The Radiant Holy Breath: Five Breaths Practice

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The Radiant Holy Breath: Five Breaths Practice

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Sep 11, 2006 11:29 am

Radiant Holy Breath: Five Breaths

Within and behind the breath there is a radiant holy breath – a current of subtle energy. In our healing work we want to become aware of the energy within breath, for directing healing power is often linked with breath and the radiant holy breath itself is a manifestation of healing power. Giving and Receiving Meditation, in which we link our breath with the Spiritual Sun in our heart, is a good beginning way to become conscious of the subtle energy behind breath and provides us with a very powerful method of healing ourselves and others. Yet, at some point, we will wish to take up exercises with breath that will serve to facilitate direct recognition of the radiant holy breath and allow us to cultivate the capacity to consciously direct healing power through breath.

The radiant holy breath is a current of energy in the subtle body and, in fact, is composed of many different energy currents – these movements of “inner breath” often being called “winds” by both Western and Easter traditions. In healing work, as in practices associated with awakening the serpent power, opening the interior stars (centers or chakras) and generating the body of light, essentially there are five main winds or breaths we use, corresponding to the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space. In Sophian teachings these breaths are named for the interior stars or centers in the subtle body to which they correspond, save for one, which is called the “jar” or “vase breath” due to its frequent use by lineage-holders during empowerments and the legend of Magdalene’s alabaster jar used in anointing the Lord.

Each breath corresponds to a controlled pattern of breathing in practice, so that breathing in that pattern we can learn to draw upon that specific current of energy in our healing work. The patterns of breath are as follows:

Root Breath (or Equal Abiding Wind), corresponding to the earth: The pattern of breathing is like a square, so that we inhale, hold in, exhale and hold out, for equal durations of time; for example, if we inhale to the count of six, then the same count would be applied to holding the breath in, exhaling and holding the breath out.

Navel Breath (or Downward Moving Wind), corresponding to water: The pattern of this breath resembles an upward pointing triangle, so that we inhale, exhale and hold the breath out to an equal count – with this breath we do not hold the breath in.

Solar Plexus Breath (or Upward Moving Wind), corresponding to fire: The pattern of this breath resembles a downward pointing triangle, so that we inhale, hold the breath in and exhale – with this breath we do not hold the breath out.

Heart Breath (or All-Pervading Wind), corresponding to air: The pattern of this breath resembles a line, for it is composed of an equal and smooth inhalation and exhalation with no holding of the breath in between.

Jar Breath (or Vase Breath), corresponding to space: The pattern of this breath is like a sesame seed or pointed oval, tapered at either end – we begin inhalation gently, allowing it to become more forceful at the middle of the inhalation, then gradually more gentle again at the end, and we do the same with the exhalation without holding the breath in or out in between.

Using these patterns of breath to become aware of the radiant holy breath, instead of focusing on the breath itself while we breathe, we focus on the *rise and fall of the diaphragm* – focusing on the breath itself usually obstructs this recognition, but by shifting our awareness to the movement of the diaphragm we find that the recognition of the energetic quality of breath typically occurs easier and swifter.

Taking up breath exercises we begin with a small count – such as counting six for the duration of each cycle of the breath; then, progressively, we extend the count more and more, cultivating prolonged breath which tends to be more subtle and generates more energy. For the purposes of healing work the ability to extend the breath to a count of *eight to twelve* will serve our intention; thus there is no need to push beyond this stage of breath practice in our healing work.

Here it must be said that practice with the energetic currents within and behind breath can be dangerous – imbalances in these energy currents can cause mental-emotional dis-ease and even physical illness. Thus, if an aspirant seeks to push their work with the radiant holy breath further then what we are talking about for the purposes of healing practices it is wise to do so only under the supervision of an experienced teacher and guide – a spiritual adept or master.

Quite naturally, because imbalances in these energy currents are typically the cause of illness and dis-ease, in our healing work we wish to be aware of them and to develop a capacity to manipulate them within the subtle bodies ourselves and others, for restoring the balance and harmony of these energy currents is often central to healing work. However, we are not seeking to acquire magic-powers beyond what is necessary for our healing work, therefore we have no reason to cultivate these breaths further – so long as our aim is healing and we walk in a sacred manner, cultivating the radiant holy breath in the context we are speaking about, we should come to no harm.

Breath Practice Continuum:

Begin by using the Heart and Root Breaths, alternating between them from one day to another.

Sit, abiding in Primordial Meditation, then take up the breath exercise, starting with a short count and focusing on the diaphragm – use the method for about five minutes at first. After the exercise, abide in Primordial Meditation, or shift to another daily spiritual practice.

