Awakening the Healing Power: Beginning Practices

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Awakening the Healing Power: Beginning Practices

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Awakening the Healing Power

Healing energy may be drawn from any of the elements, earth, water, fire, air or space, but the most essential healing principle is *light* – the Divine Light. According to Gnostic Christianity our true nature is Divine Light, spacious radiant being – the Human One of Light, and so the Master has said, “I am the light of the world,” and speaking to his disciples he has said to us, “You are the light of the world.”

Master Yeshua revealed the truth of this Divine Light in the transfiguration when it is said that his body shone with brilliant light and “his clothes became dazzling white, such as no one on earth could bleach them.” Likewise, according to the Gnostic gospel, Pistis Sophia, in the resurrection the Master revealed an even greater glory of Divine Light, assuming three light-vestures, the threefold light-body.

In the Gospel of St. Thomas it is written, “Yeshua said, I am the light over all things. I am all. From me all has comes forth, and to me all has reached. Split a piece of wood. I am there. Lift up a stone and you will find me there” (saying seventy-seven).

This light is within us and all around us. It is within everything and everyone, within every cell of our body and within every particle of matter in the universe. As one modern physicist has said, matter, in essence, is “frozen light,” a truth that has long been taught in the Holy Kabbalah and authentic wisdom traditions around the world. Early in our experience of Light Transmission, when our interior senses open and we begin to look and see the metadimensional nature of reality, we perceive this truth directly, becoming aware of the Divine Light within us and all around us – the entire reality-display becoming self-radiant, as though with heavenly glory. This Divine Light within us and within all things is the *Healing Power*, and the release of the light from within the cells and matter of our body is the ultimate healing, as we witness in the resurrection and ascension – it is the healing of all illness and dis-ease, bringing *Life Eternal*.

Thus, in any way that we can, we wish to become aware of this Divine Light within ourselves and others, within all things; opening our mind, heart and body to the spiritual truth of Divine Light – the Healing Power of God, the source of our being.

Hands of Light Practice:

As an experiment with the healing power of the light that is in you, the next time you are experiencing pain, with conscious intention ask the Divine Light to help you. Envision that your hands become “hands of light” and envision that rays of rainbow light stream forth from your fingers; then, with conscious intention, focus these rays of Divine Light on the painful area of your body, drawing out the light from within the cells of your body and dispelling any darkness or negativity that might be behind the pain. Do not grasp at results, as though to avoid the pain, but open your mind and heart to the possibility of the Healing Power of God, the Divine Light; and you will experience a gradual release of the pain. In the same way, if a friend or loved one is experiencing pain, you can offer to lay hands upon them and use the very same method, inviting them to open their mind and heart to the Healing Power of the Divine – have them ask the Divine Light for help with you and then lay hands on them in this way.

After any healing work always give praise and thanks to the Divine and to the holy ones who help in the work, and encourage others to give praise and thanks who are helped by the Divine Light – cultivate a heart of gratitude and appreciation for the Life-power, the Light-power in all things. This, itself, is a powerful healing practice, for positive emotions generate a stronger immune system in the body; conversely, negative emotions break down our immune system – thus cultivating positive emotions contributes to happiness and health.

Extending the practice of praise and thanksgiving, after any session of healing work cultivate the Sacred Heart of love and compassion for all beings, praying that all beings might receive the Healing Power of the Divine and be liberated from their sorrow and suffering – praying that all beings might be happy and healthy, blessed by the Risen Christ. The nature of the Divine Light is love and compassion – it shines on everyone and everything; thus, love and compassion is the manifestation of the Healing Power of Divine Being.

Body of Light Practice:

As an exercise to awaken the Healing Power within you, meditate upon your body as a source of tremendous energy, as though a great shining star giving light and life to all that is surrounding it.

Sit and abide in Primordial Meditation and follow your breath; then gently shift your focus to contemplate your body with holy awe and wonder – considering how amazing the life in the body is, the skin and bones, muscles and nerves, and all of the various organs, and the billions and billions of cells composing the body – all the way down to the molecules, atoms and nuclei that form the underlying structure of the cells.

*The key of the healing meditation is to utilize whatever imagery helps you realize your body as a positive abode of immeasurable energy and resilience – a palace of lights.

