Shalom & Blessings Fellow Sojourners

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Shalom & Blessings Fellow Sojourners

#1 Postby Laura_Jane » Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:47 pm


A brief introduction of me ..

Well I would not have thought I would have ever found my way onto a Gnostic Christianity website, forum or chat room ( I don't know much about what Gnosticism is, I just know it was discouraged in church). I was baptised Anglican as a baby and raised to consider myself a Christian first and Anglican second. I did not achieve what they call "confirmation" in the Anglican church because at the time when I was due to challenge my confirmation, and I suppose be "initiated" into the Anglican church, which for me was at sixteen years old .. a few years later than normal because my family was not practicing and my mother herself was Agnostic .. anyway I was studying and close to completing those studies and being confirmed and I stopped attending church because my parents were both suddenly killed by a drunk driver in 1994. After that I stopped attending church which I had been doing of my own accord and not because I was made to but I chose and wanted to. After that, my world was shaken and I was angry and rebellious, not blaming the driver but blaming G-d.

The next nine years I stumbled about, doing my own thing, experimenting with sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Thankfully not too deep, I think I was being protected, even then in my rebelliousness.

I studied Taoism, Islam and Baha'ism in those years.

In 2003 I hit rock bottom and in my climb out of it I became a born again Christian, getting baptized in a Pentecostal church by full immersion. I also made a vow of celibacy at that time, which I kept until finding my soul mate last month. We were wed civilly on Dec 30th.

In Nov 2012 I wrote a letter to the pastor of that church where I had been baptized and had spent the next nine year period of my life, rescinding my church membership. What's with the number nine?? And Oct/Nov?? By the way I was born at the end of October and am a Scorpio on the cusp with Libra.

Since 2012 to now has been a continual journey of trying to "find myself" and I would now consider the closest path to what resonates with me is as a Netzari Jew, the first followers of Yeshua. Before the chism between Judaism and Christianity. It appears as though this group may be the closest I have found so far from the Christian side. I have studied history in depth .. I'm studying the Sumerians now .. and world religions. I have found theosophy to be refreshing because I found some of those writers like Blavatsky were refreshingly honest.

However I also hold a deep appreciation for Judaism, specifically the Torah. I think my favorite scripture right now is Proverbs 8, which I hope everyone here has read as to me it speaks to what I hope this group is about, in joining as a newcomer.

Also, I am studying Hebrew and my partner and I will be studying biblical Hebrew together starting in three weeks. Meeting him has changed my life. We met on Nov 29th online and wed on Dec 30th as I mentioned. Meeting him has also brought me to a place of having an encounter with the divine feminine, which I hope to explore here as well. Ironic because although perhaps meeting my soul mate has brought it out, he is oblivious to it, it is coming from within me.
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Re: Shalom & Blessings Fellow Sojourners

#2 Postby Elder Gideon » Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:58 pm

Welcome to this community, Laura Jane:

Your story has many elements common to many of us as well, the wandering, the grief, the search. I hope that you feel support for your journey in our community. There are many ways to interact with us, all as you're inclined.

1. Peruse the forums as much as you like.
2. Continue to follow the EPS (Ecclesia Pistis Sophia) facebook page: ... e=bookmark
3. Attend Tuesday night chats with Elder Sarah:
4. Stay in touch with our Shabbat audio discourses on YouTube or the bottom of our home page.

Each of these will give you different textures for our community and way in the Way (Gospel). I'm very glad you've found us and wish the most for you in the Holy Spirit.

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Re: Shalom & Blessings Fellow Sojourners

#3 Postby Laura_Jane » Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:39 pm

Thank you Elder Gideon. The other thing which I neglected to mention is that this period in my life which has been one of great transformation, has also been marked by illness and disease. The thing that stands out to me is that all of my disease appears to be on the right side of my body, while the left side of my body appears to be quite healthy. From shoulder to calf on the right side I'm all torn up. It makes me think of the masculine and the feminine. In which case it appears my feminine side is quite healthy while my masculine side is literally falling apart ??? Just an observation and a thought.


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Re: Shalom & Blessings Fellow Sojourners

#4 Postby sheryl » Fri Jan 29, 2016 6:24 pm

Shalom Laura Jane and welcome to our online community!

No matter the pathway to here and now, it always seems as though it was a miracle that brought us here! So many twists and turns, sorrows and joys, each though, often in retrospect, seem to have prodded us in the right direction, the direction which led us to now.

May your time with us bring much joy, and I hope to see you at our Tuesday night chats with Elder Sarah.

May the Mother of All bless you in your journey!


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