Union with Our Lady of Templars

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Union with Our Lady of Templars

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Aug 26, 2006 2:56 pm

Union with Our Lady of Templars

Our Lady of Templars is St. Mirya of Magdala as the High Priestess of the Divine Order, she who dubs Templars of the Holy Grail in the Rite of the Gnostic Mass and she who is Mother of the Royal Blood, Mother of the Gnostic Apostolic Succession; Lord Yeshua is the Master of our Holy Order and Lady Mirya is the Mistress of our Order, which stands in guardianship of the Order of Melchizedek. If you seek to make a heart offering to Our Lady and to receive her blessing, the following is a practice of union with her that will fulfill your desire.

*In all things let the Templar bring honor and glory to Our Lady.


Sit and abide, gathering yourself into the Spiritual Sun in your heart, and pray to the Holy Mother that she might bless you…

Then see the image of the Holy Mother enthroned, with her Holy Child in her arms on her lap, magically appear in the space before you – radiant with heavenly glory.


She appears robed in red, with an inner robe of blue trimmed in gold, and wears a veil and a crown, with sapphires in her crown; her Son has an outer robe of gold and an inner robe of white, with holy symbols on it in orange – he is as though six or eight years old, the Eternal Youth. Their bodies are as though composed of sunlight and this entire image is formed of translucent light, like a rainbow in the sky.

On either side of the throne there are kerubim, male and female with youthful faces, having four wings each – it is as though the Mother with her Holy Child is the living ark of covenant in the holy of holies.

Let your mind and heart open to her, and take up her chant: Ah Ya Imma Shekinah Ha-Messiah. (Before taking up the chant, if inspired, you may continue praying to the Holy Mother, or you may give praise and thanksgiving to her, worshipping before God the Mother, and then let the chant flow out of your devotion.)

As you chant, envision the Mother and Child smiling upon you, their light and glory streaming forth to bless you, your own body becoming luminous with their blessings and grace; as you near the end of the chant, envision the Mother’s heart center shining like a brilliant star, and a ray shooting forth, striking your heart center, opening it completely.

From the Spiritual Sun in your heart envision a ray shooting forth, magically generating the glorious image of Our Lady or Templars before you.


She appears as a most beautiful and elegant woman, in the robes of a Holy Priestess-Queen, royal purple trimmed in gold, wearing golden ornaments with jewels of all colors in them and a crown studded with diamonds; she appears as though she is sixteen years old and she is bearing the Great Sword of the Gnostic Templars. As with the Mother and Child, she too is formed of the most subtle translucent light and her body shines with heavenly radiance.

With the appearance of Our Lady a great luminous assembly of holy ones and angels magically appears in the space surrounding her and you – the Royal Court of the Divine Order.

Envision her give salutations to the Holy Mother and Child, and then turn towards you – as she stands before you, with hands of light reach into your light-body and draw forth your heart center in the form of an envision emerald grail of light. Offer up this grail as yourself to Our Lady, and as you do see her bring the sword into union with the grail – the grail seeming to be filled with sunlight. Then envision her enacting the gesture of dubbing a Knight Templar with her sword; touching your head, your right shoulder and your left shoulder, and then touching your heart center – feel the fiery light of the Shekinah of Messiah fill you as she does this, and restore the grail to the sanctuary of your heart, receiving her blessing in full.

Now take up her holy chant: Ah Ya Ha Kallah Shekinah Ha-Messiah

As you chant this chant see the luminous assembly magically dissolve into the image of Our Lady and envision the image of our Lady become brilliant like a great star before you, and see her image condense into a light-seed of even more intense brilliance and shoot into your heart center. Then, in the same way, envision your light-body becoming like a brilliant star and condensing into a light-seed, and shooting into the Sacred Heart of the Holy Mother – as the Holy Mother with Child, envision that you dissolve into the Clear Light Ground, like a rainbow disappearing in the sky!

Abide in the Union of Clear Light as long as you can, but when you arise from it take up the chant of union: Ya Ha Imma Kallah Shekinah Ha-Messiah, and worship in the presence of Our Lady, aware of her presence manifest as you and entire reality display of your experience.

At the conclusion set the Holy Seal upon your practice, and then abide and ground the energy. This concludes the practice of Union with Our Lady or Templars.

*As you walk in the world remember and keep your holy vow, and view all that appears as her Palace, her Divine Body; hear all sound-vibration as the chant of union, her Divine Voice; and receive all thought and emotion arising in your mind as the innate wisdom display of her Divine Mind: this is the integration of the practice to daily living.

There is another version of this practice with Our Lady clad in ornamental armor, as a priestess-queen whose hosts are arrayed for battle. Also, there is a version of this practice taught in the Order of St. Mary Magdalene, but rather than the dubbing of a Templar in that practice Our Lady receives the grail and places it in her heart center and she lays hands on the initiate – the rest, however, is just the same as what is given here.

May we be blessed to experience the Gnosis of Our Lady; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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Venus transit 2012 and signs of Asherah

#2 Postby staroath » Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:12 am

Shalom and greetings!

Praise and glory to Holy One for the gift of yesterdays most wonderous and symbolic heavenly event, the movement of Venus across the face of the Sun, the Venus Transit of 2012. Let this be a sign of hope and wonder for all who can see and be filled with Holy Awe.

