Light Mind Palace of the Risen Christ

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Light Mind Palace of the Risen Christ

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The Light Mind Palace of the Risen Christ

There is an essential practice in the Sophian lineage, which is not ascribed to any specific order, but which is used by initiates of all orders – the “Yeshua Brow Practice.” This is the basis of the Light Mind Palace of the Risen Christ in the Order of St. Michael; thus it is a preliminary to the generation of this Palace of Lights.

The practice is as follows.

Yeshua Brow Practice:

Abiding in Primordial Meditation, set your attention on your brow, and with conscious intention intone the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah into the center of your head; as a practice among Templars of the Order the chant Yah Ha Sha Va Ha Ma Sa Yah can be used, joining the practice to their continuum of Union with the Holy Master. The practice is nothing more of less than this, and there is no visualization, but all that arises occurs naturally and spontaneously without being conjured.

Of this practice it is said, “It opens one’s sight to the World of the Holy Spirit – the Light Realm.”

If one is blessed to encounter a tzaddik or apostle of the tradition and the necessary conditions are in place, the full force of this practice is founded upon an empowerment that can be transmitted; nevertheless, however, taking up the practice apart from the empowerment can prove very effective, for by practicing it some have received empowerment on subtle levels or through a movement of the Grace of the Risen Savior.

*This practice is typically a preliminary practice to the Palace of the Risen Christ, as the natural and spontaneous arising of the “Light Mind” (Mochin Or) is the perfect empowerment for this Palace of Lights, in which case the practice of this Holy Palace can serve as the integration of the Light Mind with the mind, heart and life of the initiate.

If an initiate is seeking to shift from the practice of Putting on the Name of the Lord to the practice of the Light Mind Palace, along with a natural arising of the experience of Light Mind, a continuum of prayer and meditation seeking the movement of the Holy Spirit should be taken up; either that or seeking a special blessing or an empowerment from one’s Holy Tzaddik – for the timing of beginning such practices is not on a whim, but rather initiates seek to discern auspicious circumstances that might remove unnecessary obstructions. Such spiritual practices are generated from the realization of adepts and masters in the lineage, and are holy, and we approach them in a sacred manner with mindfulness and reverence. (How we approach such thing determines what they are to us, and likewise will determine their power and effectiveness.)

Here it must be said that the tendency to practice this and that in a casual fashion is a sever obstruction to full generation and fruition of the continuum of practice – such practices do not bear good fruit by a single application, several applications, or fitful and inconsistent application, but rather they bear good fruit over time, when consistently applied for a prolonged duration, with proper development. This is true of most spiritual practices – the ideal is a *continuum of practice* that may serve as a vehicle for the unfolding of the Light Transmission and Self-realization in Christ.

Along with this it must be said that it is important that an initiate does not confuse recognition or peak experience with realization – the “vision of experience” must become “pure vision,” which is to say recognition must be integrated into the mind, heart and body to become actual Self-realization. Experiencing something of the Truth and Light, we must then labor in the spiritual life and practice to live according to it – to actualize and realize it, and to embody it: this, alone, is *actual realization*.

The Practice of the Light Mind Palace:

Abide in Primordial Meditation and envision the arising of the clear crystal light-body.

Then take up the chant of Eheieh-I Am: Ah Ha Yah, and envision a sphere of brilliant white diamond-like light magically appear in the center of your head; along with this center, also envision a straight channel-way appear from this center of white brilliance to your root star (center), and envision the root, navel, solar plexus and heart stars magically appear – green, golden, blue and red, respectively; but as relatively small dim lights at the outset. (These colors of the centers are distinctly different that the typical attributes when working with seven centers.)

Focusing on the holy star of white brilliance in the center of your head and gathering your consciousness into it, take up the chant: Yah Ha Sha Va Ha, and envision this sphere expanding, doubling its size, and growing brighter and brighter, and envision rays of jeweled light going out in four directions – golden/east, blue/west, red/south and green/north, the “east” being in front of you. These rays magically appear as four brilliant light seeds of the corresponding colors, and as they appear an inverse pyramid of diamond-like light magically appears around your body – apex at your feet and base at your brow, the light seeds at the four corners of a diamond square if looked at from above. (As you envision this, remember, with your consciousness gathered into the sphere of white brilliance in your head, you arise *as this holy star*; likewise, with the plane of the pyramid’s base at the brow, it is as though the top of the head is open to infinite space above – there, in the midst, you shine radiant as the holy star, with four emanated lights surrounding you.)

