Tikkune: Healing of the Soul, Our Energetic Being

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Tikkune: Healing of the Soul, Our Energetic Being

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Jan 23, 2009 12:49 pm

Tikkune: Healing the Soul, Our Energetic Being

When we become incarnate, basically speaking, we become a dual being, having two principle aspects of being, our material being and our energetic being, our soul; it is as though two streams come together, a continuum of matter and a continuum of consciousness, and our body and life is formed by this interplay of matter and consciousness, matter and energy.

The vitality and health of our body, as well as our fate and fortune in life, comes from our energetic being, the continuum of consciousness-force that constitutes our soul.

If we are able to look and see in the Spirit, when we look at a little child what we see is a radiant bundle of energy – around them we see something that looks like a luminous sphere, somewhat egg-shaped, within that sphere we see an image of them also formed of luminous energy, light, and within that body of light we see an incredible matrix of luminous channels through which life energy flows throughout the subtle body of light, with vortexes or radiant centers where significant intersections of the channel-ways or flows of life energy occur. What we are seeing is their energetic being, a light-presence and light-power, and, generally speaking, at the outset of life, the energetic being is very self-radiant, self-generating, whole and complete.

After some time, however, as children grow up and mature, and the habitual patterns in consciousness from previous lives begin to come into play, and various influences and life experiences have their affects and effects, we begin to see something very different – the level of energy or brightness of light in the aura and subtle body diminishes, and we begin to see anomalies in their energetic sphere, subtle body and flows of life energy. When we look at many adults in this way we see holes in their energetic sphere, or other indications of damage, and so also we may see similar phenomena in their subtle energetic body, and we find “cold” and “hot” spots representing imbalances in the flows of life energy in the subtle body – places where there is too little or too much energy flowing. Indeed, we can see all manner of different anomalies in the energetic being, and these points of damage and distortion in our energetic being are the cause of illness and dis-ease on spiritual, psychic (mental-emotional) and physical levels, as well as the cause of ill-fortune in life, for the continuum of our body and life flows out of our energetic being or soul.

The great contrast between what we typically see with little children versus what we see with adults reflects something – as little children we see that we begin whole and complete on an energetic level, and we see that we are self-generating on an energetic level, which is to say self-transforming and self-healing; in some way, however, as we go through life we loose touch with our energetic being, our energetic and material being, in effect, becoming divided and disharmonious, and we loose our self-generation, self-transforming and self-healing capacity – we become wounded, damaged, on an energetic level, and this affects our health, happiness and fortune in life.

Essentially, what happens is that our energetic being is affected by all of our relationships and experiences in life – those that we view as positive tend to increase or bolster the energetic level of our being and tend to uplift the vibratory frequency of our consciousness, but those that we view as negative tend to decrease or diminish the energetic level of our being and tend to lower the vibration of our consciousness. In fact, in effect, when we have a very negative interaction with someone in our lives, or we have a very negative experience in life, we actually loose something of our energetic being, giving something of our light-power or life energy to that person or situation. Every interaction with others, and every situation, circumstance or event in life, is an exchange of energy, and it either increases our energetic being and uplifts the frequency of vibration in our consciousness or it diminishes our energetic being and reduces the vibration of our consciousness, causing damage or distortion; thus, every interaction is either positive, negative or neutral, depending upon what transpires.

The affects or effects of our interactions with others and experiences in our lives is, however, largely based upon our view of them – how we react or respond. Generally speaking, an exchange or experience is not positive, negative or neutral in and of itself, but it is our view and reaction that ultimately determines what it is to us. When our view is negative and our reaction is negative, then it is negative to us and there is a loss of energy and lowering of vibration, and on an energetic level a negative energetic connection is formed, but when our view is positive and our reaction in thought and emotion is positive, the opposite is true, to us the interaction or experience was positive, and so a positive energetic connection is formed.

Of course, in the midst of this play and exchange of energy, unaware of our energetic being and the energetic dimension, all of this occurs on a mostly unconscious level – we are almost completely unaware of our energetic being and our exchange of energy with others and with our environment. Thus, when we incur damage to our energetic being, typically speaking, we do not recognize it, and unaware of the damage on an energetic level we cannot affect mending or repair (tikkune) and heal ourselves. Indeed, not only are we not able to recognize it and heal it, but we tend to perpetuate the damage, as damage in our energetic being represents patterns in consciousness – habitual patterns of thought and emotion, speech and action, which directly effects our health and life in all areas, material and spiritual.