Now direct your consciousness into one single cell of your body and imagine it resonating with a certain sound-vibration, having its own tone, and feel it alive and pulsing with life-power and strength – envision that it is glowing with light from within itself, self-radiant with the glory of the One Life-power (or Light-power).

Gradually broaden your meditation to include two or three more cells, feeling and envisioning them in the same way, progressively becoming aware of your body’s vastness, and its incredible strength and capacity to heal. Feel that you are in a place of great beauty and holiness, a place of wonder and infinite richness, and feel the pure delight of being, of life, allowing appreciation and gratitude to fill your consciousness and overflow from you.

Continue to extend this luminous awareness throughout your entire body – cell to cell, region to region, until your whole body of self-radiant and taken up in this divine rapture. Feeling the vibrant warmth of light pervading your entire body, celebrate this peaceful and joyful palace of light – this grand microcosm of life and light, innately righteous and true as it is in being, in consciousness, in Christ.

Imagine and feel that any tension or stress, any form of negativity, pain or darkness is naturally and spontaneously self-liberated, released by this radiant awareness in the body; abide in the awareness of your being and your body whole and complete as you are, innately aligned and in harmony with Divine Being, with the Light-presence (Christ) and Light-power (Holy Spirit).

As your body is pervaded by this pure radiant awareness, envision the light in the body become brighter and brighter, the glow becoming a blaze, and the blaze an intense brilliance – become the Light-presence and Light-power, the Human One of Light.

Your body becomes filled with Divine Light, the cells of your body shining from within themselves as though they are billions and billions of suns, the light of which fills the infinite inner space of your body – *return to this feeling again and again, resting and bathing yourself in it*.

When this cycle is complete, running and returning again and again in this way, envision this light and energy raying out from your body, as though a radiant sphere of solar light forms a protective aura of healing energy all around you. Then envision that this healing power extends to other people and other places, imbuing them with light and peace, activating the Light-presence and Light-power that is in them. Eventually, as you become an experienced practitioner this field of Divine Energy can be extended to include the whole world, or even the entire universe, all as in your Body of Light as the Human One of Light.

*It can be especially powerful to perform this practice out in nature.

If you wish to strengthen this practice, when the body of light is generated you can envision yourself in the body of light transforming into the Divine Image of a Partzuf, such as Master Yeshua, Lady Mirya, the Virgin Mother or St. Raphael, aware of this innate divinity and wisdom within you and calling it forth from within you to help in your healing work.

Quite naturally, generating the body of light and the aura of the healing power, you can transmit the healing power to another person through touch, laying hands upon them as inspired by the Light-presence and Light-power; essentially envisioning the same transfiguration of the person’s body with whom you are engaging in healing work as with your own.

As a way of focusing the mind while laying on hands and calling upon the Healing Power of Divine Being, chants of divine names may be used – soft vibrational intonement. Two most commonly used with this practice are IAO and Ya Ha Sha Va Ha.

Whether performed with oneself or with another person this practice is concluded with praise and thanksgiving, the generation of the Sacred Heart and sending forth blessings to all beings, wishing for the health and happiness of all.

Body of Light Self-Empowerment:

Using a method similar to what has been given above, an adept or master of the tradition can impart a “Light Body Empowerment,” helping to activate the Healing Power in us, and it is a wonderful blessing if we are able to receive this essential empowerment, for as Master Yeshua said in the name of the Divine I Am, “Where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there with them.” Yet, if we are not fortunate enough to encounter an apostle of light in the material dimension we can seek to receive this empowerment through the subtle inner dimensions, performing the Body of Light Self-Empowerment.

Sitting in Primordial Meditation envision the Spiritual Sun within the sanctuary of your heart; then, envision a ray of light leaping forth from your heart and magically appearing in the space before you as the Messiah in the Transfiguration.

The Holy Master appears in robes of brilliant white, with a shawl of brilliant white over his head – his faces shines with glory, as though with sunlight. He has an olive complexion, dark hair and deep brown eyes, and there is a great solar aura surrounding him – in the atmosphere about him one senses a vast host of heavenly angels, and perhaps one feels the rustling of their wings, perhaps glimpsing their wings filling endless space about him, as though an extension of his aura. (This entire image is formed of translucent light, like a rainbow in the sky.)