Gradually increase the count and extend the sessions of breath practice over time. (There should be no need to go beyond a count of twelve or to extend the practice with breath beyond twenty minutes for the purpose of healing work.)

Generally speaking, initiates will work with the Heart and Root Breaths until there is recognition of the energetic current within and behind the breath, and then work with all five of the breaths, taking one each day through cycles until they are familiar with all of the breaths, having acquired experiential knowledge of them. Once this is in place they will conclude their regular practices with the breaths, only using the breaths in their healing work, whether with themselves or others, as the whole point of breath practices is to become conscious of the five breaths so that they can be used during healing work.

In any work with breath practices it is always good to taper off the practice rather than to abruptly stop it. In other words, we seek to work with the radiant holy breath in a mindful and respectful fashion. Thus, an initiate will cut back the length of sessions and frequency of sessions over the period of a few weeks, and then drop the practice altogether, creating a more gentle and conscious transition.

The awareness of the radiant holy breath may dawn swiftly for some, though more often than not it can take some time, requiring consistent daily practice over a prolonged period of time. At times, for some practitioners, even after working with breath for a prolonged period the recognition of the energy current might not occur – this does not preclude their healing work. Rather, nevertheless, they will practice to become familiar with the breath and will use them in their healing work, directing them with conscious intention instead of direct awareness. Often, using the breaths in healing work will facilitate recognition of the radiant holy breath over time. Ideally, of course, we would like to have direct recognition of the luminous energy current early in our healing work.

As mentioned, these breaths correspond to specific centers, the jar or vase breath corresponding to the three upper centers, and the other four to the centers after which they are named; likewise they correspond to the elemental forces of consciousness. Thus, they can be used to heal spiritual, psychic and physical difficulties corresponding to the centers or elements, restoring balance and harmony to the winds in one’s own subtle body or in the subtle body of a person you are doing healing work with.

Healing Practice with the Five Breaths & Elements:

The Root Breath can be used to help conditions related to a fitful, speedy, dreamy, floating or weak mind, or with individuals who may lack common sense, discipline or clear and conscious direction.

(Coupled with working with the Root Breath, a person could also go out and relate with the earth element, seeking to draw upon its stable grounding energy for their healing. They could go out and touch the earth and stone with their hands and feet, consciously drawing its energy into their aura and subtle body; likewise they could sit or lie down on the earth, charging the aura and subtle body with the earth’s strong force – feeling themselves grounding and stabilizing in consciousness. An Earth Meditation: Sitting or lying on the earth, imagine that all unhealthy energies in your body that cause you anxiety, worry, insecurity, apathy, laziness, inertia and such are removed, being draw out of you by the power of earth – become one with the earth’s immeasurable strength, and let gratitude and thanksgiving arise for the healing energy of the earth, and for the tolerance and bounty of the earth that sustains life.)

The Navel Breath can be used to help conditions related to inconsistency, lack of unification or difficulty in bringing plans to fruition; likewise, rigidity or lack of fluidity, excitability, or lack of rest or peace of mind.

(Coupled with working with the Navel Breath a person could go out to a place of water in nature and abide with the water, enjoying a creek or river, a pond, lake or the ocean, drawing in the power of water – its consistency, harmony and its synthesizing quality, fluidity and its calming quality. A Water Meditation: Drinking water, let yourself fully taste the water and feel the deep satisfaction of your thirst, appreciating the water fully, thankful for this life sustaining element; bathing or showering, feel the soothing quality of water, and as you are cleansed outwardly, image that all inner negativity is washed out of your subtle body and aura; standing in the rain be purified by the rain; go out with spiritual friends and enact a water ceremony – baptism. Alternatively, sit by a lake or steam, and meditate, resting your mind upon the waters and releasing all negativity, letting the power of water heal you and set your free – if you cannot go to a body of water, then envision one.)

The Solar Plexus Breath can be used for conditions related to a lack of zeal and will, lack of inspiration, drive or motivation in life, lack of courage or conviction, or the inability to get things moving or achieve one’s goals or intentions.

(Coupled with working with the Solar Plexus Breath you can sit by a fire, whether indoors or outdoors, drawing in the strength of its motion, warmth and light; likewise they may go out an enjoy sunlight, drawing strength from the sun’s great power. A Fire Meditation: Focus your mind on the forceful, blazing, powerful qualities of fire, and its consuming and radiant nature, drawing in its strength; Envision fire within your subtle body and an aura of flames surrounding you, aware of it burning away all negativity, transforming shades and shadows into light, and protecting from all negativity; be thankful each day for the sun’s light and soak in its healing power. Alternatively, envision the Spiritual Sun in the sanctuary of your heart and a golden aura surrounding you, your subtle body filled with the Divine Light as you abide in the remembrance of the Indwelling Christ.)