When the essential lights are generated by the sound-vibration of this holy chant, then take up the chant: Yo Ho Vo Sho Ho, and envision these light seed magically transforming into the holy letters of the Blessed Name, each light seed according to its proper correspondence as known from the practice Putting on the Name of the Lord, with you as the sphere of white brilliance arising as the Holy Shin in the center.

Then, taking up the two chants together: Yah Ha Sha Va Ha, Yo Ho Vo Sho Ho; envision yourself magically self-generating as the image of the Risen Christ in the center, and envision the four jeweled letters magically transforming into the Four Archangels of the Palace – Raphael/East, Gavriel/West, Michael/South and Uriel/North, and with the arising of these images envision the entire Palace of Lights appearing as your self-emanation.

You arise in the center as the Risen Christ, with four emanated archangels surrounding you – your body is as though composed of sunlight, your robes as though of violet light, with an inner robe of white brilliance, and there is a great rainbow aura surrounding you; you are enthroned on a red rose throne of seventy-two petals, the wisdom of the Baal Shem, Master of the Name. (You are holding the Vase of Wisdom and the Scepter of the Living Word.)

The four archangels stand before jeweled gates (at the corners of the palace) corresponding in color to their emanation bodies, and they have human bodies with the faces of the corresponding Kerubim, and four great wings – Raphael the face of the Human One, Gavriel the face of the Eagle, Michael the face of the Lion and Uriel the face of the Ox. The outer robe of each is the corresponding color of its dominion and their inner robes are white brilliance, and each is wearing a corresponding jeweled diamond pendant set in gold – golden topaz, sapphire, ruby and emerald colored diamonds, but celestial stones such as are not found upon the earth. Raphael bears a holy sword and a scroll, Gavriel bears a holy grail and a scroll, Michael bears a holy staff (with the great name engraved on it) and a scroll, and Uriel bears a holy pentacle (with heavenly bread on it) and a scroll – all stand before their gates facing inward.

You are in the center of the Palace and there are Four Living Pillars surrounding you, aligned with the “cross-quarters,” like a square turned at a forty five degree angle to the greater square of the Palace – these are formed of jeweled light and support a great rainbow canopy of translucent light above, beyond which is the image of the Woman of Light, as in the Apocalypse, straight above your head as the Emanation Body of the Risen Christ. Beneath the canopy, to your left and right, hovers Enoch and Elijah, and enthrone to your left and to your right on white rose thrones are the Holy Mother (blue robes) and Holy Bride (red robes) respectively, before you is John the Baptist and behind you is St. Lazarus, then there is a circle of the twelve saviors with shekinah consorts (twelve holy apostles) and twenty-four male and female elders surrounding them, and then the circle of greater and lesser prophets, and the patriarchs and matriarchs, and then circles upon circles of holy tzaddikim and maggidim, countless in number. (As the center of the Holy Palace, the emanation of the Risen Christ, all face you.)

The ground of this Palace of Light is like a vast firmament of clear diamond-like light sparkling with brilliant rainbows hues that move in spiral patterns throughout the Palace, and it is the manifestation of the Great Ofan below; the ceiling is an infinite expands of spacious clear light, like a predawn sky, though unimaginably self-radiant, and it is the manifestation of the Great Ofan above. This Great Palace fills infinite space, and is infinitely large and infinitely small at one and the same time – it is a Pure Light Realm, all the emanation of your emanated Glory Body as the Risen Christ, the Human One of Light.

All of this emanates from your Body of Glory as the holy chant is intoned, as though streams of light and glory spontaneously flow out of your Great Light-Body and magically appear as the various aspects of this body of vision – all formed of the most subtle, yet brilliant, translucent light, like a vast rainbow in the primordial ground of Clear Light.

When the Holy Palace is emanated from you as the Risen Christ, with the great luminous assembly gathered around you, take up the chant: Ah Ha Yah, Yah Ha Va Ha, Sha Da Da Yah, Ah Da Na Yah – Sho (prolonging the “O” as a long vowel). As you chant, envision yourself as the Risen Christ and the entire Palace of your Emanation Body growing more and more brilliant, and envision the Supernal Light passing down from your Glory Body as the Risen Christ into the crystalline light body below, awakening the four lower interior stars along the central channel-way of clear light – your Light Mind as the Risen Christ (Supramental Light) passing down into the emanated light-body of incarnation, then ascending again into your Glory Body as the Risen Christ above.

Then, as the Risen Christ, along with your emanated luminous assembly, intone: Ah Yah Da Ha Na Va Yah Ha – Sha (prolonging the “A” as a short vowel). As you chant, envision an influx of white brilliance passing down through the central channel-way of clear light and envision the dissolution of the centers into one another from root to heart and into the brow – you emanated as the Risen Christ, receiving the ascent in your heart center as the Risen Savior.