As an energetic being, in truth, we are connected to the infinite field of energy-intelligence that forms this universe, and we are innately connected to the source of the universal field of energy-intelligence, the One Being-Consciousness-Force that we call God – this greater field of energy and its source that we are innately connected with is the self-generating, self-transforming and self-healing capacity of our energetic being. In other words, there is healing power within us and all around us, we just need to become conscious of our energetic being and the energetic dimension within and behind our material being and the material universe, and learn how to draw upon that light-power or healing power.

Coupled with this, we also need to learn to look and see how damage or distortion has occurred on the energetic level of our being, and seek to consciously address the cause, learning to shift our view of what transpired and learning to respond rather than react – we must learn how to shift from negative thought, emotion, speech and action to completely positive thought, emotion, speech and action, responding to whatever transpires with knowledge, understanding and wisdom, and the true intelligence of our heart, faith, hope and love.

The healing practices of the Order of St. Raphael in our lineage are designed to help us become conscious of our energetic being and the energetic dimension, and they are designed to help us recognize and heal whatever damage or distortion might have occurred on an energetic level, as well as how to avoid such damage or distortion in the future – as we become conscious of the play and exchange of energy that constitutes life, these practices can facilitate our healing on all levels, spiritual, psychic and physical, and they may become the cause of prosperity, success, health and happiness, true enjoyment and fulfillment in life.

Typically speaking, when we think of healing we often think of a cure for physical ailments and disabilities, and indeed, through spiritual methods of healing, like those of the Order of St. Raphael, miraculous cures can and do frequently take place, but healing is one thing and a cure is another, and all healing does not necessarily bring about a cure, all healing does not necessarily take place in the physical body. Often our ultimate healing is beyond the body and happens in the fruition of life when we depart from the body.

First and foremost our healing is on an energetic level, and on psychic and spiritual levels – a healing that may endure beyond this body and life, and that may bring about a more auspicious experience in the afterlife states and future lives; if and when an apparent wonder or miracle occurs, and a more radical physical healing or cure takes place, it is the result of healing on an energetic level, and on psychic and spiritual levels – thus spiritual healing focuses on the energetic level and is relevant even in cases of terminal illness at the end of life.

In this light, while we may often seek a healing because of a physical illness or disability, there are many other reasons we may seek a healing as well – we may seek a healing when we are troubled in mind and heart, on a mental-emotional level, or when we find that we are experiencing difficulties in our relationships, in our family life or our work life, or when we see a pattern of inauspicious circumstances or ill-fortune in our lives; in other words, we may seek a healing any time that we see a compromise or diminishing of our enjoyment and fulfillment in life on any level, in any area – for on whatever level we might see such anomalies they stem from some damage or impairment of our energetic being and the flow of life energy or light-power through it.

Healing, in essence, is the reintegration of our energetic being and our material being, and it is the restoration of the natural flow and harmony of our life energy or light-power; likewise it is the reintegration of our energetic being with the greater field of universal energy and the source of that energy, the Divine – in a word it is the restoration to our innate wholeness of being, or our innate Spirit-connection.

Here we may say that within and behind any anomaly in our energetic being, and any illness, dis-ease or ill-fortune it may cause, on the most fundamental level there is some impairment or obstruction to our awareness of the Divine in our lives, and therefore some compromise in our relationship with the Divine – in some way, for some reason, we have become separated or distant from the Divine in our mind, heart and life, and we are in need of the restoration of our natural alignment and harmony with the Divine, the restoration of our awareness of our innate communion and unity with the Holy One of Being.

Restoring our relationship with God, the True Light, is the first step for any healing, for all healing ultimately comes from the source of our being, the Divine. Thus, in healing work with a person, one of the first questions a spiritual healer is likely to ask is about the person’s relationship with the Divine, and how that relationship might have become impaired; then, naturally, extending from this, they will inquire into the person’s self-image and worldview, because usually it is a direct reflection of their relationship with the Divine and will typically provide some insight into the causes of damage or distortion that has occurred on an energetic level.

There is certainly more that can be shared regarding the healing of our energetic being, and the reintegration of our energetic being and our material being, but as the beginning of a discussion and contemplation of the subject perhaps this is a good start and is enough for the moment – let us pray and envision the healing of all living spirits and souls in Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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Extending and Deepening Capacity and True Vision

#2 Postby Damiean » Fri Apr 24, 2009 8:02 am

Greetings and Blessings in the Grace of the Holy Spirit!

What a timely and wonderous teaching, +Malachi! Thank you.