The Heart Breath can be used for conditions related to confusion, flightiness, general imbalances with breath and breathing, difficulties concentrating and qualities that suggest a lack of mental clarity; also slowness, dullness, heaviness of mind, laziness and lack of insight.

(Coupled with working with the Heart Breath, draw healing energy from the pervasive, flowing, light quality of the air around you, or go out into nature and experience a breeze or the wind and gain strength from it – or if stillness, gain its calm abiding. An Air Meditation: Standing in a breeze or in the wind, envision it purifying your aura and subtle body, blowing away all negativity and charging your with its power; speak prayers or intone chants in the wind, letting the wind carry them over the land and set your spirit free upon the wings of the winds; envision your subtle body crystal clear and hollow, filled with the all-pervading and light quality of the air, and be uplifted by the power of the air.)

The Jar Breath can be used for conditions related to constriction, confinement, lack of clarity or perception, density in mind and body, feelings of being blocked or obstructed, or extreme tension or stress; also for difficulties in memory or the retention of energy in the subtle body and aura [The Root Breath and the earth element can also help with memory and sealing of energy in the subtle body.]

(Coupled with working with the Jar Breath, become aware of the openness and spaciousness around you, and the infinite possibilities of life generated by the unfolding of spirit-space and arising of the elements – let all negativity dissolve into space. Meditation: Rest your mind on the space of your environment, or go to a place with a view and rest your mind in the openness and vastness of space or the sky; practice releasing into space all your worries, stresses and negativity, setting your mind free in the spacious luminosity of your inmost nature. Alternatively, envision yourself in a body of translucent light, and envision that you disappear like a rainbow in the sky.)

The above provides a beginning for the use of the five breaths and power of the elements within our healing work. Quite naturally, with time and experience we will learn much more about the breaths and elements and their use in healing – a knowledge and understanding will be far more empowering than anything that might be written or told to us. Essentially, we must begin to work with the breaths and elements in our healing practices to really learn about them and, as in all forms of practice, we must be creative and seek to live within and be guided from within – educated by the Light-presence (Christ) and the Light-power (Holy Spirit) in us.

As we outline various healing practices more will be said about the breaths and their use.

In closing we may say this: Working with the five breaths set aside, remember your breath and the healing power in it – be conscious of your breath and remember to breathe deep and full, with fluid rhythm, for breathing properly you will bolster your health and sense of well-being. (Consciously breathing, allowing the body to find its own natural rhythm of breath in the presence of awareness, tends to spontaneously align and harmonize the five winds in the subtle body.)

May the Anointed breathe in us; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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Realizing the Radiance of Breath

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Realizing the Radiance of Breath

Spiritual work with the radiant holy breath is an integral part of the healings arts in our tradition, and yet working with the energetic currents within and behind breath also holds a place in many other spiritual works as well – it is used in the prophetic and wonderworking arts, in practices for the awakening and uplifting of the serpent power, and most notably, it is used by lineage-holders, or by tzaddikim or apostles, to initiate, empower and impart blessings, or in the play of Light Transmission.

This latter use of the energetic currents within and behind the breath is openly stated as an essential part of the inner form of the Threefold Rite of Initiation in our lineage, a spiritual empowerment founded upon the initiation imparted by the Risen Messiah in the upper room communicated through a laying on of hands, radiant holy breath and mystic word.

Essentially, when we become aware of the radiant holy breath, or the energetic currents within our breath, and we become aware of the movement of these currents or winds within our subtle body, they may become the vehicle of the Light from above, the power of the Holy Spirit, as well as the awakened serpent power, and through the radiant holy breath these spiritual powers can be directed to any part of the body and can be communicated or transmitted to others.

How a communication or transmission of blessing or spiritual power is accomplished is through conscious intention, or a heart-wish, hence, the force of love and will.

Spiritual practice with the five holy breaths or winds is a common way that initiates in the tradition recognize and realizes the radiant holy breath, but there are also many other practices with breath in the tradition for the realization of the radiant holy breath, many different ways that we may become conscious of the light-power within our breath.

The Breath of God

As an example, according to the Holy Torah, when Elohim creates the human one in the image and likeness of Elohim, male and female, Yahweh Elohim breaths into the human being, imbuing the human being with hayyah nefesh, living soul. When we consider the various terms for the aspects of the soul, all but one indicate “breath,” “wind” or “spirit,” so as to say that the spiritual power or light-power of the soul is in the breath, just as by the very name of Adam we know the power of the spirit is in the blood, the blood carrying the power of breath throughout the body.

