Greetings! (And questions for/to all!)

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Greetings! (And questions for/to all!)

#1 Postby NorseGnostic » Thu Aug 22, 2019 10:17 am

So first off I would like to say hello to everyone here, and introduce myself a’ll have to excuse me if this gets a little long, I tend to be an open book.
My name is Mike, i come from the lovely Northeast US. When I was raised, we weren’t very religious at all in any sense...except for my great grandparents who I only went to Roman Catholic mass with sometimes just to go out for breakfast after. Though I did receive my baptism and First Communion in that Church.
(All my questions will come after the long winded intro, but the following will start to hint towards them)
Once I became that age of questioning things...well it brought me to Wicca, didn’t stay there for long. I ended up going down quite a “darker” path...messing with things I definitely shouldn’t have been and it did change me quite horribly (not physically, I don’t have a third arm or missing leg...just made me, well, not me). It got so bad that one night a friend took a picture of me...I was up on a roof, and standing behind me you could see clearly in the picture a nearly 7ft tall entity, pure evil.
That scared the hell out of me. Just so happened that the lady I lived next to needed someone to drive her to early morning mass, so I figured this was my ticket to get everything going bad to stop...and it worked! But it didn’t feel right, like it wasn’t for me....hell I remember clearly the “Father/Priest” calling me/men out as disrespectful for having long hair (in his speech after eating the eucharist). I let it slide, and I ended up going for my Confirmation (this is in 2017).
All was well and good I guess, though I stopped going to Church because it didn’t feel right to me. Then I get this weird calling, to return my mind and studies to Paganism...I ignore it thinking it’s just my head, but every day it keeps getting louder and louder and just won’t stop. Come to find out, it was a goddess. Around this time as well, I was returning to an interest in Tarot divination.
This goddess (Greek Artemis) taught me to trust my intuition, and I have had plenty enough paranormal experiences to know that it wasn’t all in my head...if I explain them all this post will be too long.
Then another goddess comes to me, Freyja of the Norse pantheon...who has been teaching me of self love, but most importantly it was Her that told me to dig into Gnosticism! I was surprised...but now here comes the questions:

I’ve been reading a lot of different books (The whole Nag Hammadi library, Pistis Sophia, Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowledge)...but it is hard for me to shake wanting to stick to some of my Pagan roots, must I truly step away from all of it?
Is divination bad?
Are the other deities of the world just the Archons, or are they a part of the Pleroma or have some of the Divine Spark and come from the All?
What about the use of witchcraft...not maliciously, but to say help/heal others and keep negative spirits away etc?
Is it right to worship Sophia like a goddess? We mustn’t make offerings right?
Also, since reading these Gnostic texts, I’ve also taken to picking the Bible back up as well (NAB edition if it matters to know) and while I definitely see the gnosis/Gnosticism (I’m not even sure if I’m using the right words), how do Gnostic look at the Books of the Prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel etc...were they false prophets of the Demiurge?
And where do angels sit in all the different “sects” of Gnosticism hold different opinions?

As you can see, I’m quite confused and have a long long way to’s like what I knew from the Roman Catholicism is battling my Pagan beliefs, and Gnosticism is trying to be a referee...but doesn’t know who to stop (if that metaphor makes sense?). I’m truly sorry if all of this is too much, but all of this is going through my head daily (and stronger) the more I keep learning about Gnosticism

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Re: Greetings! (And questions for/to all!)

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Aug 23, 2019 11:57 am

Greetings and blessings to you Mike!

Welcome to our online community. I won’t be able to address all of your questions in a single post, but can get a few at a time. So we can start a discussion and with some back and forth perhaps we can address the many questions that are arising with you. At the outset I can share that if you take some time to explore our forums some of your questions will be answered as you read our teachings and practices. Likewise, many would be answered by our book, ‘Living Gnosis: A Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity.’ Essentially it is a basic introduction to our lineage and tradition of Gnosticism - the ‘Sophian Gnostic Tradition.’

First it needs to be understood that the term ‘Gnosticism’ applies to a very broad spectrum of views, teachings and practices, some pagan, some Christian, and some that might not be either exactly. So we cannot address the views and teachings of all Gnostic schools whether ancient or modern, but rather we can share from the view and teachings of our gnostic lineage and tradition. Our teachings of the Gnostic Path are essentially a Christian Kabbalah, drawing strongly from Judaic Kabbalah, and as we teach a ‘Judeo-Christian Gnosticism.’

There are dualistic and non-dualistic schools of Christian Gnosticism. Dualistic schools teach that the god of the Old Testament and New Testament are two different gods - the ‘demiurge’ and ‘True God,’ and teach that the creator god was the demiurge. Consequently, these schools tend to take a dim view of creation and matter, and teach of a ‘god of light’ separate and apart from creation; hence their dualism. Non-dual schools of Gnosticism believe that the God of the Old Testament and New Testament are the very same Divine Being-Force, One God, in various cycles of revelation, the New Testament corresponding with a greater revelation as the collective consciousness and knowledge of humanity evolved. In that the revelation of the Divine transpires through human minds and hearts an evolution of consciousness is necessary for a greater revelation of the Divine, greater knowledge, understanding and wisdom of God - a greater enlightenment (Divine Gnosis). Non-dual schools do not tend to take a negative view of creation and matter, but tend to be a creation centered spirituality, experiencing the Divine as immanent and transcendent. The Sophian Gnostic Tradition is a non-dual school of Christian Gnosticism.

