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The Grail & Dove Meditation: A Templar Practice

Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 11:43 am
by Tau Malachi
The Grail and Dove Meditation: A Templar Practice

The Grail and Dove Meditation is a practice from the Order of St. Michael, instructions for which are provided elsewhere on our main Sophian website. Having a vow to guard the Grail and the Order of the Grail, quite naturally practices have been generated to explore the mystery of the Holy Grail – the Grail and Divine Meditation being among them.

Taking up this practice of self-purification and the generation of the Sacred Heart, let the Templar contemplate their holy vow in the context of their experience of the Grail and Dove, and let them pray for insight in to the mystery of the Grail, calling upon Our Lady and Our Lord for their blessing – their inspiration.

Beginning the continuum of practice on the new moon, let the Templar perform the Grail and Dove Meditation each day until the moon waxes full – then on the full moon let them perform the Union with Our Lady of Templars, bringing their contemplation of the Holy Vow and Grail to fruition in this meditation of self-empowerment. (This is a common continuum of self-empowerment used by honorary Templars who have not received actual dubbing – at the completion of the practice on the full moon with Our Lady of Templars they will ceremonially speak the vow and their word to keep it. While this does not replace actual dubbing, it does help form a link to the spiritual transmission that flows through our Holy Order, as actual Templar initiates frequently perform the same continuum of self-empowerment following their initiation into the Order.)

Alternatively, a similar continuum is often kept by Templar initiates in preparation for taking up other practices of the Order, such as Union with the Holy Master, using the Grail and Dove Meditation as a preliminary practice in preparation for taking up a new practice. According to the masters of the tradition it is a practice of “Opening the Way” and when used as such, a continuum with the practice is begun on the new moon and brought to fruition on the full moon – riding the astral tide.

Aside from its use in Opening the Way it is an excellent and powerful spiritual practice of the Order of St. Michael in and of itself, and is generally known to all initiates of the Order, having been inspired by the reception of Pistis Sophia into the teachings of our Sophian lineage in previous generations.

It seemed important to mention this practice here in this forum so that it is not overlooked by members of our online community and Ecclesia Pistis Sophia who seek to take up the Way of the Templar as represented by the Order of St. Michael.

May we be blessed and empower to acquire Gnosis of the Holy Grail; amen.

Blessings & shalom!