Questions Pertaining to the Bride

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Questions Pertaining to the Bride

#1 Postby matthew mcclellan » Sun Sep 30, 2018 1:58 pm

Shalom my friends!

I do not know if I should post this here or in the forum dedicated to the mysteries of the Divine Feminine but my questions are about a teaching concerning the Holy Bride. "Mother Sarah was the most senior disciple of Tau Elijah and was a Sacred Tau in her own right. In one discourse, speaking of the invocation of the Holy Bride, she said, “When you invoke her, she will come, like a firestorm leaping and laughing, and she will burn you utterly away, until only the Beloved remains. Playful maiden and dread crone and regal mother is she, and no one can say which Face she will reveal, nor predict her coming or going. She loves you and hates you, and she gambles with your life – all for the sake of your Enlightenment and Liberation." My questions are specifically concerned with this quote "She loves you and hates you, and she gambles with your life – all for the sake of your Enlightenment and Liberation." Why does the Bride hate us? What is her hate? How does it manifest in our lives? and what does that hate do to help bring us to enlightenment?

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Re: Questions Pertaining to the Bride

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Shalom Matthew!

Mother Sarah was often very playful, passionate and poetic in her way of sharing teachings, especially about the Magdalene, and often spoke in a spicy way to provoke questions and contemplations. “She loves you,” “she hates you,” it’s surprising to hear this at first and it definitely catches your attention! Doesn’t it?

The Divine Presence, Holy Shekinah, ‘loves’ herself in you, she loves the holy soul in you, which is woven of the spiritual powers of the Names of God, Divine Attributes, she loves what is real and true in you - your true being as you are in God, the Divine I Am; she ‘hates’ what is not herself in you, she hates what is unreal and false in you - your ego, or rather the ego-grasping, and the play of desire and fear in it. It’s a question of what attracts the Divine Presence, Holy Shekinah, and what repels her, what she resonates with and what she does not resonate with, or what she can bless and empower, or cannot bless and empower. If she were to bless and empower the shades and shadows in us it would defeat her purpose and intention - the fulfillment of will of God Most High (El Elyon).

Remember, the ‘Holy Bride’ personifies the immanent Divine Presence, Holy Shekinah, Holy Spirit, and remember that the Divine Presence can manifest in mercy, judgment or compassion; hence ‘peaceful,’ ‘wrathful’ and ‘blissful’ emanations of the Holy Shekinah. Speaking of ‘love’ and ‘hate’ Mother Sarah was indicating the play of mercy and judgment in the Divine Presence, understanding that it is we who determine the manifestation of the Divine Presence with us, whether in mercy, judgment or compassion according to our thoughts, words and actions and whether they are in harmony with the Divine Presence or aligned with the will of God or are not in harmony, not aligned.

The use of the word ‘hate’ is actually funny, given that what’s being spoken of as hated by the Holy Bride is our ego which most of us tend to love more than anything else, and in that ego-cherishing we often sin, miss the mark, and bring so much sorrow and suffering upon ourselves. If the Divine Presence loves us how could the Divine Presence, or God, love the cause of our sorrow and suffering? Would not the cause of sorrow and suffering be despised? Indeed, the ignorance, the illusion of separation, the ego-grasping, and the play of desire and fear that holds us in bondage is ‘hated,’ despised, and that darkness in us the Holy Bride, Holy Shekinah, cannot and will not embrace, for it goes against our own good and the will of God Most High (Ratzon Elyon).

There are, however, many layers of meaning in what Mother Sarah taught about the experience of invoking and being received in the Holy Bride, the Magdalene. When she would speak like this of the Bride she was stripping away vital sentiments concerning the Bride, or concerning the Divine and Sacred Feminine, and indicating the very active and dynamic presence and power of the Holy Bride, the overwhelming force of the Shekinah of Messiah. When she speaks of the Holy Bride “gambling with your life,” first know that Mother Sarah was an avid poker player and exceptionally good at it, but then, understand that she is speaking of our need for a full surrender, submission, self-offering to the Divine Presence, a willingness to go wherever the Holy Shekinah, Holy Spirit carries us - letting the Holy Bride do whatever she pleases with us, all as pleases and delights herself.

Mother Sarah’s teaching is certainly informing us that there is no conjuring, controlling, manipulating or ‘taming’ the Shekinah of the Messiah, but rather that one can only invite and welcome her, and seek to make oneself attractive to her, and then wait upon her, wait upon the Spirit of the Lord, the action and revelation of the Holy Shekinah.

These are some thoughts I can share with you. Perhaps they might help bring some insight into Mother Sarah’s teaching and her deeper meanings.

Yes, posts like this are best posted in the “Divine and Sacred Feminine” forum, and it is good to place posts in forums corresponding with their topic such as Kabbalah, Gnostic Path, and such. If there it’s unclear exactly where a topic fits then the “Gnosis & Gnosticism” forum is a good place. It makes it a bit easier for people to find posts on subjects of interest and various discussions we have had on them.

May we be blessed to know and enjoy the good company of the Holy Bride, the Shekinah of Messiah - the Anointing! Amen.

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