The Order of St. Raphael: Healing Power of Divine Being

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The Order of St. Raphael: Healing Power of Divine Being

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The Order of St. Raphael: Healing Power of Divine Being

In the Gnostic Christian stream we are called to the threefold spiritual labor – we are called to be Light-bearers, Healers and Peacemakers. The Order of St. Raphael, as its name implies, represents teachings and practices of the Healing Way, a vehicle of Self-realization through the practice of healing arts. Quite naturally anyone called as a healer is called into the service of others, having a desire to facilitate the healing of others; yet the foundation of the healing way is the healing of ourselves, for as the old saying goes, “Physician heal yourself.”

In Gnosticism we understand the essence of healing ourselves in the phrase, “Know yourself,” for all illness and dis-ease, all sorrow and suffering arises from a fundamental ignorance of ourselves, ignorance regarding the nature of our mind, consciousness or soul, and our innate unity with the Divine (God and Godhead). Whether we are experiencing illness or dis-ease on a spiritual, psychic (mental-emotional) or physical level it is rooted in the mind, in our consciousness or soul, and in our relationship with the source of our being, the Divine. Thus, in seeking our healing on any level, first and foremost we must look into the state of our own mind or soul and into our relationship with the Divine; for ultimately it is from our inmost being and the source of our being that we can receive healing and potentially facilitate the healing of others.

The primary focus of the Order of St. Raphael is spiritual and psychic healing, as basically speaking, illness and dis-ease in the body has its root in our spiritual and psychic being. Thus our focus is cultivating our spiritual life and practice through which we can heal ourselves on a spiritual level, and through which we can activate the power of the mind or soul that can bring about radical healing on a psychic and physical level.

This is reflected in the two sayings of the Master that typically followed the healings he performed. He would either say, “Your faith has healed you,” or he would say, “Go and sin no more.” In both cases he points to the spiritual life of a person as the foundation of illness and wellness, as well as the cause of inauspicious and auspicious circumstances in life; our health and happiness depend upon the development of our interior life, according to the teachings of Master Yeshua, who was perhaps the greatest of all healers to ever walk among us.

Thus, the foundation of all healing practices of the Order is the development of your own interior life – the aspirant to the Order of St. Raphael developing a daily practice of prayer and meditation integrated to their daily living. At the outset aspirants are asked to gain skill with several basic Sophian practices: Silent Witness, Primordial Meditation, Middle Pillar Meditation, Giving and Receiving Meditation and at least one Partzuf Meditation – for all of these are integral to the healing art taught within the Order. (Instructions for all of these practices are provided on our website.)

Initiation into the Order is based upon the inner form of the Threefold Rite of Initiation within the Sophian Gnostic lineage – a spiritual transmission communicated through “mystic word, radiant holy breath and the laying on of hands.” The inner form of the Threefold Rite is imparted when the Gnostic and Light Transmission begins to occur in the interior life of an initiate and serves to facilitate the unfolding of higher gradations of the Light Transmission in their experience. Essentially, it is akin to “Shaktipat” in Eastern schools, when a spiritual adept or master facilitates the awakening of the Serpent Power (or “Kundalini Energy”) in the disciple. However, in this Gnostic initiation, the awakening of the Serpent Power is coupled with an experience of the “reception of Divine Light from above”; hence, it is a moment of Light Transmission, the transmission of a living presence and power. When the inner forum of the Threefold Rite is in place, then the initiation into the Order of St. Raphael can be given to those who seek it, for the necessary development of the interior life of the aspirant is present through which such an initiation can be received and integrated.

Of course, Sophian initiates can study, practice and benefit from the healing methods taught in the Order of St. Raphael without being an actual initiate of the Order; there is nothing to preclude a person from taking up and using the practices – but the actual initiation and empowerments for the practices are only imparted with the corresponding maturation of the interior life, reflecting and facilitating the initiate’s own process of Self-realization in Christ.

In this forum we will post the basic teachings and practices of the Order of St. Raphael, and entertain discussions that may arise based upon the practices of the Order, making the teachings and practice available to members of our online community and Ecclesia Pistis Sophia.

Generally speaking, initiates of the Order study various other healing arts, such as working with herbs and other therapies, along with the methods taught in the Order. Thus for many initiates their study of healing arts and practices extends well beyond what is taught within the Order of St. Raphael, and initiates are encouraged to study any healing art they feel inclined to study, as well as to share their knowledge with one another.

Here it must be said: At no time do we discourage individuals from seeking proper medical treatment or advocate that an individual uses only spiritual and psychic methods of healing; but rather, we advocate the use of spiritual and psychic methods of healing as a support to whatever other forms of medical treatment an individual might seek, whether “traditional” Western medicine or “alternative” medicine. We believe in the healing power of faith and the healing power of the mind – the healing power of the Divine in us; yet we also believe in the human intelligence and its capacity to cultivate various methods of healing and medicine; for as it is said in Sophian teachings, “All truth is Divine Truth,” regardless of whatever form it might assume.

May all beings be blessed with the Healing Power of the Divine; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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