There are perhaps new mysteries to be found within the "Ya Ha Imma Kallah Shekinah, Ha Messiah" chant as She relates to the recent unfolding of the wisdom treasury of the Second Coming and Asherah.

In light of the transit event I was wondering if more can be shared in regards to this most precious and sacred teaching of the Templars, the Union with our Holy Lady.

Most gratefully,

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Some things to share...

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Jun 12, 2012 5:18 pm

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

Well, here, regarding Asherah we can say that every image of the Mother and Bride, or of the Divine and Sacred Feminine in our lineage, is an aspect of Asherah, and so as we contemplate the symbolism of each, and meditate upon these various images, or forms, mysteries of Asherah will be revealed to us – they express the knowledge of Asherah, the Shekinah of the Messiah, acquired by adepts and masters of the tradition in their experience of spiritual realization.

Elsewhere, in the ongoing discussion of Asher and Asherah in the “Zohar” forum I was just writing today about Asherah as Light Transmission, the Holy Mother as the inner gradations and the Holy Bride as the outer gradations, and if we consider this practice in conjunction with what was shared it may prove very interesting, generating deeper insights into this practice. In essence, this practice is an invocation and opening to the outer gradations of Light Transmission, nurturing towards the inner gradations.

If we wish to consider this practice among Templar initiates, something most essential that I’d be inclined to point out is this: Look and see, and understand! There is a touching of the heart star by a ray of Holy Light emanating from the Holy Mother, and the emanation of the Holy Bride comes from within your heart, from within you!

That ray of Holy Light, by the way, is the Son of the Mother, and the Holy Light emanating from you is the Daughter of the Mother – Bridegroom and Holy Bride generated, emanating from Her, the conception concealed, hidden, the union of Mother and Father.

This is Light Transmission, receiving it, integrating it, then it flows out of us, the Light below activated, awakened, by the Light from above!

Consider in this light (pun intended) the first miracle at the wedding feast in Cana, the Holy Mother setting the Son into motion, action.

The Holy Light above, Mother’s Force, sets the Holy Light below into action – the Son is the “striking,” like lightning from the Cloud of Supernal Glory (Pleroma of Light), and so the Holy Bride arises and enters into the Great Ascension! Hallelu Yah!

Yet the Holy Bride remains among us, from one generation to another as the Light Transmission with living tzaddikim, true Gnostic Apostles, which is what the Holy Grail Templars defend, protect, and serve.

This, exactly, speaks to the very nature of true Light Transmission, for the entire purpose of Light Transmission is the activation, and realization, of the Holy Light in the one receiving; more than “receiving,” it is a reminding, and so a radical transformation of the mind, heart and life.

In secret, the Father and the Mother join, and the Mother conceives, gestates, and gives birth; so, also, with the Bridegroom and Bride, their union is the fulfillment and realization below of that union in secret above – Revelation! Contemplate this well, and understand!

There is, though, no stirring above, until there is a stirring below – and so a stirring below is invoked in this practice. Contemplate this too, and understand!

This is what the Mother Spirit would have me share concerning this practice at this time.

There is something more, however, a bit different, but connected.

Listen and hear, and understand! This sacred chant is an essential chant of the revelation of Asherah: Ah Ya Ha, Imma-Kallah Messiah, and it is an essential chant of Light Transmission; hence, the “Anointing Mother-Bride.”

Ah, transcendent of Female and Male, Ya, the Male, Ha, the Female – Imma, Kallah, all in the Holy Mother-Bride, Shekinah of the Messiah. What is birthed? Messiah, male and female, and transcendent of male and female, One Anointed with the Supernal Light of God, Human Being of Light!

This is the sacred chant.

Ah-Ya-Ha, this is the Supernal Triad, Keter-Hokmah-Binah (or it is Habad) Imma Kallah, the vehicle of transmission, Messiah, the embodiment.

There is an essential practice with this chant the Mother Spirit inclines me to give.

Aware of Her Holy Child in your heart, and the Holy Mother as all surrounding you, abide as the Divine I Am, and take up this sacred chant with the heart-wish, the holy desire, for Light Transmission to all, the salvation of all. This is the practice.

There is also a way to contemplate the Divine Image in a practice that I’m inclined to share. Choose the symbol that first most stands out to you, and inquire about it; then, another, and another, until you have built an image in knowledge and understanding – this is a very powerful practice called the “Sacred Quest for Knowledge of the Holy Image.”

Now the Mother calls me to silence.

May we abide always in the good company of Asherah, the Holy Mother-Bride, Shekinah of the Messiah! Amen.

Peace be with you!
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#4 Postby sheryl » Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:09 am

Shabbat Shalom, Tau Malachi,

May the blessings of Asher-Asherah continue to flow and touch all flesh!

It cannot pass without offering praise and gratitude to our Mother for the Speaking that has been occurring in recent days. It has and continues to ray out if fruitfulness in and through all who have been touched.

In this space, if gratitude might be spoken for this practice and teaching which have given rise to contemplations on the Partzufim, as well as tzaddikim, birthing a simple yet deeper, more powerful, understanding of what They are embodying.

And thank you for this and all practices and labor in which we have been invited to participate.

May Asherah blossom in all beings!


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