Now here we may say that when we are born Yahweh Elohim breathes into us a living soul, animating us, giving us light and life, and so on a more subtle and sublime level in the very generation of our soul in the Supernal World, Yahweh Elohim breathes and speaks our soul into being – and Yahweh Elohim continues to breathe and speak us into being in each moment, in this world and in the Supernal World; very literally, God is breathing us, and God is breathing as us.

In the very instant we become aware of this, conscious of this, we experience the radiant holy breath that is in us – the true breath of God in us!

Thus, if you go within, and go deeper still, and if you become conscious of the presence and power of God in you, and in that holy awareness you breath as God breathes in you, you will experience the radiant holy breath.

The meditation is very simple. Just be, awake and alert in the moment, abiding in the awareness of the presence and power of God within and all around you, and beyond you, and let God breath in you the radiant holy breath – abide in the awareness of God breathing as you breath.

It is as simple as gathering yourself inward and holding this conscious intention, not so much with your thought, but with your heart and soul – your being.

Be God breathing!

Union with the Risen Messiah

In a similar way, taking up the essential practice of Union with Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah, when you commune with the appearance of Adonai before you, let Adonai breathe the Holy Spirit as a radiant holy breath upon you and into you; then, when your merge with Hayyah Yeshua, your mind becoming the Mind of the Messiah, your heart the Sacred Heart, your body the Holy Body, so let your breath become the Radiant Holy Breath of the Messiah.

In this way you may also become aware of the radiant holy breath in you.

When you become aware of the radiant holy breath in you, you will be aware that you share this holy breath with all living beings, and you will know and understand that the Spirit of God is in this breath, and that God is breathing in you and in all beings – you will know that in all it is the Holy One who breathes and lives.

Giving & Receiving on the Cross

Anther way to realize this holy breath is to take up Giving & Receiving and strongly indentify yourself with the Christ-bearer on the cross, holding the conscious intention of Christ to give to all beings your light and life, your peace and joy, your love and compassion, taking upon yourself their sins, their sorrow and suffering. When this great gesture is complete, then enact the essential transference of consciousness, dissolution into Clear Light, uplifting all into the Living Father with the conscious intention of the Lord, “It is accomplished. Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”

Here we may say, when the radiant holy breath is actualized and realized, then Giving & Receiving becomes far more that a good heart-wish or good prayer, it becomes the theurgic action of the True Cross and becomes the actual outpouring of blessings from the Mystical Body of the Risen Christ – hence, the true spiritual power of Giving and Receiving.

As you might imagine, Giving and Receiving with the radiant holy breath actualized and realized is the most essential method through which tzaddikim or apostles in the tradition engage Light Transmission – it is a principle way of Gnostic and Light Transmission, all as inspired by the Holy Spirit, and all as ordained by El Elyon, the Supreme.

There is also another practice for the realization of the radiant holy breath and the Sacred Heart.

Breathing God into your Heart

It is simple. Breathe God into your heart, or breathe Christ into your heart.

Just draw in a breath, as though breathing in you are receiving it from the mouth of God, and then, when you exhale, breathe it into your heart.

If you need further instruction, with your head upright, facing forward, breathe in, and then, tilt your head down, bringing your chin to your chest, and breath it into your heart – continue the meditation in this way until your heart opens and you are breathing the radiant holy breath, and then, with an open and loving heart just breath the radiant holy breath, the breath of God, the breath of Christ.

Along a similar line, tilting your head up, draw in a breath of compassion from above and breath it into your heart, then turning your head towards your right shoulder, draw in a breath of judgment and breath it into your heart, and then turning your head towards your left shoulder, draw in a breath of mercy and breath it into your heart – continue in this way until you are breathing the fullness of the radiant holy breath.

This latter method is a meditation of lineage-holders on the empowerment given to holy apostles to release and retain sins, and it gives insights into energetic methods of doing so when joined to Giving and Receiving.

*The Kabbalistic Cross is often joined to these methods at the beginning and the end.

Middle Pillar Meditation

The Middle Pillar Meditation is also another way of becoming aware of the radiant holy breath, one very good for beginners.

Breathing as the Sun of God

There is another practice with the sun. Go out in the morning and meditate upon the sun rising as an image of the Risen Christ, and remember the Spiritual Sun within and behind your heart – the presence of Christ within you, and as the Holy Sun of God, breathe.

Entering into this meditation, before breathing as the Holy Sun, the chant of the Blessed Name with the conscious intention of awareness of the radiant holy breath can help empower your practice, for the power of the radiant holy breath is in the Blessed Name.