Open your mind, heart and life to this Living Presence and Power, and invite the Messiah to take up your life and to empower you as a conscious agent of the Divine Will and Light Realm – pray for all blessings and spiritual gifts necessary for you to accomplish the Great Work, and most especially for the gift of the Healing Power.

Take up the chant: Yah Ha Sha Va Ha, and as you do envision the Master smiling upon you and envision his body spontaneously transforming into Divine Light – Solar or Supernal Light, and envision streams of light flowing from him and blessing you, and envision that he draws near and lays hands on you. As he lays hands on you, feel the vibration and warmth of the light and energy streaming from his body into yours, and as with the practice of the Generation of the Light Body, envision the light released from the cells of your body gradually – cell group to cell group, region to region, until your entire body is transfigured, shining with Divine Light, just as the Holy Body of the Master.

Letting go of the chant, envision the image of Master Yeshua dissolve into fluid flowing light, and envision that light gathering at the top of your head, and then see it pouring down into your heart – your mind, heart and body merging with the Light-presence of the Messiah. Abide in this Union as long as you can.

Now envision that your light-body magically transforms into the image of the Holy Master, and envision many peoples, many beings, gathering around you seeking blessings and healings – let your heart and mind open to them, and envision streams of light going out to them from your light-body as Master Yeshua, blessing them and healing them as you have been blessed and healed. As you envision the extension of blessing and grace take up the chant: Ah Ha Yah, and hear all beings present take up this holy chant with you, all becoming transfigured with you, all joyful and at peace with you; all in the Mystical Body of Messiah.

When this is accomplished, envision that these countless beings going out bearing forth the Healing Power of the Divine Light into all realms, worlds and universes of the Entirety – the assembly dispersing as Divine Light extending into all direction of infinite space, as though Healing Rays of the Spiritual Sun.

Letting go of the body of vision, give praise and thanksgiving for the blessing, healing and empowerment you have received, and pray for all beings to be blessed with the Light of the True Cross – the Risen Messiah. Then seal this practice by tracing a cross with your hand in each of the six directions: above, below, east, west, south and north. As you do this hold the conscious intention of sending forth blessings to all beings, in all realms, worlds and universes of the Entirety – the Divine Light extending to one and all alike.

*Before the cycle of praise, thanksgiving and blessing, perhaps you may wish to perform a self-anointing as an outward gesture of the spiritual empowerment you have received. If so, anoint your brow, throat and heart centers with holy oil that has previously been blessed, and anoint your hands and then your feet; aware that you walk in beauty and holiness as a conscious agent of the Healing Power of Divine Being. (Frequently, anointing the brow, throat and heart of a person, along with the nap of their neck, is part of a healing ceremony performed by initiates of the Order.)

As you begin to work with the exercises given above, seek to sense and perceive the Divine Light in the earth, water, fire, air and space, within everyone and everything – open your mind and heart to the Divine Light in every possible way that you can conceive throughout every day of your life. Seek to become open and sensitive, and to pray without ceasing for the welfare and well-being of all; commune in the Light-presence and Light-power within and all around you.

Here we may also share another practice taught in the Sophian lineage that is used by initiates of the Order of St. Raphael to awaken the Healing Power and for the healing work of laying-on-hands.

Spiritual Sun & Light Pillar Practice:

When you awaken in the morning and before you go to sleep at night, take a coupled of minutes – standing, envision the Spiritual Sun in your heart and envision yourself standing in a Pillar of White Brilliance, a pillar of diamond-like light sparkling with rainbow hues of light. Holding this image for a couple of minute – it is enough.

*This practice can be done at various times throughout the day, for it is simple and swift.

(To this practice the intonement of Ah-Ha-Yah may be added if you wish.)

This visualization may be held while an initiate performs a laying on of hands, and the initiate can envision the white brilliance flowing out of their hands, dispelling any darkness in the body as the body becomes filled with the Divine Light and transformed into Divine Light. It is simple but very effective. As with the self-practice the intonement of Ah-Ha-Yah may be used during the laying on of hands.

(Using this method with another person, in conclusion it is good to guide them in this visualization for themselves so that they envision themselves in this way upon completion of the healing work. In this way they can continue the healing work with themselves, supported by the healer.)

All of the above are good beginning practices for aspirants of the Order of St. Raphael, initiating a continuum of practice in the healing arts.

May all beings be healed and made whole in the Risen Messiah; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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