Anyone here familiar with the Diamond Approach?

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Anyone here familiar with the Diamond Approach?

#1 Postby kanaloa » Mon Mar 09, 2015 7:07 pm

Hello, I'm going through several of Tau Malachi's excellent books. I've had an interest in gnosticism but all I've been able to find has been either academic or people who have discovered gnosticism and want to recreate the ancient versions of it and trash the modern church too much. This Sophian tradition is exciting because it's a living tradition. The forms of gnosticism that came to light around the Italian Renaissance and later seem to have integrated the implicit gnosticism in the church and Bible with the deeper esoteric teachings.

And having been raised Christian (Lutheran/Episcopal) and being deeply esoteric, I have been jealous about how Judaism and Sufism have such esoteric depth but the more well known Christian mystical paths are more "mystical" than esoteric. To me, esoteric means a deeper spiritual psychology, knowledge of energy systems, subtle substances, the alchemy of essential nature with the ego-personality and so on. Esoteric paths teach that there is a whole rainbow of infinite experiences and states and awakening is not simply a black and white awakened state vs egoic state. Unlike the "direct paths" such as Zen and Vedanta where they care only about transcending the self into a monolithic amorphous state of truth, and see the personality structure as completely false and deny the need to work on psychological and energetic issues. Moment by moment I feel that there are times to transcend and times to work on structures that block truth on many levels.

I've gotten these ideas mainly from A.H. Almaas who was one of the main teachers who drew me back west after I had a three day long non-dualistic experience in 2007 and completely through myself into Zen and swore off Christianity as beneath me. My Lutheran upbringing did not prepare me for such an experience and only seemed to have taught me stories and myths. Despite having grown up loving Jesus and feeling the church to be a safe place from the insensitive and hypocritical world.

When I encountered Almaas and his Diamond Approach, I found a path that said something no mystical path seemed to teach. He (and Faisal Maqqadam of the Diamond Logos) teaches an integration of the personality with essence which leads to the development of the Pearl in gnostic teachings, which is the true human. He also teaches that there are infinite higher qualities that he calls "essential states" and his path works to grow out of the psychodynamic material from the past that obscure the functioning of these states from every day life.
He also seems to teach knowledge of the higher body, or sambhogakaya that more popular mystical paths tend to ignore completely. They only care about this mental awakening and not the higher embodiment of truth, of which gnostic and other esoteric paths have knowledge of.

Something about these more alchemical and embodied paths strike a chord with me. Zen, Vedanta and the standard non-dualistic paths are frankly boring and two dimensional by comparison.

Almaas and Faisal speak of these two paths as the path of liberation (enlightenment, awakening) and the path of salvation: which is a living realization of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, or being a light bearer, realizing one's unique expression of essential nature and living it fully.

Main point is, I have found that my path is essentially a western esoteric path and I yearn for a Christian bent to it.

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Re: Anyone here familiar with the Diamond Approach?

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I hope there is some benefit here for you.

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