As the Risen Christ, contemplate the bondage of sentient beings throughout the Entirety, and the immeasurable sorrow and suffering of their experience dwelling in ignorance of the Pleroma of Light – and in the Light Mind allow the awareness of the countless realms, worlds and universes of the Entirety to arise, and the great need for the emanations of the Holy Savior, the Human One of Light. Then with conscious intention of countless emanations of yourself going out into all realms, worlds and universes of the Entirety, with your emanated great luminous assembly take up the chant: Yah Ah Ha Da Va Na Ha Yah, sending out emanations of yourself for the sake of the enlightenment and liberation of all beings – envisioning emanations going into various realms, worlds and universe. (This grand vision must arise naturally and spontaneously in a supramental state, as it cannot be described in terms of ordinary mental consciousness. Thus, unless it spontaneously arises do not worry about the visualization, but the focus is the Palace of Lights and the conscious intention of countless emanations going into all dominions of the entirety, and this is enough to accomplish it.)

Then, as the Risen Christ with great luminous assembly, take up the dissolution and ascension chant once again: Ah Yah Da Ha Na Va Yah Ha, with the conscious intention of running and returning from the realms, worlds and universes of the Entirety, the dissolution of all realms, worlds and universes of the Entirety, and the drawing up of all sentient beings in the Great Resurrection and Ascension with you – gathering the All into your Sacred Heart. (Again, if there is a vision of this it will arise naturally and spontaneously; but regardless, it is accomplished purely with the conscious intention.)

Now with great luminous assembly, take up the chant: Yah Ah Ha Ha Va Yah Ha Ha, and envision the entire Palace all at once dissolving into fluid flowing light and pouring into your Sacred Heart as the Risen Christ – knowing this as the fruition of your Holy Desire to liberate all beings; and envision your Glory Body as the Risen Christ dissolving and condensing to become like a Holy Star in the “head” that is now No Head – then intoning “Ah” three times dissolve into the Clear Light Ground, like a rainbow disappearing in the sky!

When the mind-stream moves from this repose, envision yourself, as yourself, spontaneously arising in a jeweled light-body, all five centers fully opened and set in their place; then intone Ah Ha Yah Ha Va Ha – Yo Ho Vo Sho Ho, and envision the diamond-like light of white brilliance from your brow star filling your whole body – you an emanation of the Human One of Light in the world.

Abiding in this Holy Awareness of Pure Emanation, with conscious intention of all beings receiving the blessing and grace of the One Anointed with the Supernal Light of El Elyon, take up the chant: Yah Ha Sha Va Ha Ma Sa Yah, envisioning the extension of Divine Light from your Body of Light going out to all the world and all who dwell in it – this the Light of the True Cross (Shin Tau, the Great Seth).

When you complete the chant cycle, abide in this awareness as long as you can.

Then, in fruition of the cycle of practice, give praise and thanksgiving to the El Elyon (the Divine Most High), and to all of the tzaddikim and maggidim of the Divine Order (Order of Melchizedek), and prayer for the continued manifestation of the Continuum of Light Transmission in this world until all is accomplished; then dedicate the energy-intelligence generated by your practice to all beings. This concludes the practice of the Light Mind Palace of the Risen Christ.

This practice may be modified to accomplish all manner of works of invisible assistance, for all wonderworking power of the theurgic art is in it – it is an advanced practice that is very effective when the Templar has prepared the ground of their consciousness appropriately. Many initiates have experienced the dawn of non-dual realization through this holy meditation.

*In the case of initiates trained in traditional Sophian circles, who have received instruction in the Four Base Rituals – at times, through cycles of practice using the Four Base Rituals, this continuum of Union can be integrated to an active theurgic continuum to extend invisible assistance. Essentially, the continuum of Union with the Holy Master serves as the generation of Divine or Enlightened Energy, which is then directed through a theurgic continuum that extends divine assistance to specific individuals known to the initiate. However, proper training and development of the Four Base Rituals requires actual involvement in a Sophian circle for a prolonged period of time, as there is no way to communicate exactly how the sacred rituals are performed in writing – any writings of the rituals can only serve as a support to an experiential and oral transmission. (It is for this reason that they are not provided via our online community.)

**In preparation for taking up the Light Mind Palace of the Risen Christ, along with what has been mentioned above, typically a continuum of the Wedding Feast is kept as part of generating auspicious circumstances; likewise, an initiate might also take up a special continuum of self-purification, including a rite of baptism (or water purification ceremony).

May the writing and publishing of this holy practice be a blessings upon all beings; may it invoke Divine Light into the world; and may it serve to facilitate the liberation of those who take it up with a good heart; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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