These are several other ways through which we can recognize and realize the radiant holy breath besides working directly with the five holy breaths – when we become aware of the radiant holy breath, naturally and spontaneously we will become aware of the five holy breathes or winds, and we will gain the ability to direct them.

There is much more that we can share about the five holy breaths, or the power of the radiant holy breath joined to the Light from above and serpent power. As an example, through these breaths we can gather the Winds and Powers of the Sacred Circle into our subtle body, and likewise, just as there are specific needs for healing associated with them, so there are specific spiritual works or movements of wonderworking associated with them. We can speak of these things, among others, another time, however, as what has been shared is, no doubt, enough for one time.

May we abide now, and always, in the Spirit of God, living as the wind directed by the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Practices with Breath

#3 Postby Susan » Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:28 pm

Shalom friends!

This post by +Malachi contains a number of practices that we have been using since his accident.

For example, "Breathing God into your Heart" is practiced on behalf of our Sacred Friend, and we practice it as him. With appropriate kavvanah and devekut we are working in hope, faith and love to strengthen both his heart and his lungs and fill his body with both physical and spiritual oxygen, or life-force. Plus, this practice seeks balance within, for both him and us.

Also, the practice of "Giving and Receiving on the Cross" will be a part of our Sacred Feast Day celebrations tomorrow, being the Feast of the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

The radiant holy breath practices were one of the very first spiritual exercises I ever used and they are still part of my everyday spiritual life. May the blessings of Ruach Ha Kodesh breathe life into us all and may our beloved Tzaddik feel and know the radiant holy breath within and all around him! Vehayyah! Amen!

Shalom Le-Olam,

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#4 Postby brandon928 » Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:44 am

Would this practice of the "Radiant Holy Breath" be the same as the eastern "Pranayama"?


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Yes, same principle

#5 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:56 am

Yes, basically we are talking about the same thing, the same principle in our energetic being; again and again one finds this in mystical teachings, the awareness of subtle spiritual energy within and behind breath.

Tau Malachi

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Giving and Receiving

#6 Postby Elder Gideon » Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:13 am

Shalom Tau Malachi:

Since your discourse last Shabbat on Giving and Receiving, a simple question arises of the teachings on five breaths as taught in this Order of St. Raphael.

I appreciate the symptoms healed by working with any of these five breaths. Am I understanding these five breaths as more specialized intentions of Giving and Receiving? Are the shapes and patterns of these breaths specific applications of general Giving and Receiving?


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Giving & Receiving, and the Five Holy Breaths

#7 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:47 pm

Greetings and blessings in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

In general, in the practice of Giving and Receiving as taught in the tradition we use the heart breath for the exchange of energy; the very nature of that holy breath is unifying, and the even flow is very conducive to the exchange of energy. At times, however, when we feel the need for a deeper exchange of energy, or feel a need to facilitate the alignment and harmony of the winds or breaths in another person, we may do giving and receiving with all five breaths; that, or if we see a special need corresponding with one of the breaths, we may take up that breath in Giving and Receiving. If and when the awareness of the radiant holy breath is present, and we have an actual connection with it, then the movement of energy, light, will become much more powerful, and we may be amazed at the blessings and healings that may transpire, and the spiritual empowerments that occur.

The more we know about the correspondence of the seven interior stars, the Sefirot of Construction and the directions of the sacred circle to which these holy breaths are attributed, the more we might know various reasons a given breath may be taken up in spiritual work with others through Giving and Receiving.

Remember, these holy breaths themselves are spiritual powers in us, but, they also “feed and stir” the serpent power, and in spiritual works, or moments of Light Transmission, the Holy Light from above takes them up and the become unified with the serpent power. When this happens, radical healings and wonders tend to transpire, for one is quite literally “set on fire by the Holy Spirit” and the movement of the Spirit will become very powerful.

In terms of the five holy breaths, and the play of Giving and Receiving, very often when I’m sitting with people in sacred discourse, sharing teachings, I find that I’m led to take up one, or more, of these breaths while speaking with them, and engage in Giving and Receiving. In this way, through conscious intention, there can be energetic transmissions or blessings imparted during sacred discourse. I find the same thing also happens, though, within and behind mundane conversations, so that even in apparently mundane conversation there can be energetic transmissions and blessings imparted. Thus, linking the five breaths with Giving and Receiving can become very useful, facilitating subtle, secret, energetic transmissions during our interactions with others in various environments.

May all sentient beings remember the Radiant Holy Breath of God within them and be healed by the Spirit of God. Amen.

Tau Malachi

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