After having been away for sometime, due to life circumstances, I am blessed to finally be able to return to this blessed community of Light. And what beautiful and wonderous changes! May the work of the Fellowship and EPS, be blessed, in the Grace and Light of Yeshua Messiah. Amen!

My question comes in wondering about this energetic body and ones ability to see it around/within oneself. How might one develop the capacity to see and work with this? Are there certain practices that will facillitate this? My first inclination would be maybe, taking Middle Pillar as the ground and extending the visualization given in this practice, through in extension into Giving and Recieving, that this might be a starting point. Yet are there also other practices that one might do to more fully develop this awareness and vision?

Of course if one is able to be recieved or has access to a spiritual teacher and guide in person, this would be ideal, of course. As they would be able to help the student most directly. Yet for those at a distance who might not have such opportunity so readily, what might they do?

Again thank you for this teaching, +Malachi! Truly a wonderful gift of the Spirit.

Blessings and Shalom!

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Insight into the World of the Holy Spirit

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Apr 24, 2009 11:30 am

Greetings in the Light of the Messiah!

The principle empowerment for the opening of awareness to the World of the Holy Spirit, or the restoration of the interior senses of the soul to see, hear and know in the World of the Holy Spirit, is the inner form of the Threefold Rite of Initiation and moments of Light Transmission that occur in sacred friendship and in circle. Likewise, there are empowerments for all of the Holy Orders in our lineage, which can be shared by lineage-holders, including an empowerment for the Way of the Healer, the Order of St. Rafael.

If a person lives at a distance, then they will have to rely directly upon the Risen Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah; specifically they will have to rely on the Holy Spirit who, ultimately, initiates, empowers, illuminates and gives all spiritual gifts. Even when a holy tzaddik facilitates something of the Light Transmission with us, acting as a vehicle or channel of the Light-presence (Christ) and Light-power (Holy Spirit), it is the Holy Spirit that communicates herself, and that initiates or empowers us.

Thus, for example, in the fullness of faith, inwardly cleaving to the Risen Messiah in hope and love, if we are seeking an empowerment in the Christian stream of Light Transmission and Way of Healing we can modify a Union with the Risen Messiah practice, and envision the Risen Messiah imparting the inner forum of the Threefold Rite to us: laying hands on us, breathing the radiant holy breath upon us, and intoning the Mystic Word, Shalom (Shal-Om).

*This is the outer or veiled form of the Mystic Word as given in the Gospel of St. John.

Enacting this self-initiation, we may rely upon a baptism from the outer church as the outer form of the Threefold Rite; then, if we ever encounter a living tzaddik of the interior church, or we encounter a Gnostic elder or tau, or Gnostic priest or bishop, we can request initiation and empowerment from them.

Performing this prayer/meditation of self-initiation we offer ourselves in service to the Holy One and Messiah as a light-bearer, healer and peacemaker, and we pray for the spiritual gifts to accomplish our labor in Adonai. In the fruition of the prayer/meditation, as in all Union with Partzuf practices, we envision our unification with the Risen Messiah and we bless all beings in our Holy Union.

Yes, indeed, the Middle Pillar can be very good for helping to open our sight into the World of the Holy Spirit – it increases the energy and vibration of our consciousness, and is, itself, a healing practice; likewise, Giving and Receiving Meditation is also very good for similar reasons, and because it removes karmic obstructions and generates the Sacred Heart, love and compassion. In this regard, they are universal practices useful to the spiritual works of all of the Holy Orders and Ways.

There are, however, practices given in the Order of St. Rafael that will help – the beginning practices, the five breath practices, and the practices of the solar continuum, working with the Light of the Spiritual Sun.

The practices of the Order themselves tend to awaken our awareness of the energetic dimension and energetic body – the way to do this is “hidden in plain sight!”

There is a still more excellent way to invoke spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit, and as St. Paul teaches us, it is very good for us to pray for greater spiritual gifts so that we might be of greater service and benefit in the harvest of souls. In the “Gnostic Path” forum discussing the spiritual life and practice you will find that I’ve begun a thread on hitbodedut as secluded prayer, and taking up that practice daily, we may pray to receive everything we need, including spiritual gifts.

If you ask the Holy One, the Living Father, the Living Mother, the Holy One will give you everything you need to answer your true call in the Holy Spirit – you just need to ask, invoking what you need.

When you ask, though, as St. James teaches us, you must ask in the fullness of faith, never doubting, and as St. Paul teaches us, you must ask free from any vital demand or lust for result – ask without doubt or demand, but open yourself to the Grace of El Elyon, the Supreme, open to the Spirit of God, the True Light.

