings change or evolve it is based upon our Gnostic experience of Christ, the Human One of Light.

The very nature of an oral tradition, such as ours, is that it is not fixed or static, but it is a living tradition, always growing, evolving, changing, as we journey in Christ. Through direct experience of Christ and the Holy Spirit the revelation of the Gospel is ongoing for us, not something only of the past – we experience a Living Word and Wisdom, and therefore a Living Gospel. So founded upon spiritual and mystical experience, the oral tradition, our teachings and practices, progress and change; to whatever extent historical research and the language evolved serves to express our experience, and our gnosis, it is good and we take it up – but at the same time we have our own symbolic and mystical language, our Christian Kabbalah, and this is our focus in communicating our knowledge and experience of the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah, the Magdalene.

May the Wisdom of Christ continue to shine in this world. Amen.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi
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