Essentially when speaking about Gnosticism, if indeed ‘gnostic,’ it corresponds with a seeking of knowledge of God through direct spiritual and mystical experience, or through an intimate nearness or oneness with God. Thus it is something more than a typical religious belief or a doctrine to believe in, rather within any given gnostic lineage and tradition, if ‘gnostic,’ there is something of a shared gnostic experience. In general we would speak of the gnostic experience as threefold: 1) It is the experience of higher, more expanded states of consciousness, the inmost being the experience of Christ or God Consciousness; 2) It is the experience of consciousness opening to inner, metaphysical dimensions, and ultimately the true ‘kingdom of heaven,’ the Pleroma of Light; 3) It is acquiring knowledge through direct spiritual and mystical experience of God, the fruition being conscious union with God. The gnostic experience, of course, corresponds with an actual Self-realization, or Enlightenment, akin to what is spoken about in many Eastern Wisdom Tradition - as such an actual gnostic tradition is a ‘Western Enlightenment Tradition.’

In this you may understand that it is a desire for intimate knowledge of God - the experience of nearness and oneness with God, and the experience of an actual Self-realization, or Enlightenment, that attracts aspirants to the Gnostic Path in any of its various forms; at least this is true of aspirants and initiates within our gnostic community.

There are likely some ‘gnostic groups’ that would worship Sophia as a goddess, and that might include pagan ways in their teachings and practices. Our initiates do not worship Sophia as such, but rather view Sophia-Hokmah as an aspect, a divine attribute and action, of the Eternal God (Yahweh Elohim); though personifications of the Divine may be used in prayer, meditation and devotions, always it is a worship of the Messiah and Holy One - One God. We would not be inclined to worship lesser divinities, but rather we worship God, the True Light, the source of the life and light of all creatures, all sentient beings, spiritual and material.

There are literally countless spiritual beings, forces, within the matrix of creation, from greater cosmic forces to lesser forces, divine, archonic and demonic. Among the divine spiritual forces there are archangels and angels of the Pleroma - Messiah, and archangels and angels of creation, and there are angels of archons and demons. Among archons, generally they serve their own self-interests, rather like any other unenlightened being, but there are those that serve God, the True Light, and there are those that are very dark that often serve the Other Side, the demonic realm. Basically speaking, archonic angels are impure, admixed, spiritual forces.

Yes, indeed, there are archons, as well as demons, that put themselves off as ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ seeking worship; many spiritual aspirants can be deceived by them because they can grant some kinds of boons or blessings, and psychic or magic powers.

The subject of ‘angels,’ and the various kinds of ‘angels,’ in our Christian Kabbalah is vast. Much writing has been done on them in various forums here, and we have an entire form that shares teachings on angels; likewise, I wrote in some depth about the principle archangels and orders of angels associated with the Tree of Life in ‘Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ’ - a book I wrote on basic teachings of our Christian Kabbalah. So if you look deeper into the teachings shared in our forums you will learn more of what we have to share about angels.

Our initiates would not be inclined to practice witchcraft, but most often mysticism and the magical art - or wonderworking, divine theurgy, go hand in hand; there are very luminous teachings of a magical art or divine theurgy in our tradition.

Likewise, while we do not teach various methods of divination, such as with the tarot, we do teach a prophetic way. If we seek to divine the truth of a matter, or what is to transpire, or what we are to do, we turn to God and seek to open our heart and mind to the Spirit of God, and so receive luminous dreams, visions, words, inspirations, illuminations, from the Holy Spirit - ‘leadings of the Spirit.’

These are a few things I can share with you at the outset of our discussion. In closing I can share that perhaps through the image of a goddess the Spirit is stirring a desire for Divine Gnosis - enlightenment and liberation, in leading you into Gnosticism. This has happened with other friends of ours emerging from pagan and goddess worship backgrounds as the Holy Mother calls them. home to the Messiah - the Anointing with the Holy Light and Spirit of God.

I will certainly hold you in my heart and prayers brother, and wish you well in your sacred quest.

Shalom Aleichem - peace be upon you!
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Re: Greetings! (And questions for/to all!)

#3 Postby Marion » Sun Aug 25, 2019 12:21 am

Shalom Brother and Welcome to our online community!

I feel your questions and it does seem as though the Spirit is leading you towards a deeper spirituality.
I too was raised in a Christian leaning household and left the church when I was around 11, seeking something deeper. I was in the middle of studying paganism when a summer spent in France ignited a renewed interest in Christianity. When I returned, I met Tau Malachi and the Tradition and found a place where the feminine and masculine aspects of God were equally revered. It became apparent that what our tradition of Mystical Christianity teaches is something beyond all masculine, feminine, and even neuter pronouns! There is such a freedom and Joy in this I cannot even express.

The mystical experiences before meeting this Tradition taught me that Spirit was using the language I understood at the time—Paganism, to uncover deep, spiritual truths. I can see how I was being guided to something beyond what my conscious mind could even conceive at the time.

As Tau Malachi has said, there are many, many wonderful recourses that will answer all of your questions and give you a better understanding of the Tradition. As was already said, Living Gnosis is a fantastic resource that I still refer to. You may also browse the forums; I know they can seem vast at first glance, so just choose an area of interest and scroll through the various topics and see what jumps out to you. Be patient with yourself; it may take some time to fully sink in. If you have questions, we're always happy to answer them here on the forum :-)

I wish you well on your journey Brother!

Blessings and Shalom,

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