Praying for spiritual gifts, of course, first and foremost our aim is to receive the fullness of faith hope and love, and the fullness of Supernal Habad in the Messiah, knowledge, understanding and wisdom – this is the right foundation for all other spiritual gifts.

If we are seeking to receive spiritual gifts, such as sight into the World of the Holy Spirit, then we will cultivate positive human qualities and the Divine Attributes expressed as the Holy Sefirot, and we will follow the basic teachings on the spiritual life outlined in the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of St. Matthew – we will seek to live in a Christ-like way, understanding that the actualization, realization and embodiment of the Christ-presence is living in this way, following the Way.

Now, with this we can also share a practice given elsewhere, one found in our tradition, as well as in a Coptic Christian tradition. It is simple. Intone the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah into your brow, into the interior star in the center of your head – this is a practice for the opening of sight into the World of the Holy Spirit, or for awareness of the energetic dimension and energetic body.

This coupled with hitbodedut as taught in the tradition can prove very powerful.

Likewise, if one encounters a lineage-holder, there is an empowerment for this Yeshua Brow practice – the chrism in the lineage is an empowerment for it.

In speaking of the invocation of spiritual gifts, here it must be said that as much as praying for what we think we might desire, we are wise to listen to Ha-Shem and to the Holy Spirit, seeking our call so that we might answer it – there are many different spiritual works to which we might be called, and with those works come different talents, different spiritual gifts, and when we receive a call in the Holy Spirit we also receive the necessary gifts to answer that call.

As an example, if someone were called as an apostle – the actual role of tzaddik in circle, then they would have the gift of blessing, initiation and empowerment, a capacity for Light Transmission, and other associated gifts, such as the play of the wonderworking power and prophecy. If a person were called as a preacher, naturally we should expect them to have the gifts of preaching – the ability to inspire and uplift people with their speech; if they do not speak or preach very well, then obviously they do not have the call of a preacher from the Holy Spirit, but their call has come from their ego or some other spirit.

We want to watch out for this because I can become an obstruction to the fulfillment of our true desire and dreams, our true will – God’s will for us.

In a similar way we must know that we will all have different spiritual gifts, and we must know that some gifts will be given to us and others will not – we must receive what we receive with praise and thanksgiving, and use what we receive in service to the kingdom of heaven and for the glorification of Ha-Shem, celebrating our portion, and celebrating the virtues and talents of others as well without grasping at or coveting the talents and ways of others.

It must also be said that spiritual gifts are often given as we have need of them, and then depart from us when we do not have need for them – very often, in the moment, when we have a need the Holy Spirit shares with us exactly what we need, but it is not ours as a possession, so, in a manner of speaking, we give it back when we are done.

Along with this, in terms of “seeing” the aura and energetic body, we must also say that it may be perceived in various ways – some may feel it, rather than see it, others may hear it, and others might intuit it. The point is an accurate perception that guides the process of tikkune-healing, not so much the mode of the perception.

It is true that in the higher states of consciousness, cosmic and supernal, the interior senses tend to open in full and many wonderworking powers tend to spontaneously arise as a natural side-effect of self-realization; but many of us may not necessarily fully enter into these peaks of consciousness – when that is the case there may be certain spiritual gifts we do not have.

Not everyone is an apostle, or a prophet, or a healer, or a wonderworker, not everyone speaks in tongues of elder races and angels, and so forth; it is all a question of our call in the Mystical Body of Christ, the spiritual works that we are to do in service to heaven and Ha-Shem.

Thus, not everyone is a seer.

We must seek and find our way in Christ, following the guidance of Divine Grace, the Holy Spirit.

If I become too focused upon seeing, but I’m not a seer, I could very well miss my actual call, my actual happiness and fulfillment in Christ.

We are very wise, first and foremost, to look and see where we naturally shine, embrace it, and let our light shine; then, doing so, it is good that we pray always for greater gifts to be of greater service and benefit to others.

This view and attitude is actually very important when we are invoking spiritual gifts, and as with the Holy Grail, so may we ask of the gifts that we seek: “Who does the gift serve?”

This is what St. Paul is getting at in his First Letter to the Corinthians when he speaks of love as the most excellent spiritual gift, for it is the purpose of all spiritual gifts, the love of Ha-Shem and love of our neighbors, the love of Christ.

May we be blessed and empowered with the love of Christ so that all of our talents and gifts are spiritual. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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