Spiritual Healing & Modern Medicine

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Spiritual Healing & Modern Medicine

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Sun Jan 17, 2010 3:42 pm

Spiritual Healing & Modern Medicine

There are some schools of thought in spiritual healing that have evolved in modern times that in certain situations are very dangerous, discouraging people from seeking modern medical attention and treatment. Such schools of thought would propose that it is a breech of faith in God to seek out the help of modern medicine rather than trusting in God to heal us through prayer, or that it is somehow against the will of God, as though God does not want us to receive relief from pain and suffering, or receive healing, by any means necessary.

Along a similar line, many of us attracted to spiritual and alternative forms of healing are often adverse to modern medicine and may take a very negative view of it – focusing on weakness, inadequacies and shadows that occur in it. The truth is, however, that in many cases modern medicine is very helpful, and in many circumstances it is life saving, helping to preserve and sustain life when nothing else will.

In terms of modern medicine there is a teaching in the tradition: “All truth is God’s truth.” Likewise, all knowledge, understanding and wisdom, and all power, comes from God and is given by God, whether spiritual or material – all that we have access to is God’s will, all as ordained by the Supreme.

Thus, from a Sophian perspective, the discoveries and good of modern medicine are God’s truth and good, and the knowledge, understanding and wisdom, and healing power that is in it is God given – we are wise to focus upon what is positive, beneficial and good in modern medicine, and give praise and thanks to God, the True Light, for all of the blessings and good we receive.

It is true that spiritual healing, without the help of modern medicine, can and does in many cases lead to radical healings and cures – at times amazing wonders of healing can and do happen. Very often, though, spiritual healing is joined to other alternative healing ways, along with modern medicine, the integral weave relieving pain and suffering, and bringing healing – restoring to balance, harmony and health.

In the Sophian Gnostic tradition our aim is an integral self-realization in Christ, and we practice in the Way of Perfection and Way of Transformation, taking up all activities, all things in life, as vehicles of light transmission and spiritual realization – everything is transformed and becomes spiritual and sacred to us. This same view plays out in our healing arts – when there is a need for other alternative forms of healing, or there is a need for modern medicine, these are taken up and joined to spiritual healing, and we seek to draw out the light and blessing from these other modalities of healing, seeking to consecrate them to the Divine, uplifting and empowering them, praying for, and envisioning, their success.

Essentially, holding a strong aversion to modern medicine will cause an obstruction to the benefit and help we might receive from it – when there is a strong aversion, basically speaking we are enacting a self-negation and envisioning failure instead of success. Instead, if we are seeking healing, or laboring to facilitate healing for someone else, we want to take up faith and affirmation, positive thought, emotion, speech and action, and envision success, relief from pain and suffering, healing. If and when we seek out medical treatment we want to consecrate our intention to the Divine and invite the presence and power of the Divine into it, praying that the Divine takes up the healing movement, acting with, in and through those who are attending us, and the treatments we receive. In other words, we want to invoke the Light of God, the Healing Power of God, through the people working with us, and through the procedures and medicines we receive, and all that we receive we will view as being given to us by God, the True Light.

We want to pray and meditate, and bless the doctors, nurses and technicians that work with us, praying that they might be blessed in their work and be successful, praying that the Holy Spirit might be with them, guiding and illuminating them, and that they might be agents of the healing power of God. Likewise, we want to pray and invoke God’s blessing on all procedures, praying that they are successful and helpful, and just as we invoke the blessing of the Holy One upon our food, giving praise and thanks to the Holy One who sustains us, we want to bless, and give thanks and praise for our medicine, praying that we receive the greatest healing benefit from it – praying that the healing power of God is in it.

In a word, just as in spiritual healing, we want to approach modern medicine with faith, and with the hope and love that goes along with faith.

This is wisdom, and interestingly enough, modern medicine becomes far more effective in this way.

If and when we have a need for modern medicine, still we seek out spiritual healing, for it bolsters the effectiveness of modern medicine, and more so it addresses the psychic and spiritual causes within and behind physical ailments and illnesses. Modern medicine address physical symptoms and causes, and restores a balance on a physical or material level, but it does not tend to bring about healing on a psychic and spiritual level, or bring about the tikkune of the soul, and the enlightenment and liberation of the soul – for this we take up spiritual healing, along with modern medicine, seeking our true and full healing, transforming our pain and suffering into a vehicle of self-transformation and self-realization. In other words, we take an integral and holistic approach, using everything necessary and at our disposal, aware that God provides for us and will heal us, whether in the body or beyond the body.

Truly, it is wonderful when we can receive a radical healing in the Spirit without recourse to anything external, but receiving healing by any means is equally wonderful, and that healing is as much from God as when we receive healing direct from the Spirit – in whatever way we receive healing it comes from God, the True Light.

This, in essence, is a non-dual view in the healing art, and it proves very powerful for healing.

As you might imagine, when a healer is working with a person for their healing and the person has a need for medical attention and treatment, they will encourage and support the person, and they will take up a continuum of prayer, meditation and sacred ceremony, seeking to bless and empower all agents of healing involved, and all of the treatments being received, praying for and envisioning the person’s healing.

Here in this thread we will discuss various practice that we might use joined to modern medicine for greater healing, both for ourselves and for others.

May all who are in need of healing receive the healing power of God, all as God ordains for them, and may all be joined to the Mystical Body of the Risen Messiah. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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#2 Postby +rue » Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:02 pm

shabbat shalom :)

i used to hold the frame of reference that conventional medicine could be done without and was able to avoid the whole ear infection/antibiotic cycle that is so common with toddlers when my son was that age. in 2001 i was in a car wreck that resulted in life threatening injuries and was then, very, very grateful for conventional medicine! one of the things i did while lying in the hospital bed was to imagine the Star of David. i'd taken a healing class several years before that taught that the upward pointing triangle represents the physical body and the downward pointed triangle represents the soul, that visualizing this for anyone who's injured can assist them in their healing. many of the hospital staff remarked about my level of consciousness and healing.

i would welcome discussions of visualizations or meditations that we can practice that would compliment conventional medicine and healing. perhaps these are already posted, i haven't read much on this topic yet.

thanks & blessings!

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